Rocky Mountain Region Operations Bulletin

June, 2013

Regulation Changes
Here is a list of regulation changes during the past month. Take time to reference the regulations for the full updates. CAPR 1-4, Conflict of Interest Administrative corrections. CAPR 160-1, Operation of the CAP Health Service Program This regulation provides for the establishment of the Health Service Advisory Panel, deletes the requirement for the quadrennial survey, clarifies language about the provision of emergency first aid, minimum training requirements for health service personnel and adds the need to ensure blood borne pathogen instruction is compliant with OSHA requirements. It also prescribes and adds requirements for use of the CAP 160 series forms, clarifies the use of the term “Medical Officer,” sets standards for who can serve as a health service officer (HSO) and clarifies participation of retired health professionals. The regulation also specifies how HSOs with specialty track ratings previously awarded by commanders are handled. Chapters on health information confidentiality and medical information handling are also added. CAPR 160-2 has been incorporated into this regulation as chapter 4. Note: This regulation is revised in its entirety. CAPR 173-3, Payment for Mission Support Limits automotive fuel to diesel and regular. Adjusts minor maintenance rates to current costs. Adds rates for external customers to cover minor and major maintenance costs. Clarifies that external agency agreements cannot provide for reimbursement beyond what is required by law or by what is authorized in this regulation. Requires individual expense claims to match receipts. Requires lodging receipts to have address data for verification. Requires a detailed explanation be provided with the receipt if the transaction date is more than one day after the sortie date. Clarifies requirements for twin engine aircraft approval. Requires charging for imagery system use in order to maintain systems; an exception was also added to allow for member funded training.

CAPP 212, Specialty Track Study GuideStandardization/Evaluation Officer Administrative corrections.

New Forms
CAPF 160, June 13, CAP Member Health History Form CAPF 161, June 13, Emergency Information CAPF 162, June 13, CAP Member Physical Exam Form CAPF 163, June 13, Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication CAPF 178, May 13, Conflict Of Interest Statement CAPF 179, July 13, Direct Deposit Sign Up - CAP Members

Commander Notes
HOT, HOT, HOT! Subordinate Unit Inspections CAPR 123-3 para 12 outlines the requirements for subordinate unit inspections (SUI). Bottom line is that SUIs must be completed within a 36 month cycle. “Any unit that exceeds 39 months without a completed SUI will be prohibited from participating in any CAP activities (including weekly meetings) until an SUI is completed.” New Pacific Region Commander Col Brian L. Bishop has taken the reigns of the Pacific Region. RMR Has a New Web Page In an effort to keep the Rocky Mountain Region informed, we have launched a new Web page. CAP Annual Conference in Denver Ladies and Gentleman of the Rocky Mountain Region, National Headquarters and the senior volunteer leadership selected Denver Colorado to host the 2013 1

summer conference, this August. Of the 3,500 members in the Rocky Mountain Region we only have a hand full of our members registered so far. This is our chance to show the rest of CAP what we are made of. Our region covers lots of real-estate and with fewer members, but we always respond to the call. We have a reputation of performing admirable with all three missions, S&R, cadet programs and aerospace education. I am encouraging you to make your reservations on line as soon as you can; I really think it will be a great experience for you. The national level courses offered are some of the best training in CAP and a great opportunity to whiteness a (Board) meeting in session with all 52 wing commanders, 8 region commanders and the national staff. You can put a face to the name with some networking as well. I am sure many of you have access to a CAP vehicle and can carpool with members who would like to attend as well to make it much more affordable. You can find all the registration information on the CAP webpage. ( I hope to see each of you there, r/ Robert M. Bost, Col, CAP Commander Rocky Mountain Region 2013 CAP Annual Conference What: 2013 Annual Conference & Command Council Meeting Where: Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, Colorado When: August 15-18, 2013 Registration will open in April on Be sure to watch for special early bird rates!

and the MLB Colorado Rockies games. For details about these events and more, visit Come prepared to visit Vanguard, which will be on-site and ready to fulfill all your uniform and accessory needs.

