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December 2006 Beta Delta chapter 1906-2006
We also want to express our gratitude to Greg Beach and brothers who so capably assisted Pat on and off the bus and carried her onto the House porch. I couldn't be more proud of my Sigma Chi brothers. Dewey Sandvig '52

beta delta 100th anniversary Recap
Beta Delta Chapter celebrated its 100th anniversary in grand style October 1315, 2006 in Missoula. Here are some of the many comments received: I was initiated in February 1943 just before leaving for war time assignment. I returned Fall 1945 with eight other Sigs to reopen the House. The University used it for the V-12 program and it was a mess. The nine of us put in a lot of work getting ready for the anticipated return of the Veterans. By January 1946, 72 Sigma Chi Brothers and pledges returned to UM. We did our best to accommodate them by opening up "Siberia" on the third floor. There was no heat, no light, plank floors and no beds. We were able to secure two dozen Army cots from Fort Missoula. We housed 62 men, hired a cook, and patched up the stove and refrigeration. We had to run the dining room in two shifts for all meals. Everyone pitched in to take care of each other. A special thanks to all of you for the spectacular 100th Anniversary Celebration! We realize the preparation, planning and work to stage an event for 500+ people and you Brothers did a fantastic job. I had the pleasure of meeting those from my era of 1939 to 1954. I was on a "spiritual high" at the ritual event at the University Theater and was extremely moved by the "Circle of Friendship" which represented a span of 69 years starting with John Harrison. This was the highlight of my Sigma Chi career! Bill Miles ‘46

bringing these brothers safely through Initiation Week and a special congratulations to these new brothers: Drew Hossle Scott Andreae Blake Schierer Raymond Sheldon Tyler Richardson Will Zimmer Thomas Sitterly Chris Price Travis Peterson Patrick McDonald Chase Harrison Mike Corson Brian Morgan Elliot Sheets Zach Schlosser Colton Hedges Nick Verzilj Pat Golden Ryall Strayuk Donny Hemmesch Lolo MT Napa CA Chicago IL Spokane WA Seattle WA Minneapolis MN Chicago IL Seattle WA Missoula MT Charlotte NC Missoula MT Seattle WA Stevensville MT Buffalo NY Seattle WA San Antonio TX San Antonio TX Chicago IL Denver CO Chicago, IL


Congratulations on an exceptional anniversary celebration. I was very proud to have attended the Order of Constantine award presented to Dan Cederberg. I visited with many pledges and actives and I had a feeling there is some very good leadership within Beta Delta. Don Hooper ‘63


Kathy and I had a GREAT time and saw many of the 60s era Bros that we never expected to see. Sigma Chi truly is a bond that doesn’t change and continues to be one of the special experiences in my life. I was especially impressed with the renovation at 1110 Gerald. I look forward to contributing to the next phase of improvement. Dennis Bugge‘69


I was privileged to attend the 100th Anniversary of Beta Delta Chapter at the University of Montana. From Friday until Sunday, it was a veritable marathon of wonderful Sigma Chi events and lasting memories for everyone of a weekend that went by all-too-quickly. Although it was my first trip to Montana, it really felt like I knew the place and the warmth of the hospitality that was shown to me and Grand Pro Consul Bob Jones made it all the more special. Bruce Casner Chairman-Board of Grand Trustees

Second 100 years Fundraiser launched
Beta Delta house corporation proudly launched the $300,000 Second 100 Years Fundraiser at the 100th Anniversary Celebration in Missoula on October 14, 2006. This fundraiser addresses two important issues to keep Sigma Chi viable at the University of Montana: More Bedrooms. Recently, the Fire Marshall prohibited the use of three bedrooms that had been in use for decades (FUBAR, Classroom and Slant Shack). Those bedrooms must be replaced to maintain occupancy goals and to compete with other housing alternatives. Montana’s leading historical architect, Jim McDonald of A&E Architects, was hired to draw a plan for the garage that includes five bedrooms, two will replace Back Shack and Mole Hole plus three more to replace those we can no longer use. The goal is to build and occupy this new space by Fall 2007.


Pat and I wish to thank your committee for organizing, arranging and conducting such a momentous and terrific 100th Sigma Chi celebration. The banquet was a fitting climax to a typically excellent Sigma Chi event.

In November, twenty brothers were initiated by Beta Delta Chapter. This is the largest activation class in years. Magister Scott McCue reports there are still more brothers that plan to go active in Spring 2007. A special thanks goes to Active Chapter for

20 New Brothers initiated



Scholarship Endowment. Three years ago, the Beta Delta house corporation announced a $1,000,000 scholarship endowment and seeded it with $150,000 formerly banked with the Sigma Chi Foundation (a subsidiary of Sigma Chi International). The scholarship endowment is currently managed by the University of Montana Excellence Fund as part of a strategic plan to partner with the University. The goal of the Second 100 Years Fundraiser is to add $250,000 more to this endowment and produce up to $30,000 a year in scholarships for Beta Delta brothers. We believe this strategy will attract focused and mature leadership to the chapter. What can you do to help? Of the $300,000 goal, 83 contributors made significant pledges at the 100th Anniversary Celebration. (Over $10,000 was pledged by non-Beta Deltas including SAE and Sigma Nu.) For a list of brothers that have already pledged, go to the website at and click on DONATIONS. Attached is a Contributor Form with the Garage Renovation Plan on the reverse side. The time line for the Garage Renovation Project is short. We need your tax deductible donation by December 31, 2006. Future generations of Beta Delta Sigma Chis are depending on your financial support.

