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- *'#.(/&, 0'&#. *(1123&#4 "&3,5 6789 - *'#.(/&, 0'&#. *(1123&#4 "&3,5 6789 - *'#.(/&, 0'&#.

*(1123&#4 "&3,5 6789
:(;51<5= 6>? @86A :(;51<5= 6>? @86A :(;51<5= 6>? @86A
!"## %&!'#
#()*"+#, Sat. 5:30 pm ,Vigil,, ¯:30 am, 10 am & 12 N
-''.*"+#, Mon., 1ues., lri, and Sat. 8 am
,\ed. & 1hurs. 8 am Communion Ser·ice,
/01+ *"+#, ,e·e oí, 5:30 pm, ,day oí, 8 am & 6:30 pm
#"23"!')% 04 3'20)2&1&"%&0)
,Coníession, Saturdays 4-5 pm or by appointment
Our Lady oí Perpetual lelp: Saturday ¯:50 am
lirst lriday 8:30 am-5 pm, Rectory Oratory
!6789 3:;<=8> .8?@?AB?87C 5949DE=6FG8
*?=;GH !=HI?A 5=A?H;:= J *?=;GH KG<H /IAA
318 North Baldwin A·enue, Sierra Madre
Mailing Address: 50 Last Alegria A·enue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Phone: 626,355-1292 · lAX: 626,355-2290 ·

!6789 3:;<=8> .8?@?AB?87C 59 49-E=6FG8
626.355.1292 x. 228 · re·krek¸
*;H9 !=HI?A L 2<?A= 5=A?H;:=-
deaconmanuel·alencia¸ · 355.1292
*;H9 KG<H /IAA-johnhull65¸ · 355.1292

-??@?H> E8?6:>?8,
10 am Mass-lr. Chris 1hiel, OlM Capuchin

E=8:6< 0MM:;?N!=:A:H7 ">>8?66
50 Last Alegria A·e., Sierra Madre, CA 91024
/GI86, Mon.-lri. 9am to 6pm, Sat. 9 am to 1 pm.
0MM:;? 'O=:A, ParishAdmin¸

*:8?;FG8 GM ">O:H:6F8=F:GH
Mary Lou Butler: mlbutler¸ · 355.1292
E=6FG8=A 2GIH;:A
Parish Oííice: 355.1292
4:H=H;? 2GIH;:A 2<=:8
Bill Sulli·an: 355.3¯0¯

#F9 3:F= #;<GGADOííice: 626.355.6114
E8:H;:P=A, Joanne larabedian · jharabedian¸

*:8?;FG8 GM 1:FI87Q L !I6:;
Paul Puccinelli: mm¸
*:8?;FG8 GM 3?A:7:GI6 '>I;=F:GH
Cristina Cullen: 355.3841 · dre¸
*:8?;FG8 GM +GIF< !:H:6F8QN2GHM:8O=F:GH
1heresa Bui Costanzo: 626.590.8828 · ym¸
32&" R3:F? GM 2<8:6F:=H &H:F:=F:GH MG8 ">IAF6S
1eam: Deacon Manuel and Chela Valencia,
Susan Blakeslee: rcia¸

"#$ %# &#'%()% *+
4G8 &HMG8O=F:GH =BGIF F<? #=;8=O?HF6D
Baptismal Preparation íor parents and godparents:
¯ - 8:30 pm the last Monday oí the month. Call íor Reser·ations.
Baptisms are usually the íirst Sunday oí the month.

3?;GH;:A:=F:GH =H> 4:86F 'I;<=8:6F
Preparation íor children who ha·e attained the age oí reason
,usually during 2
grade, is arranged either through the
Oííice oí Religious Lducation or St. Rita Llementary School.

Contact the Parish Oííice upon engagement, at least
six months is needed íor preparation oí this joyous sacrament!

A two-year program íor íreshman,sophomore age teens.
Apply through the Oííice oí Religious Lducation.

)0%', .avtt a¡¡ticavt. for tbe .acravevt. .bovta covtact tbe Pari.b Office.

