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Super Technology Ltd / QX7A10-012261-B0M QX7A10-012261-B0M-02 GGLJQ2013110402/92057 1.0

Product meet the requirements of ROHS ROHS

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Approval 2013-11-06



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Part No.QX7A10-012261-B0M

IMPORTANCE NOTES: 1. If there is any argument on motor performance and/or life, judgment is to be made base on this specification only. / 2. Customer has the responsibility to ensure that the motor can satisfy the requirement of your application. 3. In the event that an official specification is not present by customer; this document will specify the agreed technical specification with a performance curve data and outline drawing. 4. Within the limitation to satisfy this specification, QX has the convenience to change the materials, sizes and shapes of components of the motor for the purpose of improving quality, and/or performance, and/or production efficiency. // 5. After the receipt of this specification, customer should send a signed copy to QX before you issued purchase order for the confirmation on acknowledgement. QX regard it as the receipt of this specification acknowledged if customer fails to return the confirmation to us within the described period.

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Part No.QX7A10-012261-B0M

1. Construction-form NO. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Item Motor construction Number of magnet poles Coil construction Rectifying method Contents 7mm cylindrical Coreless cup DC motor 7mm 2-polesinner magnet type 2 () Cylindrical moving coil Metal brush and commutator

2. Standard operating condition NO 2.1 2.2 Item Rated voltage Rated load Rotation direction Motor position Voltage range for use Current range for use Operating conditions Storage conditions Specification DC 3.0V 3.0 CW Any position DC 2.0V~3.5V 1500mA -5~60 15%~90%RH -10~70 15%~75%RH ordinary humidity no condensation of moisture ordinary humidity no condensation of moisture/ When viewed from output side with +ve voltage applied to +ve terminal Condition / Remark / Added to both ends of the terminal voltage


2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8

3. Environmental Test Conditions NO. 3.1 3.2 Item Temperature Humidity Environmental condition 202 605 RH


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Part No.QX7A10-012261-B0M

3.3 3.4

Motor Position Power Supply

Shaft Horizontal DC 3.0V2%

NOTEAll data shall be based on the measurement under the temperature 202 and humidity 605% RH, however the range of temperature 535 and humidity 4585%RH if there is no doubt about the judgment. 202 605% RH 535 4585%RH 4. Mechanical Characteristic NO. 4.1 Item Configuration Measuring condition Vernier caliper Specification As specified in outline drawing No obvious evidence of mechanical damage crackrust and stain 3.1g 0.05- 0.3mm


Appearance Weight Shaft end play

Visual examination Plate balance 0.1g 0.1g Vernier caliper or Dial indicator
Motor Spongy Cushi on Microphone 10cm

4.3 4.4


Mechanical Noise

Test site: Class of semi-free field At rated voltage and free load, Back ground 55dB(A) noise 25 dB(A) Max, Fix the motor in a test jig (Shaft Horizontal). Microphone is faced to the flat of motor and recedes by 10cm 25 dB(A),() 10 cm

5. Electrical characteristics


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Part No.QX7A10-012261-B0M

NO. 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4

Item No-Load current No-Load speed Rated Load Rated current Rated speed Stall current Insulation resistance

Measuring condition At Rated voltage and no load At Rated voltage and rated load in 15-30s 15-30

Specification 200mA 54000rpm15% 3.0 800mA





At rated voltage and shaft lock 4.4A At DC 100V, measured between housing case and terminal. 100V 10M

6. Reliability Test NO. 6.1 Item Low temperature storage High temperature exposure Humidity test Test condition Temperature-202 Time 72h Requirements 2 hours after the test, in the condition of the normal temperature and normal humidity, the motor should conform to the requirements of the items 8.1 and 8.2. 2 7.1 7.2 4 hours exposured in the normal temperature and humidity after thetest, the motor should conform to the requirements of the items 7.1 and 7.2. 4 7.17.2


Temperature +652 Time 72h Temperature402 Humidity 90%95% RH Time 72h Temperature -30~ 70 Time 2h Circle cycle10times
+702 -302



Thermal Shock test


2h 1cycle


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Part No.QX7A10-012261-B0M


Drop test

Directionx,y,z High 1.5m Times2 times each direction : 2 Test state: The motor is set into a rigid cubic plastic housing approximately weight 40g and fall free on the concrete floor : 40

After having finished the test, the motor should conform to the requirements of the items 7.1 and 7.2. 7.17.2

