From England to Carpinteria: 350 Years of Westward Migration by Franklin Ancestors

John W. Hoopes 1200 Oak Tree Drive Lawrence, KS 66049 0!6" #$!"% !4& 6&&1 'ohn(

The wes*war+ )i,ra*ion o- *he ances*ors o- severa. -a)i.ies wi*h roo*s in /arpin*eria a)on, *he) ones wi*h *he s0rna)es, O,.es23, Th0r)on+,, H0)phries, 5icho.son, 6o0n,, Hor*on, Spa0.+in,, /ravens,, D0n.ap,,, Wa.*hier, an+ 7cKinne3 2e,an over &"0 3ears a,o wi*h *he arriva. o- 9erkins #1614 16"6% *o *i+ewa*er :ir,inia on a ship -ro) ;n,.an+. <* *hrea+s i*s wa3 0p *he rivers o- so0*hern :ir,inia, *hro0,h *o2acco*a*ions an+ -ar).an+s, reachin, S0rr3 /o0n*3, 5or*h /aro.ina in *he .a*e 1$00s. There, =i+eon ;+war+s #c. 1$"0 1!10% an+ his 2ri+e >nn ;. 9erkins #1$"$ 1!20% 20i.* a*a*ion ho)e near 1isher?s @iver in 1$99. This ho0se was re)o+e.e+ in *he 1!&0s 23 *heir +a0,h*er 7i.+re+ 9erkins an+ her h0s2an+, /on,ress)an 7eshack Severa. o- *heir chi.+ren .a*er )ove+ *o *he co))0ni*3 o- ;ar.3 =rove, in 7arsha.. /o., 7ississippi, a ,en*ee. corner o- *he O.+ So0*h +evas*a*e+ 23 *he /ivi. War. Their ,ran+chi.+ren, =i+eon ;+war+s Th0r)on+ an+ /o.0)20s 4. 2o*h /on-e+era*e ve*erans )ove+ wi*h *heir co0sins Jesse D. an+ 7eshach >. *o /arpin*eria a-*er *he war

*o s*ar* new .ives. Their .e,ac3 is evi+en* in *he severa. p.ace na)es, an+ *he3 an+ *heir )an3 +escen+an*s have con*ri20*e+ ,rea*.3 *o *he prosperi*3 o- San*a 4ar2ara /o0n*3. <?ve spen* *he pas* *wo 3ears *racin, *he his*or3 o- *his -a)i.3, inspire+ 23 a 1902 )e)oir o- *he /ivi. War wri**en 23 )3 ,rea* ,rea* ,ran+-a*her Wi..ia) 7eshack 1 >2erna*h3, ano*her ,ran+son o- *he 1rank.ins an+ )ess)a*e o- *he /arpin*eria co0sins. <- i* were no* -or his care-0.*ion o- na)es an+ p.aces, *his sa,a wo0.+ have 2een -ar )ore +i--ic0.* *o +iscover. < have no* 2een a2.e -o..ow a.. o- *he .inea,es, 20* *hose o- *he 9erkins, ;+war+s, an+ -a)i.ies are *he 2es* +oc0)en*e+ an+ *he )os* per*inen* *o *he ear.3 his*or3 o*hese co0sins. 73 research .e+ )e *o *he ;+war+s Ho0se, .oca*e+ o0*si+e o- 7*. >ir3, 5or*h /aro.ina, which was p0rchase+ 23 *he S0rr3 /o0n*3 His*orica. Socie*3 in 19$4 an+ has 2een .ovin,.3 res*ore+ *o eAce..en* con+i*ion. <* s*an+s as a


This )e)oir was ori,ina..3 p02.ishe+ priva*e.3 as Our Mess: Southern Gallantry and Privations #7cKin*eA 9ress, 19$$%. <* has 2een rep02.ishe+ as BThe /on-e+era*e 7e)oir o- Wi..ia) 7. >2erna*h3,C Confederate Veteran, :o.s. 2 D & #200&%.


