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Requirements for Admission Processing and Test Scheduling

Accomplished College Admission Application Form 4 pcs. 2x2 pictures (to be used for the forms) Copy of Transcript of Records (for Transferees) Accomplished Student Information Sheet Photocopy of High School Report Card Photocopy of Birth Certificate (for HS graduating students) Original copies of documents are to be presented during application for verification purposes.


FOR APPLICANTS(Beginning Freshmen) 1. 2. 3. 4. Get the Application and Letter of Recommendation Forms from the Guidance Office or from the Information Office. Forms may also be downloaded from the St. Paul University Manila website: Fill out application form and attach the accomplished letter of recommendation forms (enclosed in sealed envelopes), photocopy of 4th year HS card and one (1) 2x2 recent colored picture. Submit to the Guidance Staff. Secure the exam permit. Go to the Finance Office, present exam permit, pay the testing fee of Php 450.00. Get your receipt. Proceed to the Testing Room on the date and time indicated on your exam permit.

*Testing is scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 8:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M., applicants may request for special exam schedule. *The applicant will be notified about the results of the exam during the interview with the Counselor/Psychometrist. *If accepted, the applicant will receive a Permit to Enrol (Yellow Form) and the list of documents to be submitted on or before enrolment.



- Permit to Enroll (Yellow Form) from the Guidance Office - High School Card (original and photocopy) - Authenticated Copy of Birth Certificate from the NSO - Copy of Marriage Certificate (for married students) - New Student Information Sheet

- Permit to Enroll (Yellow Form) Signed by the Dean or Program Chair - Transcript of Records or copy of Grades from school last attended. - Course description of subjects taken from school last attended. - Certificate of ELIGIBILITY TO TRANSFER from school last attended.

- For Freshmen, authenticated High School Card (original, with official English Translation) - Photocopy of Passport - Birth Certificate - Personal History Statement - Police Clearance from Country of Origin - Affidavit/proof of financial support - English proficiency passing score (TOEFL, IELTS/TOIEC or SPUM-EPT) - STUDENT VISA and ACR-I card

* Foreign students transferring from another Phil. University must have completed a year of studies in the first school attended.

* See COORDINATOR for INTL. STUDENTS or download other requirements from website: or

2 Recommendation Forms secured from SPU Manila: Forms must be accomplished & signed by the Adviser, Counselor, Teacher, High School Principal/Dean of school last attended or respected member of community of origin, Health Services Requirements: -Certificate of Physical Fitness from Family Physician -Recent chest X-ray with interpretation from accredited clinic/hospital -Health Clearance issued from country of origin for International Students Three (3) copies 2x2 recent colored ID photo (1 for Registrar, 2 for Health Services Office-for Medical & Dental Records) Two (2) long brown envelopes (1 for Registrar for academic records, 1 for Health Services Office for Health Records)
1. 2. 3. 4. Go to the FINANCE OFFICE and pay tuition fee (partial or full) or the reservation fee of Php 2,000.00, which is non-refundable but deductible from the total amount of fees. Go to the HEALTH SERVICES OFFICE for PHYSICAL/DENTAL EXAM and MEDICAL CLEARANCE. Submit brown envelope with all the required health records. The Permit to Enrol (Yellow Form) will then be signed by the University Physician Go to the REGISTRARS OFFICE and submit all the required documents with the accomplished Personal Information Sheet inside the brown envelope. Return on the scheduled enrolment dates for official enrollment.

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Get class schedule and assessment of fees. Secure official student I.D. Buy/order school uniform, etc. from the University Bookstore. Quick Links: Transfer Applicants Provincial Applicants Foreign Student-Applicants Application and Testing Dates Important Deadlines Download Application and Recommendation Forms Now

Admission Policy
St. Scholastica's College (SSC) seeks and aims to attract students who have the desire to successfully complete tertiary education. Ability and potential success are determined by careful screening of applicants done by the Committee on Admissions based on stringent admission requirements.