"HG:HF:H7 GM F<? #:;@ ´ee aa;oivivg cotvvv.
1:FI87Q L -G86<:P
Lectors and Lucharistic Ministers: Da·id & Jill Muhs
355.9810 · em¸
Altar Ser·ers, \outh: Kathy Ganino · 626.398.9302
Altar Ser·ers, Adult: Bill Cosso · 355.5656
Lucharistic Adoration: Kathy Ganino · 626.398.9302
Rosary Prayer Group: Susan Day · 355-3835
Sacristans: Sat. Vigil: Gary lidone,Bill & Patti luber
Sunday Masses: ¯:30-Bill Cosso,Da·id Banis,
10:00-Da·id Muhs, 12N-Bernie Grace
\eekdays: John Bigley, Margaret Duran
Porter: ,L·ening Church Lockup, Sheila Palazzolo
Ln·ironment: Denise Villalo·os,Gil Lazo gil¸ · 355.1292

!:H:6F8:?6 L 087=H:U=F:GH6
Berea·ement Ministry: 355.1292 · berea·e¸
Christian lamily: Sheila Pierce · 355.8332
Greeters & Ushers: Lrny lenry 626.289.3504 · 626.446.6¯15
Men`s Club: Nick Sotis: 358-2495 · nick.sotis¸
New Members,\elcome: Contact the Parish Oííice
St. Rita Guild: Patty Sulli·an 355.3¯0¯ · psulli·an514¸
Senior Ministry: Marilyn McKernan, marilyn¸
Shawl Ministry: Mary 1aillac 355.31¯9 · Marilyn Delgatto 355.8¯1¯

0F<?8 2GHF=;F6
Archi·ist: Marilyn McKernan · marilyn¸
Bulletin Submissions: bulletin¸ or drop oíí at Oííice
Public Relations: ParishAdmin¸
Registration Iníormation: rc¸ · 355.1292
\ebmaster: Ralph Seymour: seymour¸
E=8:6< !:H:6F8:?6 =H> 087=H:U=F:GH6

1?F #=:HF 3:F= T? %<?8? 4G8 +GI 9 9 9
2GOOIH:GH MG8 #:;@ =H> /GO?BGIH> E=8:6<:GH?86
St. Rita ministers pro·ide Communion home ·isits. Contact the
Parish Oííice · 355.1292 or Jill Muhs · 355.9810 · em¸

"HG:HF:H7 GM F<? #:;@
Please notiíy us ,355.1292, as early as possible íor the Anointing oí
the Sick, the sacrament intended íor the seriously ill or dying. It is Our
Lord`s special presence and companionship in serious time oí need.
Anointing may take place in the home, at the hospital or elsewhere
and as oíten as once a month. Ií someone should die without
anointing, remember that the desire to recei·e is suííicient and the
Lord cares!

&M +GI #<GIA> 'VP?8:?H;? F<? 1G66 GM = 1GW?> 0H?
Please call us at 355.1292
Ií you íeel you will be in need, or your lo·ed one has passed, we will
assist in making arrangements with your chosen íuneral directors,
reíer you to our liturgy and music directors, and oííer you helpíul
guidelines and a book that will aid in the selection oí readings íor the
Mass or Memorial Ser·ice. Areas we can help you with prior to the
passing may help in the planning oí íuneral ser·ices. \e know that
this can be a tough time and we want you to know that your parish is
there íor you. E1'"#' ()*'3#%")* we only ha·e one resident
priest, sometimes arrangements íor another priest may be needed.



Dear Parishioners,

Jesus speaks in today`s gospel passage about the iníamous LND Ol 1IML.` \hat do you make oí that·

"AA F<=F QGI 6?? <?8?D
F<? >=Q6 X:AA ;GO? X<?H F<?8? X:AA HGF B? A?MF

Our autumn time meditation on the last things` continues. 1he end is near` is a recurring theme
throughout the New 1estament. St. Paul is ·ery insistent on the point and only backs oíí írom it in his
later writings. %<? 1G8> ;GO?6 FG YI>7? F<? '=8F< X:F< YI6F:;? proclaims our responsorial. Our end,
then, will come with judgment, just to make us e·en more ner·ous about 1lL LND.

1he Book oí Malachi that was supposed to prepare us íor the Gospel has the last day coming blazing
like an o·en` to make all e·ildoers stubble` and to set them on íire.`

\ith all oí the doom and gloom` signs that surround us írom wars without and di·ision within, it
is ·ery tempting to read the signs oí the times as warnings that 1lL LND may be near. But ií I
were you, I wouldn`t purchase a ticket on the next a·ailable commercial space tour to watch the
end oí the world-just yet.