National Safety Facebook Page Keep up on safety news by following the CAP National Safety Facebook page at 101 Critical Days of Summer We have just entered the 101 critical days of summer that run from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Take time to review the safety guidelines listed below.

Aerospace Education
Registration Open Now For 2014 CYBERPATRIOT! ral/afa-cyberpatriot/ National AE Newsletter Get your information packed AE newsletter at n/stay_informed/index.cfm National Newsbrief Latest AE e-news Newsbrief from CAP NHQ at: tion/stay_informed/ae_newsbriefs.cfm Free Virtual Professional Development Workshop Series: Rockets to Racecars Audience: K-12 Educators and Home Educators Event Dates: First workshop takes place on July 16, 2013, at 2:15 p.m. EDT Don't miss out on upcoming NASA education opportunities. For a full list of events, opportunities and more, visit the Educator and Student Current Opportunity pages on NASA's website: -- Educators -- Students

• Command Council and Opening Reception -Thursday, August 15 • General Assembly and Learning Labs -- Friday, August 16 • CAP Annual Awards Program, Learning Labs, Cadet Day, and CAP Banquet – Saturday, August 17 PLUS, two days (August 13-14) are set aside for additional professional development opportunities at the Preconference Workshops. Workshops will include the Public Affairs Officer Academy, Cessna G-1000 Ground School, GIEEP course and more. Bring your family and plan on coming early or staying later...Denver is an exciting vacation destination that features attractions designed especially for families, including museums, amusement parks, the Denver Zoo 2

Yeager Award Recipients Capt Walter F Leuci, CO-162 Capt Caitlynn M Graham, CO-186 Capt Anthony Auriemma, UT-007 1st Lt Thomas M Hopkins, UT-083 2d Lt Alexandra M Heil, WY-019 2d Lt Kimberly R Mullikin, WY-019 1st Lt George Schilreff, WY-059 Capt Mckinley D Wood, WY-069 Keep up the great job! Help your wings succeed in Aerospace Education, encourage your members to complete the Yeager Award requirements. 44.34% of Rocky Mountain Region senior members have earned the Yeager Award. Can we push it to 45% by 31 July? Yeager Award Leaderboard WYWG - 58.3% COWG - 46.5% MTWG - 44.7% UTWG – 39.5% IDWG – 27.8%

Eaker Award Ben C Jakeman, CO-030 Thomas A Jessop, CO-030 Cody R Draeger, CO-173 Keep up the great job!

Professional Development
Region Staff College The 2013 Region Staff College is now accepting applications for students. All members who have completed Level III of the Senior Member Professional Development Program are eligible to attend. The college will be 20-27 July on Peterson AFB. A course fee of $125.00 if you register by 30 April 2013 or $150.00 from 01 May 2013 to 30 June 2013. This fee covers course materials, and special outings. Your fee does not cover meals or overnight accommodations or your travel expenses. To register, mail your CAPF 17 endorsed by your chain of command with payment to Capt Edie Graham, CAP, Region Staff College, PO Box 19160, Denver, CO 80219. Forms may also be electronically submitted to However, you will not be considered formally registered until payment is received. Wilson Award Recipients Col Nolan S Teel, RMR-001 Maj Jeanne M Stone-Hunter, WY-066 Loening Award Recipients Maj John C Frank, CO-162 Maj Daryll W Keeling, CO-188 Maj Oleh I Stefaniuk, CO-188 Davis Award Recipients 1st Lt Les A Gilmer, CO-099 SM Matthew B Brewer, CO-147 Capt Walter F Leuci, CO-162 Capt Trevor A Munson, CO-183 1st Lt Chris L Gale, ID-073 Capt Caitlynn M Graham, CO-186 1st Lt Travis D Graham, CO-186

