Bradford Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes : August 5, 2009
Members present: ad hoc Others: Nancy Jones, Ed Wendell, Sandy Price, Tom Gray, Barbara Kulzyck, Dick Bolander Jared Pendak Monique Priestley

Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM by Chair, Nancy Jones
Acceptance of minutes from July 15 meeting: Moved Tom Gray; 2nd Nancy Jones. Approved. Financial Report – Bills to Pay:
Payable to
Monique Priestley Nancy Jones US Food Services Wendell Kenison Sandra Price Farm-Way

Amount For
$40.50 Poster design for raffle $52.83 Printing Raffle tickets $64.84 Apples & oil for Whole Hog booth $67.50 Brushogging log landing on Davis Land $160.00 Balance due for 5 trees $59.00 Kayak paddle for Raffle

Payable from
Energy Festival Account Energy Festival Account Conservation Fund FOWM

M:E Wendell, 2nd:T Gray, Approved M:T Gray, 2nd:R Bolander, Approved M:T Gray, 2nd:N Jones, Approved M:T Gray, 2nd:S Price, Approved

Urban & Community Forestry M:N Jones, 2nd:T Gray, Approved Grant Energy Festival Account M:N Jones, 2nd:R Bolander, Approved

BCC Website: Monique Priestley did a live review of the links and capabilities of the website ( She made the following requests: needs picture(s) of the Conservation Commission members needs copies of past and future agendas and minutes for linking from the site Jared Pendak offered to obtain photos of confusing signs on route to Devil's Den. Can be placed on web site for clarification. Final Plans for Booth at Whole Hog Festival: Friday Apples to peel at Rosenthal's at 11AM, N Jones to pick up supplies T Gray to bring Fryolator and ice cream freezer to site T Gray and R Bolander to set up tent at site (2:30PM) N Jones to ask Rosenthals for use of their grill for Dogs & Burgers M Priestley to produce price list for laminating N Jones to seek donation of gloves for cooks in booth R Bolander to bring additional coolers to N Jones Saturday N Jones gets coolers to T Gray for ice Sunday Remaining setup from 10AM Items needed: recycle bins, napkins condiments R Bolander to bring 2 x ½ gal milk and 3 x 1 qt half&half Breakdown of booth approx. 4PM Monday T Gray to retrieve and return cooled Fryolator after Perry's disconnects
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Bradford Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes : August 5, 2009
Stewardship Committee: Report from Gary Tillotson read by N Jones: Bushogging and weedwhacking done to provide access to the log landing on the Davis property . Clearing done to Blodgett's Bench adding significantly to the positive appearance. G Tillotson recommended a culvert be put in place; T Gray said he has the necessary culvert material UVLT Monitoring report from Monica Erhart was “glowing”. In correspondance with N Jones, Ms Erhart said she will nominate BCC for an award in October for the quality of stewardship of our Wrights Mtn area. Congratulations to Tom Gray and Gary Tillotson. Land Conservation Updates: Still no signed agreement with landowner of Wright's Mtn. Abutting Land. VHCB has approved a $2000 feasibility grant for 1/2 the cost of appraisal of Wright's Mtn. Abutting Land. Education: The Redstart Consulting will conduct a field study/demonstration of the Waits River Geomorphic Study at the South Branch (near the “Swimming Hole” at the Chelsea Rd.) of the Waits River at 5:30 – 7:00 PM on August 17. Their final report will be presented immediately following at the BA at 7:30 PM, also on August 17. B Kulzyck will place this information on the Bradford listserve. Kate Burleson will lead a field trip to Devil's Den on August 30 leaving at 9:00. Trip is limited to 12 participants. “Garbage” will shown for the public on September 25th. Time and location not yet decided. “Blue Gold – World Water Wars” has been previewed and found to be long with complex language. Can be seen on NetFlix. “Home” still needs to be reviewed. Energy Committee: E Wendell reported the LEAF has been meeting every 2 weeks and the event promises to be larger than last year: more energy vendors, more workshops. There is a wedding scheduled for 3:00PM at the UCC Church across the street on October 10, so scheduling and parking will have to be reviewed. Need permission from P Lavelle to use her lawn for booths. Next meeting: Aug 12, 6:30PM Tire Amnesty: Response received from Mia Roethlein of CVSWMD is that they cannot provide funds to underwrite a tire amnesty at this time. Disposal of computer equipment is scheduled for September 19, but CVSWMD requests that tire amnesty NOT be done on that date. B Kulzyck moved that $350 of remaining Green-Up funds be used to provide coupons to 60 Bradford residents allowing each coupon holder to dispose of up to 4 automobile tires at a charge of $1.50 each. (A total of $6 instead of the normal $12, balance from the Green-Up funds) 2nd T Gray Motion approved. Motion to close by R Bolander; second by T Gray. Passed Closed at 8:05 PM Respectfully submitted,
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Bradford Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes : August 5, 2009
Richard Bolander, Secretary

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