A little bit oí research re·eals that what Scripture is reíerring to as signs` and the end` are to be
understood as apocalyptic. 1hat is to say, these scriptures reíer to a typical prophetical ·iew that
recognizes God as 1he Lord oí listory`-all and e·eryone`s history íor all times! In this manner oí
speaking and understanding, one could be reíerring to the end oí history` as it is percei·ed at the time
or the end oí all history. So when prophets speak oí the end,` they are almost always doing so to
simply undercut and put emphasis on a íar more signiíicant message:

DT' 5&Z&1")%[DT' E3'E"3'*[

So all is NO1 lost. L·en Malachi throws us a bone: TIF MG8 QGI X<G M?=8 OQ H=O?C F<?8? X:AA =8:6?
F<? 6IH GM YI6F:;? X:F< F<? <?=A:H7 8=Q69 And Jesus assures us: TQ QGI8 P?86?W?8=H;? QGI X:AA
6?;I8? QGI8 A:W?69

So aíter we ha·e understood that Scripture is not to be misinterpreted superstitiously, we must
ne·ertheless tap the reality íactor and admit that I do not know the day or the hour oí my own
reckoning,` so I absolutely should be ·igilant and prepared. I should shape up! 1here you ha·e it.
1íí í^D, Ricbara

E=6FG8\6 )GF?6

1his weekend we will take up a special second collection íor disaster relieí to help the sur·i·ors oí
1yphoon laiyan in the Philippines.

1yphoon laiyan struck the Philippines on No·ember ¯, 2013. It is estimated there ha·e been 10,000
íatalities and more than halí a million people displaced as a result oí this catastrophe. Many people are
assumed to be staying in open areas without shelter. 1hese numbers are expected to increase as more
iníormation becomes a·ailable.
\e continue to pray íor all the ·ictims and their íamilies.

*:> QGI @HGX] Relational bullying is unwarranted,
persistent, unwelcome beha·ior in the íorm oí
criticism, isolation, or íabricated allegations that can
damage relationships. Lxamples include social
exclusion ,\ou can`t be with us`,, spreading
rumors ,Did you hear.·,, and withholding íriendship ,I
won`t be your íriend ií you.`,. 1hough relational bullying
can oíten seem ambiguous to outside obser·ers, and oíten
garners less attention than physical bullying or ·erbal
bullying, it should not be discounted as simply normal
adolescent beha·ior. In íact, se·eral recent studies suggest
relational bullying is more strongly related to emotional
distress and teen depression than any other íorm oí bullying.
Make sure your child`s school does not tolerate such beha·ior
among its students.

Oííice oí Saíeguard the Children
E"3&#/&0)'3# -/0 3'^('#% 0(3 E3"+'3#
403 /'"1&)Z ")* 3'%(3) %0 Z00* /'"1%/D
Patti Lddy, Isabel L. Lopez, Arthur Contreras, Jr., Robert Quinonez, Richard
Krier, Leah Greteman, Patrick Cronin, Patsy Starkey, Margaret Duran, Jody
\illiams, Gabriella Reyes, Ashley Biely, Jean Mansour, Celia Merritt, Denis
Keegan, Jacob Bigley, Gerald Krekelberg, Cathy liore, Madelyn Shaull, Dorothy
Van Gorden, John J. McCoy, Diane Ridley, Richard lorcione, Maria Carmen
Marti, Dennis & Clare Marquardt, Rosemary lryzm, JoAnn L. Douglass,
Kathleen Ramsey, 1onyja Blakeslee, Addie Marshall, Jackie Bagnuolo, Mary Lllen
Isoard, 1im Stanley, Antoinette \asseí, 1heresa Morcos, Aspet lerapetian,
Rose Mary 1aquino, Selma 1uíís, Da·id Duran, Paul Viger, Julie Meyer, Zdenka
Czerny, Cliíí lancuíí, \endy \olí ladel, lal linney, Ailey Gardner-\barra,
Cathy lundshamer, L·a Bernejo, Laurie Larkin Masella, Ldith Olah, Matteo
Begnoche, Lancelot Loera, lred Mycroít, Brian Lck, Alex Arranaga, Anna Mary
lession, Joseph Moore.