Cadet Programs
Wright Brothers Award Stevie M Bohlen, CO-030 Christian R Gebhards, CO-159 Robert H Huthoefer, CO-159 Kenneth G Klotzsche, CO-159 Nelson B Hall, CO-186 Devon N Macy, ID-096 Ryleigh J Reitz, ID-096 Ammon H Black, UT-024 Courtney Mabey, UT-048 Christopher H Bray, WY-072 Jonathan E Thiel, WY-072 Mitchell Award Anna L Gilmer, CO-099 Alyssa Letts, CO-173 Kamden Q Weis, CO-173 Kooper D Hackmann, CO-188 Reo P Radford, WY-059 Don A Coletta, WY-078 Earhart Award Tanner W Milam, CO-022 Conner N Wilburn, CO-159


DOV Tip of the Month All G1000 qualified instructor pilots, check pilots, and check pilot examiners are required to have “CAP G1000 Training” completed prior to 10 June 2013 in order to remain G1000 qualified. Review the CAP G1000 Training information provided below in the “Training” section of this page and contact your unit DOV to determine the most efficient way to complete the required CAP G1000 Training if you have not already done so. Annual Training Plans Annual Wing Training plans are due by 31 July. They are to uploaded into WMIRS. See CAPR 60-3, para 1-7 for more guidance. Flight Releases If WIMRS will not allow the flight release for any reason, the plane sits. The only people in the Rocky Mountain Region who will ever override WMIRS is Lt Col Rod Holton, RMR/DO or Col Bob Bost, RMR/CC. This note is just a warning; if we see any rule bending or violation of regulations you could find your wing in a grounded status. ~ Col Bost, RMR/CC For all ATP rated CAP Pilots CAP requires Commercial rated pilots to fly certain missions, but not ATP rated pilots, so the database is looking for Commercial rated pilots in ASEL for C182 Ops. Since an ATP rated pilot is a higher FAA rating than a Commercial/Instrument rated pilot with the same Aircraft/Class/Category. Be sure to have your ATP rated pilots check the boxes for Commercial and Instrument ratings along with their ATP rating box and have them validated as long as they are the same rating, e.g. ATP ASEL. Some ATP are rated AMEL and Commercial rated as ASEL or Glider or other ratings, so pay close attention to their pilot certificate ratings. This process takes an overnight data exchange from Ops Quals to WMIRS for this to be current in WMIRS for eFlight releasing, so we can't fix this in real time. Towbar CAPR 66-1 now requires at warning placard be placed in the airplane to remain us to "REMOVE TOWBAR BEFORE ENGINE START" All CAP airplanes should have this placard installed in them by now since the wings/regions were sent these placards out last month. If your CAP assigned plane does not have one installed, get in touch with your AMO or DO to get one and install it. Since we have had two aircraft start their engines and taxi or takeoff with the towbar still on the plane in the last year. 4

CAPR 66-1, 10-C (4) "REMOVE TOWBAR BEFORE ENGINE START." All aircraft shall have a towbar warning placard prominently displayed on the pilot’s side instrument panel in a location clearly visible to the pilot when seated. Also I have found it a good practice to before entering the plane for flight, do a 360 degree walk around to look for the towbar on plane, pitot tube cover still on pitot tube, still chocked, aircraft still tied down, engine plug still in cowling, engine heater still plugged in, oil door open, fuel caps off on top of wings, cargo doors not closed and secure, and anything else that is out of the ordinary prior to entering the plane. We had a problem with the flaps not working on the new 206, and we last found the cargo door was not latched and the flap button was not depressed, so it prevented the flaps from operating. ~Lt Col Holton, RMR/DO Density Altitude Fly "SAFE, LEGAL, AND SMART" this summer and watch out for the high Density Altitudes. A rule of thumb is, you can almost add 3000 feet to your field elevation when it is real hot in the summer time, this also applies to your cruise altitudes. Fly early, reduce load, or move up in equipment (Turbo). ~Lt Col Holton, RMR/DO

Awards and Decorations Please submit requests for region level awards at least 4 weeks prior to the requested date. This provides the necessary time required for the board to review the documentation, provide feedback, then print and ship the final certificates. Please contact Lt Col David Hurtado if you have any questions. File Plans and Electronic Records CAPR 10-2 outlines the requirement to maintain files and a file plan. Did you know you can maintain an electronic file plan? Using Dropbox or Google Drive is a great way to maintain your files. Para 7 discusses electronic file maintenance. Figure 5 provides an example how to label the folders.

