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Edison Fall Fundraiser Products

Caf Mam French Roast

$11 whole bean, 1 lb. bag $11 ground, 1 lb. bag
The darkest roast available, with oily beans that are almost black, but not burned. It is very rich tasting with a smoky finish. French roast has less caffeine and a lower acid content.

Euphoria Hot Cocoa

$9 per 16 oz. pkg.
Good old fashioned mix-with-milk hot cocoa. Great for your mocha or by itself! A favorite of both kids and adults.

Euphoria Solid Chocolate Stars

$12 8 oz. Milk Chocolate $12 8 oz. Dark Chocolate
These festive foil wrapped solid chocolate stars are available in both milk and dark chocolate. They are decadent yet fun and sure to satisfy both adult and child alike!

Caf Mam Tango Blend

$11 whole bean, 1 lb. bag $11 ground, 1 lb. bag
An equal combination of French and Italian. Tango blends the smoky finish from the French with the full-bodied richness of the Italian. It takes two to tango!

Oregon Chocolate Bar Gift Pack

$10 Three 2.25 oz. Chocolate Bars
This bar pack includes three 2.25 oz chocolate bars: solid milk chocolate, dark chocolate with a raspberry center, and milk chocolate with a soft caramel center. Each bar comes wrapped in a distinct Oregon label, including our very own Eugene bar! Give the complete set, or break it up to spread the chocolate cheer.

Caf Mam Decaf Italian Blend

$12 whole bean, 1 lb. bag $12 ground, 1 lb. bag
Rich and dark in flavor with a bold, complete taste. The Swiss water decaffeination process is certified organic. Decaffeinated beans roast slightly darker than regular beans, but taste the same.

Euphoria Chocolate Covered Caramels

$13 8 pack (7.5 oz.) Milk Covered Caramels $13 8 pack (7.5 oz.) Dark Covered Caramels
Sophisticated, yet simple, these chewy hand dipped caramels are made with cream from local dairies and presented in a classy foil package of eight square pieces.

J-Tea Eugene Breakfast Tea

$10 per 4 oz., loose leaf (60+ servings)

Great everyday black tea. Drinks well on its own or with cream and sugar. Rich fruit undertones, with a hint of mango.

J-Tea Jasmine Green Tea

Euphoria Chocolate Covered Malt Balls

$8 8 oz. Milk Chocolate Covered Malt Balls
Needing little introduction, this bag of chocolate covered fun is nostalgic and delicious. Order plenty as they are sure to disappear fast!

$10 per 4 oz., loose leaf (50+ servings)

Brewed hot, this is a Chinese Restaurant jasmine green. It is also delicious cold-infused.

J-Tea Starry Night Tea

$11 per 4 oz., loose leaf (50+ servings)

A blend of seven organic herbs; hibiscus, lemon grass, licorice, orange peel, lavender, clove, stevia. This is thirst quenching tea that is great both iced and hot. Slightly sweet and slightly tart. Caffeine-free.

Edisons own Euphoria Triple Pack!

$12 Three 3 oz. pkgs. of Euphoria Chocolate

A little bit of everything, this combination includes 3 oz of foil wrapped solid dark chocolate, 3 oz of foil wrapped solid milk chocolate, and 3 oz of milk chocolate covered malt balls. These little bags make a fun gift for kids, coworkers, friends, your mail carrier, or just a little something special for you!

Paper Tea Filters

$6 100 filters
Convenient, disposable empty tea bags. Made in Germany of taste-neutral wood and hemp fibers. The filters are 7 inches tall, 3 inches wide.

Euphoria Holland Mints

$9 per 8 oz. pkg.
Holland Mints blend two wonderful worlds! These little gems have a mint center covered in chocolate and then a pastel candy coating on the outside. They are a real treat for the chocolate mint lover!

Donate to Edison
$ Priceless
Help support Edison literacy programs with a donation directly to Edison School.

Euphoria Dark Chocolate Spice Trade Truffles

$6 per 3 pack (2 oz.)
Three decadent Spice Trade Truffles in rich dark chocolate, plus exciting spices from around the globe. Flavors include Guatemalan Cardomom, Mexican Chipotle, and Indonesian Cinnamon.

Orders due Monday, Dec. 2

Orders sent home approximately Dec. 18

Support Literacy Programs at Edison with our

Coffee, Cocoa, and Chocolate Fall Fundraiser

Its local, delicious and for a great cause!

