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refrigerants. 17TH AVE. gaskets. Tube 24308.1 qt.3 oz. 54030. Tube 24708. clear. 2 . Franklin Park. non-toxic. suitable for potable water. ignition systems. Tube This new. sealing vacuum and pressure systems. dielectric. cables. moisture proofing electrical equipment. packings. Typical applications for this product are recommended for pipes carrying water. It is infused with with PTFE for added lubrication and high temperature properties. no solvents.3 oz.1 Gallon Can SG-ONE TM Temperature Ranges Continuous service to 400 º F (204 º C) Intermittent to 450 º F (230º C) Container Sizes Light 24303. Container Sizes 54008-1/2 pt. Brush Top 54018-1 pt. non-curing connections can be put into service immediately. Typical applications for this product include lubricating valves.I ANTI-SE ZE Contents www. LP and natural gas. Corzan ® and Blazemaster ®pipe and fittings. synthetic O-rings. acids and temperatures to 500°. dielectric.8 oz. SG-ONE is resistant to moisture. This odorless. Tube Heavy 24703. and has a long service life. Special Properties for this are non-hardening.antiseize. silicone grease is available in Light or Heavy Consistensies. IL 60131 PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LOGY TECHNO Anti-Seize Compounds Pages 3-6 Thread Sealants Pages 7-9 Threadlockers (Anaerobic) Pages 10-11 Gasketing. This heavy duty paste contains no solvents or other ingredients which harm CPVC 2345 N. dliute caustics. with no dropping or melting points. general purpose thread sealant is engineered and tested to be FGGBM System compatible with FlowGuard Gold®.8 oz. non-dripping. self-lubricating and positive sealing. Sealing/Caulking & Adhesives Pages 12-14 Plumbing Specialties & Miscellaneous Page 15 Lubricants & Penetrants Pages 16-19 Protectants/Coatings Pages 20-21 Greases Pages 22-23 Cleaners/Degreasers (Aerosol) Pages 24-26 Cleaners/Degreasers (Bulk) Page 27 Application Equipment Page 28 Point-of-Purchase Displays Page 29 Product & Part Number Index Page 29 New from Anti-Seize Technology SLICKON GTS GOLD TM R This new. non-toxic product is both FDA and NSF compliant. Brush Top 54025. steam.

Exceeds MIL-A-907 specifications. 17TH AVE. Caustics. Valves. Stress. Diesel and Gasoline Engines. Available In: COP-GRAF SPECIAL NICKEL-GRAF 2oz BT 11002 18002 13002 3oz tube 11003 18003 13003 5oz BT 11005 18005 NA 8oz tube 11008 NA NA 8oz BT 11010 18010 13008 aerosol 11014 18014 13014 15oz cart 11015 18015 13015 1# can 11016 18016 13016 1# BT 11018 18018 13018 2 1/2#can 11025 18025 13025 8#can 11030 18030 13030 42#pail 11050 18050 13050 Available in 130# and 425# drums. They are used in: Steel Mills and Foundries. Bushings. Listed below are sizes available and their product order numbers. Couplings. Nickel-Graf is used wherever Extreme Service Conditions demand.I ANTI-SE ZE Anti-Seize Compounds www. Drills. resisting washout. IL 60131 ™ PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LOGY TECHNO COP-GRAF Copper and Graphite Based Anti-Seize Compound Cop-Graf is a top quality anti-seize compound composed of pure copper and graphite in a high heat resistant carrier. Construction and Farm Equipment. Dies. Sleeves. Cop-Graf and Nickel-Graf Applications: All Nuts and Bolts. copper and graphite based anti-seize formula has unique particle shapes suspended in a special carrier. Motors. Shafts. Electric Power and other Utilities. Copper and Graphite Based Anti-Seize Compound Anti-Seize Special is a superior grade assembly compound and high pressure lubricant. Oil Drilling and Mining. Keyways. strain and time to disassemble are greatly diminished. Call for details. lead or molybdenum disulfide. Paper Mills and Machine Shops. Chemicals and Extreme Heat • Eliminates Galling and Cold Welding • Protects Against Corrosion and Oxidation • Reduces Friction and Lowers Torque • Speeds Assembly & Disassembly • Provides a Nickel Plating as a Barrier Between Metal Surfaces Anti-Seize Special. Press Fits. Anti-Seize Special is designed with ultra fine metallic and graphite particles enhancing a longer lasting protective film. Exceeds MIL-A-907 specifications. ANTI-SEIZE SPECIAL ™ Aluminum. Cop-Graf has water resistant and anti-oxidant properties that resist seizing and galling. Spark Plugs. Can be used with anhydrous ammonia. It will protect metal parts under extreme heat. 3 3 . and corrosion. Pumps. reaction chambers or special alloy fittings. It is 2345 N. Franklin Park. Slides. while protecting against rust and corrosion. and contaminating conditions to 2000°F (1095°C). Features and Benefits: • Offers Maximum Protection From Acids. Marine Motors and Shipyards. burn-off. non-hardening. This high quality aluminum. Centers. Cam Rollers. easy disassembly and removal of connection even after lengthy service or severe conditions.antiseize. Cop-Graf does not separate. Fittings. pressure. Autos and Trucks (Fleet Maintenance). Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants. acetylene and other vinyl monomers. permits quick. Wristpins and more. Gears. It does not contain any copper. Features and Benefits of Cop-Graf and Anti-Seize Special: • Protects Against Rust & Corrosion • Reduces Friction • Speeds Assembly or Disassembly • Resists Seizing. It is designed to lubricate and protect threaded connections and flanges at temperatures to 1800°F(982°C) and extreme load pressure conditions. In addition to above. Exceeds MIL-A-907 specifications. Nickel-Graf is composed of pure colloidal nickel and graphite flakes dispensed in a superior high performance petroleum carrier. Galling and Cold Welding ™ • Retards Galvanic Action Between Dissimilar Metals • Resists Salt Water Corrosion • Compatible With All Types of Metals/Most Plastics • Non-Hardening and Non-Dripping NICKEL-GRAF Nickel and Graphite Based Anti-Seize Compound Nickel-Graf is a premium quality anti-seize lubricant designed especially for maximum resistance to the most corrosive and extreme temperature environments. Nickel-Graf will not poison catalyst beds. Performs to temperatures of 2600°F (1426°C). Conveyors. Taps. Flanges.