#"%(3*"+C )05'!T'3 _`
8:00 AM Billie Reynoso RIP
5:30 PM lor All Parishioners
#()*"+C )05'!T'3 _a
¯:30 AM Urial Quintana RIP
10:00 AM Bennett 1hill RIP
12 NOON George Lconomides RIP
!0)*"+C )05'!T'3 _b
8:05 AM Lrin & Nick Murphy IN1
%('#*"+C )05'!T'3 _c
8:05 am Paul Joseph leltsley RIP
-'*)'#*"+C )05'!T'3 de
8:05 AM Communion Ser·ice
%/(3#*"+C )05'!T'3 d_
8:05 AM Communion Ser·ice
43&*"+C )05'!T'3 dd
8:05 AM Conrad M. Gonzalez RIP
#"%(3*"+C )05'!T'3 df
8:00 AM Jay loroshatz IN1
5:30 PM Marge Smith RIP
#()*"+C )05'!T'3 dg
¯:30 AM lor All Parishioners
10:00 AM Leonita L·angelista RIP
12 NOON Lorraine Pikul RIP

EA?=6? )GF?, lor the next three months,
Monday thru lriday Masses and Communion
Ser·ices will begin at 8:05 AM.

4'"#% *"+#

!GH>=QC )GW?OB?8 _bD
St. Rose Phillippine Duschesne
%<I86>=QC )GW?OB?8 d_D
1he Presentation oí the Blessed Virgin Mary
48:>=QC )GW?OB?8 ddD
St. Cecelia

%0*"+\# 3'"*&)Z#

4:86F 3?=>:H7Dlor those who íear the name
oí the Lord, the sun oí justice will arise
;Matacbi ²:1··20a).
E6=AOD1he Lord comes to rule the earth with
justice ;P.atv ·º).
#?;GH> 3?=>:H7D1hose who are li·ing in
idleness are urged to earn their own li·ing
;2 1be..atoviav. ²:¨·12).
ZG6P?ADJesus íoretells the destruction oí
Jerusalem, the persecution oí his íollowers
;ív/e 21::·1·).


%I?6>=QC )GW?OB?8 _cD
3:F? GM 2<8:6F:=H &H:F:=F:GH R32&"S
¯:30 pm · Parish Oííice Meeting Room

%<I86>=QC )GW?OB?8 d_D
1:FI87Q GM F<? /GI86 J 'W?H:H7 E8=Q?8
5 pm Music & Meditation · 5:30 pm Prayer
Oratory in the Parish Oííice

%<I86>=QC )GW?OB?8 d_D
¯ pm · Parish Oííice Meeting Room

BCC(=#23&#&5+ )(= "C&=&#2'/ D=(E#.
*?=>A:H? MG8 TIAA?F:H =8F:;A?6 :6 %<I86>=QC _e >=Q6
B?MG8? >?6:8?> PIBA:;=F:GH >=F?9
bulletin¸ G8 bring to the Parish Oííice.
Do you know someone who has mo·ed írom our
Parish or is unable to attend Mass here anymore· Let
them know they can 8?=> GI8 TIAA?F:H GHA:H? =F

!!!!!!#F9 3:F= 2=F<GA:; #;<GGA ! !
c_ +?=86 GM 4=:F<C 'V;?AA?H;?C =H> #F?X=8>6<:P

%<:6 X??@h?H> =MF?8 =AA F<? !=66?6D
Discount on Noble Pine Christmas trees!
Purchase a ·oucher íor the price oí >65 and
St. Rita School will recei·e a donation back
írom the local supplier.

EI8;<=6? QGI8 WGI;<?8 F<:6 X??@?H>
;<?;@6C ;=6<C G8 ;8?>:F ;=8>6 =;;?PF?>9

ZG GIF FG >:HH?8 =H> 6IPPG8F GI8 6;<GGA[
-?>H?6>=QC )GW?OB?8 de M8GO g h c PO
664 \. luntington Dri·e, Monro·ia 91016
Lat in or take out!
St. Rita School will recei·e 20° oí the sale proceeds.
´ee tbe ft,er iv tbi. ree/`. ßvttetiv.

#;<GGA 0MM:;? J fiih`__g

/:7< #;<GGA +GIF< !:H:6F8Q
4G8 "AA /:7< #;<GGA %??H6

)G +GIF< ):F? GH -?>H?6>=QC )GW?OB?8 da9

'>7? #?66:GH, Monday, No·. 18, 4 pm, Gara

%<?8?6= 2G6F=HUG J QOj6Fh8:F=9G87
Z:8A #;GIF6 2=H>Q L )IF #=A?6

It`s not cookie time-yet-but Girl
Scouts will be selling tasty munchies íor
the Christmas season outside oí Church
aíter Masses during selected weekends
in No·ember. 1hanks íor supporting
#F9 3:F= -GO?H\6 3?F8?=F
!=F?8 *GAG8G6= )GW?OB?8 _hf
1he Guild-sponsored Annual Retreat at Mater Dolorosa was a
time oí reílection, spiritual renewal and an opportunity to be
with íellow parishioners. 1hank you to Joan Crow and her
Retreat 1eam íor organizing another successíul retreat.


