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Calgary Homes for Sale Situated Close to a Lot of Great Schools in the City I met with a lovely couple

yesterday. They were scouting for Calgary homes for sale. They were moving in with their three children in a couple of months and were rather anxious to get settled. One particular thing that caught my attention was the couples preference for a location that was close to a good school. Usually, my clients would ask about the neighborhood, the house condition, the pricing and other usual considerations that come up when looking for a house. However, this particular couple seemed dead-set to base their decision largely on the proximity of a good school. Fortunately, I do know a number of Calgary homes for sale that are situated just a stones throw away from some of the best schools in the city, and even in the entire province. In fact, in Canadian think tank Fraser Institutes latest Report Card on Albertas High Schools, two of the four provincial schools that tied for first place are located in Calgary. These are Webber Academy and Rundle College. The Report Card measures the academic performance of 279 schools in Alberta. The school rankings are based on a number of academic factors, including graduation rate, grade-to-grade transition rate, and the average score of grade 12 students in a diploma examination conducted by Fraser. Webber Academy and Rundle College are both private schools that are situated in the citys southern areas. Both schools offer classes beginning from pre-school to senior school. Next on the list is West Island College, which is also a private school. Other private schools that made it to the Report Cards top 24 are the following: Bearspaw Christian School Heritage Christian Academy Rundle College Academy Clear Water Academy

If you prefer sending your kids to a public school, Sir Winston Churchill High School in Northwest Calgary is the best public school in the province. Other public schools in the top 24 are: Springbank Community High School Western Canada High School William Aberhart High School

Two schools in the top 24 are charter schools. Charter schools are public schools with a greater degree of autonomy because they offer significantly different curriculums. These schools are Westmount Charter School for gifted students and Foundations for the Future Charter Academy, which, unfortunately, has a waiting list of 6,400 students. Without a doubt, being placed high in a school rankings list shouldnt be the only thing that helps you determine the school of your kids. What I advise to the couple who came to me and to others looking for Calgary homes for sale asking about nearby good schools is to at least

check out the schools ranking in the top 24. From there, you can filter out the schools based on your preferences (i.e. sports participation of the students, promotion of teamwork and leadership, encouragement in extra-curricular activities, etc.). With so many Calgary schools considered some of the best in the province, Im pretty certain you will find one that is a good match for your children. If you or someone you know is planning to buy a home, sell his or her home, or invest in real estate in the next six months, please call or email me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Besides receiving extraordinary service, you will get an entire team for the price of one agent. Bryon Howard is a top-producing real estate agent with Re-Max House of Real Estate in Calgary, Alberta. He is in love with his high school sweetheart, an enthusiastic Dad and crazy about endurance sports. To learn more about Bryon and his real estate tips, head on over to his website. References: