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Drain the system and flush with water to remove surplus iron debris. The system shall then be filled with clean fresh water and the applicable quantity of B 16 Neutral pH cleaner (2 Kgs/ m) be dosed in quantities to achieve homogeneous mixing throughout the entire system while circulating. Once the system is dosed and freed of all entrapped air, circulation shall continue for atleast 48 hours to remove any loose or foreign particles from the system. Make sure that there are no dead legs in the circuit that have not been exposed to the chemical cleaning operation. After 48 hours of circulation with the chemical the entire system shall be blown down with fresh water supply until the entire system is free of all free standing water (chemically treated.) All system strainers shall be inspected and cleaned as required. Once the bulk solution has been removed from the system, the system shall be flushed with clean water & drained. This step shall be repeated until the following Acceptance level is obtained: The Dissolved Iron shall be no more than 0.5 mg / l (0.5 ppm) and the TDS shall be equal to that of the incoming fresh water used for the flushing. With the system full of water matching the above criteria while circulating the passivation phase shall commence by injection of the CLT 540 (5 Kgs / m) & ML 13G (100 ml / m) . After and during the passivation process, samples shall be taken and submitted for approval / acceptance of the passivation phase. The final acceptance of the passivation phase shall be that the Water Bird chemist shall test the circulating water and confirm that the corrosion inhibitor level is within the correct range of 250 ppm as Nitrite & 30-50 ppm of Molybdate.