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Consumer Behavior Mini Project- assignment -2 Mr. Ashok Gupta To study the decision making behavior of Mr.

Ashok Gupta (age-24, living in Tilak Nagar) for a high involvement purchase(Laptop) transaction using qualitative research design. Objective:- to study the decision making behavior of Mr. Ashok Gupta for a high involvement purchase (Laptop). Research design :- quantitative technique using depth interview. Primary data: discussion about consumer attitude about buying a laptop. Secondary data: companys attributes by advertisement and information about environmental influences. Model to expected to be followed : the Engel- Blackwell- Miniard model.


Engel- Blackwell- Miniard model

INPUT External influences Firms marketing efforts forms the stimuli of the process. Product : the laptop qualities form the stimulus. The benefit shown makes the product market dominating. The promotion strategies such as advertisement on tv has been influential on customer. Our conserved customer Mr. Gupta watches tv daily for 3-4 hours. Tv advertisement has proved to be influencing on him. He lives in planned area of Pitampura. There are many showrooms of laptop like Acer, Dell and Sony in NSP which near to his place. These are good brands that feature their product regularly in the market. These inputs form his memory.

Socio-cultural environment and individual differences He would prefer a laptop which is portable to tablet so he can carry as he and his family wants. He would go for modern touch screen and features of Windows 8. He is expecting a laptop under Rs 60,000 according to his financial capabilities. He would take a laptop which has good sound quality as he want it as a source of entertainment also. He has good knowledge about laptop use as he has been using other laptops and computers in office.

PROCESS Need recognition He consistently is facing window problem and hard drive corruption problem in his current laptop. He is not satisfied with sound quality. As his work load is increasing day by day he is feeling a need a to purchase a new laptop. Pre-purchase search

His pre-purchase is again influenced by socio- cultural environment and his earlier experience with same category product. Internal search : his memory External search : friends(Vijay who is a user of acer laptop ued for designing and office user) and relatives(his bhabhi who has dell which is use for content writing and his fiance Neha who is Lenovo for different purposes), company website (www.acer co in , www.lenovo com , reviews in others blog A successful information search leaves a buyer with possible alternatives. He forms a evoked set of Dell, Lenovo, Sony Vaio. Evaluation of alternatives He gathered information about Dell, Lenovo, Sony Vaio will now evaluate the product in parameters of price, durability, battery life, size, warranty, performance, Ram processor, hard drive capacity, Windows campatibility, Quality of touch screen, serutiy features, method of purchase and colour. Purchase decision Now his decision to finally will fully depends on parameters of product which he had created in evaluating of alternatives stage. He decided to buy a Lenovo laptop (IdeaPad Yoga 11 priced Rs 58,800).

Post purchase He is seemed satisfied with the product. He made a good choice. The laptop performs the functions he would have wished. He would be satisfied with the portability in this laptop. This purchase has formed an experience memory in him.

2. Mr. Navpreet Singh Firms marketing efforts Certain efforts like (competitive pricing, product promotion) through TV have a great impact on his purchase decision. As it also gives frequent and adequate information about its product price, features, type, built etc. Sources: he would know about the product (LAPTOP) from various sources; i.e.; friends, newspapers, advertisements, net surfing.

Pre-purchase search To get detailed information about the price of the product; he would definitely conduct a prepurchase search using different sources like internet, blogs, their outlets, friends who are currently using laptop of the same company he prefer or the other brands as well. Evaluate the alternative brands after making a pre-purchase search? He would try to get information on all the other brands as well (their built-in features, price at which I am getting other laptops) then on the basis of such information. He may prefer a brand of such a company that is giving him the most of the features that he want at reasonable cost. His purchase behavior is influenced after choosing the best alternative. After selecting the alternative which satisfies he requirements to the fullest from the choices, he would buy that product. Post-purchase evaluation If he is satisfied with the choice he made for purchasing a laptop, it will definitely create a good brand image on the mind and he may refer the same brand to other customers who are willing to purchase a laptop.

3. Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Firms marketing efforts She is influenced by advertisement in newspaper and other prnt mediums.
She does not have much knowledge about laptops and their technologies so she would like to refer to her friends advice. Pre purchase search Need recognition She is promoted to third year of graduation so she feels a need to get a laptop for her day to day college work. Search and evaluation between alternatives. She tales advice from fellow classmates and parents. And she made sufficient enquiry from the nearby showrooms before actual purchase. She would set parameters which will just sufiiently satisfy her needs. She would like to see a medium size, feminine coloured with basic features laptop. Purchase decision She would prefer a Acer mini laptop which is just sufficient to help her in college work. Post purchase As she want to use laptop for college purpose. She would perform basic work. She would be satisfied at that time. Nut she would need a better laptop if her needs increases. 4. Mr. Ravneet Singh Firms marketing efforts and environmental influence. He would go for laptop which would show his status. He is influenced by people aroud him. He also wants to use a product which will show case his status. Although the product may be not used by him but he wants to make he would buy to make style. So he is influenced by marketing efforts which show that their product has popularity.

Pre purchase search

Need recognisation He would feel to get a laptop when he feels everybody around him has a laptop. Evaluation of alternatives He would choose from brands which are more popular and form parameters such as price and style which will show his status. Purchase decision His purchase decision is dependent on his need of achieving social status. He would go for Sony vaio models because he feel they would increase his status. Post purchase He use laptop for show off. He would use it for entertainment purpose. His need would get satisfied if he gets popularity amongst his environment after this purchase.

Mr. Anand Taneja : he is much focused in the prepurchase search via internet. He has memories and knowledge and he is using this also. He is not dependent on situations of environment. He is also not bothered about the social class he wants to show. He would not high purchase involvement product without sufficient needs. Mr. Rahul Sharma: he would go for product that would be suitable according to price. His purchase is influenced by family, financial influences. He not relating the purchase with his experiences. He would go with products which is recommended by his friends. Miss Vijay Laxmi: She is not much influenced by company efforts. She would buy product which would fulfill the basic needs. For her need reocognition is important. And her prepurchase search involves the family and salespersons only. She has no experiences about using laptop and she has littte knowledge about the product. Mr. Siddhant Thukral: His purchase is dependent on how much the product will enhance his stauts. Experience is not important for him. He may use or may not use the product but if feels the product will enhance his status he would buy. Social class is most influential on him. His prepurchase involves friends choice and stylish products. He would ne satisfied with the product if he feels the product is showing his personality, and the product will gain acceptance and would retain as memory.