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1he AusLrallan Churches 8efugee 1askforce, an lnlLlaLlve of Lhe naLlonal Councll of Churches ln AusLralla
(nCCA), ls represenLed by a SLeerlng CommlLLee of 17 senlor clergy from elghL denomlnaLlons and Lhree
ecumenlcal bodles, and currenLly has over 321 member enLlLles. 1he full llsL of SLeerlng CommlLLee
members ls aLLached for your reference.
We are wrlLlng Lo ask you Lo please oppose Lhe re-lnLroducLlon of Lemporary proLecLlon vlsas, by voLlng
for $%) *'$F'G $' LFHIJJ'K $%) !"#$%&"'( )*+(,*+(& ./+*0'$%$1 2$'&+3&"'( 4"5%56 7+#89%&"'( :;<=>
We belleve LhaL 1vs - whlch would be Lhe CnL? proLecLlon avallable Lo people fleelng scenarlos of war
and aLroclLles - are uneLhlcal and lnhumane. 1hey force people lnLo a slLuaLlon of permanenL llmbo,
where Lhey cannoL plan for Lhelr llfe ln AusLralla and Lhey have no hope of belng reunlLed wlLh Lhelr
famlly. 1he reLrospecLlve naLure of Lhe vlsa whlch wlll apply Lo all Lhose already here, many of whom
have been walLlng for a number of years Lo have Lhelr clalm processed, ls parLlcularly cruel.
As you would know, 1vs were flrsL lnLroduced by Lhe Poward CovernmenL ln 1999 and were repealed
by Lhe 8udd CovernmenL ln 2008. 1he AbboL CovernmenL has announced LhaL Lhe purpose of re-
lnLroduclng 1vs ls Lo acL as a deLerrenL Lo fuLure asylum seekers arrlvlng by boaL. lL would also
consLlLuLe a punlshmenL for Lhose who are already ln AusLralla buL who Lhe CovernmenL conslders Lo
have arrlved lllegally". 1he AC81 does noL belleve LhaL lL ls approprlaLe Lo punlsh people who have
commlLLed no crlme.
1he clalm LhaL 1vs acL as a deLerrenL Lo oLher asylum seekers arrlvlng by boaL ls noL supporLed by
evldence. ln Lhe Lwo years followlng Lhe lnLroducLlon of 1vs ln CcLober 1999, Lhe numbers of asylum
seekers arrlvlng by boaL Lo AusLrallan lncreased 300 compared wlLh Lhe prevlous Lwo years. 1hls
lncluded an lncreased number of women and chlldren as desperaLe famllles soughL Lo reunlLe.
R) C,S) N'C $' DJ)IH) HCDD',$ $%) *'$F'G $' LFHIJJ'K $%) !"#$%&"'( )*+(,*+(& ./+*0'$%$1
2$'&+3&"'( 4"5%56 7+#89%&"'( :;<=

K%)G F$ FH FG$,'LCM)L FG$' =I,JFI*)G$T
?ours ln ChrlsL,

1he very 8ev'd ur eLer CaLL
AusLrallan Churches 8efugee 1askforce