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(Stouffville, ON – August 12, 2009)

Walton TransCan Grand National – The ultimate showdown!

Back in 1992 the Walton TransCan Grand National was the first major CMRC motocross
event…18 years later it remains the crown jewel and final round of the National
Motocross Championship. With an annual pilgrimage of more than 900 competitors and
up to 20,000 spectators, the Walton TransCan Grand National has earned the right to be
called Canada’s “Motocross Classic.”

Although by the time the final round of the season comes around on the nationals
schedule the champions have often been determined, they don’t get crowned until all is
said and done at Walton. And like any champion worth his salt he wants to add a Walton
victory to his resume. If he’s already won the event, he wants to win it again!

Winning Walton is about having your name go into the record books along with the other
greats who have crossed the finish line first; most of them champions at one time or
another. Walton is about bragging rights…it’s the Canadian motocross equivalent of
winning Indianapolis or Daytona. Whatever the case may be the racing remains intense to
the very last moto of the day.
So what’s in store for this year’s ultimate Monster
Energy Motocross Nationals showdown? Unless
Team Toyota Yamaha Blackfoot Fox Racing’s Colton
Facciotti scores less than eight points you can already
consider him the 2009 MX1 Champion. Facciotti has
proven himself to be a cool customer all season long:
with five overall wins – four of them clean sweeps –
he totally demoralized the competition. When
Facciotti didn’t win, he finished where he had to in
order to contain the damage.

Only Facciotti’s teammate Dusty Klatt has a chance

to dethrone him as champion. But Klatt has to score a
minimum of 44 points to do it; that will put him one
point ahead of Facciotti if the defending champ is
plagued by the worst possible luck and ends up scoreless. Whatever fate befalls Klatt, his
second place in the rankings is secured. For Blackfoot Yamaha the season will end with
another major success. It doesn’t get any sweeter than having your riders finish 1-2 in a

Where the numbers three to ten are concerned, there’s plenty of room for a final shuffle.
The central battle, however, will be over the No.3 plate between Monster Energy Cernics
Kawasaki’s Bobby Kiniry and Rockstar Suzuki OTSFF’s Tyler Medaglia. With Kiniry’s
teammate Paul Carpenter out of the picture due to a wrist injury, the No.3 plate has
suddenly become a relatively easy target. Kiniry needs 32 points to surpass Carpenter,
Medaglia needs 41. The odds are obviously in Kiniry’s favour but there’s always the
possibility neither he nor Medaglia will score the required points. Regardless of how their
day transpires both have enough points to secure a top-five ranking.

Count on the rest of the top-10 candidates to make life hard for Kiniry and Medaglia as
they give it their all to grab as many points as possible in the final two motos of the
season. And although they are not in contention, look for the Hungarian Kornel Nemeth
returning for another fling in Canadian MX riding an Orange Motorsports KTM. Also on
the agenda to spice up the mix are American guest riders David Pingree and Troy Adams;
they’ll be riding for Team Label It.

In MX2, the only certainty is that the championship crown is going to remain in the
hands of an American. Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki’s Teddy Maier is
definitely in the driver’s seat to snare the title. Royal Distributing KTM’s Eric Nye needs
a wing and a prayer to repeat as champ. The Californian trails Iowa native Maier by 28
points. Maier will need to have a really bad day to see the championship, which has
eluded him for so many years, slip from his grasp this time out.

Toyota Yamaha Blackfoot Red Bull Fox Racing’s Aron Harvey, a worthy contender by
any standards, lacked the consistency this year to get his foot in the door. The Nevada
native, who is 72 points behind Maier and 14 points ahead of fourth place holder Kyle
McGlynn, will have to be on top of his game at Walton if he wants to finish third. Royal
Distributing KTM’s McGlynn is the only Canadian who has a mathematical chance of
claiming the No.3 plate.

One of the tightest MX2 battles will for the No.5 plate between Harvey’s teammate Kyle
Beaton and Orange Motorsports KTM’s Kerim Fitz-Gerald; they are neck-in-neck with
186 and 185 points respectively. Monster Energy Leading Edge Kawasaki’s Brock Hoyer
and Nick Evennou are also on each other’s doorstep in the quest for who will own the
No.7 plate. Going into the last round Hoyer holds a three-point advantage over Evennou.
The heat is on!

Be sure to watch Monster Energy's Motovision at for a video

recap of the day's racing.

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