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Raising People through International World Football – Culture – Youth Exchanges – Friendship

President Per-Anders Blind (Sweden)

Dear Football friends all over the world! It has been told to me that Jean-Luc Kit/NF-Board continues sending mails and calling people to do a large campaign against CONIFA and tries to create chaos around the Football outside FIFA which is very sad. First of all we need to establish some facts. Everything that’s earlier been done within NF Board is great. NF-Board as an organization has made a tremendously good job the last ten years promoting the “non-FIFA” football. The main reason for the historical success is the great leadership of the former President of NF-Board. After several months of internal fighting inside NF-Board the “meltdown” came in February 2013 and everybody left the organization (except Jean Luc Kit). In fact: Everybody that did in some way any operations before left the NF-Board. The main idea and objectives was still very good, but suddenly there was no one left that could take it further. That is one of the reasons we established CONIFA. To create an organization that in democratic and ethical way could raise the football outside FIFA and promote its members by arranging professional international tournaments, cultural events and youth exchange programs. We are now only a couple of months away from CONIFA World Championship 2014. A tournament that will host 12 teams from all over the world and will be produced for TV with 8 HD cams and distributed worldwide through TV and Internet at highest professional level (same as Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1 etc). We also preparing a youth exchange program with 60 youths from Europe that will meet and work with sports and culture. In addition to that we´ll build a big Cultural Village promoting all the participating teams – we´ve also been able to create an attention for football outside FIFA on TV, Radio and newspapers in a level that never been reached before – so CONIFA is very operational! But this is only one tournament, we´ve also started the work with CONIFA Continental Championships 2015/16 for Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania and Asia and other international tournaments in between. I´ve been told that Jean Luc Kit threatened many Football Associations by suspension etc in purpose to support his personal campaign. Personally, we are shocked by that behaviour. We would never treat our members like that and would never run the ConIFA on a basis of threat. We can again openly tell you that we will never forbid you to be a member in any other organizations. We want to bring you forward and give you the chance to take all chances that your FA and team has. This, obviously, means that we would never forbid or ban you to play any friendly matches or tournament, no matter who organizes them! I personally can guarantee you that you´ll never ever will find such an environment in CONIFA. We operate with joy, optimism, open attitude and a spirit of cooperation. CONIFA is now and the future! With friendly regards

General Secretary Sascha Düerkop (Germany) generalsecretary@

Director of Culture and Youth Exchange programme Sara-Christine Dallain (USA) cultureandyouth@

Director Massoud Attai (Zanzibar) africa@

Director Alberto Rischio (Italy) europe@

North & Central America
Director Elvin Henriquez (St. Eustatius) northcentralamerica@

Director Charles Reklai Mitchell (Palau) oceania@

South America
Director Gonzalo Flores (Chile) southamerica@

Per-Anders Blind CONIFA President

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