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Definition I've had questions about editing policy, so have made one up: Editing/Additions are very welcome and make me happy. If your definition is substantially different from the original include both. If it is just longer/better explained than the original replace it (many of the early ones are just stubs I put in to be replaced later). Humorous comments are welcome, provide they are in addition to a serious definition not instead of. - John Harper Most Words now have definitions :) Thanks to all contributors Feel free to add new words even (especially) if you cannot think of a good concise definition yourself, the hivemind will take care of it. (To make a new row, right click the number on the left and select "insert 1 below.") Q&A Here -> *Don't delete entries. If you disagree with one make a comment and I will judge whether it is worth keeping. Arguments that attack the character of a person, not their arguments. E.g. “Don’t listen to them they’re fat/stupid/young/molest porpoises.” Don’t do it. Ever. At best, it can get you cheap laughs, at worst an automatic fourth or an equity complaint. On principled grounds it’s a bad thing anyway, because even if you’re not punished for it you’re not actually weakening their arguments, even an illiterate fat walrus botherer can be right. Even the stupidest evillest man in the world says the sky is blue, its stays blue. You have to prove to the judges why it’s not true. Also, it’s just bad manners really; debating is supposed to be about fun and intellectually stimulating arguments, not competing in who can be rudest. Whether accurately or not debaters have a reputation for arrogance and unpleasantness, and this puts many good people off debating. So don’t make that worse. A team of senior judges (or their mates) who set the motions for a competition and judge the top rooms and the finals. (Also called 'CA Team') Explaining why a thing you say is true. Eg "If we have the death penalty we'll have less crime. Because criminals will be scared we'll kill them and people don't do things they're scared of." NB: Not all analysis is correct or good. The room, generally a large lecture theatre, in which the tab rolls and the CA team and Convening team announce things to the competition. When you make a statement but provide no analysis as to why it is true. E.g. "The most important duty of a government is to provide universal education, and that's what our policy does, so we win." or "It is not the most important duty of a government to provide universal education, so they don't win." An incredibly vague term that is often a substitute for analysis. Means, most of the time, an individual having freedom of thought and action. E.g. "The mech would limit people's choices, which is bad because we ought to respect people's autonomy." A comparison between the harms and/or benefits that have been proven by each side of the debate. E.g. "Opp proved that this would lead to a loss of habitat for lesser-spotted-tree-frogs, but we proved that not doing it would lead to the extinction of humankind, so on a balance of harms, we win." Sheets of paper on which the result of a debate is written. They are sometimes different colours in each round to prevent confusion. Ballots must contain the results of all teams from 1st to 4th, and speaker points must follow the team rankings (hence a team who takes 2nd cannot have higher combined speaks than the team that comes first). Failure of judges to follow this rule may lead to damnation to a bin room, where there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. A motion beginning "This house believes." Generally means more emphasis on proving a statement to be true and less on mechanistic issues about the implementation of the motion in the real world. E.g. "THBT all countries ought to be democratic" is phrased as THBT so as to avoid the pesky issue of how OG intends to make all the countries in the world into democracies without killing loads of people. A derogatory term denoting a low ranked room with teams on a low number of team points. Allegedly, used as a form of punishment for judges who annoy the CA/Tabmaster. Many tournaments now begin with an explanation that there is no such thing as a bin room at that tournament; those who roll the CA sometimes find this is less than true. An individual (usually of low-medium debating ability) who silently and without invitation enters groups of good debaters talking. Named for their tendency to emerge out of nowhere and impede the flow of chat. The third and fourth teams to make their speeches in a round. (2nd Opp and 2nd Prop) Not to be confused with the top half. The break is a threshold, above which teams will pass into the outrounds – semi-finals, finals and so forth – of a tournament. The top teams on tab will pass this threshold (and so ‘break’, as the term is also used as a verb) with the exact number depending on how many outrounds are being held. Four teams can break to a final, eight if there are semifinals, sixteen if there are quarter-finals etc. Sometimes described in terms of the performance required, relative to taking 2nd place in each round – hence at one tournament the break might be on +1, while at another ‘evens’ (all seconds or equivalent) and speaks – where not all teams on evens can break, so the tie is resolved by comparing the speaker scores of the teams. This depends on the number of teams and outrounds at a given tournament, as well as the specific results achieved, and may be much speculated about by hopeful teams, but does not itself decide the criteria for breaking – rather it is an attempt to work out what will be needed to be one of the top however many teams. Some tournaments have additional breaks such as ESL, EFL and novice categories. These work the same as the open break, but count only those teams where both speakers fit the relevant criteria. The break announcement refers to the announcement of which teams have made it past this threshold and will procede to the outrounds and takes place after the final inround has been judged and tabulated (and usually, after the judges have had a chance to eat dinner). concept unknown

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Adjudication team Analysis Announce Room Assertion

In Canada, we call this the GA (General Assembly).


Balance of harms


Believes motion

Bin Room

Bollard Bottom Half Break

Break Room

In Canada, we call this a bubble room.

