Uprooted Tamils in Trincomalee demand justice for genocide

[TamilNet, Saturday, 16 November 2013, 14:37 GMT] A section of uprooted Tamil families from Champoor, now staying at one of four so-called welfare centres in Trincomalee, staged a protest on Saturday carrying slogans that demanded justice for genocide and urged global attention on the continued refusal by the Colombo government in allowing them to resettle in their own lands in Moorthoor East !n "riday, a day before the protest, the occupying Sri #an$an military intelligence operatives, went on a house-to-house and camp-to-camp round instructing the Tamils not to ta$e part in any protest during the %Sri #an$a C&!'M( Subse)uently, the protest was held in the premises of *i(liveddi camp The S# police who came to the *i(liveddi camp on Saturday confronted the protestors and said they should not carry any placards with slogans &owever, the uprooted people were firm in staging their protest with the presence of Tamil politicians

The Tamil ou! illor" #re"e!t at the #rote"t told media that they ba $ed the eve!t amid"t the #revaili!% hara""me!t" to #a"" a me""a%e to the %lobal ommu!ity that &e'ham Tamil" are la!%ui"hi!% i! &a"t (hile the head" o) *ommo!(ealth meet i! *olombo (a" %ivi!% u!due re o%!itio! to a State that ha" ommitted %e!o ide o! &e'ham Tamil"+

The u#rooted #eo#le have !ot eve! #rovided re)u%ee relie) allo(a! e )or the la"t "everal mo!th", the TN, ou! ilor" told lo al media+ -he! eve!t" o) %lobal "i%!i)i a! e, "u h a" the *./GM meet i! *olombo or the .uma! 0i%ht" *ou! il Se""io!" i! Ge!eva, a )e( u#rooted #eo#le (ere hurriedly relo ated )rom am#" or el"e(here to "ome o) their o u#ied villa%e", but they (ere !ot #rovided a!y mea!i!%)ul a""i"ta! e to re"ettle or re"ume their livelihood", the Tamil ou! illor" "aid+ 1uri!% the re e!t Ge!eva "e""io!, 23 )amilie" (ere brou%ht to 4oo!iththeevu, 133 )amile" to Navarat!a#uram a!d 27 )amilie" to *hoodai$5$udaa+ No(, 2 mo!th" have #a""ed, the )amilie" are "till la!%ui"hi!% a" be)ore+ The #eo#le have !o mea!" to travel to their villa%e a" the road ru!" throu%h *ham#oor, (hi h i" o u#ied by the S6 military+ “Thi" i" a "y"temati "tru tural %e!o ide+ -ithout 7u"ti e )or the Tamil %e!o ide, there (ill be !o #erma!e!t "olutio!+ No(, (ith Sri 6a!$a *./GM i! *olombo, the i!ter!atio!al ommu!ity a!d eve! the vi"iti!% 7our!ali"t" to *olombo have om#letely )or%otte! the &a"t,8 a ou! illor o) the &a"ter! 9rovi! ial *ou! il "aid+

Seve! Tamil Natio!al ,llia! e :TN,; #arliame!taria!" a!d mo"t o) the Tamil ou! illor" i! the o##o"itio! o) the &a"ter! 9rovi! ial *ou! il :&9*; )rom the three di"tri t" o) Tri! omalee, <atti aloa a!d ,m#aa=rai ame to%ether to the #rote"t led by the o##o"itio! leader S+ Tha!dautha#a!+ TN, 9arliame!tary Grou# 6eader 0+ Sam#a!tha! (a" #re"e!t there (ith TN, #arliame!taria!" )rom &a"t 9o!+ Selvara"a, 9+ ,riya!ethira!, a!d S+ >o%e"(ara! a!d the M9" )rom other di"tri t" S+ Srithara!, Selvam ,dai$$ala!atha! to%ether (ith the !atio!al li"t M9 M, Suma!thira!+ ?ormer M9" Thurarat!a"i!%am a!d 4+ Thuraira"a"i!%ham :!o( a ou! ilor i! the &9*; (ere al"o #re"e!t at the #rote"t (ith &9* member" o) TN, )rom Tri! omalee, 4+ Na%e"(ara! a!d @+ @e%athee"a! a!d )rom <atti aloa G+ 4aru!ahara!, N+ A!dira$umar :9ra"a!!a;, 0+ Thurairet!am, a!d M+ Nadara"a a!d M+ Ara7e"(ara! a!d T+ 4alaiyara"a! )rom Tri! omalee+ *ham#oor u#rooted Tamil" are !o( held i! )our am#", Ma!at5 hea!ai, 9addith5thidal, 4i=liveddi a!d 4addai#a=ri h haa! "i! e 2006+ There are more tha! 2,B00 )amilie" o!"i"ti!% o) at lea"t 6,B00 #eo#le, (ho are )or ed to "tay i! am#" or el"e(here (ith their relative" a!d )rie!d", a TN, M9 told TamilNet o! Saturday+ The S6 militari'atio! a!d "o5 alled Ce o!omi 'o!e= o) o u#atio! ha" re!dered the #eo#le o) 22 villa%e" i! Moothoor &a"t i! a (or"e "ituatio! tha! duri!% the time" o) the (ar, the M9 )urther "aid+ “The #eo#le are de!ied o) the )reedom o) eD#re""io!+ @u"t a )e( hour" be)ore M" Nava!etham 9illay (a" about to vi"it the"e am#", vo i)erou" #er"o!" i! the"e am#" (ere ta$e! i!to u"tody by the military,8 a TN, ou! illor remi!ded+

/! Saturday, the TN, leader 0+ Sam#a!tha! #re"e!t at the "ite told the S6 #oli e that there (a" !o !eed )or the or%a!i'er" to "ee$ #rior #ermi""io! to "ta%e #ea e)ul %atheri!%" o) reli%iou" !ature+ The "#e ial "Euad o) the o u#yi!% Sri 6a!$a 9oli e tryi!% to blo $ the %atheri!% (a" ar%ui!% that the #rote"tor" "hould !ot hold #la ard" #ubli ly+ The S6 9oli e /A* M, Nau)er (a" laimi!% that the u#rooted #eo#le (ere "ta!di!% i! C"tate la!d= (hile #rote"ti!%+ .o(ever, the #re"e! e o) TN, #arliame!taria!" #rovided the "#a e )or the #eo#le to rai"e their "lo%a!" de"#ite their riti i"m that TN, M9" o!ly vi"it them o! o a"io!" o) %lobal "i%!i)i a! e a#art )rom (he! they vi"it them "ee$i!% vote"+

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