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Swiss chard and herb tart with young cheese

1e Ingredients the small red onion, thinly sliced (85g net) 3 celery stalks and leaves, thinly sliced (220g net) 8 large chard leaves, roughly chopped, white stalks discarded (1 5g net) 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced 2 t!sp torn mint leaves 2 t!sp chopped parsley 2 tsp chopped sage 2 t!sp olive oil, plus e"tra #or dri$$ling 5g #eta, crum!led 50g pecorino, #inely grated 15g pine nuts, lightly toasted %rated $est o# 1 lemon 350g all&!utter pu## pastry 100g !rocciu cheese or ricotta ' (ourgette #lowers, cut in hal# lengthways (optional) 1 egg, lightly !eaten )alt and !lack pepper

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Method Cooking on location is a very lengthy process. It often takes an hour or two, sometimes much more, to get the cooking station ready, the lighting right, the camera angles and the sound. By the time were ready to shoot everybody is hungry and tired, so our generous hosts often spoil us with snacks and drinks. Setting up for the Swiss chard scene took even longer than usual because we had to wait for the restaurants guests to finish their lunch and leave before we could even start getting ready. In the meantime, Moni ue buttered us with tremendous local charcuterie and lots and lots of red wine. By the time we were ready to start everybody was pretty beat and completely unfocused. !he result was utter lethargy and dragging the shoot almost until sunset, when, of course, it was time". to eat again. It is possible to use a wide range of wild, cultivated or supermarket greens in this recipe. Consider nettles, beetroot tops, turnip tops, spinach or watercress. !he combination is also up to you. Choose the ones you like most. Serves four as a main course. *lace a large #rying pan on medium&high heat and saut+ the onion, celery, chard, garlic, mint, parsley and sage in the olive oil, (ook, stirring continuously, #or 15 minutes or until the greens are wilted and the celery has so#tened completely, -emove #rom the heat and stir through the #eta, pecorino, pine nuts, lemon $est, . teaspoon o# salt and a hearty grind o# !lack pepper, /eave aside to cool, *reheat the oven to 200(, -oll the pastry to a 3mm thick sheet and cut it into a circle, appro"imately 30cm in diameter, *lace on an oven tray lined with !aking paper, )pread the #illing out on the pastry leaving a 3 centimetre edge all the way around, 0ot the #illing with large chunks o# !roccui or ricotta top with courgette #lowers, i# using, 1ring the pastry up around the sides o# the #illing and pinch the edges together #irmly to #orm a secure, decorative lip over the edge o# the tart, 2lternatively press with the end o# a #ork, 1rush the pastry with egg and re#rigerate #or 10 minutes, 1ake the tart in the oven #or 30 minutes until the pastry is golden and cooked on the !ase, -emove #rom the oven and !rush with a little olive oil, )erve warm or at room temperature,

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