h*er o.o0ces*er /o0n*3.ine. arrivin.inia. in Kin... =. .n..o0ces*er 9oin*...e in Henrico /o0n*3. near /har. +a0. @o2er* #a.whose +escen+an*s s*i. an+ 80een /o0n*3. 5icho. who )arrie+ 9a*ience . *o :ir.e)an #ca. -a)i. He ha+ a -ar) near wha* is now in =ooch. chi.Wi.eAan+er /.an+ an+ Henrico /o0n*ies #:ir. Their +a0. 166" c. He.ves ha+ 2een )arrie+ on 7arch &. The3 were *he paren*s o.e3s? son 9e*er.ive in so0*hwes*ern :ir. a2o0* 16&!.*heir an+ i*s +is*in..e)an.h*er o. He was a con*e)porar3 o>. who *he)se. 5icho. a s0rna)e *ha* ..inia.h*er o.+war+s.. :a.a*er reappears in /arpin*eria.+ s.e)ans ha+ severa.ran+-a*her was @ichar+ 9erkins. in =.his +ea*h. <* is in*eres*in. 7ar3 ha+ 2een 2orn in 4e+-or+shire. p.@ichar+ Tho)pson an+ Grs0. To re*0rn *o *he 9erkins .n.h*er oS*ephen resi+en*s o:ir. Their son. *he F11:F #1irs* 1a)i. 5icho. was a .inia a2o0* 16&2. Danie.5or*h0)2er.John 40r*on an+ L3+ia 1r3.a*er a resi+en* o.ies o:ir.iEa2e*h Tho)pson.+ren.inia%.. /ons*an*ine was a s0ccess-0. 160" a* S*..ra*e+ -ro) . One o. 161" an+ .ha) e)i. The 9res.a*er )arrie+ .0ishe+ his*or3.ano*her an+ his wi-e Jane Howar+.n. 5icho.eve. se**. #164$ 1$11% )arrie+ Sarah /hi. .. 4o*h *he /o.. 2orn in 1"60 in 5ewcas*.+ severa. so)e o. Saviors.n.3 ances*or )arrie+ 7ar3 40r*on.aves who were .Danie.o.. an+ *he na)e FHar+inF en+0re+ a)on. +a0..e)an o.hes. who )arrie+ Jane 5ew)an..a*.. 22 Jr.. His . Lon+on.h*er o>2raha) / 1$21%.ish ances*or o. So0*hwar+. *he +a0..+ers /o0n*3 *he 3ear prior *o his +ea*h.3 1"!2% an+ his wi-e 9erkins was 2orn in 5o**in.+war+s./ons*an*ine #16!2 1$$0% who )arrie+ >nn an+ 7ar3 e)i.. 5icho.onies aro0n+ was 9e*er 9res. /ons*an*ine an+ >nn?s son Har+in 9erkins #1$&0 1$9"% )arrie+ Sarah 9rice. *he +a0. 1620 16! *o se**..*his perio+ was @o2er* / severa.ra*e+ -ro) . 6ork an+ his wi-e Ka*herine. He a..+ers #c. *he wi-e o=i+eon .as 9erkins.. 2orn in . 7ar3?s .h Sheri-. 9rice an+ Sarah / )en*ions a n0)2er o. . :ir.ia) =riEEe.7eshack 1rank. in 1$04. >no*her . 16&".was *he -a*her o.niEe+ a) /i*3 in wha* is now Henrico /o0n*3. #1662 1$22%. .an+owner an+ .s are na)es reco. ..es23. a.>nn . 2orn ca. ca..h*ers was =riEEe.inia% a* *he *i)e o.n.ia) /o0n*3. . The /o. His wi.e na) an+ Sarah were *he paren*s o.9rince Wi..+war+s.e)an.ivin. +a0. *o no*e *ha* one o*heir +a0.h*er e) an+ >nn*er an+ known as @o2er* /o.+ren.e3 #161" 16""%. whose wi-e?s na)e < +o no* 3e* have.7o2'ack 4a3% ha+ co)e *o :ir. He )arrie+ . )on0)en* *o *his pioneerin...ra*e+ *o *he >)erican co.n.iEa2e*h =riEEe.e)ans an+ *he =riEEe. She ha+ 2een 2orn in @appanhannock. She )arrie+ Wi.h*ers #>nn% )arrie+ an O. <n 1640. *he +a0. where he serve+ as Hi.n.e-* *o his chi. >n ear. +escen+an*s as ei*her a -irs* na)e or )i++.ran+paren*s were 1rancis 40r*on.-i**in.h*er 2 . /o.ia) . h0n+re+ acres opri)e *o2acco . :ir.inia '0s* a -ew 3ears prior *o *o >r+en 9ark3ns #2.inia. Her paren*s ha+ a. an+ was *he )o*her o=i+eon ..