Definition British Parliamentary (BP) A format of debating based on the House of Commons in the UK parliament. to scratch someone) . Cap. we call this scratch (e. Reasons for clash can include (but are not limited to): having attended the same institution. E. Their responsibilities include to call on speakers to begin their speeches. none of their points about the effects this will have in Tunisia matter. being related. Can be used to move the debate onto more useful concession. but far from ubiquitous especially in America and Australia.” (In a Extent to which arguments from different teams contradict and engage with each other. Whip Speech etc. clash is done for reasons of accountability and due diligence rather than out of genuine worry that judging will be biased. Involves 4 speakers on each side with predefined roles and titles such as the Prime Minister. Fortunately most good tabbing software can take account of this. the The final positions that the judges decide each team deserves. OO 3rd. We concede democracy is a contingent good. The loose community of individuals who participate in competitive debating and the events they attend.” CA Chief Adjudicator (see God). Forcing someone to do something at the point of a gun is obviously coercion. Call. people will be placed under greater pressure if their motion is enacted. “It is a burden on prop to prove that bodily autonomy is an inalienable right. arguments should debate) – clash directly with those of the other side. Noted for its competitive success. territory. this is widely believed by non-breaking teams to result in poorer-quality calls. 'the point about Tunisia is contingent on our acceptance this will destabilise the region. People are said to be ‘clashed’ when they have registered that they would be uncomfortable judging or being judged by one another. The dominant format of debating on the European circuit and key international competitions. the advanced age of its speakers and its conveniently lax entry requirements. this refers to rounds in which judges are not to reveal the results. [Probably need a better example. Given the close nature of the debating circuit the mathematics of arranging rooms to avoid clash can be quite complex. Chief Adjudicator (CA) Sets motions for a tournament and resolves any judging disputes. announce the results and provide feedback. Teams wishing for feedback must find their judges after the break announcement and hope that they haven't a) forgotten the debate. run the discussion between the judges after the time is over. Coercion The dark side of incentivization. "My partner got really drunk and I had to carry him through the last round" or "I got really drunk at Worlds and was totally useless. and the Adjudication reasons for them. Sets the motions. Example: "I've heard good things about her judging on the circuit.” Closed Round/Closed Generally the last one or two of the in-rounds. To (verb) To achieve success in a round despite an obvious disparity in the ability of speakers. In fact. but my partner still carried me to the break. For example if prop says we should legalise all drugs because people have a right to be free. maintain order. Often used in the phrase "Well. May or may not actually exist.g.g. organises the judging pool and takes the credit or blame as appropriate. E. if they give an entirely unconnected argument that’s not clash. May be assisted by deputies (DCAs). Clusterfuck Debate that has gone sufficiently badly that it is unpleasant to observe. E. suggestions?] Referenced in the name of the debating blog “where’s the clash. e. ensure that the round is timed. but believe in this case it is beneficial. see also. In a good debate. that was a complete clusterfuck". b) drunk way too much to be useful or c) left already. incentivizing someone to do something they wouldn't otherwise by offering them badly needed money may just be capitalism.' If you can show that this will not destabilise the region. Consent Contingent A thing dependent on another thing. BPP A law school in London that is prominent on the circuit. Concession. Making someone do something they wouldn't otherwise do in a way deemed unacceptable either because of the inherent unacceptability of the thing they are being incentivized to do. Circuit. amongst others. CG 4th. A general standard to work by is if someone could reasonably complain you weren’t a neutral judge. “The Clash. Burdens Claims that a team is required to prove. but this analysis is not comparative. In Canada. the manner in which they're being incentivized to do it or just because the motion obliges you to disapprove. " Clash (People) – Most competitions will do their best to ensure that judging of rounds is as fair as possible and thus avoid ‘clash’ where a judge would not be considered impartial when judging a certain speaker or teams. Delivered by the chair judge at the start of feedback. while at smaller ones it can become difficult.” “It is a burden on Opp to prove this has substantial third party harms. generally the org com or tab team will make up a “Clash list” of all people and their relationships. E.' It is generally good for your analysis to be comparative.g. if Opp questions what freedom means and talks about the extent of free choice in society that’s clashing. "matter file" Chair (Judge) The chairperson of the adjudication panel. which they generally should limit access to for obvious reasons. Tactical When a team accepts that something another team has said is true. having spoken together. until after the break has been announced. the. The maximum number of teams that the hosting institution can accomodate. Generally." Case File Information you carry with you to debates to assist in preparing cases.g. as the better partner gives vast amounts of assistance to the weaker one. Clash.g. Also known as unaccountable judging.g. being close friends. etc. Comparative Comparison between the different situations offered by the sides of the debate. having had a personal dispute and/or having been romantically or sexually involved in the past. the larger the competition the easier it is to adjust judging arrangements to take account of clashes. The Set by competition organisers. fill in the ballot. Carry. We concede there will be short term harms to this but think the long term benefits will outweigh them. The extent to which it is taken seriously will vary with the size of a competition. 'Prop have said that people being pressured into making decisions is bad. Also on a personal level it prevents the awkwardness of having to judge their friends/teammates/significant others harshly. CO 2nd. OG 1st.

beds. Accomodation provided by the host institution for debaters during a (typically weekend-long) competition. for different historical reasons. EFL The English as a Foreign Language category. Crash Crazy-time Dating Up The Tab (See also. the Deputy Chief Adjudicator (DCA) Deputy Leader of Opposition Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Discourse The second speaker on the proposition bench (and therefore of the First Proposition/Opening Government team). Run by cheerful people. as a form of purgatory for the hungover. We see democracy as a contingent good that leads towards the establishment of freedom. except when speakers decide that they have a better chance for success speaking with someone from the other society. in which case they will readily switch. If a counterprop is to be attempted this should be made clear by the first speaker of first opposition. that compete at all competitions separately. his couldn't really believe what he was saying. "The PM stood up and propped that wearing hats made of live mice should become compulsory.). Empty Rhetoric See. but is not limited to. delivered at the start of his speech as part of the model. East London Technical Never has there been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Counterpropping from second opp is generally bad. have more than one debating society. size of the break. this is called billet/billeting. Basically. Assists the chief adjudicator with setting motions and organising judging. Food. avoiding being insensitive. it was crazy-time. Trinity College Dublin's Historical and Philosophical Societies. People talking to each other about political or social issues. who will often buy you beer if you help them out.g. Do not accept their POIs. The second speaker on the opposition bench (and therefore of the First/Opening Opposition team)." Dirty Case Proposition that successfully takes a lower burden than the motion demanded it to or wins by defining the proposition as a truism Dual-Institution Certain universities. see. human rights and other good things) The person charged with running the practicalities of the tournament (booking rooms. Dead Room).g. just because a room is not dead does not mean a team will break from it (the winning team might have sufficient team points to potentially break but insufficient speaks). Note. Guy Miscampbell. At Worlds it frequently occurs on New Year's day. Eg. Because the better judges tend to be allocated to live rooms judging in dead rooms can be pretty random. The name for a debate that has left the realms of sanity and become about an issue that is obviously impossible to implement in the real world. organising crash. Theoretically. Some people think it's a joke. Simone Van Elk. or totally irrelevant to the real world.) Counterprop Definition Something which is not good in itself. towels and more are all bonuses. in charge of absolutely everything. Kitty Maeve Parker Brooks (while dating anyone) A room in which none of the teams have the possibility of breaking e. such people are likely to find themselves in the bin.g." Dating someone who typically finishes higher on the speaker tab than you. When the opposition bench in a debate decides to not merely argue that the Proposition's idea is a bad one. and generally reviled. in the nth round of an n round tournament likely to break on 2n-1 team points all the teams have 2(n-1)-3 team points or below so will at best finish on 2n-2. The DPM argued that as the PM was not in fact wearing such a hat. Normally a member of the hosting institution. but good because it causes some other good thing to happen. It is also worth noting that rooms which are dead for some teams may be live for others (e. E. It should aim to resolve any ambiguities in the wording of motion and clarify for all teams exactly what the mechanism refers to. but that they have a better idea which should be implemented.g. eg. Seems to mostly involve ESU bugging over-worked undergraduates to judge school children's debates in hard to reach rural schools. Council are responsible for making decisions regarding Worlds or Euros (depending on which council it is) including hosts. The PM's interpretation of the words in the motion. selecting a CA. Includes. offensive. "we admit that the shock-tactics of the animal rights movement offend some people. but only for people who speak English. (E. mostly former Old Hacks. In a competition with a team cap. as such behaving as though the room is dead at an international tournament (and doing crazy things from first prop) is considered a dick move. a drunk team or the presence of Dave Jones. Rivalry between the societies tends to be bitter. Engagement The extent to which the case or particular arguments made by a team engage with the arguments or framework for the debate established by the other teams. Catherine Murphy.g. Fucking Up The Tab) Dead room Definition. Counterprops are rarely used well. Deserves respect and compassion. The eligible speakers must have not received education in the English language for more than 6 months and not lived in an English-speaking country for more than 18 months. (English Speaking Union) A charity that works to promote debating and free speech. In Canada. Often due to a mis-prop. ESL teams). each society is allowed to reach the cap independent of the other. A difficult technique to execute well as it involves voluntarily taking on extra burdens (see 'Burden' above). . eligibility. but we think they are effective at starting a discourse. Like the UN but even less effective. etc. aggressive and a dick. A debating institution with the College of Art and Design rare distinction of 'existing to a lesser extent than BPP'. but potentially effective if done so.Contingent good Convenor Council (Worlds/Euros/etc. Varies significantly in quality but is routinely nothing more than a floor space. (See also. e. Not to be confused with Ballot. hopefully has assistants. "Clash" Equity (General) The bare minimum standard of conduct that all debaters should adhere to. as attempts to change the line later on are unfair on earlier teams.

