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Enhanced Hydrocarbon Technologies

A scientific Approach to improving the fuel economy of Commercial Vehicles

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Enhanced Hydrocarbon Technologies (EH Tech) have developed a patented system which can improve the fuel economy of heavy-duty diesel engines by at least 20%. Unlike conventional multi-fuel systems, it works by altering the chemistry of the burn to enhance the combustion process, not by replacing one fuel with another.
A diesel engine works by using the heat generated by compressing air to ignite the fuel, at the top of the compression stroke. Unfortunately, due to the high compression of the air, it is impossible to get the air and diesel fuel to mix together completely and burn evenly. Benefits The long molecular structure of the diesel chain (C16, H34) also encourages the molecules to 20% Minimum Fuel Saving aggregate into large particulates which are Enhanced Performance difficult to combust.

How Does the System Work?

The heart of the system is the EH Controller, a unique, patented, technology, which works in harmony with the engine's own ECU. Rather than modifying the signals sent from the ECU, to artificially retard the supply of diesel, the system works by measuring the amount of diesel burnt by the engine in normal use.The minimum amount of the secondary fuel necessary to create the maximum improvement in thermodynamic efficiency, is then added. The increased output generated by "Enhanced Combustion" is registered by the engine's Electronic Control Unit (ECU) through the torque sensors built into the drive shaft of the engine.The ECU responds by reducing the diesel supply, so that the performance drops back to its normal parameters.This means that the engine's ECU stays in total control and continues to operate the vehicle within its normal performance limits. The end result - increased performance with improved fuel economy and lower emissions

What is enhanced combustion?

The Benefits

Enhanced Combustion delivers the following benefits : Genuine Fuel savings of 20% or Better. The Enhanced Combustion system works by burning Diesel more efficiently, not by replacing one type of fuel with a cheaper one. Lower Emissions Enhanced Combustion leads to a significant reduction in the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Reduced Emissions Simple to Install Full Warranty Immediate Savings ROI in 12 months or less

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that although the diesel fuel ignites quite quickly, it burns quite slowly, which means that the flame front does not ignite across the combustion chamber in a progressive way. As a result, the diesel at the, relatively cooler, chamber walls, is late in starting to burn, and doesn't finish its combustion until it is going down the exhaust pipe! Enhanced Combustion is achieved by the introduction of a small amount of a secondary, lighter, gaseous fuel, injected via the air inlet ports. This acts as a reagent altering the chemistry of the combustion process, and creating a more homogeneous air/fuel mix.

A reduction in CO2 of 20% or above ( 20 tonnes per HGV per year). A reduction in NOx of 30% or above (as more oxygen is consumed in the chamber).

A dramatic (98-99%) reduction in Particulate Matter (diesel smoke) (as the Particulates are broken down and burnt more completely) which will help Companies in meeting ISO 14000 quality control requirements. Improved Performance The vehicle will feel better to drive thanks to :

It improves the burn by releasing radicals, which break down the long molecular structure of the diesel chains (particulates) enabling them to burn more completely and by speeding up the progress of the flame front across the chamber. The result - improved performance and lower emissions, with the maximum effective transfer of power from the engine.

An increase in low down torque/power which means that the vehicle "pulls better"

Less gear changes as the driver will go up through the gears more quickly when accelerating and will not have to downshift as often when pulling up gradients. Shorter journey times. Longer Engine Life

Rather than putting extra stress on the engine, by forcing it to operate at higher temperatures, the Enhanced Combustion system should lead to a longer engine life with:

Less wear and tear due to the absence of soot in the engine and oil system. Less stress and strain due to the increase in power within the engine's normal operating limits.

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Ten Years in the Making

Enhanced Combustion is fundamentally different to fuel replacement. It is a Proprietary Technology developed in the UK, by EH Tech, which has been ten years in the making. Although it is based on a universal chemical principle, no other company in the world has succeeded in making it commercially viable. The Alchemist Controller is the result of world class electronic design engineering, combined with ten years of practical trial and error with diesel/LPG systems.

Liquid Petroleum Gas

Any secondary gaseous fuel can be used as the reagent, including; Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Methane. For convenience, the system currently uses Liquid Petroleum Gas. The automotive use of LPG has an excellent International safety record. All the components we use are from leading branded suppliers and the work is carried out to the highest regulatory standards. Furthermore, the enhancement effect itself is inherently safe, due to the small amount of gas being used - all it is used for is to make the diesel burn better. The EHT Alchemist Technology fitted to a diesel engine will automatically default to diesel only in the event of any malfunctions in the LPG system.

on your fuel Bill

Or your money back and we will remove the system at our cost.

Save 20%

We know that it works, because we have proved it time and time again! The system is designed to be a universal application that can be fitted to all diesel engines; however, the technology is currently only applicable to HGV vehicles.

EH Tech has been working with The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the UK's premier science body, for the last 2 years.

Working with the STFC


The time taken to refuel is similar to that of an ordinary diesel vehicle. There is a well-established network of LPG re-fuelling points throughout the UK and a Bunkering Service will be available from Avanti and BP for bulk fuelling at depots for fleet users. The range of the vehicle when using two fuels is approximately 50% more than for diesel-only operation. So confident are we in the system, that we provide a FREE 36 month, insurance backed warranty, which covers both the equipment and also the vehicle. This warranty also provides cover, purely for peace of mind, of any consequential damage being caused to the engine or driveline by running the vehicle on an enhanced fuelling basis.

A simple Bolt-on Solution

We have offices on campus at Sci-Tech Daresbury, a leading centre for science, technology and innovation.

The system is simple to install and only requires a minor, reversible, modification to the air inlet manifold. It will not interfere with the vehicles controls in any way. The EH Controller is normally housed in the cab, the injectors, which control the flow of the secondary gaseous fuel, is housed in the engine bay and the gas tanks are attached to the chassis.

Insurance Backed Warranty

All installations are carried out by recognised EHT trained and accredited gas technicians who are also fully trained diesel fitters and/or automotive electricians. The key components of the system are all of OEM quality and specially designed for these applications. All components comply with the strictest regulations and certifications.

Installed by Licenced Engineers

Purchase or Lease Facility Start Saving Today!

The system can be purchased outright or leased for a period of between 1-5 years. An operator, doing average mileage with standard fuel consumption, taking advantage of our lease purchase scheme would see an improvement in net cash flow and profits of at least 800.00 per month per truck. Alternatively, if you purchase the system outright, you should see a return on your investment within 12 months.

Transferable to Other Vehicles

Thanks to its improved fuel economy and less wear and tear on the engine, an enhanced diesel vehicle should have a greater resale value. However in the event of the operator preferring to remove the system, then it can easily be transferred to another vehicle.The original vehicle will then revert back to its original performance characteristics.

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