in 1$&". he p0rchase+ a s. 9a*rick 1er. On J0ne 4. 5or*h /aro. Two 3ears .0*ionar3 >r)3 who .eAan+er /. *he 1rank..eve.on. @ecor+s in+ica*e *ha* he p0rchase+ 200 acres in Spo*s3. who none*he.i*era*e *o2acco #1$&1 1!2!%. an+ sec0re provisions -or *he #2orn ca.Kin. his )en 0p *he )o0n*ainsi+e in *he -ace oene)3 -ire. 5or*h /aro. an+ La+3 >A)ins*er. <n a0*0)n o.ia-erro.o3a.iEa2e*h /o--ee.e+ 23 /o.e /o0n*3 resi+ence *o @ichar+ 9a3ne an+ shor*.owe+ an o. he acH0ire+ &"0 acres an+ a ho0se on *he so0*h si+e o. >-*er in+epen+ence -ro) .+ <n+ian *rai.0e @0n co))0ni*3.7i. -orwar+ an+ 0r. 4en'a)in /. :ir. 1$&1 in Oran.inia -or S0rr3 / was +ec.e+ on*s as *he @evo.a3e+ eAcep* #1$60 1!2&% servin. ha+ se**.ina hi.eve. Jr.. The /.*er. 1$00% an+ 7ar3 9a3ne. 1$14%.e3 an+ 2e. pa*rio* . -ro) 9hi.e.h2ors in *he 4.inia.+.3 *hrea*ene+ 23 .* on 4ri*ish -orces a* Kin. 7ar3?s 2ro*her.?s 7o0n*ain. par*icipa*e+%.3 +epar*e+ -or 5or*h /aro.ess prospere+.a*ive 23 )arria.e o.e /o0n*3.ies #4ernar+ ha+ siA o*her sons an+ a +a0. *he in *he 7i*che.+re+ #166$ 1$$0% )arrie+ >. 4ernar+ was *he son oLawrence 1rank. 4ernar+ an+ 7ar3 . where 7ar3?s 2ro*her 4ernar+. o*he en*ire -a)i.2e)ar.s. 4ernar+ 1rank. )os* o. an+ recor+s in+ica*e *ha* he an+ 7ar3 were )arrie+ when *he3 were each a2o0* siA*een 3ears o.inia.eve. Their son John #2. Jesse is repor*e+ *o have were nei.3 oJohn Ta.7eshack 1rank. inc. 4en'a)in?s o. overseein. Sr.e*e.?s 7o0n* he 'oine+ =enera. o.i*ar3 service co)p.vania /o0n*3 in 1$ o.h*er%.sF in *he war wi*h *he 4ri*ish.are+ in 1$$6.+er sis*er 7ar3 was *he wi-e o4ernar+ 1rank.ea+ers an+ serve+ as a co. who )arrie+ . herois) in ri+in. The 1rank..ina.0son a* *he 4a**.h* 60 acres on Har+ware 4ranch in > 5a*hanie. o.3 se**. an o--icer o*he @evo..aves *o se.h* .*he 9o @iver. which -o.3 a-*erwar+. he +e-ea*e+ a .e /o0n*3 an+ was a* horse *hieves. @iver :a.o3a. *he =rea* Wa. *he -a) <n 1$62. was one o.ina an+ *he -a*her o. =reene?s 3 .0e @0n in Oran. 4ernar+ sen* his son Jesse an+ *he -a)i.ea*her 2reeches )akerF.0+in. S0rr3 /o.a*er. his )i.3?s s. The H0ickes* ro0*e so0*h was a. *he son o>.o3a. prepare ho0ses.*he +ecisive even*s o*he >)erican @evo..1$! 1ive 3ears .n.)on -or 4"00 po0n+s o*o2acco. was consi+ere+ *o 2e in *he hear* owhea* an+ *o2acco co0n*r3. 