Public Affairs
PAO Academy – August 13-14 PAO Academy IV will be held soon – Aug. 13-14 at Buckley Air Force Base and the Air Force Academy. Topics and speakers were carefully selected to keep PAOs and PIOs updated and informed about the latest needs, issues and trends affecting them. It is truly a topnotch professional development opportunity. The

registration fee to attend is only $40, which is used to provide refreshments throughout the event. To sign up for PAO Academy IV, go to the 2013 Annual Conference homepage. The academy is listed under the pre-conference workshops. We hope to see each of you there! ence/ The RMR Record articles needed Major Nash, RMR Director of Public Affair (, is seeking submissions for a new issue of our quarterly regional newsletter. A reminder… the target audience is every CAP member in every unit in the Rocky Mountain Region. Major Nash is focusing on events and people, rather than announcements. Specifically, he is looking for photos with captions, brief columns from program areas, or rewrites of material already used in a Wing magazine, newsletter, or Facebook page. He would like to receive your items by August 15, and intend to publish the next edition of "The RMR Record" as an email distributed PDF file on or around August 20th. RMR Web Page See what is going on in the region by going to the RMR Web page at RMR Facebook Page See what is going on in the region by going to the RMR Facebook page at RMR Twitter Follow RMR on Twitter @RMRCAP. Social Media Managers We’re looking for someone with an interest and social media experience to serve as primary administrator of both accounts. For details, please contact RMR/CS or RMR/PA.

(CDI)? If so, please use the following application checklists to be sure all required documents are being submitted. You may also contact your Wing Chaplain for assistance if you have any specific questions regarding appointment requirements. Chaplain (HC) Application Checklist [Use when submitting CAPF 35] n_Checklist_12E378B1765A1.pdf Character Development Instructor (CDI) Application Checklist [Use when submittingCAPF 35A] hecklist_42091CFBBD0CA.pdf

CUL Training Please encourage anyone who needs CUL training to register for NESA now. Instructors will be beta testing the new CUL 3 material that will hopefully come out later this year. The staff is top notch and members will get the best CUL education. This is the updated version of the CUL course that has been taught the last three years at NESA. Job Opening Job Title: Communication Systems Engineer Salary: $51,327 Location: Maxwell AFB, AL Reports to: Malcolm Kyser Type: Full Time Date Posted: June 13, 2013 Closing date: 30 June 2013 Communication Systems Engineer. Fabricate, modify, troubleshoot, diagnose, calibrate and repair electronic equipment at the component level using electrical and electronic schematics, block diagrams and wiring diagrams. Repairs base, mobile and portable radio stations and support equipment. Use a variety of testing devices. Operates radios, computers, and other office equipment as required. Provides advice and assistance to customers. Accomplishes assigned tasks with minimal direct supervision. The ideal candidate will possess: * A 2-year degree/certificate in electronics or communications technology plus three years verifiable experience in radio communication system design or maintenance; or seven years verifiable radio communication system design or maintenance work experience is required. * Must have strong working knowledge of electronic theory, including troubleshooting, calibration, test 5

Chaplain Corps Online Reporting Chaplain Corps Statistical Reports are submitted electronically using our online Chaplain Corps Reporting system conveniently accessed through eServices. Chaplain or Character Development Instructor Applications Are you submitting an application for appointment as a Chaplain (HC) or Character Development Instructor

