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Relief Mission for Typhoon Yolanda in Estancia and Northern Iloilo

by Cybercom and

Seafarers Brotherhood Charity Association of the Philippines Inc.

November 16, 2013

This is the common view as we travel from Barotac Viejo to Estancia. Lying electric poles, roofs hanging on the trees, twigs hanging to the high tension wires, uprooted trees. Even bamboos are uprooted.

No one is spared from the wrath of Typhoon Yolanda. Rich and poor, concrete and light structures, big or small houses you can see the devastation.

But the most affected are the poor. Northern Iloilo consist mainly of third class municipalities. It is very sad to see houses flattened almost every where.

Though help is coming but very slow. And due to the overwhelming damage of typhoon Yolanda it is not enough. Some Brgy have only received help once since the devastation. Others have not yet received any. Help banners and small children begging for help are a common view along the way.

Even chapels is not spared by the wrath of typhoon Yolanda. But still they can manage to smile. This shows how strong Filipinos are. With our resiliency, bayanihan, strong faith and Gods guidance we can survive this.

We have chosen Estancia, Iloilo, Brgy. Bayuyan in particular as the recipient of our relief mission. In Iloilo province, Estancia is the worst hit by Typhoon Yolanda. In Brgy. Bayuyan alone 95% of the households are affected according to their barangay officials. Since the devastation, they only received relief mission once from the government. Family packs are good only for one day for small size family and one meal for a large family. Unfortunately, majority of the families in this municipality are large. They are so very thankful they have received another relief mission from us. You can hear them say palihog sugod na panghatag kay matig-ang pa kami (please start distributing coz we will cook it right away) and madamu gid nga salamat kay may tig-angon na kmi (thank you so much and we have the food to cook to). Brgy. Bayuyan has more than 1800 households and sad to say we only managed to distribute 400 family packs*. Seeing their genuine smile and hear their heartfelt gratitude after receiving their family pack is very heartwarming. Knowing we have we have eases their burden temporarily lightens our heart though we know that more needs to be done.

A total of 525 family packs has been packed from all the donations received. 400 has been distributed in Brgy. Bayuyan, Estancia and the rest in the small children begging for help along the roads in Barotac Viejo and Batad. Barotac Viejo and Batad are part of Northern Iloilo provinces hit by Typhoon Yolanda.
*1 family pack consist of: 2 kilos of rice 3 canned food 4 noodles

misua (rice flour) small dishwashing soap small sachet of toothpaste

small laundry powder

Relief mission in Purok 4 Brgy. Bayuyan, Estancia Iloilo.

Relief mission in Purok 1, 2 and 3, Brgy. Bayuyan, Estancia Iloilo.

Other Scenes of Devastation

All the roofs in Sara wet market ripped off by Typhoon Yolanda

Other Scenes of Devastation

Trapal has been an necessity in this part of Iloilo since this serves as temporary roof for their houses.

Thank you for the following: Cybercom for donating P31,000.00 SBCAP Inc for donating P45,000.00 Miss Dideles for donating soaps, dishwashing liquids, toothpaste Miss Concepcion for donating 2 boxes of goods And to all the volunteers for helping us pack and distribute.

Thank you for your generosity.