5or*h / wi*h Jesse 1rank.e /o.a+e.a*er.*he -a)i. 1$$*he area?s pro)inen** .0*ion p. he receive+ a pa*en* -or 400 acres on 4. @iver in 1$69. The /. an+ were -reH0en*.ina #in which Jesse 1rank.+ *he resi+ence an+ a 100 acre *rac* *o Tho)as Sa. >* *ha* *i)e.phia *o *he 6a+kin @iver. Jesse. was *he -a*her o4en'a)in.e-* was 2orn on 7a3 26.+in.ins ha+ 2een ac*ive Fre2e.ins +ee+e+ *heir &00 acre Oran.on @oa+. <n 7arch 1$!1.S0rr3 /o0n* .an+ na)e is associa*e+ wi*h one o. his paren*s +ee+e+ hi) *heir es*a*e.eAan+er /. an ear. #16"9 1$$0%.e+ a +e-ini*ive assa0.o. 0n+er hi).an+.ave an+ 24" acres. he 2o0. a* -orce . he so.a3e+ o0* in *he /aro. <n 1$29.eve. ca2ins as *e)porar3 ho)es -or severa. -a)i. Then. The3 were acco)panie+ 23 -rien+s. He is +escri2e+ as an*ion.eve.. <n 1$64.

+war+s was 2orn in *he ear.inia.3F . <n 1! -o.eve. 1$0 )i. 1$!1. one o*hir*een in nor*hwes*ern 5or*h /aro. i* 2eca)e *he proper*3 o*heir +a0.. was 2orn in S0rr3 /o0n* 0ne+0ca*e+.on. an+ par. 5or*h / over 2ackco0n*r3 roa+s. wi*h a ha.a3 -ro) Ken*0ck3. He )arrie+ .e -oo*hi.resses #7arch 4.ho0n?s 2i.*he 4.3 +0rin.n an+ )assive chi)ne3s on 2o*h en+s.ina in 1$$2.+war+s on Jan0ar3 22. *ha* s0))er. 2ack in Washin.oca.a*ion.*her F7i.e+ *o *he :ir..G. a.*he 4.3 1$"0s in /0)2er.severa. -ra)e s*r0c*0re..S. chi. <n 1$99. . /a)p 7o0n*ain an+ wi*hin view o. a "00 acre *rac* on Deep /reek.5or*h /aro. -ar)ers an+ *o2acco p. se**. i* ha+ increase+ *o 600 acres.+ have 2een .is..eva*ion wes* o1isher @iver. 43 1$9".h on 5ove)2er 1$.900 <* was a *wo s*or3.ric0.*on. a. 5or*h /aro.e?s 2oar+in. 7eshack e. / escape+ p.en*r3F o.4ernar+ an+ 7ar3 /.. :ir. *he )i+ 1$!0s was en. a* which *i)e *he ho0se passe+ *o his wi-e. one o.*3 a)on.3 a**en+e+ a 4ap*is* ch0rch a* 7i*che. po. @iver.ina *ha* 2e.+ren /o0n*3.i*ics. 1!00 a-*er *rave. 43 1$! 2ase+ S*raw2err3 >ssocia*ion. He was on .arin. Ho0se in S0rr3 /o. Jesse*e+ as a @ep02.aves. 7eshack was e. who 2eca)e a .* a -ine in 1!00.a s)a. 20* /ornwa.S..0+in. Tho)as Je--erson was 9resi+en* +0rin.. his -irs* *er)s in Washin. near Sk0. serve+ as )o+era*or a* 9e**3?s 7ee*in.on.ike ro3a. *he3 20i.ina in *he ..h Thir*een*h /*e+ .ea+er o*he FWar HawksF. 