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David Wang Mr. Lanning English, Hour 5 4 February 2012 Joe DiMaggio Joe DiMaggio, o !

en "onsidered one o !he bes! baseball #layers o all !i$e, %as a #ree$inen! igure in !he %orld o baseball during !he early 1&00's. He %as born on (ove$ber 25, 1&14, in Mar!ine), *ali ornia !o +!alian i$$igran!s, ,iuse##e and -osalia DiMaggio. His a!her, %ho %as a isher$an, %an!ed his sons !o ollo% in his oo!s!e#s and en!er !he !rade as %ell. Ho%ever, young DiMaggio denoun"ed !his "alling and %en! on !he #ursue his !rue #assion, baseball. Joe %as no! !he only "hild in his a$ily !o diverge ro$ a$ily !radi!ion. His older bro!her, .in"en!, %as already a no!able igure in #ro essional baseball and his younger bro!her, Do$ini", %ould soon ollo%. +n 1&/2, DiMaggio began %ha! be"a$e a long and #ros#erous "areer in baseball. 0! age seven!een, he 1oined !he 2an Fran"is"o 2eals, i$$edia!ely $a3ing a signi i"an! i$#a"! in !he ga$e %i!h an a$a)ing re"ord 41 "onse"u!ive hi!s. His !alen! %as soon re"ogni)ed by !he (e% 5or3 5an3ees and on (ove$ber 21, 1&/4, DiMaggio o i"ially be"a$e #ar! o $a1or league baseball. 6e ore his re!ire$en! in 1&51, DiMaggio had es!ablished hi$sel as a legend in !he s#or! by hel#ing !he 5an3ees %in nine World 2eries and 10 0$eri"an League "ha$#ionshi#s. +n addi!ion, he bro3e !he re"ord or $os! "onse"u!ive hi!s in a $a1or league ga$e %i!h 547 a re"ord !ha! s!ill s!ands !oday. DiMaggio's a"hieve$en!s "on!inued !o gro% even a !er his las! ga$e %hen he %as vo!ed 89he ,rea!es! Living 6all#layer8 in 1&4&. Des#i!e being in an era illed %i!h o!her baseball gian!s, $any o %ho$ held re"ords !ha! sur#assed his, !his honorable !i!le

%as s!ill a%arded !o hi$. 9his %as be"ause DiMaggio %as "onsidered !o be !he bes! all: rounded #layer o his !i$e. He %as a brillian! hi!!er, an ou!s!anding ielder, and or$idable #i!"her %i!hou! any $a1or %ea3ness. His #heno$enal abili!y %as "o$#le$en!ed by his unrelen!ing "onsis!en"y %hi"h %as eviden! !hroughou! his "areer. DiMaggio;s "onsis!en"y is even $ore i$#ressive i one is !o "onsider his !%is!ed an3les, shoulder !ha! dislo"a!ed rou!inely, a bad ba"3, and !he bone s#urs in bo!h o his ee!. His le ! heel had been o#era!ed on in 1&4<, %hen do"!ors re$oved a !hree:in"h bone s#ur. 9he surgery #roved !o have $ini$al e e"! and !he bone s#ur in his righ! oo! s!ill #ersis!ed. +n addi!ion, his righ! shoulder %ould so$e!i$es #o# ou! o i!s so"3e! on and o !he ield. +n 1&51, DiMaggio %as ea!ured in Ernes! He$$ing%ay's novel, =ld Man and !he 2ea. 2an!iago, !he #ro!agonis! o !he narra!ive, idoli)es DiMaggio and $a3es "o#ious re eren"es !o hi$. DiMaggio's #resen"e in !he novel "an be a!!ribu!ed !o his ba"3ground and "hara"!er. 2an!iago believes !ha! !hey "ould rela!e !o ea"h o!her be"ause DiMaggio had "o$e ro$ a a$ily o isher$en. 0s a resul!, he %ould be $ore in"lined !o lis!en and $a3e !he old $an's endeavor ou! a! sea $ore bearable. DiMaggio also $a3es a las!ing a##earan"e due !o his #erserveran"e and dedi"a!ion, !rai!s !ha! 2an!iago dee#ly ad$ire. Des#i!e being burdened by nu$erous ail$en!s and in1uries, DiMaggio %as s!ill "a#able o grea!ness. His dedi"a!ion !o !he s#or! "arried hi$ !hrough. 2an!iago asso"ia!ed DiMaggio's su""ess %i!h his #ersonali!y %hi"h ul!i$a!ely ins#ires hi$ !o igh! !he $arlin un!il !he very end.