Where are they now?
We need current contact information for the following brothers. Email to, mail to PO Box 19605, Portland OR 97280 or call 503.977.7974.
Jonathan S. Aspenlieder ‘94 Erik M. Bailey ‘92 Wayne L. Bauer ‘56 Steven Bein ‘97 Joshua C. Belcher ‘95 John W. Berger ‘95 Charles K. Bols ‘63 Robert S. Borland, Jr. ‘67 Bryce D. Breitenstein Jr ‘52 Erik Aslakson ‘93 Ernest F. Gerling ‘62 Michael J. Gamble ‘94 Dustin J. Braunreiter ‘96 John T. Brubaker ‘69 Ray M. Brummett II ‘97 Craig K. Byington ‘70 Jason A. Calogar ‘02 Shane C. Carlson ‘92 Barry Cook ‘81 Christian A. Cooke ‘92 C.L. Crabtree ‘50 Robert J. Anderlik ‘84 David A. Crossman ‘52 Sean Cummins ‘89 James H. Denn ‘86 Harold Dramstad ‘80 Jerome A. Duncan ‘93 Ray Duvall ‘69 John T. Edwards ‘66 Kevin Eames ‘86 John R. Edwards ‘54 John Eickert ‘78 Garry R. Ellis ‘78 Robert J. Engle ‘69 Robert J. Evans ‘51 Kurt W. Feiler ‘86 Michael J. Fisher ‘65 John D. Foster ‘92 Mark S. Foster ‘94 James Fredrickson ‘60 William Frederickson ‘70 E. Parke Frizelle, Jr. ‘63 Bryce C. Gersack ‘99 Christian Giannini ‘93

John M. Good ‘62 Daniel J. Gorman ‘61 Daniel P. Griffin ‘70 Edward J. Guza ‘94 Gary L. Hall ‘71 George R. Hangas ‘67 Patrick R. Hanley ‘96 Jeffrey R. Hasskamp ‘91 C. Loren Henry ‘59 Gary L. Herbig ‘69 Jon W. Holm ‘86 James C. Hodges ‘45 Craig Holtet ‘84 Lafay J. Hope ‘65 Scott R. Hoss ‘92 Clyde M. Hughes ‘49 William M. Morrison ‘68 Oliver W. Ingersoll ‘50 Danny H. Jamieson ‘56 Robert C. Jahr ‘93 Kenneth P. Johnson ‘65 Mark C. Johnson ‘86 Bret J. Jones ‘97 Kevin C. Jones ‘96 Brent J. Jordan ‘94 Nicholas A. Kabalin ‘49 Joshua L. Kasper ‘00 David E. Keen ‘95 Carl O. Knottnerus ‘81 Michael J. Lackman ‘85 Ralph A. Rasmassen ‘78 Marc E. Lazar ‘94 Robert W.Love, III ‘99 David W. Mansfield ‘80 Louis Marucheau ‘03 Byron J. Matson’63 Devin J. McDaniels ‘01 James A. McDermott ‘86 Donald J. McDougall ‘50 Jamey F. McHugh ‘02 Matthew D. McKay ‘78 Robert J. McKay ‘68 Sean T. McMahon ‘95 Robert C. Martin 59 Theodore Z. Miller ‘41 Noel E. Mills ‘95 Gary Mitcheson ‘57 Lincoln Moore ‘99 James F. Myers ‘69 Patrick L. Murry ‘77 Brad Nelson ‘91 James C. Neu ‘92 Thanh N. Nguyen ‘85 George K. Nicholson ‘40 Creig D. Ohman ‘92 Mark R. Olson ‘70 Thomas Harley Ong ‘86 Mark J. Orler ‘94 Henry J. Peres ‘60 Jeffrey A. Peters ‘93 Aaron G. Phillips ‘48 Loren Pinski ‘71 James W. Routzahn ‘91 Trevor K. Rembe ‘92 Jerry S. Richards ‘71 Robert L. Richards ‘50 Richard V. Richter ‘69 Robert W. Rickert ‘78 Jeffrey S. Robinson ‘83 Bradley Rodenberger ‘76 R. Alan T. Rolston ‘66 Jeffrey W. Romans ‘81 Jeffrey D. Ruff ‘96 Charles J. Sampsel‘ 77 Roger A. Sandwith ‘99 Mark S. Satre ‘67 Kelly D. Schieno ‘89 Cory L. Thompson ‘01 Charles C. Whitmore ‘42 Daniel J. Schwenk ‘86 Frank L. Servoss ‘50 Brian R. Shearer ‘92 Ralph M. Simpson ‘83 Robert J. Smith ‘79 Adolph L. Solvie ‘53 Timothy B. Sonner ‘93 Jeffrey A. Spring ‘78 Scott H. Stanaway ‘82 Thomas M. Sweeney ‘78 William A. Tarrow ‘85 William Thaanum, Jr. ‘50 Robert B. Taylor ‘84 Richard Siebenforcher ‘52 Warren Thieme Jr. ‘46 Eric B. Thompson ‘80 Rowland Throsell ‘49 James Tobin ‘73 Jake C. Trammell ‘85 Tylor T. Trenary ‘86 Herschel H. Turner ‘82 Michael R. Van Wieren ‘98 Robert H. Wallace ‘54 John R. Ward ‘66 John R. Wheatley ‘50 Charles E. Wilber ‘69 Jack H. Wilkinson ‘42 James R. Wilson ‘68 John L. Wood ‘76 Carl L. Yeckel ‘59 Gary F. Yungheim ‘69 Fred R. Zipp ‘71 Charles F. Dozois ‘65 Donn R. Hjellum ‘70 Bennett Max Goldberg ‘98 Fletcher E. Newby ‘50 Bert J. Mitchell ‘50 Stephen R. Matson ‘94 Dr. Edward Noel Michael Bourret ‘95 Donald Carmichael ‘ 61 Joseph Curnow ‘96 Walter B. Dean ‘96 William B. Evans ‘51 Ray Hammond ‘92 Danny Jamieson ‘56 Jerry Johnson ‘59 Willaim Keig, Jr. ‘43 James T. Marshall ‘70 Thomas M. Mezey ‘92 Isaiah Sarault ‘01 Marc Seitz ‘86 George R. Shepard, Jr.‘49 John R. Ueland ‘68 Brian P. Sien ‘95