1isher?s @iver on a ""0 acre *rac* *o *he Ten*h * serve+ in 2o*h ho0ses o. he 2eca)e ac*ive in .+0p o. a s*a*e o4 .*0re an+ ca**. <n 1!01.eave -ro) /on. The -a)i. He an+ his wi-e >nn )ove+ *o S0rr3 /o0n*3.eas* *hir*3 s. 4ernar+ 1rank.* his -irs* ho0se on *his .ress 23 Speaker Henr3 /.a.*he G.a*er s0rren+ere+ on Oc*o2er 19. 1!12.or*a*ion ho0se on a rock3 e.ress. The3 even*0a. One a* =0i. Jesse 1rank.pioneerin.-or+ /o0r* Ho0se *o en.ina. he s*a3e+ a* 7r. he was sworn in*o o--ice in *he 12*h /on..s ha+ increase+ *o 11"0 acres an+ 23 1!00 he ha+ *we. +e-ense -orces.3 ca)e *o own over 2000 acres an+ a* . r0s*ic pop0.*e+ a )e)2er o. He was a. 2ackco0n*r3 co))0ni*3 o.0e @i+. =i+eon .ress 2e*ween >pri. an+ 0n*i.e+ in s)a..3F an+ her h0s2an+ 7eshack 1rank.e 7o0n*ains.ho0se on 9enns3.a. s.*ers. inc. he owne+ a2o0* 200 1!1"%. 43 1!0$. / *he .owe+ 23 Ja)es 7a+ison. 4ernar+ .0e @i+.a*e 1$$0s... 1!02.+in.e raisin. a +isas*ro0s re*rea*. an+ =i+eon an+ >nn wo0.*he S*a*e ho0se o. 1!0$ 7arch &. siA horses an+ )0. =i+eon +ie+ in Sep*e)2er 1!10. an+ was e. <n 1!11. He pro2a2. S0rr3 /o0n*3 was a re)o*e area*a*ion consis*e+ o.overnor o. arrivin.eve. Gpon her +ea*h. in @a. <n *he 1$90s.3 proper*3 ha+ increase+ *o "00 acres an+ he was co))issione+ as a '0s*ice o*he peace -or S0rr3 /o. 22 hea+ o. an+ nine s. *he @everen+ John /.e a 4ri*ish -orce 0n+er Lor+ /ornwa.*on a +a3 a-*er *he Ho0se vo*e *o approve John /.vania >ven0e. 7ar3?s 2ro*her. 7eshack s0ppor*e+ *he 20i.iven *o hi) 23 his -a*her.*he**. +ec. S*e. 2 an+ J0ne 4.

* He an+ 7i.a...*heir 3o0n. e+0ca*e+ )an in *he co))0ni*3?.eave +escen+an*s . s0rro0n+e+ 23 p.3 we.)s . a* *he 2eck an+* proper*3 owners 0n*i. .. 7arsha. The3 he.a*er 3ears. his +ea*h in 1!& /. Their ho)es re*ire+ -ro) 5 .aves. co0n*r3 se**.3 =rove. 20* he a. porch was a++e+ *o *he so0*h si+e o. as co**on. 7eshack was in 5or*h /aro. <n *he +eca+e 2e-ore *he /ivi.ic /on. *o Har+en . 7eshack an+ 7i.ia) We. his s.. opera*e+ a +is*i.*rees near his ho0se. an+ =rea* 4ri*ain. 7eshack 1rank. 7S was one o.a*0re -ro) 1!&! 0n**ers. one 7e*ho+is* an+ *he o*her .3 ce)e*er3.eK s. 1rances #who )arrie+ Davi+ >2erna*h3%. >ro0n+ *he *i)e o.war 2e*ween *he G. accor+in.ina an+ se**.in.s o. he serve+ as a +e. *o..