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How to Seduce women in 3 Easy Steps!

I decided to publish a small ebook for all you guys that want to get laid properly! So Do you want to make sure your next date goes well? r Is a gorgeous girl dri!ing you cra"y? #hate!er the situation$ there are a few secrets you can use to help a woman appreciate your sexy side% Here&s how to do it$ from talking yourself up to making her cra!e your touch% 'rust me it works ())*%

Set the stage
(+ ,ake an ama"ing impression e!ery time % -irst impressions matter% .ontrary to popular belief$ though$ you don&t only get one first impression in each relationship% 'hink of e!ery time you see her$ talk to her$ or otherwise interact with her after being absent as a new first impression$ and make it a good one% #omen lo!e that% ➔ #hen you pick her up for a date$ look polished and pay her a da""ling compliment% /0ou look stunning/ usually works well% ➔ #hen you pick up the phone$ smile and say /Hey$ gorgeous%/ She can&t see you smile$ but she&ll be able to hear it in your !oice$ trust me% ➔ #hen you text or I, her$ don&t 1ust fall back on /hey/ or /hi%/ 'here&s no substance there% Say something like$ /I can&t stop thinking about you/ or /How&s my fa!orite girl in the world tonight?/

2+.lean yourself up% 0ou probably already know this$ but most women care a lot about
hygiene% 3re!ent it from e!en becoming a problem by paying close attention to your cleanliness right now% Don&t worry about spending all day primping 4 an extra 5 or () minutes added to your usual routine can make a world of difference% Start with these6 7ow this is important so make sure you do it% ➔ ,ake your mouth as appealing as possible% 8rush$ floss and use mouthwash at least twice a day% If you need to freshen up after a meal$ use gum or mints% ➔ 9!oid pungent foods like garlic and onions for a day or two before you see your ladylo!e% 7ot only do they make your mouth gross$ the scent actually comes out of your sweat glands for a few days after you eat% 9nd no one wants onion sweat% ➔ Shower as often as you need to% 0ou should be hitting one shower a day anyway$ but make it more if you tend to get dirty% Exhausting walk home? Shower% :ust got back from work and now you smell like food;cars;office supplies? Shower% Sat in your own sweat all day because you were too la"y to turn on the 9.? Shower% 0ou get the idea% ➔ Staying as clean as possible keeps you ready for last<minute encounters% #hat if she wants to suddenly drop by your house because she was in the area? #hat if she calls and wants to go to a mo!ie that starts in () minutes? If you&re already clean$ you&re good to go whene!er you need to%

ake it a safe space% /Safe/ as in$ an area where she feels comfortable being close to you% Sitting in your dirty apartment while your roommate loudly discusses football does not count% 2+ 'ouch her in small$ sexy ways%0es$ you&ll probably ha!e to be the one to break the touch barrier$ but you can do it% It&s easier than it seems% Here are a few suggestions for different situations6 If you&re standing or walking$ rest your hand on the small of her back ?where her spine cur!es inward$ 1ust abo!e her butt+% Aeep your pressure light and gentle% 'his is a better alternati!e to sloppily throwing your arm around her shoulders% ➔ If you&re sitting next to her$ lightly rest your hand on her knee for a few seconds% 'his is best if you do it while you&re talking to her$ so both of you aren&t awkwardly watching you touch her and mo!e away% Bet it linger for a moment while you continue to speak$ then slowly pull it .anage the temperature% If it&s a little chilly$ you&ll ha!e the opportunity to lend her your 1acket or ha!e her snuggle up to you% ➔ .hobbies ➔ #hat she wants out of the future ➔ #hat you want out of the future? you can always make something up$ don@t be shy+ ➔ Shared experiences or other things you ha!e in common Do not talk about6 ➔ 'he old stand<bys6 money$ politics$ and religion ?unless you know her !ery$ !ery well+ ➔ ther women ➔ #hy your life sucks and how it&s ne!er going to get better ➔ 'hings that you know she finds offensi!e ➔ Do take the time to pay her a lo!ely compliment e!ery now and then% 'hink about something you really like or admire about this girl$ and phrase it in the most genuine and flattering way you can% If you can do this right a few times$ she&ll melt% ➔ Do talk about sex in a dignified way$ if it naturally comes up in the con!ersation% 8e subtle about acknowledging your sexual side 4 you don&t want to intimidate her$ but you also don&t want her to forget that it&s there% -or example$ you could say /Sleep is my second fa!orite thing to do in bed/ or /I might need a cold shower if you keep talking like that%/ 8e creati!e$ it should come naturally% During a Date (+ Set the mood% If you can control the en!ironment at all$ taking these little steps will help the atmosphere seem more sexy and intimate % ➔ Aeep the lighting dim% If you&re at home$ use soft lamps$ or light some candles% ➔ .3+ 'alk to her% =uestion6 #hat&s the biggest human sexual organ? 9nswer6 'he brain$ or How can a man go eight days without sleep? He sleeps at night% 8efore you do anything else$ you ha!e to help her think that you&re someone she wants to ha!e seducing her% 9 lot of that perception will be colored by what you talk about$ so here&s a >uick guide% Do talk about6 ➔ How ama"ing you think she is ➔ Her interests.