Dear Edison Family, This month Edison students are selling Caf Mam Organic, Fair Trade Coffee, high quality loose leaf tea from J-Tea, and delicious Euphoria Chocolates and Cocoa. We are excited to be partnering with Caf Mam, J-Tea, and Euphoria Chocolate Company, all local businesses that sell exceptional products. If you arent already a Caf Mam connoisseur, one sip and you may be a new convert! Not only is it socially responsible, its great coffee at a good price. We are also offering three loose leaf teas from JTea, a tea house located in the Friendly Street neighborhood. Josh of J-Tea travels to China and Taiwan several times each year to taste and purchase tea directly from tea farmers. The black, green, and herbal teas hes chosen for our fundraiser are fabulous! For 20 years, Euphoria Chocolate Company has delighted chocolate lovers with high quality, impeccably made chocolates. One taste and youll agree that their chocolate ranks among the finest. All proceeds from our sale will support Edison Literacy Programs. So in the name of reading, nows your chance to purchase holiday gifts, call or email friends and family, take the order form to your office, book group and other events and accompany your child selling to neighbors. The envelope has an example sales script for your child to use when talking with friends and family. If someone does not wish to buy anything but wants to support our school, we also accept straight donations. All money needs to be collected at the time of order and checks should be made out to Edison Elementary School. Please return orders to your childs teacher on Monday, December 2. The products will be delivered no later than December 18 in time for holiday mailing and festivities. Additional order forms are available in the office or on the Edison website. The class with the highest sales total will win a hot cocoa party with Tom! In addition, there will be prize drawings for students who turn their orders in between December 2-5. Thank you for helping to make this fundraiser a success and in turn supporting literacy programs at Edison.

Orders Due Monday, December 2 Dont forget to collect money at time of order
Questions? Contact Jen Thoennes at 541-345-4970 or

Edison Elementary School 1328 East 22nd Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97403 541-790-8900

Cafe Mam
Caf Mam (say mom) coffee is grown by fair trade cooperatives of native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala. The growers, primarily of the Mam, Tzetzal, and Moch peoples, are organized according to egalitarian democratic ideals that emphasize hard work, responsibility to the cooperative, and high standards. The cooperatives programs provide countless benefits to outlying native communities. The farmers believe that by taking care of the soil, they are taking care of the entire bio-system. Their beliefs and sustainable approaches to agriculture benefit their communities in many positive ways. Caf Mam farmers seek to conserve and rebuild the natural environment and work toward a higher quality of life for their families. For more info visit: Caf Mam coffee is 100% organic, 100% fair trade, and shade grown.

Josh Chamberlain founded J-Tea International in 2004 while while living in Taiwan as an MBA student at the National Cheng Kung University. In 2006, Chamberlain returned to his hometown, Eugene, Oregon, and opened a retail space in the Friendly Street neighborhood in August 2007. He is dedicated to returning to Taiwan frequently to bring his customers the best and freshest teas, imported directly from small farms. Chamberlains intimate knowledge of the tea world and his close relationships with Taiwanese tea farmers and purveyors ensures the high quality of his products. J-Tea specializes in Taiwan Oolong tea (also known as Wulong and Wu long tea) but For more info visit: also provides a variety of other high quality Chinese tea. All of the tea is tested for pesticide and heavy metal before its imported to the US. It is then distributed wholesale to high-end tea shops throughout North America, retail through the Eugene tea house, and via J-Teas website. J-Teas Philosophy: Tea is more than just a beverage. Health, relationships, and quality of life all benefit when fine tea is properly made and consumed. The simple act of making a cup of tea improves the quality of life.

Euphoria Chocolate Company

For more info visit: For 20 years, Euphoria Chocolate Company has delighted Eugene locals and visitors alike with high quality, impeccably made chocolates. Our luscious, hand-dipped chocolate truffles have won acclaim in Chocolatier, Success, and Candy Industry magazines, and in such gourmet guides as Food Finds and The Chocolate Lovers Guide to the Pacific Northwest. At Euphoria, our good people combine mountains of rich dark, milk, and white chocolates with rivers of fresh local cream to make exquisite Euphoria Chocolates. We are chocolate fanatics and look forward to sharing our love of fine chocolate with you! So relax, stop, and smell the chocolate!
Euphoria Chocolates are processed in a factory that uses both tree nuts and peanuts. Although none of the chocolates we are selling have nuts, they recommend against the purchase of their products for anyone with serious nut allergies.