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Lars-Eirie Héglund - Ake Sallnéie The Great Northern War 1700 - 1721 Colours and Uniforms Acedia Press Karlstad 2000 The cover like mast of the illustrations — colours and standards excepted — are made by Mr Mare Grieves. Mare Grieves ubo lives in Kungshanm, Sweden, is a marine artist, but owing to his great inter est (Preferably fram the GNWperiad) he alsa paints historical motifs. We also have some of Mr Siren Henrikson s illustrations, originally made for “The Uniforms of the Swedish Army in the Great Northern War". Colours and standards are from Olof Hoffman ‘s original drafts of the 1686 model, and trophies from the Swedish Krigsarkiet, AUl the others are our own reconstructions. Ake bas dane the computerswork and Lars-E:ric the necessary drawings. Figures are drawn by Mare Grieves, and worked up in a computer, by as. Lars-Eric has dane the majar part of writing and research, Ake has written the chapter about the “Tremannings” and is also responsible for design and layout. The book is published with support jrom Fireningen Armémusei Winner and the Gista H. Benckert’s Minnesfond. The translation is done by Daniel A. Schorr: Cover illustration: “Battle of Jacobstad?”: Ensign with a company colour my] 1700 and two privates in uniforms from 1700 and 1704, Narke-\armland’s Treminnings regiment. (Acryl painting by Mare Grieves) Frontespis: “Cock your Masket”, Private, Neérke-Vdrmland’s regiment at Narva, November 20th 1700. (Water-colour by Mare Grieves) 91-972341-7.6 Copywright 2000, Acedia Press Box 5269, 650 05 Karlstad info@acedia se wwwacediase Printed by Acedia Press och Klaria AB, Karlstad 2000, Cover printed by Citytryck i Karlstad AB.