not the first opposition speaker personally. but your judges might not get that and punish you just for mentioning it. are so obvious that nobody in the round would sensibly dispute them. you should refrain from getting married in such institutions. as a young gay person.g. A negative externality would be something harmful e. This is to to ensure rough equality of overall quality of each outround and that e. Folding In outrounds: the teams for outrounds are selected by putting the team at the top of the break in the same outround as the team at the bottom of the break and the two teams in the middle (e. The eligible speakers must have received less than 5 years of education in the English language and not lived in an English-speaking country for more than 2. in theory. Mr Speaker. Gavel Wooden hammer used to make noise and in courtrooms or debates. and occasionally referred to as "the big hammer" and used to smash up defective dictaphones in order to destroy evidence that may be used to impeach President Bartlet. You can use the same sort of argument with other forms of evil totalitarian people and it just gets annoying.g. Someone who has been on the debating circuit a long time. carbon taxation is a way of incorporating the environmental harm of pollution into the cost of doing business and thus prices when it would otherwise be ignored by consumers.g. will provide teams with after the debate. ethnicity. more often than not has either left higher education or is doing multiple masters degrees to stay on the circuit. when other things being equal you might assume the top four teams on tab would likely be the four teams in the final . and who." "people should be equal before the law" and "democracy is not an absolute good. Feedback The information that a judge. not the first proposition speaker personally. Failure to leave the debating circuit after a long period of time can be seen as a denial of adult responsibilities and wanting to win that IV you keep losing in the final every year. Folding in in-rounds is generally the preserve of history Fresher Debater in their first year at University. Flow An American system for notarising. Equity Violation A violation of the championship's equity policy Equity Complaint A complaint submitted by a speaker or judge against another speaker. sometimes suggested in e. as well as a much higher budget and associated accomodation and socials (EUDC) standard. In inrounds: ordinarily BP debating practices 'power pairing' where teams on the same team points debate in the same room together. This always extends to justifying the call. DON'T. Really. Hack.g. This refers to the team of two debaters. normally the chair judge. Does not work at all well in competitions and circuits in which the other participants do not structure their speeches in a way conductive to flowing e." May or may not reference muppets. An alternative system. Extension The fifth and sixth speeches in a BP debate (the first one from the 2nd Prop team and 2nd Opp team). "unnecessary pain is bad. One of the most prestigous tournaments to win as well as a prestigous tournament to host for an institution. linguistic ability. rounds and teams than a standard IV.) Sometimes a term of affection." Externalities A (market) externality is something which the market does not incorporate into its valuations but which is significant in some way. Possible gateway job to teaching or working for IDEA for a lucky few. Examples may include. Really don't. (specific case of genetic or association fallacies) Government Combined term for first and second proposition/opening and closing governmnet. gender. ESU Where debaters with qualifications go to die rather than get a real job. This goes doubly for History students. (Also known as 'Dinos' in north america apparently. Happens every summer in a different city chosen the year before. May also prohibit general rudeness or aggression. Lasts roughly a week instead of a weekend and has many more Debating Championships rooms. e. Old hack. E. THBT. BP competitions (but many still try to use it anyway). "It is a hypothetical future Britain in which religious institutions have been forced to carry out gay marriages. what you are stating might be entirely correct and logical. "The extension we just got out of prop was all about rights. Also refers to the main argument that the extension speaker made. European Universities The annual competition open to all European institutions.folding the outrounds ensures this assumption is at least possible. sometimes used derogatorily. smallish break to finals competitions where 'power pairing' can result in a situation where only half the top room breaks and therefore potentially a lower standard of debate in the final than in the final outround. judge or organiser for an equity policy violation ESL The English as a Second Language category.g. First Opp The first half of the opposition bench.g. Equity Officer Equity Policy .5 years. structuring and judging debates where the interrelation between particular points is carefully tracked. First principles A set of axioms that. two of the top four teams on the tab don't knock each other out of the competition in the first outround as would happen if you power-paired. Catherine MacKinnon argues that child birth and childcare is a societal benefit currently ignored by the labour market. The extension speech is expected to bring some new angle or aspect to the debate and have at least one materially different point than the speeches before it. sexual orientation etc. Godwin's Law Don't mention the Holocaust or Nazis. the 1st. A positive externality would be something beneficial not incorporated into the market e. Just don't.Definition A member of the organising committee of a championship that is responsible to enforce the championship's equity policy The set of rules and regulations that competition participants must adhere to in order to ensure that no participants face participation barriers or are discriminated against on the basis of race. is to 'fold' the tab and have the teams at the top of the tab pair off with at the middle and bottom. May or may not be a Novice.g. 16th." First Person motion A motion that is set from the point of view of a specific individual who is the actor in the motion.g. but may also consist of advice to improve future performance. This refers to the team of two debaters. 8th and 9th breaking teams in a competition breaking to quarter finals). First Prop The first half of the proposition bench.