#F9 3:F= !?H\6 2AIB
P8?6?HF6 =
4=O:AQ E=H;=@? T8?=@M=6F
#IH>=QC )GW?OB?8 _g
b,_i =O h IHF:A )GGH
0\!=AA?Q /=AA

Come enjoy íellowship and
íood-pancakes, eggs, sausages, milk and coííee. >8,
adults, >5,kids 6-11 years old, kids under 6 eat íree.

During this e·ent, the Men`s Club will be selling
Night on the 1own` cards as a íundraiser. 1hese
cards íeature dinner discounts or 2-íor-1 entrees at 20
restaurants in the local area. Priced at >25 per card.

And, sorry, Santa will not be appearing at this year`s
breakíast due to the early date.

):;@ #GF:6 J fichdgci J H:;@96GF:6jP8Gh6:F?69H?F
#F9 1I;Q\6 E8:G8Q 0P?H /GI6?D#IH>=QC )GW9 _aC
__ =O h d PO9 655 \. Sierra Madre A·e., Glendora 91¯41
ívforvatiov: ó2ó,²²:·²²22 · .ttvc,..cov
&F=A:=H 2=F<GA:; 4?>?8=F:GH "HHI=A 2<8:6FO=6
TGIF:kI?C #IH>=QC )GW?OB?8 _aC b =ODf PO9
Large assortment oí giít items, homemade baked goods, plus
sausage and meatball sandwiches. All are welcome. loly
Angels Church, Arcadia.
ívfo: Karev ßerarai · ó2ó·²:º·²0¨²
Z:MF GM 1:M? Z=A=C %<I86>=QC )GW?OB?8 d_C `h_e PO9
losted by the Pregnancy lelp Center oí San Gabriel Valley.
Proceeds beneíit the Pregnancy lelp Center, which ser·ed
o·er 1,500 clients last year with íree ser·ices, baby items, and
classes íor parents. 1ickets,>¯5 each. Cocktails and silent
auction at 6, dinner at ¯. San Gabriel Country Club, 350 L.
lermosa Dri·e, San Gabriel 91¯¯5.
ívfo: ]eav ßorter · ¨·²·º·:²
Or rrr.¡regvavc,bet¡
48:>=QC *?;?OB?8 `, noon - 3:40 pm & 5:20 - ¯:20 pm
St. Christopher, 629 S. Glendora A·e., \est Co·ina.
Mv.t catt for av a¡¡oivtvevt: ó2ó,²²º·2·²¨
48:>=QC *?;?OB?8 _fC noon - 3:40 pm & 5:30 - ¯:20 pm
St. John the Baptist, 3848 Stewart A·e., Baldwin Park.
Mv.t catt for av a¡¡oivtvevt: ó2ó,·ó0·2¨·:

L 1G;=A 'W?HF6

F.&+ G55H '# "#$ %&#' F.&+ G55H '# "#$ %&#' F.&+ G55H '# "#$ %&#'

%<:6 -??@?H>D#P?;:=A *:6=6F?8 3?A:?M 2GAA?;F:GH
1o help the sur·i·ors oí the 1yphoon in the Philippines
´ee ¡age ² for vore ivforvatiov.

%<:6 -??@?H>D)GW?OB?8 _` L _a
Purchase a ·oucher íor your Christmas 1ree
A lundraiser íor St. Rita School
´ee ¡age : for vore ivforvatiov.

%<:6 -??@?H>D#F9 3:F= *8=O= 2AIB P8?6?HF6
l+GI\8? = ZGG> !=HC 2<=8A:? T8GXHm
O`Malley lall
Saturday, No·ember 16 · ¯ pm & Sunday, No·ember 1¯ · 2 pm

%I?6>=QC )GW?OB?8 _cD32&"
¯:30 pm · Parish Oííice Meeting Room

-?>H?6>=QC )GW?OB?8 deD#F9 3:F= #;<GGA 4IH>8=:6?8
Rubios, Monro·ia
´ee ¡age : or ßvttetiv ft,er iv.ert for cov¡tete ivforvatiov.