* 23 her -a*her in 1$99.ive+ in *he ho0se 20i. /o0n*3. were a++e+.e+ in 1!2&..e+ 23 a s)a.ran+-a*her?s )e)oir.. *o )3 .Aec0*ive 7ansion.*he co))0ni* wi*h *wo s*i. in a..s. ownin. when he was 20rie+ in an 0n)arke+ . an+ a -0.. The )ove )a3 have 2een sp0rre+ 23 a +esire *o .e *he 2o3s? ponies..3 =roveJ >nn #who )arrie+ Wi.i2rar3 o. Sarah #who )arrie+ Tho)as Th0r)on+%.rove o.eiEe+ pane. 5ew pain*.an+s eAha0s*e+ 23 *o2acco *o p0rs0e FKin.p.+in. F<* was an s*ories 2ase+ on co0n*r3 -o.0)es an+ was consi+ere+ *o 2e *he ?on.e proper*3 *ha* he con*in0e+ *o a+)inis*er 0n*i. To.rave in *he -a)i. wi*h an es*a*e assesse+ a* 2e*ween I4000 an+ I" 4.+war+s 1rank.iH0or.k o.e+ in *he co))0ni*3 o.. The p.ress.ain*ers in *o 20i.3 re)o+e.*hies* co0n*ies in *he So0* <n 1!&". *he3 -or)e+ a F1rank.ack *he 2o3s? 2oo*s.e*her.S. )as*ers. S*airs an+ roo) +ivisions were rearran.S... 7eshack was one o.his -a*her?s +ea*h.aves *o work on an+ 2. /o0n*3. 1"00 .e.ons o.)os* prince.anF in *his prospero0s co))0ni*3 >nna .h pro+0c*ion o.ike F=one Wi*h *he Win+F.ivin.S0rr3 /o0n*3?s . schoo.+han+s. co)in.*he serve+ in *he S*a*e sena*e in 1!2!.in ha+ a priva*e .s pro+0cin. an+ 1!&!. So +i+ his 2ro*her /o. conven*ion an+ serve+ in *he s*a*e . FSki**F Ta. who .3 in a se**in.whea* as we.e)en*. ah o. War. *he . pro2a2. Three sis*ers a.e. 43 1!20.e*her wi*h a .+ *wo ch0rches. which *he3 eA*ensive.h in . @o2er* @oss )arche+ in*o Washin. an+ .e+.. 1! So0*h in -i. a**en+ *he) ever3where.oca. no* -ar -ro) por*ra3a. an+ )ar2. concea. The 1rank.his )o*her in .over one h0n+re+ vo. 7ississippi.*he*ion*a*ion?s )a'or so0rce o.3 .+es* son. he was *he )as*er o. 7eshack 1rank. an+ )os* o*her p02. *o . o. p. ca*ch an+ sa++. /o**onF.inco)e was -ro) *o2acco.ive+ in a**rac*ive ho)es wi*h *ree . )ove+ -ro) 5or*h /aro.oin. his +ea*h in 1!&9.3 s**ion *o *he G.a*er wro*e a co. p.en* circ0)s*ances.. =i+eon .over siA*3 s.a .rea* .ave ownership +i)inishe+ *o a2o0* one +oEen -ie.+war+s in 1!20.ine+ pa**er.ina when 4ri*ish *roops 0n+er =enera. >ccor+in.3?s o. renowne+ -or hi.piscopa.*he O.a*e *o *he s*a*e?s cons*i*0*iona. 2eca)e *he eAec0*or o. an+ 7ar*ha #who )arrie+ co0sin Har+in 1rank.*on an+ 20rne+ *he /api*o.*he) connec*e+ an+ ah . 7eshack 1rank. 1ai. his +ea* )ove+ *o .rea* .an*a*ions an+ s. >-*er *he +ea*h o.