The probability of an info slide occuring increases proportionately with the number of the CA team doing obscure masters degrees. The term could theoretically apply to Iceland. "I wouldn't go to that IV." (See. and I'm clinging to it." A slide containing information relevant to the upcoming round. Shengwu's blog advises that info slides should be used when only one team who knows a somewhat obscure but particularly pertinent fact would have an unfair advantage over teams that don't know it. It should normally be" Often used in this manner to rescue a case in peril. consisting of one chair judge and at least one wing judge. The opposite is a dead room. Often accompanied by sighs from the debaters who don't feel like writing down a page of text in addition to prepping arguments.blogspot. "I think my rooms was ESL live" (people could break to the ESL break but not the main break from it). In the latter cases the 'Ironmanning' speaker is supposed to try to deliver a neutral speech which neither helps nor harms other teams in the debate. the right to a fair trial). as some of them may be drunk to the point of incoherence or sitting in Greggs. with First Prop taking the win and Second Opp the 2nd place". International Debate Education Academy. which only exist in the final in-round. Generally a bad idea. but occasionally a shadowy and suspicious body like a law school. but can easily be taken too far. E." Something that is apprehend directly. "crazy-time. E. International Relations. E. trying to promote debating in wider society. (For a good ananlysis see: http://trolleyproblem.” this refers to the United Kingdom and Ireland debating circuit and community.g." Note. all rooms are live. or in bin rooms in IVs.Hardline Prop Human rights ICC IDEA Implicit Definition Taking the most high-impact interpretation of the motion possible. it's known as a "spec-dump" (spec being specific knowledge) Info-dump Info-slide What was that round? In-round Institution Internalise Intuition IONA IR Ironman IV Judging Panel Judging Pool Judging Puddle Knifing Leader of the opposition Leading POI Legitimate Live room Long Diagonal . so the term has stuck). Contrast break rooms. At the beginning of Round 1. In parts of Canada. A derogatory term indicating that the judging pool is too small for the competition. "We felt the result was the long diagonal. it's always got a judging puddle. Typically used in relation to judging and results and in reference to who came 1st and 2nd Eg. from which noone can reach the break The first proposition and second opposition teams. playing the "intuition card" may often lead to a " Do you accept the west should support democracy? It's a word. that adjudicates the debate. When a POI is used to make a speaker concede something for tactical reasons. Literally a competition held between different universities as opposed to any other institutions such as schools debating competitions. Also known as a "matter-dump.(See swing team) Ironmanning sometimes happens when your partner is incapacitated after a social (see yakka). and descend into "crazy-time. Many debates ultimately revolve around arguing about which rights are human rights. "We all have a moral intuition that human suffering ought to be avoided. in which all teams at the tournament compete (except those who didn't show up that morning because they drank too much Yakka the night before). or whether they're just saying that to make their mates win. So called because they are diagonally facing each other and speak a long time apart (as opposed to the short diagonal of first opp and second prop who speak immediately after one another). A room from which it is possible to reach the break. Rights that people gain merely by being people and do not have to further earn (eg. Lots of Old Hacks work here. or International Cricket Council if you're Tom Ball. but arbitrarily doesn’t. A panel. This often creates excellent debates. "Look. Often in training debates. and is taken as a sign that the OG teams are mensches. Obvious from context. May be used across multiple breaks e. without recourse to reasoning processes such as deduction or induction. It has been chosen for official purposes because other names for the area are controversial (it is felt that to refer to the British Isles as 'the British Isles' is an insult to the Irish for some reason. Understand or have experienced to such a point that it becomes subconscious. "We have all internalised a set of moral norms based on our upbringing and social context. How to judge knifing is a subject of contention. Run arguments which largely amount to stating many facts (or sometimes 'facts').g. For example." Literally meaning the “Islands of the North Atlantic. The educational body that an individual represents: normally a university or college.g. Does not include Iceland. but at times is necessary if the previous team has said something unsupportable.html) The first speaker of the Opening Opposition team. where human rights come from and what (if anything) can cause a person to lose them. without demonstrating why they help your side win the debate. The manner in which countries of the world deal with each other and issues which cross borders. All the judges at a competition that are available to the CA for allocation. And no one wants to insult the Irish. E. or at least this phrase is generally a criticism. with the Mein Kampf round at Galway EUDC being a case in point. An InterVarsity competition." When a speaker contradicts another speaker or team on their side of the table. Used to distinguish between the total number of judges that are "at" the competition. A round before the break. International criminal court. my partner might not have stated that he knew Turkey was a NATO member. and often the cause of heated disagreements on panels as members disagree as to whether an argument really was implicit.") A famous example of when this was done well: "THW hold religious leaders responsible for the actions of their followers" becomes a debate about arresting the Pope. but it was implicit in his analysis about our obligations to help them. When one speaker completes both speeches in a team.g.G.