Although St. Scholastica's College is an exclusive school for women, admission of male students in the following programs have been allowed: Cognate Music Fine Arts

Admission Procedure and Requirements

1. Secure application permit from the Admissions Office and proceed to the Business Office for payment of the application and testing fee of PhP500.00. The application fee of applicant from abroad is US$20.00. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. 2. Present receipt to the Admissions Office and secure an application form and two (2) copies of SSC's recommendation letters. 3. Submit to the Admissions Office the following requirements: a. Accomplished application form with 2x2 colored ID pasted on it b. Accomplished SSC recommendation forms (from Principal or Dean, counselor, teacher) c. One 1x1 colored ID picture (identical to the 2x2) for the exam permit form d. Photocopy (one each) of the following: 1) current fourth (4th) year report card 2) birth certificate (NSO)

3) complete records of collegiate grades certified by the school Registrar (for transferees only) 4) marriage contract (for married students) e. Certification of the school's grading system from the Principal or the Registrar (only for those with letter grades) f. Study permit and Alien Certificate of Residence (ACR) [for foreign students only]. The applicant will not be allowed to enroll if these have not been submitted. 4. 5. 6. 7. Secure examination permit from the Admissions Office. Take the entrance examination on the scheduled date given. Send/Mail back the reply slip attached to the acceptance letter before the specified deadline. If required, come for an interview on the scheduled and time given by the Admissions Office. If waitlisted, call the Admissions Office to inquire about your status on the specified date given. Pay the confirmation fee of PhP2,000.00 (US$50.00 for foreign students) and submit original report card before the specified deadline. Confirmation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable but will be credited to the tuition fees.


Transfer Applicants
Transfer students who wish to apply to SSC normally should not have completed more than two (2) semesters of collegiate work, should manifest satisfactory academic performance and meet SSC's admission requirements. The College reserves the right to classify the transferee based on existing curricular requirements. In most instances, the College credits no more than 18 units. Aside from other application requirements, applicants must submit the course description of subjects taken and the grading system in previous school.

Foreign Student-Applicants
Inquiries for admission to SSC by foreign students may be coursed through mail, phone, fax or e-mail. For immigration requirements of the Philippines, foreign applicants must inquire from the Philippine Consulate/Embassy of the country of origin. If admitted, the applicant must submit a photocopy of the student visa/permit and Alien Certification of Residence (ACR). For those on temporary visitors visa and would wish to pursue tertiary education in SSC, conversion of their visas from temporary visitors visa to student visa should be done. The list of requirements for said conversion may be secured from the Admissions Office. Foreign students are required to pay the application and testing fee of US$20.00 as well as the one-time Foreign Students fee of US$500.00 upon enrollment.

Non-English speaking applicants must also submit the result of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 500 on the paper-based test or 170 on the computer-based test is required. Test must have been taken not more than two (2) years ago. Applicants accepted on the basis of their TOEFL, or SAT results may be required to take the SSC entrance exam upon their arrival in the Philippines for validation purposes. Reminders: 1. 2. Applicants with incomplete requirements will not be scheduled for testing. Except for the March and April (late) applicants, results of the applications will be mailed. Results may also be accessed through the webpage of the school ( by entering the applicant's birthdate (i.e. 06/08/90) and the receipt number of application and testing fee (04623). Late applicants are expected to call the Admissions Office for the results two (2) weeks after examination. Applicants who are interested to enroll in SSC must submit their reply slips to the Admissions Office soon after receipt of the status letter. Information on the reply slips submitted serves as the basis for recording the applicants name under her/his choice of program. However, a slot will only be reserved for the accepted applicant after payment of the confirmation fee and submission of the original report card. Admission to SSC is on a first-come-first-served basis.



Important Deadlines
1. Deadline for submission of completed application requirement is at least three (3) days prior to preferred testing date. Deadline of confirmation fees - fees may be paid any time after receipt of acceptance letter and submission of reply slip but not later than submission of original report card in April 2012.