EPOV As I watched Bella Swan follow Alice down the corridor, I couldn't help my wandering eyes.

Those perky full breasts, curving to a sleek slim waist, then curving out into nice curvacious hips, follow my firm yet slender legs that went for miles. I felt my blood rush to my pants. I noticed Jasper cast me a curious glance when I let out a low growl. God! This woman has bewitched my body, mind and soul. She of course has no idea the effect she has on the male population. So demure, timid, and innocent. I begin to imagine her arranging something on my desk, while rubbing her hips from behind. I see myself pushing her chest first to hug the desk, then spanking her plump buttocks with a "THWACK" Damn! What has gotten into me. I shift in my chair with the discomfort my brainstorming has caused, and steal at Jasper. His arms are crossed and his bobbing chest, and tight lip smile give away that he is trying so hard to hold in the roaring laughter he wishes to express. ... three ... two... one ... Jasper cannot hold it in he releases waves of loud chuckles, and it is so infectious I can't help but add my own care-free chuckles. "I have never, -EVER! Seen you so distracted in our entire life. She's really thrown your world into chaos eh?" I sigh deeply, and then turn my head slowly and nod once. "She makes me want to, well, mark her." I surprise myself sometimes, "I want her, and I want everyone to know it." "Jazz, I've never felt this way. So possessive, and I hardly know her." "Edward," Jazz walks around the table, and places a hand on Edwards shoulder. "Love, is unpredictable, and life-changing. Although the changes are usually for the better, so go for it and have no regrets." True, I thought to myself. Some people know each other for years, and their marriages fail, and yet some people meet one day and are married the next. "I'll be in my office, to ponder this enigma you call love." I make my way to my office, sit behind my desk, and submerge myself in thoughts of Bella, and how my life will be adapted. I stride through the opposite end of the room, and open the door across the hall. I glimpse at the small mini-reception setup for my new secretary. I chuckle darkly, oh yes I will have alot of fun with you miss Swan. Then again, so will you. Meanwhile. BPOV I watched a very animated Alice from beneath my lashes. I was so nervous I just couldn't look straight ahead. I hope my interview goes well. I bit my bottom lip. The pain was comforting, helping me to relax. I was finally able to lift my head and take in my surroundings. The carpets were a lush burgandy with with soft wall sconces that glowed a warm orangish light. Much better than migrain flourecents I thought to myself. Alice abruptly stopped and and turned to face me. "Here we are, please have a seat Miss Swan." "Bella, please." She smiled a genuine warm smile. "Of course, then I'm just

Alice." She winked and gestured for me to take a seat. When I stepped in, the first thing I saw was a gorgeous tall voluptious blonde, smiling excitingly at me. I blushed from pure embarressment that anyone could be so exited to meet me. I slowly made my way to the soft-cushioned straightback chair and took a seat. Alice made her way to the beautiful rosewood desk in front of me and sat down next to Rosalie who had taken perch at the corner of the desk. GULP. "I'm Rosalie Cullen, but please call me Rose." She reached out to shake my hand, and I recieved it warmly accompanied by a grateful smile. "Bella Swan, it so wonderful to meet you Rose." "So!" Alice chirped loudly, tell us why you've applied to this position, and what are your talents and hobbies? "Um" I was stunned breifly looking to my left and looked up again, "I needed to be self sufficient, I love to cook, but I can't cook food if I have no money and no kitchen, so I took the secretary training course so that I could move out of my dad's house, and be my own person... I guess." I know that was the reason, but I didn't know why I answered it so quickly, I mean I barely knew these ladies. "I see." Says Rose, a mischeivious grin grew on her lips, matched only by Alice's broad smile. "So you can actually type?" Alice sounded so thrilled. "Of course. I would not have applied if I found I didn't fit the qualification." I was perplexed at this question and I saw that they also noticed my curious expression and nodded to show she would explain. "You see Bella, your the third applicant in twenty-three total applicants that actually qualifiy for this position." Rose was blatetly nodded her head as I gasped, her expression telling me silently, 'yup, its true, can you believe it?' my eyes were wide with shock wondering why on earth people would try for a job they weren't qualified for. Alice answered my silent question in her next statement. "My brother Edward you see is rather easy on the eyes, and quite well known in this town." I understood immediately, so my handsome man-god Edward is on everyones wanted list. "Gotcha, Alice, I was lucky to have been introduced earlier in the lift. He was very courteous." I saw her nod, and then smiled as she saw my blush. "So you see why there was so much of a screening process for the position of his secretary." Rose finished. WHAT! HIS. SECRETARY! "Oh- my, I didn't know that he was the intented ... um well. future boss-to-be..." I should have known. Now I have to find a way to deal with being in his presence every day. If, Bella, only if you get the job, I silently chastised myself for being so eager. "When can you start?" Rose asked. I was shocked. Dumbfounded.

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