heavy duty anti-seize lubricating compound. base oil vehicle 0° to 250°F (18° to 121°C). gears. graphite. chains. cams. and in ferrous metal assemblies. cold extrusion. Features and Benefits: • No Copper or Aluminum • Long Term Protection orrosion • Reduces Friction on all Metal Surfaces • Protects Load Bearing Surfaces During Critical Wear-In Available in: P/N: 2oz BT 12002 3oz tube 12003 11oz BT 12012 15oz cart 12015 23oz can 12016 23oz BT 12018 2 1/2# can 10# can 12032 12035 ™ 50# pail 12050 130# and 500# drums available. splines. MARINE FORMULA N Specific Applications: Lubricating threaded connections. Moly-Lit anti-seize compound insures minimum torque requirements and lubricates under extreme heavy loads. A blend of extreme pressure additives. Features and Benefits: • Environmentally safe • Withstands extreme pressure conditions • Has no hazardous ingredient per OSHA 29. Temperature Range: Solids are effective from 0° to 750°F (18° to 399°C).IZE ANTI-SE ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUNDS www. pipes. movable screws. Metal-Free 2000 is used in any industry where corrosion. Call for details. It protects connections from corrosion through the electrochemical "GALVANIZING" properties of the zinc dust on both aluminum and ferrous metal (iron) components. aluminum alloys and iron assemblies Applications: Aluminum. conveyor tracks. valves and equipment carrying ethylene and acetylene and other services where copper contamination must be avoided. IL 60131 PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LO TECHNO GY MOLY-LIT ™ Moly Based Anti-Seize Compound Moly-Lit is an extra heavy duty. press-fitting. CFR 1910. lead free. Its high concentration of molybdenum disulfide.1200 • Lowers friction and reduces torque • Compatible with stainless steel and nickel alloys Available in: P/N: 5oz BT 20005 8oz BT 20010 15oz cart 20015 20015 1# BT 20018 20018 2# can 20025 8# can 20030 42# pail 20050 130# and 425# drums available. extreme heat and pressure are major factors. and ways. Franklin Park. lubricating during metal forming. Available in: P/N: 3oz tube 43003 16oz tub 43016 10# can 43030 50# pail 43050 44 . extreme pressure and low friction lubricant. water resistant properties and rust and corrosion inhibitors in a high performance carrier to provide protection to 2400°F (1315°C). It is particularly recommended for aluminum and aluminum alloys. 17TH AVE. Recommended for threads. Call for details. Exceeds MIL-A-907 specifications. general parts assembly. Special Properties: Low coefficient of friction. ZINC ANTI-SEIZE Zinc Dust & Petrolatum Compound Zinc Anti-Seize is a smooth mixture of zinc dust and petrolatum blended compound to prevent seizing and corrosion within metal joint assemblies. Features and Benefits: • Conforms to MIL-T-22361 • Excellent corrosion protection up to 750°F (399°C) • Resists seizing in aluminum. other soft metal bolts. break-in of bearings. and other anti-wear solids in a high performance carrier that will protect valuable parts and equipment to temperatures up to 2400°F (1315°C).com 2345 N. Reduces wear on parts during breaking-in and new parts assembly. Available in: P/N: 2 oz BT 45002 8 oz BT 45008 1 # can 45016 1#BT 45018 MOLY-AP ™ Metal Assembly Paste MOLY-AP™ Extreme pressure lubricant for metal assembly and maintenance. METAL-FREE 2000 ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE Anti-Seize & Lubricating Compound Metal-Free 2000 is a non-metallic.antiseize.

etc. Screws. Lugs. Compression 2ozbt 6ozpres* 8ozbt 15ozcart 1#bt 2#can Connectors. Keyways.antiseize. 32002 32006 32010 32015 32018 32025 32030 32050 Studs. Keyways. Steel-to-Brass. 2oz bt 5oz bt 6oz pres* 8oz bt 15oz cart 1# bt 2# can 8# can 35002 35005 35006 35010 35015 35018 35025 35030 *6 oz.pail 21030 21050 *6 oz. Autos and Trucks. Press Fits. Franklin Park. Ideal for Ovens. Stainless Steel-to-Stainless Steel. Plugs. aluminum.130# and 425# drums available.IZE ANTI-SE ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUNDS www. Gaskets. "Moly" with its very low coefficient of friction makes this product an excellent choice for high loads and parts under conditions of extreme pressure and temperatures up to 2400°F (1315°C). Stokers or any Parts *6 oz. 2oz BT 8ozBT 15ozcart 1#BT 2#can 37002 37010 37015 37018 37025 130# and 425# drums available. Features and Benefits: • Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions • "Copper Plates" mating Surfaces • Resists Seizing and Galling • Enhances & Protects Most Electrical Connections • Highly Water Resistant • Withstands Temperatures to 1800° F (982° C) • Recommended For Stainless Steel Applications Above 550° F (288° C) Applications: Nuts. Bolts. Steam Injection Fittings. Parts Moving in High Temperatures. Features and Benefits: • Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions • Does not form a carbon residue at high Temperatures • Highly Water Resistant • Resists Seizing and Galling • Protects Against Rust and Corrosion • Resists Galvanic Pitting on All Kinds of Machinery and Metal Fittings • Excellent for use on Dissimilar Metals Such as Steel-to-Aluminum. Flanges. etc. and most alloys. Gaskets. Valves. 8#can 42#.130# and 425# drums available. Flanges and more. Rough cut threads made of iron. Battery Lugs and Cables. This high quality lubricant depolymerizes and dissipates at temperatures above 400° F without leaving a carbon residue.pressurized can (w/applicator).pressurized can (w/applicator). Piping 21002 21006 21010 21015 21018 21025 Couplings.pail Protection is Desired. Pins. Fittings. Gaskets. It has a non-melting synthetic carrier which dissipates without leaving a carbon residue. Grounding Clamps and Connections. etc. 130# and 425# drums available. Unions. depositing a dry film of nickel and graphite to plate and protect surfaces to temperatures of 2600°F (1426°C).pressurized can (w/applicator). Studs. Moving in High Temperatures. Valves. Lamp Sockets and Receptacles on Boats. Fittings. non-melting carrier. Stainless steel. steel. depositing a dry film of aluminum and graphite to plate and protect metal surfaces to temperatures of 2000° F (1095° C). lubricate and fight corrosion. non-melting carrier. Steel-toMagnesium. Features and Benefits: • Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions • Does Not Form Abrasive Residue at High Temperatures • Highly Water Resistant • Resists Seizing & Galling • Reduces Friction • Protects Against Rust & Corrosion Applications: All Threaded Metal Assemblies where an Anti-Seize 2ozbt 6ozpres* 8ozbt 15ozcart 1#bt 2#can 8#can 42#. Flanges. Use on Bolts. Applications: Any Metal Connection where an Anti-Seize is Desired. Kilns. and alloys that tend to gall easily. Heat Trolleys. Nuts. Bolts. 17TH AVE. IL 60131 ™ PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LOGY TECHNO ALUMINUM PLATE Anti-Seize Compound Aluminum Plate contains no lead or copper and has a synthetic. Keys and Keyways. This formula has a high concentration of pure copper flakes aided by special carriers and inhibitors which 2345 N. 8#can 42#pail 37030 37050 5 . Slides. NICKEL PLATE ™ High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound Nickel Plate is a premium anti-seize lubricant for maximum resistance to the most corrosive and extreme temperature environments. graphite or aluminum and has a synthetic. COPPER PLATE ™ Anti-Seize Compound Copper Plate contains no lead. at the same time enhancing electrical conductivity. 42# pail 35050 MOLY PLATE ™ Anti-Seize Compound Moly Plate is a metal free compound composed of molybdenum disulfide and graphite with a synthetic non-melting carrier. Features and benefits: • Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions • Does not form a carbon abrasive after high temperature exposure • Highly Water resistant • Resists seizing and galling • Protects against rust and corrosion Applications: Metal connections where reactive metals such as copper and aluminum must be avoided.

