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Tips for Fresh Graduates (Looking for First Career in SAP Alone) 18 September 2013 at 10:58 Tips for

Fresh Graduates (Looking for First Career in SAP Alone) 1.Add Attractive Key Words in your CV and Cover Letter in one Word File. 2. Keep pushing your CV via Naukri,Monster to the concerned HR. 3. Make note of HR's Email Id. 4. Keep Udating your Job portal Profile once in 2 days/3days 5. After making note of Email Id, Forward your CV via's Mobile Expres s by sending SMS to 5607055 - Type SENDCVTO (email id) or Via Monster SMS FWD e 6. Stay connected to HR's in Linkedin, if possible get connected to CIO's and CE O's of IT Companies. 7. Create a Slideshare Presentation of your CV and Cover letter, then link it to your linkedin Profile. 8. Display SAP Certificates & other IT Certification in Slideshare by scanning i t. Scan your certificates, copy and paste it in Word Format. Disable Download O ption Strictly. After this link it to your Linkedin Profile. 9.Display your Score Card of IT Certifications in Slideshare and link it to your Linkedin Profile. 10. If you are a Developer ABAP and also Certified..Show case your developer ski lls by creating a small presentation in slideshare and link it to your linkedin profile. 11. Developers - If you have Authorizations to Access SAP Service Market then it will be good for you to download trial editions of 30 days and develop your ABA P Solution. Make a Documentation and put it in slideshare, then link it to your Linkedin Profile. 12. For SAP Functional Modules - Create a Documentation of SAP IDES - Configurat ion Solution along with Screen Shot and make a word format file, upload it in yo ur slideshare (do not give download option) link it to your Linkedin Profile. 13.Stay Connected to your SAP Education Partner's Placement Officials in Positiv e Manner, Keep Updating them about your day to day activities like "Doing SAP De mo Project Solution" status. 14. Take Printout of your Demo Project, Spiral your document and keep it as hand book.

15. Keep Preparing for your Interview. Daily 1 hour or 2 hours Revision is a mus t. Take print outs of interview. 16. Do not read Demotivating Blogs/Posts flowing from Working Professionals (Car eer Changers). 17. Stay Connected only with your Trainers and Pure SAP Consultants/Professional s. 18. Keep Upgrading your SAP Skills with new Technologies of SAP like HANA, Mobil ity, BusinessByDesign and Many More. 19. Register in SCN and Subscribe to SCN News on Technologies of SAP. 20. Keep Practicing in SAP IDES. 21. Register and Upload your CV, Cover Letter, SAP Certificates in all leading S AP Partners Website. Also update it once in 10 days.