Chapter Eternal
Henry “Buzz” Blastic ‘69 John P. McKown ‘57 Robert K. Fletcher ‘35 Robert T. Sterling Rueben Dacklin ‘50 Cletus G. Smith ‘52 Wallace Rathbone ‘46 James Fredrickson ‘60
All Honor to Their Names

Key Contacts
Active Chapter
Tyler Henneman Consul 406.531.7568 Brady Tommerup Pro Consul 360.931.0789 John Lesh Quaestor 406.531.6658 Scott McCue Magister 406.531.5960 Tyler Andersen Rush Chairman 406.560.7949

House Corporation
Rich Thompson ‘73 President 503.977.7974 Brad Colberg ‘82 Treasurer 406.523.4243 Dan Cederberg ‘75 Secretary/Scholarship 406.721.2100 Walt Kero ‘73 Special Gifts/Scholarship 406.549.4148 Tim Ondrak ‘05 Greek Task Force 406.239.1214 Bob Rowe ‘80 Chapter Advisor 406.721.5888 Nate Cranston ‘03 Active Chapter Financial Liaison406.543.5803 Mark Nelson ‘76 406.676.3998 Corey Miller ‘04 Special Projects 406.240.7530 Josh Maki ‘ 99 406.544.3306

Each edition of Grizzly Sig costs $1000 to produce and mail. That money can be better spent on scholarships and House renovation if you take delivery by email. Email your name and email address today to: and do your part.





Beta Delta 100th Anniversary Mementos

Beta Delta 100th Anniversary Commemorative CD
Beta Delta Christmas Ornament Lazer etched ornament with Sigma Chi Badge and Beta Delta 100th Anniversary. Lights up! Mail $10 check payable to: Sigma Chi Building Foundation PO Box 19605 Portland OR 97280 14 versions of The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Ukelele Ike, Guy Lombardo, Dean Martin, Robert Merrill, Ames Brothers, Fred Waring, Milton Brown, The Lettermen and more. Mail $10 check payable to: Sigma Chi Building Foundation PO Box 19605 Portland OR 97280

Beta Delta 100th Anniversary Polo Shirt Sizes S-M-L-XL. Proceeds go to active chapter room renovation. Mail $20 check payable to: Sigma Chi Fraternity 1110 Gerald Missoula MT 59801

Beta Delta 100 Anniversary T-Shirt Sizes S-M-L-XL. Show your colors. Proceeds go to active chapter room renovation. Mail $15 check payable to: Sigma Chi Fraternity 1110 Gerald Missoula MT 59801


Beta Delta 100th Anniversary DVD Interviews and reflections from Beta Delta brothers plus rare footage of Prof. Scheuch. Mail $20 check payable to: Sigma Chi Fraternity 1110 Gerald Missoula MT 59801

Beta Delta Second 100 Years Fundraiser
Name Mailing Address City Home Phone Work Phone __ State Work Phone __ Zip_______ ____________ Year Graduated _ _


‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘
$100 to $299 $300 - $999 $1000 - $2499 $2500 - $4999 $5000 - $9999 $10,000 & Up Pledge Builder Norman Shield Jordan Standard Prof Scheuch Constantine White Cross $________ $________ $________ $________

My Fundraiser Commitment: TO BE PAID :

‘ All now ‘ ½ now, ½ in 1 year ‘ a now, a in 1 year, a in 2 years
Mail Check Payable to:

"Sigma Chi Building Foundation" PO Box 8874 Missoula MT 59807