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Riga Business College Romanian Traditional Fair Video made by Economic College "Ion Ghica" within Grundtvig project

"Learning to Learn by teaching"

Tasks from video: 1. Write a short story about our Riga central market, what is there what you can buy there e.t.c. 2. Name different vegetables, milk products and bread products in English. 3. Find the information when was Riga market founded, what was before it (more from the historical sight) and who founded it. 4. Students make dialog between seller and customer. 5. Create the market logo. 6. Make a poem about the market. 7. Compare Romanian market ( from video) and our market, whats the difference. What you like, what you dont. 8. Find a recipe and then make a list with one you can take with you to the market for products. 9. Find the information about Romanian market and its origin etc. 10. Carry out interview- survey about how many people shops in the market. 11. Each student after watching the video finds out one question with answer in English. 12. Make a test with questions, then students watches a video and write the right answers.

How we went. The tasks were accepted very positively. It seemed to be interesting. We all watched the video Romanian Traditional Fair. This video is not very good for learning because it is not in English and its without subtitles. So we did some creative work to make all this interesting for students. After watching video, we understand that this video are about Romanian market place. So we create task about market and Latvian Central market. Before writing and answering tasks the students were eagerly participating in the discussion and comparing their opinions about our market. Each student chose the task he wanted to do . They did the survey which was made to practice and improve the question making skills in English. As you see it is still a really difficult task. Also articles have to be revised and practiced again and again. The students were developing their acting and communication skills in English by carrying out various role plays. The attitude and success was different for the students, those who are shy and unconfident about their language skills were reluctant to play out the dialogues in audience. Others, on the contrary, liked it and did it quite enthusiastically. It was quite an interesting task to find out the information about the history of Riga Central Market because it is one of the landmarks of Riga. Almost all the participants had their own experience and opinion about it .The teachers task was to control the discussion and make to precede it in English , not to switch to their native language Latvian.

Students practical work. Survey 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Do you buy products in the market? Why do you go shopping here? What kind of products do you buy in the market? What do you think about smuggled goods? Are you sure that in the market arent smuggled goods? Are you sure that market have natural products? Do you bargain with seller? What do you know about the central market history? Where are lover prices in the market our shops? Students: Ance, Diana

History of Riga Central market. Central market is the biggest market in R!ga. R!gas Central market is established on 28th in 1922. The Godfather of the Central market is Klavs Lorencs. In Central market there are fish pavilion, meet pavilion, milk pavilion and vegetables pavilion. In fish pavilion there are more than 200 sales units. In meet pavilion there are238 marketplaces with fresh supply everyday. In milk pavilion there are more than 300 market places with cheese, milk and curd. In vegetables pavilion you can find different kind of forests gift in every season. Students: Linda, Daila, Lauris.

Dialogue in the market? Anna: Hi! Juris: Hi, how can I help u? Anna: Im looking for melons, I just cant find them anywhere, do you have them? Juris: Youre really lucky just one last left. Its right next to the tomatoes. Anna: Oh thats very good, I will take it before anybody else buys it. Anna: But why is it so small? Juris: Because it grew here in Latvia and it doesnt have any chemicals on it. Anna: You must be joking, how can you grow melons here in Latvia? Juris: They grow in the fields and they spreads around like crazy. Anna: Oh! I didnt know something like that is possible, how long do they grow? Juris: Almost all summer and they need a lot of attention. Anna: Thats very interesting, you have convinced me to buy your last melon. Juris: Okey! That would be 2 lats Anna: Theyre very expensive too, okay here you go. Juris: Thanks, come again we have fresh and natural products all the time. Anna: Alright Ill do that, bye! Juris: Bye!

Recepie of cupcakes and shopping list. 1. You need heat up an oven to 250 degrees. Grease muffin cups. Mix together the flour, pudding mix, baking soda, salt, allspice and vanilla extracy in a blow. 2. Beat the butter, white sugar and brown sugar with an electric mixer in a large bowl, until the mass is light and fluffy. Add the eggs and blend into the butter mixture. Add the berries( strawberries, blackberries) into the mass. 3. Bake cupcakes in the oven until they are golden( about 20 minutes). And then your cupcakes are ready. 4. Enjoy the cupcakes. You need for market: 1. Muffin cups 2. Flour 3. Pudding mix 4. Baking soda 5. Salt 6. Allspice 7. Vanilla extract 8. White sugar 9. Brown sugar 10. Eggs 11. Butter 12. Berries Sintija, Evelina .

Students wach the video and make some logos.

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