American Literature Mackenzie W. Mr.

Steiner 2013 November 9,

Post- raumatic Stress !isor"er in #e$ation to %$ess Me, &$tima b' #u"o$(o Ana'a

)n $i(e t*ere are man' terri('in+ or"ea$s t*at can torment ,eo,$e (or 'ears. Parents +ettin+ a "ivorce can c*an+e *o- t*e c*i$"ren see $i(e-$on+ commitments. Ma'be t*at c*i$" -*o *a" t*e "ivorce" ,arents -as so a((ecte" t*at s*e (oun" out *er traumatic e.,erience $e" to not bein+ ab$e to kee, a stea"' re$ations*i, an" *avin+ trust issues. )t on$' takes one ma/or e.,erience to a$ter someone0s state o( min" (or t*e rest o( t*eir $i(e. *is is -*ere Post- raumatic Stress !isor"er sets in. Post- raumatic Stress !isor"er is a "isease t*at messes -it* a ,erson0s ,s'c* 1Mi(($in2. )t can occur a(ter someone *as been t*rou+* or -itnesse" a traumatic event. Wit* P S!, t*is event ma' come back to *aunt t*e in"ivi"ua$ -*o -ent t*rou+* a "i((icu$t or"ea$. )n"ivi"ua$s -*o are "ia+nose" -it* P S! *ave to $earn to "ea$ -it* tri++ers t*at set o(( memories t*at can make t*em start to (ee$ uncom(ortab$e, scare", t*reatene", or even make t*em *arm(u$ to ot*ers aroun" t*em. *ere are t-o "i((erent t',es o( P S! tri++ers, one bein+ interna$ an" t*e ot*er e.terna$. W*i$e bot* en" u, -it* t*e same resu$ts --- t*e ,erson su((erin+ *avin+ a ,anic attack, $as*in+ out, stuck in a memor', etc.--- t*ese tri++ers are e.treme$' "i((erent 1Mi(($in2. )nterna$ tri++ers are e.act$' as t*e name states3 t*e' occur -it*in t*e bo"', a (ee$in+ or memor' t*at causes t*e ,erson to ($as*back to a time in t*eir ,ast -*ere somet*in+ traumatic *a,,ene" to t*em or t*e' -ere ,resent to -itness. W*i$e re$ivin+ a memor', a ,erson cou$" be ,ut back in t*e e.act moment t*at it *a,,ene" an" +o t*rou+* t*e e.,erience a+ain b' (ee$in+ ,ain t*at -as in($icte" u,on t*em or someone e$se. Some interna$ tri++ers inc$u"e4 An+er3 an.iet'3 sa"ness3 memories3 (ee$in+ $one$'3 (ee$in+ aban"one"3 (rustration3 (ee$in+ out o( contro$3 (ee$in+ vu$nerab$e3 racin+ *eart-beat3 emotiona$ ,ain3 an" ,*'sica$ ,ain 1 u$$2. 5.terna$ tri++ers are t*e com,$ete o,,osite o( interna$ tri++ers. W*en a ,erson is a((ecte" b' e.terna$ tri++ers, it means t*at a ($as*back *as been tri++ere" b' somet*in+ in t*eir surroun"in+s. 6or,$e, someone cou$" sme$$ a ,er(ume an" be taken to t*e moment t*at t*eir $ove" one "ie" in an acci"ent. *at scent-*ic* -as in t*e surroun"in+ environment-tri++ere" t*at ,erson0s reaction an" invoke" memories o( t*e $ove" one. Some,$es o( e.terna$ tri++ers are4 An ar+ument3 seein+ a ne-s artic$e t*at remin"s 'ou o( 'our traumatic event3 -atc*in+ a movie or te$evision s*o- t*at remin"s 'ou o( 'our traumatic event or is re$ate" to 'our event3 seein+ a car acci"ent3 certain sme$$s3 t*e en" o( a

