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README file for win32 binary release of Net-SNMP DISCLAIMER The Authors assume no responsibility for damage or loss

of system performance as a direct or indirect result of the use of this software. This software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. TABLE OF CONTENTS Disclaimer Table Of Contents Introduction * Installation * Co-existence with Microsoft SNMP services Installation - Perl module * Configuration Build Information * = Required Reading. INTRODUCTION This package contains a compiled binary release of Net-SNMP for Windows NT/200 0/XP. The binaries run unmodified on Windows 98. The "snmpd" and "snmptrapd" progra m can not run as services on Windows 98, as Windows 98 does not provide a Service Co ntrol Manager (SCM). Documentation for using the applications is available in the Windows help file (Net-SNMP.chm) located in the docs directory of the installed package. Help i s also available from the web site at INSTALLATION The Net-SNMP Windows installer package performs the following tasks: - Installs the Net-SNMP binaries, MIB files and ActiveState 5.8.x Perl PPM package into the installation folder (defaults to c:\usr). - Adds (install folder)\bin to the system PATH. - Adds the following registry keys: - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Net-SNMP\SNMPCONFPATH=(install folder)/etc/snm p; (install folder)/snmp/persist - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Net-SNMP\SNMPSHAREPATH=(install folder)/share/ snmp - Creates an snmp.conf file in SNMPCONFPATH which defines: - mibdirs (install folder)/share/snmp/mibs - persistentDir (install folder)/snmp/persist - tempFilePattern (install folder)/temp/snmpdXXXXXX After installing using the setup wizard, perform a quick test to verify that Net-SNMP was installed correctly. Run the following from a command prompt:

snmptranslate -IR -Td IF-MIB::linkDown The above command should generate: IF-MIB::linkDown linkDown NOTIFICATION-TYPE -- FROM IF-MIB OBJECTS { ifIndex, ifAdminStatus, ifOperStatus } DESCRIPTION "A linkDown trap signifies that the SNMP entity, acting in an agent role, has detected that the ifOperStatus object for one of its communication links is about to enter the down state from some other state (but not from the notPresent state). This other state is indicated by the included value of ifOperStatus." ::= { iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) snmpV2(6) snmpModules(3) snmpMIB(1) snmpMIBObjects(1) snmpTraps(5) 3 } If snmptranslate can not be found, then verify that the Net-SNMP bin folder is in your system path. If you get Module not found errors such as 'IP-MIB: Module not found', the app lication was not able to locate the mibs folder. Verify that SNMPCONFPATH is set to th e location of the configuration folder and the persistent storage folder (c:/usr/etc/snmp;c:/usr/snmp/persist for example). Also verify that there is an snmp.conf file that contains configuration values for mibdirs, persistentDir a nd tempFilePattern. For example: mibdirs c:/usr/share/snmp/mibs persistentDir c:/usr/snmp/persist tempFilePattern C:/usr/temp/snmpdXXXXXX For detailed information on using environment variables and the registry to co nfigure Net-SNMP, see 'Overview' document in the Configuration section of the Net-SNMP help file. For information on running snmpd.exe and snmptrapd.exe as a Windows service, s ee 'How to Register the Net-SNMP Agent and Trap Daemon as Windows services' in RE ADME.win32 which can be found in the Net-SNMP Help file in the Start menu. CO-EXISTENCE WITH MICROSOFT SNMP SERVICES Please see the section 'Co-existence with Microsoft SNMP services' in 32 which can be found in the Net-SNMP Help file in the Start menu. INSTALLATION - PERL MODULE Included in the (install folder)\Perl folder is an ActiveState Perl 5.8.x. PPM package. Note: In previous version of Net-SNMP, the PPM

package was called Net-SNMP.ppd. The package has been renamed to NetSNMP.ppd to prevent conflicts with the Net::SNMP package available from ActiveState. The Perl modules require the Win32 REGEX (Regular Expression) package which is available from: Download gnu_regex.exe, copy it to a temporary file and execute it to extract the files. Copy the extracted gnu_regex.dll to your %windir%\system32 folder. Remove any existing Net-SNMP Perl modules: ppm remove NetSNMP Install the Perl modules: cd (install folder)\Perl ppm install NetSNMP.ppd Perform a basic test using: CONFIGURATION All configuration files should be placed in the %SNMPCONFPATH% folder. Note: All paths in configuration files should use forward slashes (Unix style) , NOT back slashes. Example: c:/usr Included is a Perl script called snmpconf which can be used to create configuration files. Documentation for using the snmpconf is available in the Windows help file (Net-SNMP.chm) located in the docs directory of the installed package. Help i s also available from the web site at To run snmpconf, use the following command line: snmpconf -i BUILD INFORMATION Name: net-snmp- URL: Build date: November 2nd, 2008 Built by: Alex Burger <> Installer Package by: Andy Smith <> NSIS Compiler: Version 2.3 OS: Compiler: Windows 2000 SP4 MSVC++ 6.0 SP5

Platform SDK: Perl: REGEX: c/gnu_regex.html Source: Patches Destination: Project: Library: OpenSSL:

February 2003 ActivePerl 5.8.2 build 808 gnu_regex.exe (0.12) - net-snmp- n/a c:\usr win32sdk.dsw / libdll.dsw netsnmp for applications, netsnmp.dll for Perl modules Open SSL 0.9.8d

The following are the default paths are used by the applications: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------net-snmp-config.h define | value | optional environment | | variable ---------------------------------------------------------------------------DEFAULT_MIBDIRS | c:/usr/share/snmp/mibs | MIBDIRS SNMPDLMODPATH | c:/usr/lib/dlmod | SNMPDLMODPATH SNMPLIBPATH | c:/usr/lib | SNMPLIBPATH SNMPSHAREPATH | c:/usr/share/snmp | SNMPSHAREPATH SNMPCONFPATH | c:/usr/etc/snmp | SNMPCONFPATH PERSISTENT_DIRECTORY | c:/usr/snmp/persist | SNMP_PERSISTENT_DIR NETSNMP_TEMP_FILE_PATTERN | c:/usr/temp/snmpdXXXXXX |