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HJR32 114161-1 By Representative Ward RFD: Rules First Read: 12-AUG-09

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114161-1:n:08/11/2009:JRC/mfp LRS2009-3845


WHEREAS, with our nation's unemployment rate is nearing 10 percent and it will likely take five years before we are creating a substantial number of net new jobs; and WHEREAS, Presidents Bush and Obama tried to fix our economy through bailouts of big companies and big government stimulus packages which have shown no measurable impact in creating jobs; and WHEREAS, we oppose all job-killing tax increases, especially in health and energy; and WHEREAS, Congress must enact a plan for real job creation aimed specifically at those who create jobs, small businesses and entrepreneurs; and WHEREAS, the Jobs Here, Jobs Now, Jobs First plan as developed by American Solutions is a four step plan: 1. A 50 Percent Cut in Payroll Taxes for Two Years. Every single working American pays the payroll tax and in this economy, many people may not get a pay raise, but

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Jobs First will help. For workers, this means cutting Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes in half for two years, a substantial take-home pay raise for every person who has a job. For employers, a 50 percent cut in the Social Security and Medicare tax match means more money to hire new workers and invest in new technology and that Social Security and Medicare funds are not affected; Jobs First would pay for this proposal by redirecting all the TARP and $787 billion stimulus money that has been allocated but not yet spent. For the economy as a whole, it would bolster small businesses and lead to an explosion of jobs. 2. Abolish the Capital Gains Tax. To compete with China for new jobs and investment, we need to match their capital gains tax: It's zero. If we want our children and grandchildren to live in the most productive country in the world, we need more than short-term, government make-work jobs. We need the investment required for new factories, new companies, and new technologies to create long-lasting jobs. Abolishing the capital gains tax would produce such investment. 3. Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate. When you add together state and federal taxes, American corporations pay the highest taxes in the world. Jobs First believes that by matching the Irish corporate tax rate of 12.5 percent, America would become the

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most desirable economy in the world to open a factory, create a new job, or develop a new production. And that means more jobs for American workers. 4. Eliminate the Death Tax Permanently. By taxing Americans a second time after they die, government does a fundamentally immoral thing: It tells us that it wants us to work all our lives, save all our lives, and provide for our families. And then it takes the fruit of that hard work when we die. If we want to be a pro-work, pro-savings, and pro-family nation, it's past time we stop punishing Americans who work, save, and provide for their families. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, BOTH HOUSES THEREOF CONCURRING, That we urge Congress to adopt the American Solutions Four Point plan for a real stimulus for our economy, tax cuts for more jobs, higher take home pay, and greater prosperity through economic growth and ask Alabama's Congressional Delegation to co-sponsor or sponsor bills that would enact the Jobs First plan.

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