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Christina Marie Martinez Hawthorne Academy, 1st Grade Mentor Teacher Mrs.

Janet Cortez Math Observation in The Madeline Hunter Model October 3, 2013 at 12:20-1:05 pm

Students will transition from lunch to math & will meet on the carpet.

1. Anticipatory Set

Students will explore making parts of 9 & recording the parts in a part-part model. Yesterdays lesson will be brought out of students mental filing cabinet (schema) & will be asked to describe the relations to the two. Students have learned how to find parts for 6, 7, & 8.

2. Objective & Purpose

TEKS (1.3) Number, operation, & quantitative reasoning. The student recognizes & solves problems in addition and subtraction situations. The student is expected to: (A) model and create addition and subtraction problem situations with concrete objects & write corresponding number sentences; Describing numbers in terms to two parts provides the foundation for understanding addition & subtraction concepts. Students will learn new lesson through EnVision Interactive Learning, Guided Practice, Independent Practice & then a partner game.

3. Input

Vocabulary from yesterday will be revisited. This included whole, part & double, as 3-3 didnt have new vocabulary.

4. Modeling

Technology: EnVision Visual Learning Bridge will be shown first, as a story book. 1 to 1 correspondence is represented with the red & yellow dominoes & is something we have utilized in the past in reference to patterns.

5. Checking for Understanding

Using teacher observations, thumbs up/down, hand up for additional teacher scaffolding

6. Guided Practice

Students will complete photocopied consumable sheet on Lesson 3-3. This is teacher directed & will call on students to complete their answer while projected on white board. Class will converse together in what answers they have found & will be prompted to give thumbs up/down if agreed upon.

7. Closure to Lesson

Students will be prompted again with additional questions to check for understanding. Additional practice will be given to students to ensure their understanding. If need be, lesson can be paused & specific content may be readdressed.

8. Independent Practice

Students will work with a desk mate in participating in Shake Those Beans! Game. Students will be given 9 red counters that have a white side to them in a bathroom cup. They will shake the cup and throw the counters down, as if rolling dice. They are to part each color with similar ones and correspond their findings to an equation found on the sheet. Each student will record their own findings on this record sheet and have their own graph showing their results. Students are embedding number parts to make whole number 9.