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NIFT-TEA College of Knitwear Fashion,

Centralized Test I, August 2013

Apparel Quality Management
Class / Sem. / Year: B.Sc (AFD) / V / III
Date: 20/08/13
Max.Marks: 50
Duration: 2 Hrs
Part A. Answer all questions. All carry equal Marks.
10 x 1 =
10 Marks
1. 4 point system is used for inspecting ____________ fabrics.
a) Woven fabrics
b) Knitted fabrics c) Non Wovens d) All the above
2. Snarl is a yarn defect, due to
a) more short fibres b) more weak fibres
c) excessive twist d) excessive waxing
3. Inspection of parts before they are assembled into a complete product is known as
a) Raw material
b) In process
c) final
d) None of these
4. __________ is a yarn defect in which protruding fibres extend from yarn surface.
5. ___________ is the strength of fabric against a multi directional flow of pressure.
6. Drape ability is the ability of fabric to assume a graceful appearance in use.(True /
7. 5000 metres length of yarn weighs 40 grams. Count of yarn in tex is _______
8) 3/60sNe yarn is equivalent to
a) 20s Ne
b) 180s Ne c) 40s Ne d) 0.05sNe
9) Which of the following strength testing is more suitable for knitted fabrics?
a) tensile
b) tearing c) bursting d) loop
10) Crock meter is used to assess colour fastness of dyed materail to
a) sea water b) washing c) rubbing d) perspiration
Part B. Answer any four questions. All carry equal Marks.
5 = 20 Marks
1. Explain about the procedure of testing yarn count using wrap reel?
2. How will you assess the dimensional stability of knitted fabrics? Discuss in detail.
3. What do you mean by inspection? Write its objectives. What are the stages of
4. Define the terms a) English Count b) Tex
c)Metric count
5. Write about the influence of amount of yarn twist on fabric quality.
6. Explain the terms a) Yarn CSP b) Fabric Stitch Density c) Spirality
Part C. Answer any one question. All carry equal marks.
10 = 10 Marks
1. Explain with a neat sketch, the working of lea strength tester.
2. Explain with a neat sketch, the working of bursting strength tester.


Part D. Compulsory question


1 x 10 = 10

1. a) Knitted fabric roll weight = 20 Kgs. Fabric width (open width) = 1.2 meters. The
fabric weight is found to be 140 grams per square meter. Calculate the length of the
fabric in meters.

A Knitted fabric roll of 120 yards long and 48 inches wide contains the following
defects. Analyze and say whether the fabric can be accepted or not. Justify your
Size of the
1 inch
2.5 inch
5 inches
7 inches
10 inches


b) A cone wound with 34Ne count yarn has net weight of 1.5 Kgs. What will be the
total length of the yarn(metres) in the package.