It is odorless . or Ceramic powders POLY-TEMP ® COPPER Tape. Applied easily. Galling. for cleaner high-temperature threaded anti-seize applications. Rollers. Rails. Poly-Temp ® Anti-Seize Tapes are made with Copper.T-2773OA (ASG) and A-A-58092 cise amount of lubrication while maintaining a clean. ANTI-SEIZE Franklin Park. POLY-TEMP ® CERAMIC Tape (Food Grade). 8#can 35#pail 120#drum 400#drum Dairies. Pure White is formulated to meet FDA and USDA requirements where incidental contact with food can occur. Made especially for stainless steel threads. including chemical. 21CFR 178.3570 Available in: 4oz tube 16oz cart 1# BT 2 1/2# can 10# can 42# pail 200# drum P/N: 41003 41015 41018 41025 41030 41050 41130 • May be used with Potable Water • High Solid Content for Long Life • Excellent Resistance to Wash Out Applications: All metal-to-metal surfaces where disassembly is a requirement after exposure to high temperatures. 31050 31130 31425 PURE WHITE ™ Availablein: 3oztube 8oz bt 14ozcart 1#bt 2#can P/N: 31003 31008 31015 31018 31025 31030 HI-TEMP FOOD GRADE Anti-Seize Compound ™ Hi-Temp Food Grade is a HEAVY DUTY assembly paste designed for high temperature applications in the Food/Beverage and Drug/Cosmetic industries. Tasteless. Use on Conveyors. It adheres to metal surfaces and has anti-rust and anticorrosion properties that are vital to protect equipment from harmful attack of corrosive acids found in food substances. Breweries and many other Food Processing Facilities. or harsh environments.-450° to +2100°F (-268° to +1148°C).3570 • Operating Temps. corrosive www. Temps. Slicers.I ANTI-SE ZE ANTISEIZE COMPOUNDS GY LO TECHNO www. Rusting and Galvanic pitting • Meets Mill Specs.antiseize.antiseize. Bolts. fortified with PTFE. Screws and Valves. Protects against corrosion. or Ceramic flakes blended with PTFE resins .com 2345 N. rusting and galvanic pitting. Its Anti-Rust and Anti-Corrosion properties are vital to protect equipment from harmful attack of corrosive acids found in food substances. These tapes provide the means to apply and control a pre. Nuts. 6 . to 475°F (246°C) • PTFE Insures Maximum Lubrication • Excellent Resistance to Wash Out Applications: All Metal-to-Metal Surfaces to Prevent Seizing. Corrosion and Wear. non-toxic. with exceptional water resistance and lubricating properties. extremely high temperature. Rust. Features and Benefits: • Effective at temperatures to 2100°F (1148°C) • Pure. and the additive flakes help prevent seizing and galling during assembly and disassembly of threaded components. Tasteless. 21CFR 178. Canneries. and harsher environments. seals tightly. Found in Meat & Poultry Processors. Temps. Reduces required torque. This combination of ingredients provides protection from corrosive substances and environmental conditions. PHONE: (847) 455-2300 Franklin Park. Candy Mfrs. All materials FDA approved. ILPHONE: 60131 (877) ADDRESS: (Food Grade) Anti-Seize Compound With PTFE Pure White is a premium quality food grade lubricant. 17TH AVE. Sprockets. formulated specially for anti-seize applications typical to food industry. Features and Benefits: • Pure. Temps. an excellent lubricant. IL 60131 FAX: (847) FAX: 455-2371 (847) 455-2371 2345 N. -450° to 2600°F (-268° to +1426°C). Specially designed for the strict conditions found in the Food/Beverage and Drug/Cosmetic industries. Bottlers. Dicers. for applications where copper cannot be used.• Non-staining • Inhibits Corrosion.. Hi-Temp Food Grade is formulated to meet FDA and USDA requirements where incidental contact with food can occur. Non-Toxic and Non-Staining • Superior Anti-Wear Properties • FDA Reg. -450° to +1800°F (-268° to +982°C). POL Y-TEMP® Anti-Seize Tapes PTFE Tapes filled with Copper. Non-Toxic & Non-Staining • FDA Reg. 17TH AVE. Nickel. Nickel. PTFE . Features & Benefits: Easy to apply from handy plastic spool • Will not squeeze out and rub off like grease based products • Discourages Seizing and Galling and Carbon Fusing ® Poly-Temp Anti-Seize Tapes are unique lubricating products that • Compatible with a wide range of chemicals • Non-flammable assist in assembly and disassembly of threaded fasteners and connections. non-greasy • Excellent pipe thread sealant up to 550°F (287°C) assembly. Available In: 1/2x600 (10/case) Poly-Temp ® Copper P/N: 36136 Poly-Temp ® Nickel P/N: 36336 Poly-Temp ® Ceramic P/N: 36536 3/4x600 (6/case) 36151 36351 36551 POLY-TEMP® is a registered trademark of ANTI-SEIZE TECHNOLOGY. overcomes high temperature seizing. Chains. Gears. POLY-TEMP ® NICKEL Tape.