radle it in both hands$ and keep your mo!ements slow while applying medium pressure% If she closes her eyes or sighs$ you&re doing it right% ➔ If you&re gi!ing her a shoulder rub$ resist the temptation to immediately put your fingers under her shirt$ Instead$ use your thumbs on her bare neck while your other fingers rest on her co!ered shoulders$ almost touching her collarbones% 9gain$ keep your motions slow and aim for medium pressure% ➔ Ep the ante% If the massage is going well and you can tell she&s recepti!e$ try expanding your territory% -or instance$ if you&re gi!ing her a foot rub$ try slowly mo!ing up to her cal!es% If you&re gi!ing her a shoulder rub$ try mo!ing your hands down her spine$ keeping your thumbs focused on the muscles around it% ➔ Stop before she&s ready for you to% 'he point here is to get her en1oying and wanting your touch% If you stop in the middle of an awesome massage$ she&ll instincti!ely want to find ways to get the stimulation going again% 'ime it so that you know she&s en1oying herself$ but she&s nowhere near bored or satiated% F+ Bet her come to you% nce you&!e broken the touch barrier and shown her you&re interested$ it&s on her to do a little bit of the work% See if she sits close to you$ nudges you$ or otherwise makes excuses to touch you% If she does$ you&re on the right track% If not$ try re!isiting the pre!ious steps once or twice and see if that warms her up% Don@t gi!e up easily$ be patient sometimes% ➔ Aeep the /G)<() rule/ in mind% 0ou&re willing to start the interaction and do G)* of the work$ but she has to meet you on the last ?and most important+ ()*% -or instance$ if you go in for a kiss$ you initiate it and mo!e in most of the way 4 but make it so that she has to lean in the last little bit and actually start the kiss% 9lways follow this rule% 5+ Hi!e her a mind<blowing Aiss% If all of her signals so far ha!e been positi!e$ go in for the kiss% 9mp up your usual techni>ue by6 ➔ Aeeping it light and slow at first% Hently gra"e your lips o!er hers on the first pass$ and put your tongue away for the first few kisses% ➔ Doing the right things with your hands% 0ou could rest them lightly in the cur!es of her waist$ put them on her shoulders$ or tangle them up in her hair and put them on the back of her head% 9ll three are good% ✔ Anowing when to transition to -rench<kissing% Start by lightly running your tongue o!er her bottom lip% If she opens her mouth more$ go in% If not$ sa!e it for another time% 9gain be patient$ .ost people$ let alone most women$ won&t turn down a free massage% If you&re in a casual setting where this is possible$ like sitting on the couch watching a mo!ie$ go for it% ➔ If you&re gi!ing her a foot rub$ focus on one foot at a time% .back% r$ if you don&t think you&re coordinated enough to talk coherently and touch her at the same time$ try it during a mo!ie% ➔ If she&s standing close to you$ put your arm around her waist% Cest your hand ?again$ lightly+ 1ust abo!e her hip$ in the cur!e of her waist% ➔ Don&t 1ust go with the clichD arm<around<the<shoulders% Its a 7o$ 7o% Instead$ drape your arm down her back$ so that your hand is resting where her shoulder meets her neck% If that seems like it&s going well$ you can lightly run your thumb across the back of her neck% 9 friendly touch if you will% ➔ 3+ ffer her a foot rub or shoulder rub% .

harles de Haulle$ Habriele D&9nnun"io$ etc% .o!e slowly% .some girls need time$ while others go for it straight away% .ore 'ips Empathy is essential to seduction% E!ery woman is different$ so tailor your date$ your words and your actions to that specific woman% 0ou must know what she is thinking before you can offer her the pleasure she cra!es% ➔ Ce!eal yourself slowly and only when directly asked% Don&t show more of yourself than she asks for% #hen the mystery is gone$ the seduction is o!er% ➔ If she senses that you are seducing her$ she will run away% 'he pace of your seduction should be slow and the !olume should be >uiet% ➔ If you did something notably wrong$ apologi"e >uickly and sincerely% 9cknowledge her side of the story with a charming$ open<minded ease% #omen like empathy and comforting from men they are interested in% ➔ Seducing a woman is like dancing with a woman% Sometimes you hold her close and sometimes you let her shine on her own and watch% If you are too clingy$ she will feel suffocated% If you let her go and ne!er come back$ she will be insulted% ➔ Study the biographies$ writings and speeches of the world&s greatest seducers6 Erroll -lynn$ .asano!a$ Bord 8yron$ .aking ut and 8eyond (+-ocus on her erogenous "ones% Erogenous "ones are simply areas on the body where there are a lot of ner!e endings$ making them more sensiti!e% -ocusing your attention on them can help you get more milage out of a make<out% Start out with light touches$ and mo!e on to light kisses if you think it&s time6 ✔ 'hroat$ neck$ 1aw and collarbones ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Ears 'he inside of her arms #rists 3alms 9bdomen 'highs ?especially inner thighs+ -eet and toes Bower back b!ious areas6 buttocks$ breasts$ and genitals 2+ .aking out is a marathon$ not a sprint% 9ct like you&re in no hurry and don&t rush her% She&ll ha!e plenty of time to get aroused$ and you&ll ha!e more time to en1oy yourself% 3+ 'ease her% If you&!e disco!ered that she really likes a certain kind of caress$ withhold it for awhile% 'ouch e!erything around that area and act like you&re mo!ing in$ then back away% #hen you finally do return to it$ she&ll en1oy it more% -ew .

Always..E! .lick here to get a Date Here is something really special 'CES' .. Always get consent before engaging in any sexual acti!ity% Cemember that no means no$ and back away gracefully% 7ow if you follow those simple methods you will be as good as Hold! I decided to share few sites where I had a lot of success$ ..

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