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Product Engineering Guide

OSM v20 Kentec v12

The Kentec OSM links the Kentec fire detection control panels to ObServer. The Kentec OSM supports the Syncro and Syncro AS panels. The Kentec OSM can communicate with a network of Kentec panels, allowing access to the isolation, fault, alarm and fire statuses of the individual panels, loops, zones and devices. From the Compass Network, each panel can also be reset, have its sounders enabled or disabled (silenced), or be set into evacuation.

ObServer Platform

Notes Panels should be fitted with protocol software version 5.80 or later. Kentec recommend that the panel printer is not fitted, or if it is then disable it from the panel options menu. On a PC platform the RS232 ports are not usually isolated, which will cause the panel to generate an earth fault. To prevent this, the panel earth faults can be disabled or an RS232 opto-isolator fitted.

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Step 1 Install OSM
The Kentec OSM is installed automatically with all ObSys editions. Refer to the ObSys CD sleeve for details on how to install ObSys.

Step 2 Configure Kentec System

From the Kentec panel disable the on-board printer, if fitted. Optionally, panel earth faults may also be disabled. Enable panel heartbeats by selecting the Graphics System option: From the Kentec Loop Explorer software, edit settings for the connected panel. On the Panel Data tab tick the Graphics System option.

Step 3 Connect COM Port to the Kentec System

Using cable, connect the Kentec to a COM port of the PC. Refer to the section Cable below for details of the cable. Important: Make sure the printer option on the Kentec panel is disabled before you connect to the PC Port.

Step 4 Plug in the Kentec OSM to ObServer

Use object engineering software to locate the ObServer Setup object. Assign the Kentec OSM to an available channel. Refer to 'ObServer v20 Application Engineering Guide'. Note: After inserting the OSM, your engineering software may need to re-scan the ObServer object in order to view the OSM.

Step 5 Configure the Kentec OSM

The COM port, device label, and alarm options are configured using objects. Use object engineering software to view and modify the module objects within the OSM.

Step 6 Access Objects within the Kentec System

Values from the Kentec system are made available as objects from ObServer. Any object software that is connected to the ObServer can access these objects.

Product Engineering Guide - OSM v20 Kentec v12

Engineering Reference
Cable Specification
The cable between COM port and the Kentec Panels PC Port is as follows:
COM port 9-female D-type 2 3 5 Maximum C able Length = 15m Kentec Panel end 10 Way PC Port 7 5 1 COM por t 25-female D-type 2 3 7 Maximum C able Length = 15m Kentec Panel end 10 Way PC Port 7 5 1

Pin numbers for Kentec PC port, as seen looking down upon the pins mounted to the Kentec PCB:

If the COM port is not isolated, then the panel will generate an earth fault. To prevent this, the panel earth faults can be disabled or an RS232 opto-isolator fitted.

When the OSM is loaded the following objects are created within ObServer, use object software to access these objects.
Object [1] Sc Mc Label Kentec System connected to channel c Kentec Module connected to channel c R/W Type [Kentec v12] [OSM v20\Kentec v12]

[1] The ObServer channel number, c, is a number in the range 140.

Product Engineering Guide - OSM v20 Kentec v12

Revision History
Version 1.0 1.1 1.1 1.2 Build Date 16/6/2007 9/10/2008 10/8/2009 7/1/2010 Details Driver released Additional objects enabled for compatibility with other North fire type drivers Improved initialization with large network of panels. Driver re-designed to use different commands with Kentec panel. Instead of polling for events, panel now sends new events immediately. Isolations now supported. Zones now supported.

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Product Engineering Guide - OSM v20 Kentec v12