Seizing and Galling TFE is Recommended For Pipe Threads Carrying Potable Water. commercial and residential systems. Franklin Park. Withstands Temperatures to 500°F (260°C) and Pressures to 10.Gases & Liquid: -15°F to +400°F (-26° to +204°C). Features and Benefits: • Heavy-Duty Sealant • Contains No Solvents • Non-Staining • Non-Corrosive • Non-Hardening • Self-Lubricating • Non-Toxic • UL Classified and NSF Registered • UL Classified for fire protection sprinkler systems • Food Grade. Fuel Oils. It is formulated to a thick paste consistency. Applications: Threaded Connections for Water.000 psi (Liquid). heavy duty pipe thread sealant. grit-free. Stainless Steel. Steam.300 • Non-Dripping—can be Applied to Newly Cut Hot Threads • Prevents Corrosion. Pressure Range Use . Temperature Range Use . non-hardening Contains . Withstands temperatures to 400°F (204°C) and pressures to 10. Formulated with special ingredients to provide superior sealing to a variety of liquids and gases. 2. Available In: 2oz BT 1/2pt BT 1 pt BT 1 qt can 1 qt BT 1 gal can 5 gal pail 55 gal drum P/N: 29002 ™ 29010 29018 29025 29026 29030 29050 29055 * See page 29 for POP display details TFE Pipe Thread Sealant w/ PTFE TFE is a superior grade.Non-toxic inert oils and carbonate. easy to apply. Refrigerants. Contains no lead or silicone. Disassembly months or years later is easy.antiseize. Steam. Contains no lead and is safe for all water systems. LP and Natural 2345 N. Hydraulic Oil.FDA Registered 21 CFR 175. Oils and Diesel Fuel. Available in: 1/2 pt BT P/N: 25108 1 pt BT 25118 1 qt can 25125 1 qt BT 25126 1 gal can 25130 5 gal pail 25150 7 . Brass. brushable thread sealing compound.Gases: up to 1000 psi. Copper. easily applied. Available In: 2oz BT 3oz tube 1/4pt BT 6oz tube 1/2pt BT 1 pt BT 1 qt can 1 qt BT 1 gal can 5 gal pail 55 gal drum P/N: 14002 14003 14005 14008 14012 14018 14025 14026 14030 14050 14055 * See page 29 for POP display details AST-PPD ™ Plumber’s Pipe Dope Professional Grade AST-PPD is a smooth. Refrigerants. IL 60131 PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LOGY TECHNO SOF-SET ™ Premium General Purpose Pipe Thread Sealant Sof-Set is a semi-smooth. Features and Benefits: • Dries To A Soft Set • Corrosion Inhibiting • Non-Seizing Allows Disassembly • Non-Metallic Solids • Non-Dripping • Can Be Applied To Newly Cut Hot Threads Sof-Set can be used on all metal and PVC threaded pipe connections found in industrial.IZE ANTI-SE THREAD SEALANTS www. Solvents. LP and Natural Gas. fabricators. 2900. fortified with an extra amount of PTFE and PTFE materials to insure a positive seal with less effort. Sof-Set is non-petroleum based with a high solids content which will firm up after application further promoting a quality seal. Liquids up to 2000 psi Brushable to -15°F (-26°C) Sets . plumbers and mechanical contractors.000 psi (liquid). 2600 psi (gas).Soft set. Caustics. Dilute Acids. 17TH AVE. It seals threaded joints tight and will not crack or crumble. Diluted Acids and Caustics. For additional uses see product bulletin No.000 psi (gas). TFE is designed for all pipe fitters. TFE fills thread imperfections and provides leak-proof joints that seal for the life of the connection. Malleable. gray colored pipe joint compound. non-hardening. Applications: All Pipe and Threaded Connections—Cast Iron. Because of its unique solids content.

Long service life and good chemical resistance. eases assembly resists dripping. heating oil. natural gas. Lubrication. Excellent lubrication.UL Classified 22020 22050 22250 22350 22750 • Easy Adjustment Up to 16 Hours After Assembly Applications: Most Metal Threads. ™ Available in: AST-SEAL HYD AST-SEAL PH 10 ml bottle 50 ml bottle 250 ml bottle 22541 22542 22543 22544 22545 22546 ™ AST-SEAL STD • AST-SEAL HD Anaerobic Pipe Sealants With PTFE AST-SEAL STD (Standard Grade) is an excellent general purpose pipe sealant that provides an instant permanent seal that will cure in the absence of air. created to withstand hydraulic system pressures. Marine. Repair. refrigeration gases. ethylene glycol.000 psi immediately after application and • Superior To Other Anaerobic Sealants up to burst rating of typical pipe after curing. Solvents and Gases. +375°F (+191ºC) intermittant . Most Acids. and Utilities. Gauges and Connections in Hydraulic. sprinkler systems. Agricultural. Withstands temperatures from -65° to +400°F (-54° to +204°C) continuous. AST-SEAL HD (Heavy Duty) stainless steel grade is specifically made for stainless steel alloy fittings. gasoline. 17TH AVE.antiseize. suitable for incidental food contact under FDA Regulation CFR 175.SEAL HYD for overhead or inside machinery applications. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Pipe Thread Sealant for 1/2” to 2”NPT metal piping. Particularly Steel and Brass. Food Grade compliant. residential gas. Due to its small particle size. Food Service.300. Ideal for Fittings. Steam and Refrigerant Systems. antifreeze solutions. Withstands temperatures from -65° to +300°F (-54° to +149°C) continuous. Automotive. Franklin Park. S’MOOTH™ A general-purpose metal pipe thread sealant for industrial and residential applications. Prevents Corrosion. AST-SEAL HD 250 ml tube 350 ml BT can 22152 22154 20 ml bottle 50 ml tube 22150 22151 750 ml can 22153 S’MOOTH TH™ Thread Sealant With PTFE ™ is a fast-drying. etc. Suitable for uses in potable water. will not clog • Prevents Vibration Loosening small orifices. non-toxic.).I ANTI-SE ZE THREAD SEALANTS www. diesel fuel and propane. kerosene. Pool & Spa. AST-SEAL PH is designed to resist all hydraulic fluids and seal your Pneumatic/Hydraulic systems. Seals a wide variety of chemicals. Chemicals. +500ºF (+260ºC) intermittant. non-corrosive. It also exhibits high temperature and solvent resistance to water and non-polar solvents. Plumbing. non-running version of AST. Available in: 1/4pt BT P/N: 15005 1/2pt BT 1pt BT 15008 15018 BT: Brush Top can 8 . water. Municipal. For systems carrying potable water. A thicker. Pipes. Inert to Most Industrial Hazards and Hydrocarbons (Gasoline. Valves. compressed air. steam. IL 60131 PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LOGY TECHNO AST-SEAL HYD (Hydraulic) AST-SEAL PH (Pnuematic/Hydraulic) ™ ™ Anaerobic Thread Sealants AST-SEAL HYD an excellent sealant for straight metal threads up to 1" diameter. SPECIAL PROPERTIES Fast drying. gasoline. Maintenance and Operations for all industries: Industrial. Valves. propane. Institutional. dilute acids and caustics as well as many others common chemicals. valve openings and screens typically found in most hydraulic systems. hydraulic / pneumatic systems. or Gauges AST -SEAL STD • Seals Pipes—Including 3" and Larger • Lubricates. Pneumatic. • Does Not Plug Up 2345 N. Features and Benefits: • Non-shredding / Non-contaminating • Made for high pressure fluid power systems • Easy to apply / non-destructive disassembly • Temperature resistance of –60° to +350°F (-51° to +176°C) Applications: For use on refrigeration. white paste with a smooth consistency and no grit. locking threads securely. Heavy Duty and faster curing than standard grade anaerobic. Diesel Fuel. Features and Benefits: Anaerobic Sealing Compounds will seal to 1. Seizing and Galling • Not Volatile or Flammable 20 ml bottle 50 ml tube 250 ml tube 350 ml BT can 750 ml can • Low Locking Strength Provides For Disassembly • AST-SEAL™ HD .