procedures, circuit analysis and repair of electronic equipment. * Must have strong working knowledge of HF-SSB, VHF-AM, VHF-FM, UHF-AM and UHF-FM radio communications equipment; computers and peripheral equipment and mechanical repair techniques. * Must have demonstrated skills in the Microsoft Office Suite including strong knowledge of Outlook, Word, and Excel. * The position requires a high level of interpersonal skills including poise, tact, and diplomacy, ability to work independently and also requires initiative, and the ability to work with a diverse group of individuals from across the country. To apply, visit our website at to complete and submit our required online employment application. A resume may be submitted in addition to a completed employment application by faxing to 334953-9906 or via-email to This position does not offer a relocation package. In this position Civil Air Patrol offers a full benefit package to include life insurance, health/dental with Blue Cross, flexible spending account, 401(k) retirement plan, sick and vacation leave and paid holidays. No phone calls please. EOE. ICUT Qualification If any radio operator does not have ICUT, and wishes to complete the requirement but is having difficulty doing so, please contact Major Blucher at so he can help you finish the process. 2013 Command Council Events for Communicators Wed. morning 8/14 - joint session with Operations (no times have been given). Wed. evening 8/14, 1800 to 2200 or later Communicators session with NHQ and National Communications Team. Note: 8/14 is not on the region calendar at this time.

activities (including weekly meetings) until an SUI is completed.”

CAP Monographs There is a large collection of CAP Monographs found at You can find interesting information about insignia and uniforms, the Duck Club, and unit patchs.

Emergency Services
Skills Evaluator on 101 Card RMR Staff - If you have taken Skills Evaluator Training (SET) and are current in a ES Specialty and have been current for a least one year then Lt Col Schein has approved you as a Skills Evaluator. If you reprint your 101 card you will find the SET Diamond symbol on your qualified specialties. If you have questions drop him a note at Aircrew Emergency Training Course Here are the procedures to get credit for ACET in Ops Quals: e_Credit_Instructions.pdf Multi-Wing Operations IAP Guidelines We have put together some guidelines to help you prepare an IAP for multi-wing operations IAP. You can find them here:

Help Wanted
Open Region Positions The following region staff positions are available. Please submit resume to if you are interested; naturally, run applications through your chain of command.. Also include a brief outline on support what you would like to see accomplished in the position.  Cadet Programs Dev Officer/ RMR Recorder  Cadet Activities Officer  Maintenance Officer  Director of Fund Raising and Resource Dev  RMR Training Center Director  Region Newsletter Editor  Asst Legal Officer  Director of Engineering and Facilities  RMR CAC Primary Rep. to NCAC 6

Inspector General
Senior IG Course There will be a Senior Inspector general (IG) course scheduled during the Annual Conference to be held in Denver, CO in August, 2013. Subordinate Unit Inspections CAPR 123-3 para 12 outlines the requirements for subordinate unit inspections (SUI). Bottom line is that SUIs must be completed within a 36 month cycle. “Any unit that exceeds 39 months without a completed SUI will be prohibited from participating in any CAP

Upcoming Events
The most accurate calendar can be found at 96su67rb51lidmlckj40o2c%40group.calendar.googl               Wyoming Wing Conference, Casper, WY, June 28-29. Corporate Learning Course, Twin Falls, ID, July 6-8 Encampment, IDWG Gowan Field, Boise, ID, July 19-28. RMR Staff College at Peterson AFB, CO, July 20-27 Mountain Flying Clinic, TBD, WY, July 20-21. IDWG – Ops Eval, July 29 - August 4. Trend Analysis Reporting due, July 31. Annual Training Plans due in WMIRS, July 31. Wing Encampment at Camp Guernsey, WY, August 3-11. Unit Commander's Course, Burley, ID, August 3-4. 2013 CAP Command Council and Annual Conference, Denver, CO, August 15-17. WYWG - SAV, August 23-25. COWG - SAV, September 6-8. CANCELLED - Senior IG School, TBD, September 6-8. Moved to National Annual Conference. National SAR School Inland SAR Planning Course, Idaho Falls, ID, October 21-26. Safety Surveys are due, October 1 - January 31. Annual Inventory due, January 31. Trend Analysis Reporting due, January 31. Safety Surveys due, January 31. Annual awards due Region, February 15.

     

** - Denotes new items since last bulletin.


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