A point is deemed 'low impact' if the debate has been conceived largely in practical terms and in the view of the judges the practical effect of the point in question is very limited (the harm or benefit is limited either to a small number of cases. the legitimacy of a point being made given the constraints of debating or accuse another team of cheating they will said to be 'meta-debating'. Means a story.which is not to say that spurious talk about narratives does not abound in debating.g. A piece of economic jargon. why they would do it and how you intend to ensure they will do it competently. There is obviously a fine line between a good.g. or to a negligible degree compared with the status quo). when another team is cheating and you wish to highlight this fact for the judges. Depending on the motion it may involve a discussion of various organisations and actors involved. When the presence of something that is not in itself bad has a negative effect by making the presence or effects of a bad thing less visible/obvious. Meta-debating is usually frowned upon but is sometimes advisable e. Hence "changing the narrative" about a particular issue means "people will talk about it in a different way". Assuming it has not done so by means e. See also. Can also refer to informal discussions between debaters e.g. probably to do with the fact 'manner' seems like it might be broader and include all sorts of strange things which might influence persuasiveness like gestures. When the mechanism offered by the proposition is oddly convoluted and appears to have been chosen specifically to remove from the clash as much of the possible opposition line as possible. The 'Northern and Midlands Debating Alliance'. when banks will be bailed out of their debt anyway by governments).g. so this species of analysis can be good . The government or comparable actor is said to have a 'mandate' for a policy proposal by virtue of making it a point of issue in their electoral campaign. "Case file. of unreasonable time or place setting or outright squirreling it isn't obviously what the merits of pointing this out are for an opp. For example in the debate "This House would bring back the death penalty" the proposition would likely explain which crimes would be eligible for the death penalty and possibly other details. tight prop mechanism and one which is so tight it makes the debate impossible and as such the mechanism would have to be absurdly convoluted for the government to get called on this. the existence of mandates is the reason for the Salisbury doctrine that the Lords shouldn't override the Commons when a policy was a manifesto pledge of the party that won the election. A group of university debating societies in the north and midlands of England which cooperate in running an annual novice tournament and mutually attending IVs/masturbating. and with an electoral system which doesn't garauntee the party in government has popular support it is not obvious the term is meaningful other than as a rhetorical device to service the government agenda. used by teams to assist them in preparing a case.Long Prep Low impact Mace Mandate Manner Masking Effect Matter Matter File Matter Prep Mechanism Meching-Out-the-Debate Member of government Member of opposition Mens Meta-debate Model Moral hazard NAMDA Narrative Narrow (Prop/debate) Natarajan. villains.g. The first speaker of the Closing Government team. What some people call 'style' for some reason. Of course. because the liabilities resulting from their actions are way less than the potential gain or even non-existent (e. In UK terms." The definition and the mechanism are referred to collectively as "the model". it has amusingly been taken by many others since. In the debate . Often used by debaters when they don't have other arguments. . Addition (22/11/2012): Describes the effect that some actors (e." Learning information specifically for the purposes of using it in debates. People do often perceive events through the prism of a particular narrative with heroes. Propping a "low-impact" mechanism is generally considered a dick move. Harish Definition When debaters are informed of a motion hours or days before they will debate. Also a series of BP competitions in memorial of a man called John Smith. which is usually difficult to prove. Information relevant to debating. The term was originally improvised by Doug Cochran in a debate on S&M. E. This is a form of squirreling but is done by mechingrather than defining the debate unfairly. simplistic causes etc. Contrast to (the more common) 'short prep' were debaters are told the motion 15 minutes or a similar time before speaking. Legal in BP format. the first man to win 10 IVs in a year.g. generally indicating that the proposal has the effect of incentivising financial irresponsibility. Legalising S&M could provide a masking effect for domestic violence. what they would do. in the financial sector) are more willing to take risks or generally act irresponsible. When a proposition's definition of the debate is felt to restrict it to a limited set of arguments it is accused of being 'narrow'. A file containing information relevant to as "it seems too narrow" doesn't constitute grounds upon which to reject a definition. "Ben and Ruraidh are up at the bar having meta-debate chat. The way in which the proposition intends to implement any policy they are arguing for. Large heavy metal club. It may however elicit sympathy from judges who also don't want to hear eight speeches on a very limited set of issues.. The annual debating tournament that does not and will never exist but is routinely proposed by people who oppose Womens (see Womens). international adoption provides a masking effect for child smuggling.When a team raises an issue about another teams case wherein they challenge the reasonableness of a definition. The first speaker of the Closing Opposition team. King of debate. Generally used only by experienced teams and their sycophants. not knowing which policies the people who voted for the party voted for.

on empirical facts or other things which don't exist in debateland. Frequently leads to "crazy time.g. these are knock-out. Novice-Finals. swearing is not parliamentary language. E.g. in which first Prop get to decide what the debate will be about. Org Com Otherize Out-round Overpropping Oxbridge Oxtrals Panel Parliamentary language Patriarchy/Patriarchal Pizza Political Capital . A term from social theory meaning to mark out or treat a group or a type of people as fundamentally different in some way by stressing some presumed essential feature of those people. When the first proposition team takes on more burdens than strictly required by the motion. owed favours. A competition where teams are allowed to consist of speakers from different institutions. By ancient law the only food served at the majority of competitions. but unless a motion is explicitly designated as an "Open Motion" then it isn't. Unlike in-rounds where points are accumulated for a final tally. Rounds after the break / any round which isn't an inround.g. exist entirely of such motions. e. See also. a politician or political group has which are ‘spent’ on achieving certain goals. most notably the Durham Open." The alternate name for St Andrews An inexperienced debater. The Oxford-hosted Australasian style debating competition. as well as any speaker feedback. Another way of saying a particular dispute in a debate round is a wash between the two teams as there is no way to decide which team's position is superior without relying e. group of people etc achieves widespread acceptance.g. The Organising Committee of a debating tournament. An alleged systemic bias in society towards men. Judging Panel. be it in paying them more. Sometimes this can add well needed clarity to an otherwise nebulous motion. A debate on an unbalanced motion where there are more. For example: “we would like to legalise gay marriage. "We think that. Discus shaped foodstuff. Generally defined negatively. "X behaviour violates the norms of international diplomacy". in which the judges' call and reasoning. (Analogous rendering of Mankiw/Taylor:) If you have several choices the opportinity cost is that what must be given up in order to take another choice. e.g. Normative standards can be bound to specific contexts e. by virtue of which they are different from the mainstream and therefore either outwith reasonable bounds of empathetic concern or unworthy of some sort of protective state intervention. ESL Semi-Finals etc. Makes being OO interesting. Which really sucks if you're a vegetarian who hates cheese Analogous to money. better and more intuitive arguments on the opposition side than the proposition side. Unlike in-rounds teams are not assigned positions from 1st through 4th but are simply through or out. E. A horrible jargon term that is used to indicate the process by which a policy. a theoretical term for the goodwill.g. or non-students. etc. by summation speakers) as a reason for the judges to ignore that issue." Generally the first few inrounds. E. Relatively recent. Varies in size depending on the competition from a team of over a dozen people organising Worlds or Euros to perhaps a pair organising a small national competition.g. they will sometimes be labelled as 'non-comparative' (esp. "THBT it was better in my day" would become a debate about whether the R2P doctrine has done more harm than good. "you should do such-and-such" "so-and-so isn't an acceptable thing to do". See. but it would use up a lot of political capital for a very small effect and we would rather spend that capital on medical reform. obviously. or the winners or not. Pertaining to rules (norms) or standards. in more general terms. gay-marriage will quickly normalise and thus become normalised. Quarter-Finals. whilst some backlash may initially occur. or the motion. promoting them higher. taking their views more seriously or any other form of discrimination that disadvantages females. Sometimes defined as a debater who has never debated at a university competition. normally meaning that only the best two teams progress to the next out-round. but usually occurring in April/May. sometimes merely as someone who has been debating competitively for less than a year and anything in between.Non-comparative Normative Normalise Definition When two antithetical claims are made by opposing sides in the debate which the constraints of the debating format do not allow a useful means of adjudicating between them. Their decision need not have anything to do with the words in the motion. This House would allow murder When the two opposition teams take first and second in a debate Combined term for first and second opposition/opening and closing opposition. essentially providing the actual motion at the start of the PM speech as well as a model. normally intentionally vaguely worded.” North-east Fife Polytechnic Novice NUDC Open Open Motions Open Round/Open Adjudication Opp Heavy (Motion/Debate) Opp Sweep Opposition Opportunity cost. a claim is normative if it relates implicitly or explicitly to a set of evaluative standards or obligations e. Finals. "most IVs these days" A designated motion. is given to all teams as soon as the judging discussion is complete. By contrast see 'Closed Round'. Some competitions. A collective term for the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. the values/benefits sacrificed by deciding in one way or another. Acceptable way of speaking in a debate. It stands for the choices not taken or. othertimes it can just put second proposition in a rather difficult position of being obliged to defend the indefensible through no fault of their own. With the exception of the final.g.