All XHD Tapes meet A-A-58092 for oxygen service. Features and Benefits for all POLY-TEMP®PTFE Tapes: Chemically Inert. extra thick and extra density material. Meets M il-T-27730A. A-A--58092.9-1. POLY-TEMP® is a registered trademark of ANTI-SEIZE TECHNOLOGY LOW DENSITY TAPES 1/2x260 26130 1/2x520 26135 1/2x1296 26140 3/4x260 26145 3/4x520 26150 1x260 26155 1x520 26160 POLY-TEMP®ANTI-SEIZE TAPES . and more durable than other grades. LOW DENSITY 1. IL 60131 PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 POLY-TEMP. The pink color distinguishes itself from lower grades of PTFE tapes. more durable than other grades.5 g/cc 0. and forms a permanent seal for the life of the connection. FULL DENSITY POLY-TEMP® HD. Not as dense as our other tapes but still provides a reliable seal for many applications. non-hardening . Chemically inert. UL and ULC Recognized Component. POLY-TEMP ® STAINLESS STEEL GRADE XHD Stainless Steel Grade PTFE Tape U LC LISTED PIPE JOINT TAPE Same material as the POLY-TEMP® XHD.7-0. no mess. Compatible with all pipe materials without exception. Spec C. chrome or other plated LOGY TECHNO 2345 N. Never dries out. Strong. Stronger.45 g/cc POLY-TEMP® XHD eXtra Heavy Duty Tapes are Full Density Tapes which deposit more PTFE per wrap of tape and are tougher.® POLY-TEMP ® HD and POLY-TEMP® XHD Thread Seal Tapes All POLY-TEMP ® Thread Seal Tapes are 100% PTFE from the highest quality resins available. this tapes withstands temperature range between -400ºF to +500ºF (-240ºC to +260ºC ). 3/4x520 * * See page 29 1x260 for POP 1x520 display details ® PART No 16025 16030 16035 16040 16045 16050 16055 16060 POLY-TEMP HD Heavy Duty PTFE Tape The same characteristics and advantages of the standard POLY-TEMP® PTFE Tape material but thicker and higher in specific gravity (High Density). The full density of the tape ensures maximum sealing and durability of the connection. Its medium density allows 1/2x520 * this tape to be used as a general purpose thread seal tape in most applications.IZE ANTI-SE THREAD SEALANTS/POLY-TEMP TAPES R www. brass. HEAVY DUTY POLY-TEMP®. 17TH AVE. Our highest grade of PTFE T eflon® meets the Govt. MEDIUM DENSITY POLY-TEMP®. a thread sealant for all services . with the additional approval from the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) for gas lines (CSA #4-90). no dripping and easy to apply. POLY-TEMP ® GAS (XHD) Yellow GAS Line PTFE Tape U LC POLY-TEMP® GAS 1/2x260 * 46330 1/2x520 * 46335 3/4x260 46345 3/4x520 * 46350 46340 1/2 x 1296 POLY-TEMP® PNK 1/2x260 46430 12 count POP Display 46430A LISTED PIPE JOINT TAPE POLY-TEMP® PNK (XHD) PinK Plumber’s PTFE Tape A Full Density PTFE Thread Seal Tape especially designed for professional plumbers. STEEL GRADE 1/2x260 46231 12 count POP Display 46231A Tape.3-0. Also available is a Low Density Tape for various services and economics.D. Medium Density. POLY-TEMP ® XHD Extra Heavy PTFE Full Density Tape U LC LISTED PIPE JOINT TAPE POLY-TEMP® HD 1/4x520 46125 1/2x520 46135 3/4x520 46150 POLY-TEMP® XHD 1/2x260 46230 1/2x520 46235 3/4x520 46250 POLY-TEMP® XHD ST. stronger.antiseize. Great for galvanized pipe.Page 6 9 . High and Full Densities.UL and ULC Recognized Component. Suitable for demanding industrial and commercial plumbing applications. tougher.000 psi Meets USDA and FDA Requirements Lubricates Threads for Easy Assembly Meets MIL-T-27730A More Durable & more PTFE for Positive Sealing Thread Sealant for all Services Tape Densities POLY-TEMP® XHD. remains flexible.8 g/cc 0.2-1.0 g/cc 0. Still made with virgin PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). POLY-TEMP® XHD Stainless Steel Grade with its nickel content is designed to perform as sealant and as an antiseize for difficult service conditions associated with stainless steel and SS alloys. This tape is ideally suited for plastic pipes. It can be used 1/2x1296 on all types of pipes and most services. This universal thread sealant can be used on all types of metal or plastic pipe threaded connections and effectively seal a vast array of chemicals. Non-Toxic Not Flimsy Like Economy Tapes Easier to Apply and Handle Temperatures from -400 F to +550 F (-240 to +287 C) Pressures up to 10. Poly-Temp® Tapes are available in Medium. and durable with positive sealing for tough * See page 29 applications. copper. POLY-TEMP® General Purpose. More economical than most paste type Thread Sealing 3/4x260 Compounds. Franklin Park.I. for POP display details LOW DENSITY PTFE Thread Seal Tape A more economically suited tape for some markets. Thread Seal Tape SIZE POLY-TEMP® 1/4x520 Our Most Popular Thread Seal Tape 1/2x260 * Poly-Temp Thread Seal Tape is made from 100% pure PTFE Resins.

