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Right to information Act 2005

Section 2(h) in The Right To Information Act, 2005 (h) "public authority" means any authority or bo y or institution of self!go"ernment establishe or constitute # (a) by or un er the $onstitution% (b) by any other la& ma e by 'arliament% (c) by any other la& ma e by State (egislature% ( ) by notification issue or or er ma e by the appropriate )o"ernment, an inclu es any# (i) bo y o&ne , controlle or substantially finance % (ii) non!)o"ernment organisation substantially finance , irectly or in irectly by fun s pro"i e by the appropriate )o"ernment%

8. Exemption from disclosure of information. Under seection 8 -(/) *ot&ithstan ing anything containe in this Act, there shall be no obligation to gi"e any citi+en,# (a) information, isclosure of &hich &oul pre,u icially affect the so"ereignty an integrity of In ia, the security, strategic, scientific or economic interests of the State, relation &ith foreign State or lea to incitement of an offence% (b) information &hich has been e-pressly forbi en to be publishe by any court of la& or tribunal or the isclosure of &hich may constitute contempt of court% (c) information, the isclosure of &hich &oul cause a breach of pri"ilege of 'arliament or the State (egislature% ( ) information inclu ing commercial confi ence, tra e secrets or intellectual property, the isclosure of &hich &oul harm the competiti"e position of a thir party, unless the competent authority is satisfie that larger public interest &arrants the isclosure of such information% (e) information a"ailable to a person in his fi uciary relationship, unless the competent authority is satisfie that the larger public interest &arrants the isclosure of such information% (f) information recei"e in confi ence from foreign )o"ernment% (g) information, the isclosure of &hich &oul en anger the life or physical safety of any person or i entify the source of information or assistance gi"en in confi ence for la& enforcement or security purposes% (h) information &hich &oul impe e the process of in"estigation or apprehension or prosecution of offen ers% (i) cabinet papers inclu ing recor s of eliberations of the $ouncil of .inisters, Secretaries an other officers/ 'ro"i e that the ecisions of $ouncil of .inisters, the reasons thereof, an the material on the basis of &hich the ecisions &ere ta0en shall be ma e public after the ecision has been ta0en, an the matter is complete, or o"er 'ro"i e figther that those matters &hich come un er the e-emptions specifie in this section shall not be isclose % (,) information &hich relates to personal information the isclosure of &hich has no relationship to any public acti"ity or interest, or &hich &oul cause un&arrante in"asion of the pri"acy of the in i"i ual unless the $entral 'ublic Information 1fficer or the State 'ublic Information 1fficer or the appellate authority, as the case may be, is satisfie that the larger public interest ,ustifies the isclosure of such information/ 'ro"i e that the information &hich cannot be enie to the 'arliament or a State (egislature shall not be enie to any person2 (2) *ot&ithstan ing anything in the 1fficial Secrets Act, 3425 (34 of 3425) nor any of the e-emptions permissible in accor ance &ith sub!section (6), a public authority may allo& access to information, if public interest in isclosure out&eighs the harm to the protecte interests2

(5) Sub,ect to the pro"isions of clauses (a), (c) an (i) of sub!section (6), any information relating to any occurrence, e"ent or matter &hich has ta0en place, occurre or happene t&enty years before the ate on &hich any re7uest is ma e un er section 8 shall be pro"i e to any person ma0ing a re7uest un er that section/ 'ro"i e that &here any 7uestion arises as to the ate from &hich the sai perio of t&enty years has to be compute , the ecision of the $entral )o"ernment shall be final, sub,ect to the usual appeals pro"i e for in this Act2 9. Grounds for rejection to access in certain cases.Without pre,u ice to the pro"isions of section 9, a $entral 'ublic Information 1fficer or a State 'ublic Information 1fficer, as the case may be, may re,ect a re7uest for information &here such a re7uest for pro"i ing access &oul in"ol"e an infringement of copyright subsisting in a person other than the State2