7. Requirement After Reliable Test NO. Item Specification Rated speed 7.1 Initial data 30% Rated Current 7.2 Initial data 30% Insulation resistance 7.3 1M Starting voltage 7.4 1V 8. PACKAGE REQUIRE NO. Item Specification L*W*H Tray 8.1 29722325 Inner box 8.2 300225230 Outer box 8.3 600450460 9. CAUTIONS 1) ALLOWABLE RANGE FOR USE Pay attention to voltage and current ranges for use ,and use the vibration motor in the condition accordance with this specifications ,or the life and performance should be considerably reduced. 2) MOVE YOUR MOTOR Please deal with the motors gently, you should make use of the outer case as possible as you can. Do not press the product with more than 5 kgf or drop it. It can cause the transformation of performance
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Inner parts name and quantity Motor 200pcs Tray 10pcs Inner box 8pcs


Part No.QX7A10-012261-B0M

or external appearance. 5 3) STORAGE Storage temperature-10~70 Storage relative humidity15%~75% Avoids storing in high temperaturehigh humidity or corrosive gas environment. -10~70 15%RH~75%RH 4) HANDLING OF MOTOR -to handle and hold the vibration motor case softly. -do not bring magnetized object near or contact with the surface of motor to avoid of performance being deteriorated. -pay attention to the handling and working environments of motor because such objects as iron powder if attracted by motor magnetwill cause noise characteristic deterioration, thus reducing the reliability. Please do not operate or store the motor near magnet or magnetic devices. 5) MOUNTING YOUR MOTOR: Some QX motors provide tapped holes in the motor housing for you to use to mount your motor. Please take care not to use screws so long that they can interfere with components inside the motor. Bearing bosses are also used for mounting motors. Please avoid excessive clamping forces on these areas. When mounting your motor, please try not to completely close or around the motor, motor should be set aside space for heat dissipation It is preferable not to use features on the motor such as ventilation holes for location means. It is possible that these features may change as new or modified tooling is used in the future. Any ventilation holes in the motor should not become blocked in your product without consultation with QX. If adhesives are to be used to mount you motor care must be taken to avoid any adhesive getting into the bearing areas or motor.
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Part No.QX7A10-012261-B0M

6) CONNECTION YOUR MOTOR: Whatever means you are to use to connect your supply to your motor please take care not to use so much force or heat that you cause distortion to components inside the motor. Motor terminal Soldering temperature350 Soldering time1sec. 350 1 7) COUPLING YOUR MOTOR: If you intend to couple a gear or a fan or some other item to your motor shaft during assembly, always remember that unusual radial and axial loads transmitted to the motor from the coupling during operation of the motor can have serious effects on the life of the bearings. If you have any concerns about this please consult with QX. 6lbs 8) OVERLOADS: Small high power motors are subject to very fast temperature rises. Take care not to apply excessive voltage to the motor or to operate it at stall or near stall for prolonged periods without first consulting with QX. 9) HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENTS: The degree of protection against corrosion on QX motors is satisfactory only for normal environments. There are small sections of the housing in which some bare metal is exposed and is susceptible to corrosion. It is advisable not to store or use motors in corrosive environment without consultation with QX. 10) OTHERS: The motor may cause slight electronic noise due to the contact between brush and commutator. The motor has a strong magnet so please be aware that it has a magnetic force on the surface of the bracket. It is allowable to have a few spots on the surface or edge of case.


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Part No.QX7A10-012261-B0M

11) ALWAYS REMEMBER that QX has a professional technical support team for the solution of problems on our motors that used in new products or new applications. We are proud of our good working relationship with our customers and we will be most pleased if we can assist you to find a solution to any problem that you may encounter. 10. ATTACHMENT 1 Motor Outline Drawing 2 Motor Performance Curve Drawing



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Customer Motor Model Super Technology Ltd QX7A10-012261-B0M Rated Voltage 3 Rated Load Test Date 20131106 V/DC

Parameters Table Torque : Speed : RPM Current : mA Output : W Efficiency : %

F/L 0 54740 120.8 0 0

Eff (max) 3.06 46786 710.6 1.47 68.92%

P (max) 10.53 27370 2150.4 2.96 45.85%

Stall 21.06 0 4180.0 0 0

(mA) Current
5000 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0

Speed (RPM)



50000 80% 90%


70% 40000 60%




40% 20000 30%

20% 10000 10%


0 5 10 15 20 25


Toque (
NOTES: Performance ( In an ambient temperature of 25 -30) Motor tested rapidly to prevent significant temperature rise. 25 -30

(W) Power
3 2 1 0

(%) Eff.

Parameters Torque Constant : 5.188 Speed Constant: 18792 /Motor Regulation: 2599.4 RPM/V Rpm/