re$ations*i,3 an anniversar'3 *o$i"a's3 a s,eci(ic ,$ace3 or seein+ someone -*o remin"s 'ou o( a ,erson connecte" to 'our traumatic event 1 u$$2. P S! ,$a's a ma/or ro$e in t*e be+innin+ o( t*e book %$ess Me, &$tima b' #u"o$(o Ana'a. Antonio, t*e ,rota+onist in t*e stor', *as *a" (irst-*an" e.,erience -it* t*e "isease. 7is (rien", 8ason0s (at*er, 9*avez *as a brot*er t*at is ki$$e" b' Lu,ito, a c*aracter t*at su((ers (rom t*e "isease. *is is Antonio0s (irst u, c$ose $ook at "eat*. Antonio -asn0t ,resent (or *is (rien"0s unc$es0 "eat*, but *e -as at t*e riverbank an" -atc*e" as Lu,ito -as c*ase" "o-n b' t*e to-ns(o$k an" s*ot to "eat*. 7e -as ,erceive" as a t*reat an" -as ,ut to "eat* because o( *is actions, -*ic* -ere a resu$t o( *is su((erin+ (rom P S! 1%rett2. So "oes P S! make someone "an+erous: )t is a *i+*$' "ebate" to,ic. Some ma' sa' t*at t*ose -it* t*e "isease s*ou$" be $ocke" u, in a ,s'c*iatric *ome, -*i$e ot*ers counter b' sa'in+ t*at -*oever stru++$es -it* P S! s*ou$" *ave (rien"s an" (ami$' near (or su,,ort. Some ke' (actors in an a(($icte" in"ivi"ua$0s actions -ou$" be -*at t',e o( treatment t*e in"ivi"ua$ receive". *ere are man' "i((erent t',es o( treatments t*at a ,atient cou$" +o t*rou+*, (rom *avin+ a t*era,'-"o+, to seein+ an actua$ t*era,ist, to bein+ ,ut on me"ications. *ere are (our main "ru+s ,rescribe" -*en P S! is "ia+nose". ;( course t*e amount an" t*e t',e o( me"ication varies (rom case to case an" t*e in"ivi"ua$ bein+ "ia+nose". *e (our "ru+s (a$$ into t*ese cate+ories4 anti-,s'c*otics, anti"e,ressants, anti-an.iet' me"ications, an" Prazosin. Anti-,s'c*otics are use" to re$ieve an.iet' ,rob$ems an" a$so as a s$ee, ai". Anti"e,ressants are use" (or an.iet' an" "e,ression, as -e$$ as s$ee, ai"s. Some -e$$-kno-n anti"e,ressants inc$u"e <o$o(t= an" Pa.i$=, -*ic* are bot* certi(ie" b' t*e 6!A. Anti-an.iet' me"ications can be use" to re$ieve stress an" an.iet'. Prazosin 1Mini,ress2 is use" (or s'm,toms $ike insomnia an">or recurrin+ ni+*tmares. *is me"ication *as been use" to treat *',ertension an" b$ocks t*e brain0s res,onse to a c*emica$ t*at causes a"rena$ine ca$$e" nore,ine,*rine 1Ma'o2. Man' o( t*ese me"ications, es,ecia$$' <o$o(t= an" Pa.i$=, *ave been cracke" "o-n b' man' or+anizations t*rou+*out recent 'ears. W*en taken irres,onsib$' t*ese me"ications $ea" to interna$ b$ee"in+, a""iction, "e,en"ence, an" eventua$$' "eat*. Si"e e((ects *ave been consi"ere" $et*a$ because t*e' *ave not a$-a's been taken into consi"eration -*i$e bein+ ,rescribe". Some common si"e e((ects are nausea, $i+*t-*ea"e"ness, s$ee,iness or (ati+ue, s-eatin+, "r' mout*, $o- se.-"rive, insomnia, an.iet', "e,en"ence, -ei+*t +ain, an" suici"a$ t*ou+*ts an">or actions 1Ma'o2. Mr. 8im Strick$an", -*o *as been invo$ve" -it* t*e ?A 1!e,artment o( ?eteran A((airs2 an" a$so *as a back+roun" in t*e me"ica$ (ie$",-rote in corres,on"ence to an emai$4 @P S! isnAt uncommon. Man' ,eo,$e *ave P S!...not on$' veteransB )n m' "a's o( -orkin+ in *os,ita$s, -e use" to treat P S! in ,atients -*o *a" ma/or sur+er'...

Ps'c*iatric me"ications use" to treat menta$ *ea$t* con"itions ma' be ,otent an" "i((icu$t (or some ,eo,$e to to$erate. )tAs "i((icu$t to sa' t*at ,o-er(u$ anti-,s'c*otics me"ications are "an+erous to a ,oint t*at t*e' are more "an+erous t*an t*e un"er$'in+ "isease.C1Strick$an"2 *e me"ication "osa+es s*ou$" be contro$$e" b' a "octor t*at *as *a" e.tensive e.,erience -it* -orkin+ -it* t*em. No one s*ou$" se$( me"icate or un"er>over "ose to tr' to +et better resu$ts3 t*e en" resu$t cou$" be "eat*.

)n conc$usion, P S! is a ver' -i"e-s,rea" "isease t*at a((ects ever'one (rom c*i$"ren to veterans returnin+ *ome (rom -ar. !e,en"in+ on t*e severit' o( t*e case, P S! can be mi$" to e.treme$' intense, bot* (or t*e one su((erin+ -it* t*e "isease an" (or (ami$' an" (rien"s -*o *ave to -atc* t*eir $ove" one en"ure t*e *ar" times. Lu,ito su((ere" (rom a severe case o( P S! t*at cause" *im to re$ive a memor' o( some *orror o( -ar, an" in turn en"e" u, costin+ *im *is $i(e -*en t*e to-nsmen s*ot *im "o-n in t*e river. P S! is a ver' serious "isease t*at man' su((er (rom, /ust $ike Lu,ito "i". An" man' more -i$$ continue to, -*et*er t*e cause be -ar or somet*in+ t*at *a,,ens in or aroun" t*e *ome.

Works 9ite"

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