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5.1. Opening the Concall Good morning/afternoon, everyone. Good morning/afternoon, everyone.

e. Id just like to take a roll call before we start If we are all here, let's get started / start the meeting / start. !ow that were all connected /signed in, lets begin I think were all here now " so lets begin by taking a roll call If you dont mind well start the session now with a roll call #ello everyone, I think we are ready to begin I think were all $resent now, lets just check (-read participants names% &resent " 'hats me " #ere " (es, Im here 5.2. Welcoming and Introducing &lease join me in welcoming )name of participant% *e're $leased to welcome )name of participant% I'd like to e+tend a warm welcome to )name of participant% It's a $leasure to welcome )name of participant% I'd like to introduce )name of participant% 'his is )name of participant% " if youd like to introduce yourself... )Name of participant% is new to our grou$. #ed like to say a few words of introduction 5.3. Stating the Principal Objectives *e're here today to ... I'd like to make sure that we ... ,ur main aim today is to ... I've called this meeting in order to ... 'his is the first meeting of the )group/project% 'he $ur$ose of this meeting is to... 'he objective of todays meeting is... 5. . !iving "pologies #or someone $ho is absent I'm afraid that )name of participant% can't be with us today. -/he is ... .nfortunately, )name of participant% ... will not be with us to day because s/he ... I have received a$ologies for absence from )name of participant%, who is in )place%. Im afraid it looks like )participant names% are not joining us... It seems that )name of participant% is not $resent today )Name of participant% a$$ears to be absent )Participant name/s% are not with us but we need to carry on without them 5.5. %eading the &inutes 'notes( o# the )ast &eeting 'o begin with I'd like to /uickly go through the minutes of our last meeting. 0irst, let's go over the re$ort from the last meeting, which was held on )date% #ere are the minutes from our last meeting, which was on )date% 1s this is our first meeting and there are no minutes, lets go straight to the first $oint on the agenda

5.*. +ealing $ith %ecent +evelopments Paul, can you tell us how the 2(3 $roject is $rogressing4 David, how is the 156 $roject coming along4 Simone, could you u$date us on...4 Daniel, can you tell us where we stand on that...4 Elise, have you com$leted the re$ort on the new accounting $ackage4 #as everyone received a co$y of the re$ort on current marketing trends4 6ould you give us a status re$ort on...4 &lease bring us u$ to date on... *hat have been the develo$ments regarding...4 #ow is that issue develo$ing/$rogressing4 *hats the latest news on...4 *here are we on...4 5.,. &oving -or$ard -o, if there is nothing else we need to discuss, let's move on to today's agenda. -hall we get down to business4 Is there 1ny ,ther 5usiness4 If there are no further develo$ments, I'd like to move on to today's to$ic. 7ets move on to todays business 7ets continue to the agenda 5... Introducing the "genda #ave you all received a co$y of the agenda4 #as everybody got a co$y of the agenda4 'here are 2 items on the agenda. 0irst, ... second, ... third, ... lastly, ... -hall we take the $oints in this order4 If you don't mind, I'd like to go in this order today. 7ets ski$ item 8 and move on to item 9 I suggest we take item : last. 5./. "llocating %oles 'minute ta0er1 participants( )Name of participant% has agreed to take the minutes. )Name of participant%, would you mind taking the minutes4 )Name of participant% has kindly agreed to give us a re$ort on ... )Name of participant% will take $oint 8, )name of participant% $oint :, and )name of participant% will lead $oint 9. )Name of participant%, would you mind taking notes today4 'he minute taker should note any decisions made and by whom, the action to be taken and by whom and by when 5.12. "greeing on the !round %ules 'contributions1 timing1 decision3ma0ing1 etc.( *e will first hear a short re$ort on each $oint, followed by a discussion of ... Id just like to remind you of the eti/uette for this conference call I suggest we go round the table first, starting with.... 7et's make sure we finish by ... I'd suggest we ... 'here will be five minutes for each item.

*e'll have to kee$ each item to 8; minutes. ,therwise we'll never get through. < 5.11. Introducing the -irst Item on the "genda -o, let's start with ... I suggest we start with... *hy don't we start with...4 7ets begin with... 7ets begin by... 7ets look at... Its time to look at the first item on the agenda -o, the first item on the agenda is Paul, would you like to kick off4 -hall we start with Jeanne? -o, )name of participant%, would you like to introduce the first item4 5.12. Closing an Item I think that takes care of the first item. -hall we leave that item4 I think we should close this $oint and... =ight, I think weve covered that... ,kay, I think weve all had our say on that... 'hat covers that $oint 7ets finish there 5.13. 4e5t Item 7et's move onto the ne+t item, which is ... !ow that we've discussed 2, let's now ... 'he ne+t item on today's agenda is... *hy don't we move on to...4 =ight, lets move to item... If nobody has anything else to add, lets continue to ... !ow we come to the /uestion of. !e+t David will u$date us on... !e+t we need to consider... 5.1 . !iving Control to the 4e5t Participant I'd like to hand over to )name of participant%, who is going to introduce the ne+t $oint. !e+t, )name of participant% is going to take us through ... !ow, I'd like to introduce )name of participant% who is going to ... *e havent heard from you for a while David " would you like to comment here4 I believe Elise may have something to add at this $oint *hat do feel about that last comment/$oint Paul4 Id like now to ask )name of participant% to say a few words ,ver to you )name of participant% 1ny comments )name of participant%4 5.15. Summarising 5efore we close today's meeting, let me just summarise the main $oints. 7et me /uickly go over today's main $oints. 'o sum u$...

,kay, why don't we /uickly summarise what we've done today4 In brief, ... -hall I go over the main $oints4 7ets reca$... -o its seems weve decided *e a$$ear to have reached agreement on the following... *eve agreed that... 5.1*. -inishing 6p =ight, it looks as though we've covered the main items. If there are no other comments, I'd like to wra$ this meeting u$. *ere running out of time, lets wra$ it u$ for today 'imes u$, lets close the meeting 7et's bring this meeting to a close for today. If there isnt 1ny ,ther 5usiness, lets conclude Is there anything else anyone would like to raise before we finish4 I think weve achieved what we want for today 1re we all clear what we need to do for the ne+t meeting4 5.1,. Suggesting and "greeing on 7ime1 +ate and Place #or the 4e5t Con#call 6an we set the date for the ne+t meeting, $lease4 -o, the ne+t meeting will be on ... )da %, the . . . )date% of.... )mont!% at ... )time% 7et's ne+t meet on ... )da %, the . . . )date% of.... )mont!% at ... *hat about the following *ednesday4 #ow is that4 Is it agreed that well reconvene on )date%4 6an we agree on the time of our ne+t meeting4 5.1.. 7han0ing Participants #or "ttending I'd like to thank "arianne and Jerem for joining us from #ondon. 'hank you all for attending. 'hanks to everyone for attending. 'hanks for your $artici$ation. Id like to thank you all for your contributions today 5.1/. Closing the Con#call 'he meeting is finished, we'll see/s$eak to each other ne+t ... 'he meeting is closed. I declare the meeting closed. .ntil ne+t time, goodbye and thanks to everyone