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Honey in its natural raw state contains 2 predominant natural sugars (Fructose and Glucose) 11 enzymes, 14 minerals, 21 amino acids, all the vitamins that nutritionists consider necessary for health ,!,", #utin, $icotinic acid, % vitamins, &hiamine, #i'oflavin, $iacin, (antothenic acid, (yrido)ine and %iotin as well as scor'id cid (*it+ ,+)+ HONEY PROCESSING -ost honey sold today has 'een commercially processed, resulting in enzymes (which help digestion) and vitamins, 'eing destroyed and protein (pollen) 'eing removed+ &his processing involves heating and filtering through a cloth or fine filter paper+ &he end product will remain in a li.uid state for a long period of time+ /hen it finally starts to granulate, crystals will 'egin to form at the 'ottom of the 0ar, moving upwards (a sure sign of a refined and processed product, despite the la'el 1(ure2 Honey)+ WHAT CAN RAW HONEY DO FOR YOU? #aw Honey was and still is credited with marvelous curative powers+ scientific of the present time+ whole 'oo3 could 'e

written on all the medicinal uses of honey, from thousands of years of fol3 medicine to the

4n addition to its age5retarding properties raw honey has 'een proven to 'e from 'eneficial to e)traordinary effective in the following6 7 s honey is a pre5digested food (a process done 'y the 'ees) it enters the 'lood stream directly producing energy .uic3ly, unli3e refined sugar which has to 'e digested+ 7 (roline, an amino acid in #aw honey is the primary component in collagen+ ,ollagen is the main structure in 'ones+ ((rover's 18+249health to the 'ones) ,alcium is also found in two forms in #aw Honey+ 7 4ncreases Haemoglo'in count and can prevent or cure naemia+ 4t is rich in iron and copper+

7 4s an e)cellent mild la)ative, especially recommended as such for infants and children+ 7 #aw Honey will prevent and even cure %otulism (oisoning, 'ecause it contains an enzyme called Glucose :)idase, (this enzyme is easily destroyed with heat)+ %otulism spores can only develop in the intestines of infants when chronically constipated+ 7 4t has 'een shown to 'e useful in #heumatic and rthritic cinditions, especially in com'ination with pple ,ider *inegar (!r !+,+ ;arvis)+ 7 4t has 'een used successful in the treatment of liver and 3idney disorders, diseases of the respiratory and digestive tracts, wea3 heart action, infectious diseases, colds, insomnia, poor circulation, and 'ad comple)ion+ 7 4t is not mere theory, 'ut has 'een proved that 'acteria cannot live in the presence of raw honey, for the reason that raw honey is an e)cellent source of potassium+ &he potassium draws from the 'acteria the moisture which is essential to the very e)istence+ 'acteriologist who did not 'elieve this, after a series of tests discovered to his amazement that the disease germs he tested (typhoid, %ronco5pneumonia and !ysentery producing germs) were all 3illed off in the presence of raw honey+ 7 4n this 'oo3 1Fol3 -edicine2, !r ;arvis an ear, nose and throat specialist reveals some startling facts a'out raw honey and honeycom'+ He says the honeycom' is e)cellent for the treating of stuffy nose, nasal sinusitis and hay5fever+ He always says that raw honey can produce healing for s3in 'urns and is essential in the diet of children 'ecause it provides the composite of minerals needed for the growing 'ody ( iron, copper, manganese, silica, chlorine, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, aluminium, magnesium, zinc, lead and sulphor )+ 7 (ro'a'ly the most 'eneficial effect of pollen (contained in raw unfiltered honey) is that, ta3en internally it .uic3ly produces the same anti5putrefactive effect as lactic foods and thus contri'utes to a healthy digestive system and good assimilation of nutrients9a'solute prere.uisites for good health and long life+ <ating pollen rich raw honey causes rapid com'ustion, consuming fats which speed up the 'urning of fat, and continues through the 'loodstream at a tric3le stimulating the heart without harmful side effects+