and attempts to smuggle in POIs under the guise of points of clarification may result in the judges punishing you. is important to the debate Rhetoric Place-setting . so the first minute isn't protected" or "Point of order Mr Speaker . "Point of order Mr Speaker . Nothing beyond the desire to make a POI should be conveyed by words spoken prior to being accepted by the speaker. Judges don't pay registration fees.g. often in corridors. "Oi. as always with examples. Point of Order An interjection made to the chair. room rental and social.g. signalled by standing up and making a noise of some sort: supposedly. But. 1st prop is generally given the room the round is taking place to prepare in.) Remember though that “Western Liberal Democracies” aren’t a homogenous group. you may wish to offer a point of clarification to ask this. as trying to get your point in without being taken is naughty. The standard move is to set a motion in “Western Liberal Democracies” to avoid unfortunate implications of setting it in the third world.g. “THW provide free childcare” wouldn’t work in a country where people have no food. and similar rules exist at other international tournaments. Relevancy Why a thing.g. "This (Motion/Debate) house believes murder is bad.” At the European championships. 'why democracy is merely an instrumental good' (principle) rather than 'what are the effect of transition to democracy in under-developed countries' (practicality). and has been replaced by an interjection in the form. They should generally only be offered in the first few minutes of unprotected time in the PM's speech. the fact you can prove the motion would do X in one isolated Papua New Guinean tribe doesn’t necessarily mean anything about other countries. generally the first and last minute of each speech. Point of Clarification A special kind of POI that should ONLY be used to inquire about the mechanism or definition. Proposition Either 'the government bench' or 'the motion' depending on the context. E.Participants do not have to pay it themselves as most societies will do so for their speakers. and if accepted the interjecting speaker may used it to contribute information or ask a question. and only when there is an obvious ambiguity or lapse in it. raising an issue not related to the motion. (e. An amount set by the Convenor to be spent on running the competition at 0 or positive profit. "THW criminalise adultery. For example. though it depends on the context of the debate how legitimate this may be. Principles According to the principles/practicalities paradigm of dividing up content point which are not concerned with real world effects but are rather abstract (usually normative) arguments about concepts at issue in the debate e. and rightly so.g. Normally 15 minutes. You can have fun and make good extension points out of how the motion would work in non-obvious places (e. free childcare would positively change gender roles in the middle east). but rather to the procedure or logistics of the debate. 1st prop are generally allowed to prep in the room in which the debate will take place. and due to their nature they are nearly always accepted. The German government should legalise Holocaust denial) or it can be a useful tactical move when first propping. the easy response is just to say “Fine. though often people will talk implicitly about their own country. Does not actually entail roleplaying as the head of your countries government. "Ya' WHAT?!" The speaker is at liberty to refuse or accept the POI. Can only be offered in unprotected time. Dave/ Andrew/ Steve/ Janice etc. So called after the leader of the British parliament.g. in which points of information may not be offered.Definition Setting the motion in a specific country or region. it is assumed all motions apply throughout Europe unless specified otherwise. They should NOT be used for anything else. Rebuttal Things you say explaing why the other side are wrong about the things they said Reg fee. "on that" or "sir/madam" but just as often. but I'm afraid my partner has fainted.actually this is GUU Ancients. Prime Minister The first speaker from the first team of the proposition/government. Protected time Time. other teams find their own places. on the motion. while other teams are not. You should probably use the word 'clarification' when offering one." Now somewhat archaic. Prop Sweep When the two proposition teams take the 1st and 2nd. Prop Heavy Gives the proposition teams a higher chance of winning than the opposition teams regardless of their abilities. Sometimes this is included in the motion (e." Would probably be considered prop heavy.can we open a window?" "Point of order Mr Speaker. if true. E. we won’t do it in places where it is obviously a terrible idea." if the PM does not tell you what the punishment for adultery will be. sumfink's gone wrong!" Prep Time The time before a round in which you can prepare your speeches. Usually includes expenses for judges. to make it clear that you are not making a general POI. The Short for registration fee. Point of Information (POI) An interjection offered to the speaker by a member of the opposite team.

