The duration of Bella's probation has come and gone.

She now has proven more than capable and has progressed her status in the office as a respectable efficient worker. Now, it is that time of the year where Cullen Advertising hosts their Christmas Chairity Auction for coporate bigwigs along with their family's and sponsors to donate to his company's' chosen respective charities. At the Cullen Mansion before the Auction. It was the night of the auction and Edward had been nervous- sweating bullets all day. Bella, on the other hand, had seemed particularly calm and happy One thing was sure she had outdone herself by showing up at the office in black heels and skirt and blue-colored silk blouse. He had wasted at least an hour trying to guess the color of her underwear. If Bella belonged to him, it would be a different story. He would never be in doubt of what lovely treasures o f lace were hiddn because he would simply snap his fingers and she would have them revealed. He sighed, Having one s lover under wraps, safely buttoned up, away from the outside world but completely vulnerable and available underneath. Vulnerable only to him, of course, and no one else. He sat there wondering what lovely gown she would appear in. Edward then smiled to himself getting ready for what looked to be a most exciting evening. Earlier that day... BPOV You have to help me Alice. Bella complained, wishing she had Alice s sense of style, which would put any supermodel to shame. Alice nodded her head. Of course silly, Rose and I already have a dress all picked out." "But Bella, stope avoiding the topic of my brother-in-law, so let s talk details, What about him gets you all hot and bothered? Bella fought a blush. He s a gentlemen, yet sexily fierce and in control, I already told you I'm always busy with his tasks, I rarely have a minute to oogle, which is good I guess. Alice fought a smirk, perfectly positioned on her oval face. So, he s a sexy workaholic, with class, Even I know that. With that face and those green eyes? Bella sighed to herself, Alice arched a brow. Bella knew she would lose herself in their mysterious depths if the moment ever came. I bet he has a hell of a body too, Alice prodded. I know that Emmett, Jasper and Edward all go to the gym three times a week. Alice smirked before adding, You undress him with that dirty little mind of yours. I know you do, all that shyness on the outside, you must have soe wild desire on the inside. Bella gasped, and blushed a bright red. Fine. If it will end this topic of conversation for now, I will tell you. He s very athletic, has a nice strong jawline and he s got these hands like he can reach out and take what he wants. Alice smiled, "well my dear, lets go pimp you out!" EPOV "Next up we have the beautiful Bella Swan" Yelled the auctioneer. I felt my breath hitch. She was beautiful. Perfect. A long evening gown with a silky sheen and an alluring shade of midnight blue. Strapless, her hair cascading down in waves, the beading gave away where she found the dress. Alice, you're a genius, he thought. "We shall start the bidding at 1,000 dollars." "1000" said a man. "2000" said another.

I will jsut wait until it gets to the highest and double it. Impatiently Edward waited. "5000" countered the man. "5000 going once, ... twice, ..." Nothing. Thats too little, I thought to myself. With my crooked grin in place I place my bid. "ONE MILLION." I said proudly. I heard gasps, and a loud round of applause. "Once million once, ... twice, ..." "SOLD! to our generous host, Edward Cullen of Cullen Advertising." I stood with a humble bow, and stole a glance at Bella. She was bright red, and wide eyed. I winked at her with what I'm sure was my naughty grin and took my seat. Yes, my date night with Bella is when she and I will finally learn just how much chemistry we have.

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