T. Use right out of the bottle. HYD/PH 91WS 09RC 20RC 35RC RETAINING COMPOUNDS AST-LOCK™ 09RC AST-LOCK™ 20RC High Temperature • High Viscosity AST-LOCK™ 35RC High Strength • High Viscosity General Purpose • Low Viscosity 39091 39092 39093 39201 39202 39203 39351 39352 39353 • • • • • • • • • 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL ANAEROBIC SEALANTS 39911 • 10mL ™ 39912 • 50mL Low Viscosity • Wicking Type • Weld Sealant 39913 • 250mL AST-SEAL 91WS ™ HYD AST-SEAL ™ PH AST-SEAL Pneumatic / Hydraulic Sealant Hydraulic Sealant 22541 22542 22543 22544 22545 22546 22050 22250 22300 22151 22152 22153 • • • • • • • • • • • • 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL 50mL 250mL 750mL 50mL 250mL 750mL STD/HD ™ STD AST-SEAL ™ HD AST-SEAL Stainless Steel Pipe Sealant with Teflon® Pipe Sealant with Teflon® ™ ANAEROBIC COMPOUNDS: FOR USE WITH MOST AST-LOCK™ / AST-SEAL AST-LOCK™ PRIMER T ACETONE BASED • FAST ACTING VISCOSITY: 3 CPS FLASH POINT: 0ºF ™ AST-LOCK PRIMER N HEPTANE BASED • GENERAL PURPOSE VISCOSITY: 3 CPS FLASH POINT: 30ºF 10 . Available in a full range of strengths & viscosities. and the connection is sealed and protected against corrosion. Low Strength(Str) • Threadlocking 39221 39222 39223 39421 39422 39423 39621 39622 39623 39711 39712 39713 39721 39722 39723 39771 39772 39773 39901 39902 39903 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL 10mL 50mL 250mL P/N SIZE COLOR Lock screws in place. Packaged in three popular sizes to suit your particular job or application.S. 62HS 71HS 72HT 77HS THREADLOCKERS AST-LOCK™ 22LS AST-LOCK™ 42MS Medium Strength • Removable AST-LOCK™ 62HS High Strength • Nut/Bolt Locking AST-LOCK™ 71HS High Strength • Bolt/Stud Locking AST-LOCK™ 72HT High Temperature • Bolt/Stud Locking AST-LOCK™ 77HS High Str. 90PW Secure bolts & studs. Seal standard & stainless steel pipe for the life of the connection. durable seal across the entire surface – distributing the stress load. reduce maintainence for pneumatic/hydraulic equipment. Retain bearings and housings. INDUSTRIES. and Anaerobic Sealants provide a solution for every practical industrial application. Vibration loosening is prevented. AST-LOCK A N A E R O B I C T H R E A D LO C K E R S ™ AST-LOCK ™and AST-SEAL™anaerobics cure within metal connections in the absence of oxygen at ambient temperatures. ANTI-SEIZE TECHNOLOGY’S 22LS 42MS AST-LOCK ™ AST-SEAL™ Anaerobic Threadlockers. these anaerobics fill all surface imperfections and set to a tough. Retaining Compounds. • Heavy Duty • Bolt/Stud Locking AST-LOCK™ 90PW Penetrating/Wicking • Medium/High Str.ANTI-SEIZE TECHNOLOGY A. reducing fastener fatigue. Seal porosity in welds. INC.

adjustment screws. Excellent general-purpose for nuts bolts and screws up to 3/4". It is excellent for use when sealing inactive metallic surfaces such as stainless steel or galvanized pipe. Use on vibrating machine fasteners. This threadlocker has the best gap filling capabilities with excellent strength and non-migrating characteristics. excess resin outside remains in liquid state and is removed easily. This retaining compound is best suited for applications when readjustments or repositioning of parts during assembly are necessary. calibration screws. hydraulic bolts. Made for use on fine filtration systems. An excellent sealant for straight metal threads up to 1” diameter created to withstand hydraulic system pressures. Once cured. Designed for setscrews. Resistant to all hydraulic fluids. and transmission studs up to 1". Intended to penetrate and seal pre-assembled fasteners by capillary action. THREADLOCKERS THREADLOCKERS Loctite® INTERCHANGE P/N AST-LOCK™ 22LS 222 AST-LOCK™ 42MS 242/243 AST-LOCK™ 62HS AST-LOCK™ 71HS AST-LOCK™ 72HT AST-LOCK™ 77HS AST-LOCK™ 90PW 262 271 272 277 290 R RETAINING CCOMPOUNDS Designed for augmenting the strength of press-fitted assemblies and can be used on slip-fitted parts with a diametrical clearance of up to . Maximum gap-filling ability makes this retaining compound the perfect choice for loosely fitted parts. It also exhibits high temperature and solvent resistance to water and non-polar solvents.005” .ANTI-SEIZE TECHNOLOGY AST-SEAL ANAEROBIC SEALANTS are single-component. Applications include drive shaft fasteners. Prevents fasteners from vibrating loose yet removable with hand tools. it is very strong for permanent fasteners up to 3/4". fast-curing. and gearbox bolts. anaerobics do not block or contaminate the system. This high strength anaerobic is the best threadlocker for resisting extreme shocks. Hardening only within the joint. Eliminates the need for other mechanical locking devices. valve seats. and principally used on high-pressure fluid systems. ™ 91WS AST-SEAL ™ HYD AST-SEAL ™ PH AST-SEAL ™ STD AST-SEAL ™ HD AST-SEAL 290 569 545 PST 565 PST 567 11 . ™ AST-LOCK ™and AST-SEAL™anaerobics DESCRIPTION Best suited for metal fasteners under 3/4” when a low strength threadlocker is required for easy disassembly. Best suited for fastener applications with diameters greater than 1". During assembly it assists as an excellent lubricant and seals instantly. and solvent-free. vibration. Specifically engineered to meet close tolerance and high temperature requirements. Improves product’s quality and reliability. Designed for even tougher applications and harsh environments. It is designed for some of the toughest applications that also require higher than usual temperature limitations. it has a high chemical resistance. It resists harsh environments and impact. Sealant wicks into the porosity of weldments. Should be used on new and replacement parts. machine screws. Designed primarily for use on Grades 5 and 8. non-shredding.005” . AST-LOCK™ 09RC 601/609 AST-LOCK™ 20RC 620/680 AST-LOCK™ 35RC 635 ANAEROBIC ANAEROBICSEALANTS SEALANTS A low viscosity and high strength penetrating formula makes this product the best for preventing porosity leaks in metal. and/or environmental conditions. and is intended to seal fasteners with poor tolerances. It is non-contaminating. This low strength paste enriched with Teflon® is a high performance pipe thread sealant. and thermostat screws. Our highest temperature-rated threadlocker is also one of the strongest. Use to secure setscrews and other assemblies after final adjustments are completed. Use a primer on gaps over .