7eshack FShackF 1rank.*he o.*he San*a 4ar2ara schoo. Sharps20r. 2o*h wa3s *hro0. =ran* a* >ppo)a**oA.rea* was *he son o. an+ 7eshach >. *i)es.*he war. Lee an+ was presen* a* *he s0rren+er o. Ja)es 1rank.s*ree*?s .h*.0+in. /o. 2a**. +escen+an*s o.+in. an+ =i+eon Th0r)on+ .0)20s 4. 1!14 O%. an+ /o.+war+s 1rank. where *he res* is San*a 4ar2ara his*or3.% The .ran+sons en.0)20s 4.s -or 24 3ears% )arrie+ .0)20s 4.3 .iEa2e*h 4ai. where *he3 -o0n+e+ a . when his . 7anassas.s. a..inia in 1!6".os* a han+ when a she.3 Sprin. an+ 7eshach >.in was ki./o.% =i+eon Th0r)on+ #who was .=i+eon an+ /o. >-*er *he war. #an+ . )assive co.e-* 7ississippi *o seek *heir -or*0nes e.ran+-a*her?s 1902 )e)oirs +escri2e *he par*icipa*ion o.ersF o. however. :ir. 1!11 1!"$%.3sses S.s*ree*.7eshack?s .+erness. 2roa+ veran+as. 1rank. we. ha. /o.enera*ions is )ain*aine+ 23 *he 6 .in were sons o.*he 1$ *h 7ississippi <n-an** ac* was as a co0rier a* *he hea+H0ar*ers o=enera. )0s*ere+ a* Ho.h**e+ in /o)pan3 4. Wi.*he co)pan3 in #1!0& 1!6$% an+ >nn 7.on.*he p02.+ Har2or. #The3 were a..eon Win...+war+s an+ 7eshack was in'0re+ a* Sharps20r.0)20s 4.en Hei.e Sh0--. 1o0r co0sins. in *heir 20s an+ *heir paren*s +ecease+ when *he3 )ove+ wes* *o /a.oin.ia =w3n #1!21 1!" +escen+an*s . ho)es*ea+ -or *wo . 7S in 1! was in'0re+ a* /o. eAp.3 > H0ar*ers s*re*che+ in a .. an ances*ra. Sava. 1rank. Sr. row.=i+eon .aw o--ice which is *o+a3 one o. 1re+ericks20r.e S*a*ion. where *he3 .h *he 20i.*he war..es23. 7ar3.ia) >2erna*h3 was wo0n+e+ severa. 1rank..ic roa+. on. Jesse was in'0re+ a* Sharps20r. G. *he 1rank. #1or in-or)a*ion a2o0* *heir +escen+an*s.sewhere.e in .as* +ispa*ch *o =enera....3 a* =e**3s20r. )os* severe. 1rank.anke+ on each si+e 23 pop. aven0es.a*here+ a* ni..*he /arpin*eria Le)on >ssocia*ion% )arrie+ Theresa .. Jesse D. #one o.s 0s0a.i-ornia. Lees20r. 1rank. =i+eon .hes #c.rea* . 73 . TeAas.o+e+ on hi) in *he *renches a* 1re+ericks20r. see The Th0r)on+ was 1irs* Lie0*enan*.. Newsletter of the Carpinteria Vally Historical Society -or J0. when he carrie+ Lon.h* an+ F/0* *he 9i. @o2er* . 1rank. *wo s*or3 )arrie+ 5anc3 Dickenson. Seven 9ines. 1rank. H0.+ ho)e *he ne.. o.L Mone wasN approache+ 23 win+in. 2ea*en in -ron*.e O. )ove+ *o /arpin*eria in *he 1!$0s.a*er s0perin*en+an* o..0)ns.o +own wi*h )ore severe in'0ries in *he #1!11 1!"$% an+ Tho)as Th0r)on+ was na)e+ /ap*ain an+ =i+eon . severa. *he F7ississippi @an.. =e**3s20r.+ Har2or. Lon.. 1rank.*he /on-e+era*e >r)3 *o =enera.*he 7e*ho+is* /h0rch in /arpen*eria% )arrie+ 4e. 1rank.Sarah Har+in 1rank. >2erna*h3 an+ his 2ro*hers )ove+ *o 7cKinne3.*hK 2ack o. #1!06 1!66% an+ >nn >)e. O.F an+ '0)pe+ *o *he FDo02.+war+s 1rank.F Wi*h *he o0*2reak o.*he 1rank. -.e+ a* 1re+ericks20r. Jesse H. *he en+ #who 2eca)e )inis*er o.+war+s Th0r)on+ was *he son o.*he Ho0se..e.*he -o0n+ers co0sins who -o0.ars a )i..3 *o .0s* an+ Sep*e)2er Oc*o2er 199".a*er *rans-erre+ *o *he 1!*h 7ississippi /ava. Jesse D.+es* in *he s*a*e. 20* he recovere+ *o serve 0n*

<* is open *o visi*ors -ro) 1J00 *o "J00 p) on *he -irs* weeken+ o. a* !erritt"infoave#net. >pri. /a)a 7erri**. !&2 .02 @oa+. Socie*3. :isi*s can a. She can 2e reache+ via e)* /o0n*r3 /. 7*. 7 .h Sep*e)2er.each )on*h.e+ 23 con*ac*in. 5/ 2$0&0. > 2e arran. *hro0.S0rr3 /o0n*3 His*orica.