%<I86>=QC )GW?OB?8 d_D1:FI87Q GM F<? /GI86
'W?H:H7 E8=Q?8
5 pm Music & Meditation · 5:30 Group Prayer
ív tbe Pari.b Office Orator,

%<I86>=QC )GW?OB?8 d_DT:BA? #FI>Q
¯ pm · Parish Oííice Meeting Room

"';5 #.5 I'#5 "';5 #.5 I'#5 "';5 #.5 I'#5
#IH>=QC )GW?OB?8 dgD!?H\6 2AIB 4=O:AQ T8?=@M=6F
´ee ¡age : for ivforvatiov.

#IH>=QC )GW?OB?8 dgDZ=8=h7? #=A?
Aíter all the Masses · Gara lall
Cove .ee rbat trea.vre. ,ov vigbt ravt to ta/e bove!

!GH>=QC )GW?OB?8 diDT=PF:6O E8?P=8=F:GH 2A=66
¯ pm · Parish Oííice Meeting Room
íor ]avvar, :, 2011 ßa¡ti.v.

#P?;:=A 2GAA?;F:GH6 :H )GW?OB?8

!=:HF?H=H;? L 3?P=:8D1his monthly collection
is to help us meet the costs oí running the parish
plant. Please gi·e generously, all íunds stay at St.
Rita. \ou may use the special blue en·elope in your
packet-or simply mark lor Maintenance` on your
check or any en·elope and we will see that your
donation is used to meet St. Rita expenses.
#IH>=QC )GW?OB?8 dgD1he Catholic Campaign
íor luman De·elopment ,CClD, special collection.
CClD was íounded to end the cycle oí po·erty
throughout America by íunding organizations that
help indi·iduals help themsel·es. \e appreciate your
%<I86>=QC )GW?OB?8 dbD\ou will íind a special
1hanksgi·ing Day oííering en·elope in your
en·elope packet OR you may mark any en·elope. All
donations to this special St. Rita Collection will be
used íor the needy.
!"#$%&"'% )*+,-".%

\hen you meet someone, you may judge them by
their clothes, when you lea·e them, you will judge
them by their hearts. -Rv..iav ¡rorerb
!=:HF?H=H;? L 3?P=:86 3?PG8F D 0;FGB?8

%GF=A &H;GO? RTAI? 'HW?AGP?6S n aCb_a
%GF=A 'VP?H6?6 n cCdgi
,Utilities, routine maintenance, electrical repairs, plumbing
repairs, etc.,

#<G8FM=AA · > 1,428 ·

4=O:A:?6 E=8F:;:P=F:H7 _c_
3?7:6F?8?> 4=O:A:?6 _Cdie
E?8;?HF=7? E=8F:;:P=F:H7 _io

1he second Sunday oí each month is the regular
day íor this Special Collection, howe·er you may
contribute at anytime during the month. All íunds
collected go directly toward paying our ongoing
monthly bills íor the Parish Plant.

Please indicate Maintenance Only` on either your
check or en·elope and drop it in the Oííering bas-
ket. \ou may also donate to this íund, using your
credit card, at our website:

/0#.1 23* &3$ 23*$ ,"."$345%2 6
E=8F f p M8GO F<? XG8>6 GM F<? (9#9 2GIH;:A
GM 2=F<GA:; T:6<GP6

#F?X=8>6 GM F<? 2<I8;<
Stewards oí God's giíts are not passi·e
beneíiciaries. \e cooperate with God in
our own redemption and in the redemption oí others. \e are also
obliged to be stewards oí the Church-collaborators and
cooperators in continuing the redempti·e work oí Jesus Christ,
which is the Church's essential mission. 1his mission-
proclaiming and teaching, ser·ing and sanctiíying-is our task. It
is the personal responsibility oí each one oí us as stewards oí the
Church. All members oí the Church ha·e their own roles to play
in carrying out its mission:
-Parents, who nurture their children in the light oí íaith,

-Parishioners, who work in concrete ways to make their
parishes true communities oí íaith and ·ibrant sources oí
ser·ice to the larger community,
-All Catholics, who gi·e generous support-time, money,
prayers, and personal ser·ice according to their
circumstances-to parish and diocesan programs
and to the uni·ersal Church.