Low Speed and Low Pressure Pumps. It is a tough. Food Service & Processes POLY-TEMP® JOINT is spooled in a range of sizes from 1 to 25mm in diameter (3/64" to 1").000 psi and temperatures -450° to +600°F (-268°C to +316°C).5”x . Sheet Stock For Die-Cutting. Chemical Plants.E ZE EIIZ SE I-S TINT A AN GASKETING/SEALANTS/ADHESIVES www.04” 38153 POLY-TEMP® VSP PTFE Valve Stem Packing POLY-TEMP® VSP is 100% TFE fluorocarbon that will withstand vibration. N. It comes in a soft. The soft and conforming characteristics allow it to seal smooth surface irregularities found on flanges and equipment requiring a thin gasket profile.5”x .000 psi. pliable ribbon with a self-adhesive tape applied to one side. Franklin Franklin Park. AVE.065” 38154 2”x . 17TH 17TH AVE. Oil Refineries. Pump & Compressor Housings.01” 38201 2”x . Glass Joints.5”x .02” 38202 2”x . Petroleum Refineries. Features and Benefits: • Self-Adhesive—Easy To Work With • Flanges Part Easily • No Re-Torquing Required • Will Not Deteriorate With Age • Resists Cold Flow and Creep • Meets FDA Requirements • Reduces Inventory of Cut Gaskets • UL and ULC Recognized Component Applications: Flanges. in Chemical Operations. high temperature and pressure conditions for the life of the valve. on Rough or Irregular Surfaces. Concrete Lids. Steam Vessel Flanges. and Food LO TECHNO GY 2345 2345 N. Self-adhesive strip will hold firmly in place. Available in: 50’ spools w/adhesive backing: 1”x . and Food Services. POLY-TEMP® GASKET seals through a wide temperature range from -450° F to +600° F (-268°C to +316°C).065” 38803 38804 *(5’ Spools) . will withstand pressures up to 3. Available in spools of: 1mm x 100’ 1/8" x 100’ 3/l6" x 75’ 1/4” x 50’ 3/8" x 25’ 1/2" x 15’ 5/8" x 15’ 3/4" x 15’ 1" x 15’ P/N: 28001 28003 28005 28007 28010 28014 28017 28020 28025 POLY-TEMP® GASKET PTFE Gasket Tape POLY-TEMP® GASKET is made of pure virgin expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. Park. Withstands temperatures of -400° to +500°F (-240° to +260°C) and pressures to 500 psi for general conditions.5”x . Features and Benefits: • Made of 100% Virgin PTFE • Resistant To All Common Chemicals • Will Not Contaminate Flow Material • Pressure Sensitive Backing to Hold in Place • Resists Cold Flow and Creep • Will Not Deteriorate With Age • Easy to Die-Cut Special Gaskets • Meets FDA Requirements • UL and ULC Recognized Component Applications: Laminate Over Metal Gaskets To Improve Seal. Features and Benefits: • Easier and Faster to Install • Virtually Inert to All Chemicals • Low Coefficient of Friction • Long Service Life—Never Hardens • Compensates for Waviness and Scratches • Gland Pressure Compresses TFE into a Custom Molded Packing Ring • Meets FDA Requirements • Reduces Packing Inventory—One Size Will Fit Wide Range of Applications • Will Not Contaminate Product Flow Applications: All Valve Stems.04” 1”x .antiseize.01” 1”x .065” 38204 1. Its pliability allows the TFE to conform to worn valve stems and stuffing boxes. Emergency Maintenance Repairs to Damaged Gaskets. *Jumbo spools available.01” 38101 38102 38103 38104 38151 1. as a Packing on some Small. This unique material is highly compressible and will fill severe irregularities in sealing surfaces. Available in: 3/32”x 20’ 3/32”x 50’ 5/32”x 10’ 5/32”x 25’ 7/32”x 7’ 7/32”x 15’ 9/32”x 9’ 19093 19094 19155 19156 19217 19218 19281 *8”x . Manway Covers. POLY-TEMP® JOINT will not deteriorate with age.02” 38152 1. Cut material with scissors and apply to sealing surface. Seals internal pressures of up to 3. for all Services including Process Lines in Food and Beverage Plants.04” 38203 2”x . Sight Glasses and Manhole Covers. It is unaffected by common chemicals. Heat Exchangers. IL IL 60131 60131 PHONE: PHONE: (877) (877) ANTI-SEIZE ANTI-SEIZE FAX: FAX: (847) (847) 455-2371 455-2371 POLY-TEMP® JOINT PTFE-UHF Joint Sealant POLY-TEMP® JOINT is a 100% expanded PTFE/UHF gasket material.04” 12 * 8”x .02” 1”x . severe corrosion. flexible and economical universal gasket that replaces cut gaskets in a variety of regular and severe service applications. Paper Mills. FRP Vessels. POLY-TEMP® VSP works where other packings fail.065” 1.

temperature extremes . 100% RTV Silicone can be used for gasketing. machinery. (interior or exterior). cart. bonding and sealing qualities • Easier to use than other gasketing methods • Resists chemicals. run off. single component adhesive sealant which quickly adheres to most surfaces. glass. moisture. Meets FDA Reg. 3 oz. tube WHITE 27104 27084 27034 ALUMINUM 27109 27089 HI-TEMP 27105 27085 27035 CLEAR 27106 27086 27036 BLUE 27107 27087 BLACK 27108 27088 10. weather. GE’s 102-109. transmissions.3 oz. chemicals and corrosives for a long period of time. weather . shock. sealing. power tools. 8 oz. It can be used to waterproof electrical connections and boxes. UL and NSF approved. walls. 8 oz. press. moisture and ozone • Will not sag. It cures in 24 hours to provide a tough. Provides excellent adhesion to clean metal. cart. AST-RTV Silicone is USDA. It is also effective for repairing electrical insulation. vents. machinery. As a Specialty Sealant—RTV Silicone can be used to seal or coat components exposed to moisture. or shrink • Functions in hundreds of applications as a specialty sealant and flexible adhesive • Excellent non-conducting characteristics • Mildew Resistant White • Neutral Cure available . chemicals. truck cabs and trailers. It will bond gaskets in heating and refrigeration units. and coating. porcelain.This product is the equilvalent of Dow Corning’s 732 & 736. Franklin Park. SEALING INSULATING FOOD GRADE WHITE 27110 NEUTRAL CURE CLEAR 27101 13 . sinks. CSC 1000 series. GM. caulking. press.3 oz. certain fuels. It will seal out water from compartments in machinery. as well as seal holes where wire tubing or refrigeration lines run through walls. As a Flexible Adhesive—Versatile RTV Silicone will easily bond dissimilar materials. INSTANT GASKET Available in: 10. resilient silicone rubber to handle hundreds of applications. bonding. encapsulating. sealing insulators and entrance ports to transformers. painted and many plastic surfaces.for masonry 100% RTV Silicone is a multi-purpose. bathtubs. 17TH AVE. solvents.IZE ANTI-SE GASKETING/SEALANTS/ADHESIVES www. HiTemp Red to 500°F (260°C) continuous and 600°F intermittent exposure. vibration. No. vibration. It's better than conventional gaskets because it fills in surface irregularities. vibration. RTV Silicone seals cracks or gaps around windows. ozone. gear housings. ceramic. 21 CFR 177-2600 and MIL-A-46106 Specs. Ford and Chrysler specs. Attach name plates and signs to equipment. As a Sealer and Caulk—Use it to seal heating and ventilating ducts. pumps. fixtures. lights. LS 800. This flexible material resists shrinking. windows. cracking. etc. doors. IL 60131 PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LOGY TECHNO AST-RTV Silicone Adhesive / Sealant / Instant Gasket Features and Benefits: • Superior caulking. etc. insulating.antiseize. doors. WATERPROOF SEALANT HI-TEMP SEALING ™ AST-RTV Silicone is great for making replacements of custom gaskets and seals for all types of motors. This product can be used as a formed-in-place gasket where irregular shapes and harsh conditions reject ordinary seals. most types of 2345 N. and extreme temperatures ranging from -85° to +450°F (-65° to +232°C). oils. walls.