Nominated rights have a profound legal significance in countries with written constitutions which.g. Schools debaters. and do not lend themselves to extended analysis.make a credible precommitment to defend. Social Construct A thing that does not actually exist. See 'Messy Debate' Short Diagonal – The 1st opposition team and the 2nd proposition team. morality. and feedback.[http://lesswrong. or new university debaters with experience of schools debating In Canada we also call this "burning the turf". Shallow motion A motion that has very few arguments relevant to it. consisting of rolling the tab. Sometimes a result of a shallow motion. a debate.everyone just made the same point about democracy. a right to freedom of religion is a right to choose which kind of religion practice to engage in without state interference. that convey to teams the logistical information for the next round. Pam Cohn. E. leaving nothing for the extension. It is disputed as to when this is a negative event reflecting poor control or judgement by the chair and when it is a positive one reflecting an open discussion. At Larger/better organised competitions they will often have people assigned to take ballots from rooms to the tab room to ensure things happen as fast as possible.g. when they conflict with other rights. most people conceive the right to education as a 'positive right' (the state has a duty to facillitate your education. Contrast “long prep. Rights may be natural. IVF treatment for those who might not otherwise be able to have children. More than six in a day may prove fatal. "If we legalise cannabis we will get all the benefits you've heard. or all arguments are relatively superficially made.” Silverback A skillful debater. This is not necessarily a profound distinction requiring one to pick a side.g. numbers.g. Competitions between children below the legal age of maturity.or yourself across different values and times ." Often considered a poor argument.g. not merely to interdict people attempting to prevent you educating yourself) and 'the right to a family' as a (mostly) negative right (the state isn't obliged to provide you with a spouse. A safe general categorisation of rights (from Dworkin) is that they serve as 'trump cards' by which the individual can thwart the action of other individuals or the state whether they are acting in private or general (utilitarian) interest in a way contrary to the right-bearers protected sphere of self-interest. E.” Contrast “long diagonal. post1789 tend to come with a list of rights attached which constrain the actions of the state). E. Slippery Slope The argument that by allowing one thing which may be positive we will be unable to prevent a further move towards more extreme things of the same type which may be negative. or between days on longer competitions. May include games and organised activities. To Definition A claim to a sort of freedom within a particular sphere of action. but everyone thinks and acts like it exists because everyone else thinks and acts like it exists. Called ‘short’ as there isn’t long between their speeches. used in contrst to universities. "It was a really shallow debate . Occurs immediately before the announcement of the motion. e. Eg. usually with an alpha type personality. Shallow debate A debate in which very few arguments are made. they're rolling the tab!" Unit of debating." Shallow debates often become top-half debates. or they may be 'positive rights' in which case they mandate action by the state or other actions to promote the ability of the rights-bearer to fulfill this right. Ships passing in the night When the arguments of opposing teams don't clash meaningfully. A powerpoint presentation. “it was definitely a short diagonal but it took us a while to decide the ordering. Normally 15 minutes. sometimes a result of stupid teams. room number and the names of their judges.g. or where the points of clash are all quite superficial. Schelling Fences .g. Often used to describe the result of a debate. though potentially legitimate as long as it is actually demonstrated that the bad things will follow from implementing the policy. Generally a good opportunity to relax after a long day of debating and get to know people in a less formal context.g. gender. AKA Turf-burning Slippery slopes can sometimes be avoided by establishing a "Schelling fence" . and expects you to damn well do the same. Normally included is their position. See 'Schelling fences' Social – Most competitions will include some sort of event in the evenings after the debates are completed. com/lw/ase/schelling_fences_on_slippery_slopes/] Self-actualise A term originating in Hegel. Has some unique challenges. The act of the chair judge in a room having their view on the result of the debate be overruled by their wing judges (see 'Wing' below). It is usually vague and underdefined and almost universally disliked by judges. prep time. or else to "turf-burn" When a top half team runs all the available material. displayed before the motion is announced. They may be merely 'negative rights' in which case they simply oblige noninterference on the part of others. Alcohol is often involved but is not compulsory. from quiet pub nights. to epic clubbing and dancing.a Schelling point that the various interest groups involved . (screamed into phone) "Come back you dickhead.Rights Rolling (a chair) Rolling (the tab) Round Runners Schools Schoolies Scorch the earth. though it may be obliged (the positive aspect of the same right) to provide e. Normally junior members of the host institution.” Short Prep – A speech you have only a short time to prepare for. James Hardy. in which case they are derived from pure reason or natural law or something prior to the state or they may be artificial (just standards we live by). Most university competitions are done in this format. These can vary greatly in scale. Means to achieve one's desires or to turn one's idealised conception of oneself into reality. Rights may be absolute or may be restricted in various ways e. E. E. but we will soon find ourselves forced to legalise cocaine and heroin too which will cause disaster.

scary eyes. his or her mannerisms. etc. "It went 5:2 to OG and CG were the split. listing in ranked order the speaker points achieved by all speakers in each room. On a scale notionally out of 100. Calculates results.Social contract Social Policy Speaker Points Split Squirrel – SSDC Scottish Students Debating Council Star-fucking St Andrews Union Debating Society Status Quo – Straw man Steel man Style – Summation / Summary speech Swing Team Tab Tabbing software Tabmaster This House Definition The argument that people have agreed to the rules of society (such as taxation or laws in general) by doing something which shows their agreement to them analogous to signing a contract. 'the average. Steve was the split" but also refers to the team that the minority of judges voted for. Can be distinguished by rage. Such a decision is a "split decision. a vote is held. E. The results of debates. Generally used in contrast to ‘content. “Under the status quo Afghan women have no meaningful access to their legal rights." Defining a motion in a strange. paying taxes or not explicitly rejecting the rules (such as emigrating). 'aspirational star-fuckers aka Kitty Maeve Parker Brooks' They broke at Euros this year. e. interpreting your opponents argument in the best manner possible.g. The term refers to the metaphor of fighting a scarecrow made of straw which the individual themselves set up. allocates teams to rooms and assigns judges automatically if run properly by the tabmaster (see below). whereas under our model…. "It went to OG. "On a 5:2 split decision. (See here: http://trolleyproblem. as would setting it as only guns with fingerprint detectors or involving the right to possess the front limbs of bears. The way in which someone speaks. . reasonable person'. esteem. a debate should be proposing a change from the status quo and it comprises the state of affairs that the proposition is contrasted with. debates about what Western Liberal Democracies should do with regards to healthcare provision or developing nations should do about education would be social policy debates. the win went to OG. AKA "Good Debater Syndrome". Also 'speaks'. 'by this house we mean the British Government'. Occasionally explodes all over the landscape The person at a competition tasked with running the tabbing software. Often taken from the judging pool.g. A traditional feature of each motion. Some argue it to be fundamentally flawed and nigh on impossible to argue convincingly in a debate setting.g. e. A phenomenon whereby relatively poor debaters associate sexual appeal with debating ability.g. A computer program typically designed specifically for the task of running a debating competition. It is generally frowned upon rather severely as it is unfair to other teams in the debate who have been preparing for a different debate. East Fife Coast The way things are at the present moment in time in the country a debate is set. 'Australian debating' The opposite of a straw man. Or round 4 of the [whatever] IV is delayed because we have broken the tab. Within a room the combined speaker points of the members of a team must exceed those of teams they beat. but has instead been inserted into the competition to ensure that the total number of teams is divisible by four. A 75 is supposed to represent an average speech. While there are no automatic fourths in competitive debating squirreling rarely helps. Considered somewhat of a cliche. unexpected or narrow way. etc. reargue them well and highlight why they are important. When the judging panel does not unanimously decide on the call. Tournaments will release a 'speaker tab'. a frantic manner and the smell of caffine. when they also reached the QF of Nothing comes close to the Euros." e. uk/2012/02/why-social-contract-arguments-are. Do not get out in the fresh air enough Good tabmasters are a rarity and thus have an almost ethereal aura and are given vast. confidence. or a caricature of their argument.g. Durham A were the highest ranked team on tab. and the corresponding ranking of teams and speakers. if slightly wary. See also. would be a squirrel. It shouldn’t just be a list of things that have been said but pick up on the most important points in the case. gestures. proving of need.html for a good discussion of why) Debates concerned with issues of generalised domestic policy are said to be 'social policy debates' e. Then defeating it. Common examples include voting. A team that is not eligible to break. training days and sends delegates to Euros and worlds. E.’ The final speech from each side in British Parliamentary style debating is expected to summarise or wrap up the arguments from that side so far. See also.blogspot. The etymology comes from squirrels hiding their nuts. Marks awarded to individual speeches in in-rounds. The representative body for institutions in Scotland plus Newcastle and Durham (for historical/geographical reasons). Have the power to bin judges who displease them. generally for the circuit rather than the given tournament.” The act of attacking an argument your opponent did not make. "the split" e. although between teams on the tab speaker points count only when team points. 'the house' is also in most debates up for the proposition to define as the relevant actor in the debate e. Generally. For example if the motion was “This house believes in the right to bear arms” setting it as being subject to intense testing. They come up with the room and judge arrangements for each round based on the results of previous rounds. a good summation can win debates. collecting ballots etc.g. thus demonstrating your superiority. such that it could not have been reasonably expected by the other teams and damages the debate. inputting information. based on team positions in rounds." Can also be used as a are tied. the tabbing software. "I hear Steve split for CG. and attempt to sleep with good debaters. Runs a novice competitions. May or may not have minions. This was their most impressive achievement since 2009.g. although below 50 is not used and even the full range of 50-100 is seldom seen.g. AKA "dating up the tab"." The judges that vote against the majority team are. 'Western Liberal Democracies'. tone. Alternatively.

