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"BIRTH CONTROL" PILLS CAUSE EARLY ABORTIONS Physicians across America -- and around the world -- are now

confirming that the Pill, IUDs, DepoProvera and Norplant cause early abortions. irst, let!s ta"e a loo" at the Pill. #esearch shows that in many cases the Pill causes early abortions the mother may not even "now she$s having. If you$re reading about %&'(I%A) A*+#,I+N- for the first time, this may be a surprise, or even a shoc" to you. (ost people are not aware that the Pill and other chemical .contraceptives. cause millions of .non-surgical. abortions each year in the early wee"s of pregnancy. (ost women ta"e these .contraceptives. because they don$t want to have a baby. *ut how many women "now they can have *#'A/,&#+U0& +1U)A,I+N- and become pregnant while using these .contraceptives2. 1ery few3 And how many of these women "now that if they become pregnant after a *#'A/,&#+U0& +1U)A,I+N, these .contraceptives. will almost always "ill any son or daughter they$ve conceived2 (ost people don$t "now the real facts about how .contraceptives. wor". And because of this lac" of "nowledge, most women are not aware that they may be having *#'A/,&#+U0& +1U)A,I+N-, and conceiving children that are "illed very early in the pregnancy. 4omen using these .contraceptives. almost never perceive that they have become pregnant, or that chemicals have "illed their tiny baby. What is Breakthrough Ovulatio ! 4hile using the Pill and other chemical .birth control. products, many women$s ovaries continue to release eggs. ,his is called .*rea"through +vulation. and it occurs in millions of women each year. +nce an egg has been released via ovulation, a woman can become pregnant. -he can still conceive a child . . . If a .birth control. product is used by a woman and she has a brea"through ovulation that releases an egg, sperm can then reach and fertili5e the egg. At that moment -- she would be pregnant3 ertili5ation means conception has ta"en place and the woman now have a brand new son or daughter who is as complete genetically as he or she will ever be throughout life. Whe "oes Hu#a Li$e Begi ! Internationally-"nown geneticists and biologists have testified that human life begins at conception. In 6786 9April :;-:<= a -enate >udiciary -ubcommittee held hearings on the ?uestion@ 4hen does human life begin2 ,he following doctors testified@ Dr. &ymie 0ordon, %hairman of the Department of 0enetics at the (ayo %linic, said@ .*y all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.. Dr. (c%arthy de (ere, a medical doctor and law professor at the University of ,ennessee, testified@ .,he eAact moment of the beginning of personhood and of the human body is at the moment of conception.. Dr. >erome )eBeune, ,he ather of (odern 0enetics, testified that, .'ach of us has a very precise starting moment which is the time at which the whole necessary and sufficient genetic information is gathered inside one cell, the fertili5ed egg, and this is the moment of fertili5ation. ,here is not the slightest doubt about that and we "now that this information is written on a "ind of ribbon we call the DNA..

,he late Dr. )eBeune of Paris, rance, discovered the genetic cause of Down -yndrome. &e received the /ennedy Pri5e for this discovery, as well as the (emorial Allen Award (edal, the world$s highest award for wor" in the field of 0enetics. Ho% &oes the Pill %ork! ,he Pill has three mechanisms of action which can easily be loo"ed up in the Physician$s Des" #eference. 6= -ometimes, the Pill suppresses ovulation. 4hen this happens, an egg is not released and conception cannot occur. 9It$s important to read on and find out about the high rates of brea"through ovulation. 4hen ovulation is not suppressed, pregnancy can occur.= := ,he Pill also wor"s to thic"en the woman$s cervical mucus which can .restrict. sperm from moving up the reproductive tract toward the egg. ;= +ne way the Pill causes early abortions is that it interfers with the fleAing motions and the cilia movement of the fallopian tubes. ,hese changes slow the transportation of newly conceived child from the fallopian tubes to the womb. Unfortunately, many small babies starve to death in the fallopian tubes because chemicals caused changes that prevented them from reaching the womb in time to be nourished. <= Another way the Pill causes early abortions@ If the tiny baby survives the ride down the fallopian tube to the womb, the Pill will almost always cause the endometrium 9the lining of the uterus= to reBect the child. %hemical reactions often cause the lining of the womb to become thin, shriveled and unable to support implantation of the newly conceived child. ,his means that in almost every case, the new child will not be able to attach to the wall of the womb where he or she would normally live, grow and receive nourishment for 7 months. ,his means the tiny baby will starve to death and his or her remains will be passed along in the neAt bleeding cycle. 9,he .-tudy of Abortion Deaths %ommission. estimates that this happens in women in America who use the Pill approAimately 6 to < million times each year.= ,he chemicals that cause these early abortions are called abortifacients which is the medical term for any chemical agent that causes an abortion. "e'o(Provera) Nor'la t a & IU"s Depo-Provera and Norplant both use chemicals that wor" in very similar ways on a woman$s body and womb. Depo-Provera and Norplant are also considered chemical abortifacients. IUDs or Intra-Uterine Devices, are small plastic devices that are inserted into the womb. -ome IUDs contain copper or a time released hormone. It is believed that the IUD causes a low grade inflammation in the lining of the womb. As a result, the lining of the womb is imperfect and the fertili5ed egg will not implant. *ecause of the chemical effect an IUD has on a woman$s womb, tiny babies are aborted. ,herefore, IUDs are also considered abortifacients. To be continued... From the desk of Okoye Stan.