Connectors and Transformers. rubber. Ready-Stick Epoxy Putty—General Purpose for Metal. Fiberglass and many Plastics. Iron Pipes. Features and Benefits: • Ready-Stick allows breaking off any portion and keeping the unused stick for future use • Withstands temperatures of -40°F to +250°F (-40° to +121°C). See p. Excellent for rebuilding and fabricating parts. Better for metal and ceramics. Best for porous surfaces. Cloth. Available in: 12 oz.O.display. Drilled. Glass. Concrete Pools. aerosol. CA-220 (Non-run Gel) Instant Adhesive for overhead or vertical areas where the adhesive must stay put during pre-assembly. Advertising Agencies. all types of Gaskets. (P/N 17066) 14 .antiseize. Stripped Threads. ADHESIVE SPRAY Adhesive Spray is a multi-purpose. Leather and Foam Rubber. pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to form either permanent or temporary bonds between two porous or non-porous materials.2507 to 121. Printing Plants.P. Auto/Truck Repair. Patterns. Plastic Cases. repair cracks.Available in P. Castings and Duct work. Sink and Pipe Joints. making any surface a bulletin board. Filed. and dissimilar materials. Trucking Companies and Shipping Departments. and other non-ferrous metals. Ready-Stick w/Steel Epoxy Putty—Steel-Reinforced for ferrous and aluminum metals. Concrete. Intermittent +250°F (+121°C) • Fast Overall Cure Speed • Convenient Dispenser Bottle With Screw Cap CA-020 Available In: 1oz (28g) bottle P/N: 23020 CA-120 1oz (28g) bottle 23120 CA-220 20g tube 23220 Applications: Electronic Equipment Including PC Boards. many Plastics. CA-120. bronze. IL 60131 PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LO TECHNO GY CA-020. Molds. Appliances and Office Equipment. or any industry for sealing packages and applying labels. Adhesive solids are non-toxic. Electrical Repair. Features and Benefits: • Most Versatile Instant Adhesive Available • Three Viscosities to accommodate all requirements • Temperatures: -40° to +180°F (-40° to + 82°C).29. Temporary bond eliminates need for tacks or pins. fast curing product with good elasticity for bonding plastics. Gas Tanks & Radiators. Home/Shop 2345 N.2577. Wood. will patch holes. Construction Equipment. Tools. READY-STICK Epoxy Putties Ready-Stick Epoxy Putties are hand-kneadable. Rubber Fabrication and Gaskets. intermittent +300°F (+149°C) • Can be Tapped. Adhesive Spray is specially designed for many industrial applications as well as contractor. Masonry. metal. ™ Available in: General Purpose w/Steel w/Copper 4 oz. Sanded and Painted • Eliminates drips and runs • Underwater Repairs • Sets Steel-Hard in 20 Minutes • Safe for use with Potable Water Applications: Plumbing Repair. Features and Benefits: • Colorless • Non-Clogging • Non-Toxic Solids • Temperatures to +110°F • Low Soak-In • Waterproof • Fast Aggressive Tack Action • CFC Free Applications: Permanent or Temporary Bonds on Paper. CA-120 (Medium Viscosity) Instant Adhesive is slightly thicker for those applications requiring less run off. non-irritating and meet requirements for indirect food additives as outlined in Fed. Foil. brass. Franklin Park. Cardboard. Glass.IZE ANTI-SE SEALANTS/GASKETS www. Oil and Water Tanks. paragraphs 121. Reg. CA-020 is a general purpose. 17TH AVE. Urethane Foam. glass. tube/sticks P/N: 34114 34224 34334 Ready-Stick™ Epoxy Putties are indivdually packaged in a resealable plastic tube. CA-220 Instant Adhesives ™ ™ ™ CA-020 (Regular Viscosity) Instant Adhesive is an ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive. Ready-Stick w/Copper Epoxy Putty—Copper filled for copper. Mylar or Acetate Sheet. and mend most anything that is broken. Ceramics. office. home and hobby use.

non-petroleum • Non-toxic. Carefully blended with sulfur and the purest of additives insuring the greatest protection for your dies and pipe threads. bonds to wood. HVAC units. Franklin Park. The cure product can be trimmed. can = 20 tubes of caulk (2.antiseize. is a water-soluble lubricant listed with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). AST-PUT ™ Plumber’s Putty / Professional Grade AST-PUT Plumber’s Putty is stainless. It will not harden. P/N: 25002 1 gal can 25008 5 gal pail 25040 25040 LUBE-CUT ™ LIGHT and DARK (Thread Cutting Oils) Lube-Cut Premium grade heavy-duty cutting oils formulated for both hand threading and high-speed machine threading. fingers MEETS FEDERAL SPECIFICATION TT-P-1536A. suitable for use on potable water systems • Does not support bacterial growth • Will not harm rubber or synthetic gaskets Available in: 1 qt tub Applications: Push-on pipe joints with rubber or synthetic gaskets. windows & doors. outdoor frames. Environmentally Safe • Excellent Wetting Characteristics • Formulated with Antioxidants and Rust Inhibitors • Reduces Friction & Wear • Extends Die Life aerosol DARK P/N: N/A aerosol LIGHT: P/N: 17051 1 pint squirt 51016 1 pint squirt 51216 1 qt w/ trigger sprayer 51032 1 qt w/ trigger sprayer 51232 1 gal 51001 1 gal 51021 5 gal 51005 5 gal 51025 55 gallon 51055 55 gallon 51255 15 . sanded and painted. Features and Benefits: • Non-Chlorinated. Available in: convenient 12 oz.5 gallons) Applications: Insulating and sealing around ducts. Will not stick to Not for marble installations. and easy to use. metal. including PVC and soil pipes. pipes. crack. or shrink—even if the can is left open. plumbing fixtures. Adequately fills voids and provides a tight seal. and other similar sealing and caulking jobs.IZE ANTI-SE Plumbing Specialties www. ensures proper expansion and a correct fit. and sealing out air. long lasting. IL 60131 ™ PHONE: (877) ANTI-SEIZE FAX: (847) 455-2371 LOGY TECHNO AST-XPAND Expanding Foam Sealant AST-Xpand is high quality expanding urethane foam. glass and most plastics. It dries tack-free in 15 minutes and sets in about 8 hours. Smooth and uniform consistency. Available in: P/N: 14 oz tub 25201 3 lb tub 25203 5 lb tub 25205 PIPE JOINT & GASKET LUBRICANT Pipe Joint & Gasket Lubricant is ideal for rubber gaskets on pipelines. It is ideal for permanent sealing of holes. aerosol can with applicator tube (P/N: 17251). AST-XPAND applies quickly to most surfaces. and is ideal for hard-to-reach places. noise reduction. saving both time and labor. foundations and other problem areas. 17TH AVE. spotinsulating. One 12 oz. strainers. Features and Benefits: • Paste like — easy to apply to wet or dry • Water-soluble. masonry. electrical outlets. This lubricant aids in assembly of push-on type joints. rims. Features and Benefits: for insulation. the foam expands to three times its original volume. Formulated for easy use. UL Classified as a Caulking and 2345 N. For setting bowls. dust and moisture. vents. and even blocking out pests. faucets.