e. in comparison with the opposite side. or my specific preferences are actually making me Underpropping A proposition which fails to discharge (all) the burdens the motion either explicitly or implicitly attached to them. Generally this should only be done when specified by the motion e. Very very occasionally. we would have assassinated Gaddafi). They are generally less experienced than the chair judge is and do not provide the main feedback. Originated in south africa. variously defined. and though this is considered bad form it is rarely penalised. Generally don’t. Different definitions might see utility in terms of people's happiness.blogspot. Despite the name. Israel nuked Iran) and it would be unreasonable to expect people debate in that frame."they said our argument would lead to capital flight. you can talk about the information available at the time vs. World Schools Training ground for future Oxford and Cambridge students.g. Generally used to contrast American styles. World Universities Every year in late December and early January the World Universities Debating Championships takes place. a public speaking competition and multiple socials showcasing the culture of the host country.g. The 2012 WUDC judges briefing states that though this ban does not strictly apply to proposition whip speakers it is difficult to "imagine circumstances in which this would be a wise or productive choice". primarily selecting bids. Called as such because they are normally sat on either side of the chair so act as their ‘wings’ in an odd flight analogy. "low impact" or "narrow. now traditionally associated with many debating competitions.’ Tournaman A commonly used tabbing software (see 'Tabbing Software' above) Trolley Problem A thought experiment in ethics where one must choose whether or not to redirect a run away train cart from hitting 10 people to hitting 1.g. “This House. which would include the EU. Hundreds of Debating teams from universities around the world compete together. Whip Speech – The fourth speech from a side of the debate. Canada (technically) etc. therefore at the time invading Iraq was a good idea). It is conducted Championships/WUDC/Worlds entirely in British Parliamentary style. or if necessary vote.. so capital flight is a wash in this debate. and it’s the largest debating event in the world. Often used to describe the result of a debate. Also includes “master’s rounds” composed of old debaters. but is nevertheless boring and cowardly because it does not include the most interesting issues of the debate. Worlds Council takes place each year. clapping or ringing a bell to signal when protected time begins and ends and the end of the speech. it can make tactical sense in other debates. “it was definitely a top half debate but it took us a while to decide the ordering” would mean 1st prop and 1st opp got either 1st or 2nd. Australia. Yakka Beverage made of lemons. Only time I can think of when it might be legitimate is if something changed on the ground that day (e. Comes in various forms. Womens An annual debating competition exclusively for women run exclusively by Oxford to promote the inclusion of women in debating. Called so as they form the ‘top half’ of the table the speakers are sitting at. as for instance if my false belief that my preferences have been fulfilled makes me happy. Utility Good things for people. Top Half – The 1st Proposition and 1st opposition teams in a debate.Definition –Setting the motion in a specific time period. http://trolleyproblem.." See also 'Comparative' Weak Prop A model that is not quite a squirrel. Normally includes separate breaks for – English as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language speakers. organising the next worlds and acts as the oversight body for international competitive debating. it is used by the first proposition during their definitions to Democracies denote that they are discussing the motion in the context of a typical western country. E. Wash. in finals can be a dedicated person. Recipes are a closely guarded secret and may or may not involve bins. . co. every government believed Saddam had WMDs. or of seeing their preferences fulfilled which do not always point to the same outcomes. but do offer individual feedback after the debate. Timekeeper – The person tasked with keeping track of the length of speeches and banging on the table. sugar and vodka. the United States. as a member of the Nazi party would assassinate Hitler” or when the motion includes something like regret/endorse/etc. Their role is to discuss and evaluate the teams or reach a consensus on the panel. Worlds (Style) – Another term for British Parliamentary style debating.g. Normally one of the judges. which is often called “Worlds Style” as a result. reflecting the fact it is used at the World Universities Debating Championships and is the most common format in international debating. but is almost certainly going to be considered a squirrel. A When the impact of an issue is equally felt on either side of the debate. A way to get away with similar points is run an example from the past (e. Wing (Judge) Judges on a panel other than the chair. Officially these speakers are obliged to summarised the entire debate for their side of the house. Also the name of a blog by respected debater Shengwu Li. they are generally incapable of flight. Opposed by misogynists and women who hate women. rather than present day as is normally assumed. but so would theirs.g. Often used to elicit intuitions for/against consequentialist ways of thinking or on whether to distinguish action and inaction. Generally understood as focusing on people's circumstances as opposed to their abstract rights. There is a strict ban on new arguments being made by the opposition whip speaker as no other debater would be in a position to respond to them (exceptions are made for rebuttal and for new examples of a point made by another speaker). (they do) Time setting . As there is a strategic imperative to emphasise the significance third speaker's material to beat the opening team on your side in practice many whip speakers either give only a cursory summary of their opening team or ignore them entire. either by virtue of being. hindsight (e. Contrast ‘bottom half.g." Western Liberal A typical setting for most debates set in international tournaments.