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Reverend George McKay (1854-1949)

George was born at Fort Ellice on 25 May 1854, one of eleven c il!ren of an "#$ $ ief Factor %illia& '#illy( Mc)ay (b* 1818) an! Mary $oo+ (b* 1824), bot Metis* "is ,aternal gran!,arents were -o n .ic ar!s Mc)ay an! "arriet #alen!ine* George/s sister Mary was &arrie! to "#$ tra!er %alter 0raill* "is brot er 0 o&as was a 1rince 2lbert b3siness&an an! &e&ber of t e 4ort %est 0erritories 5egislat3re* "is brot er -a&es was a law gra!3ate, ,ractise! at 1rince 2lbert, was s3bse63ently electe! to ,arlia&ent an! later a,,ointe! as a -3stice of t e 7as+atc ewan $o3rt of 2,,eal* #rot er %illia& -r* (888) (1852-1991), was also a f3r tra!er an! too+ ,art (on t e :o&inion si!e) in t e 1885 .esistance as a sco3t, co&batant an! inter,reter*

8n 18;1 George receive! a $ 3rc Missionary 7ociety st3!ents i, to atten! 7t* -o n/s $ollege* 0 ree years later, e <oine! .ev* -o n "ines at Fort Ellice wit intentions to serve as an inter,reter an! ,ros,ective sc ool&aster* 8nstea!, in 18;5 e too+ c arge of 7t* Mary/s $ 3rc at 1rince 2lbert, 7as+atc ewan* "e later ret3rne! to 7t* -o n/s an!, in 18;;, went to Englan! an! atten!e! 7i!ney 73sse= $ollege* >r!aine! a !eacon an! ,riest in -3ne 18;8, e was assigne! &issionary wor+ a&ong t e 2boriginal ,eo,le of so3t ern 2lberta* :3ring t e 1885 4ort %est .ebellion, e serve! as a sco3t for General 0* #* 7trange/s troo,s t en engage! in &issionary wor+ aro3n! 1rince 2lbert for t ree years, later ta+ing c arge of 7t* 2lban/s $ 3rc * 8n 1888 e &arrie! %il el&ina Mc5ean (18?5-194;), !a3g ter of -o n Mc5ean on >ctober 1, 1888 at 1rince 2lbert* 0 ey a! t ree sons@ 5awrence :o3glas (1889-1959), 2rt 3r 1e&broo+e 7tanley Mc)ay (1891-1952), an! 4orris "3&e Mc)ay (1899-1944)* 8n 1899, beca3se of ,oor ealt , Mc)ay &ove! to a &il!er cli&ate an! acce,te! a &inistry at Aanco3ver, #ritis $ol3&bia* Fin!ing t e weat er t ere !isagreeable, e

re63este! a transfer to t e eart of t e .oc+ies at :onal!, #$ w ere e re&aine! for fo3r years* "e too+ an e=ten!e! leave of absence fro& clerical !3ties in 189;, to <oin a ,arty of &en fro& Manitoba ea!ing to t e )lon!i+e Gol! .3s * 2rriving at :awson $ity, e sta+e! a clai& on #onanBa $ree+ b3t &a!e little fro& it* 2fter so&e ti&e in t e C3+on, e ret3rne! to is fa&ily at :onal!* 8n 19DD, e acce,te! a &inistry in 7o3t :a+ota* "e &ove! to %yo&ing in 191; w ere e wor+e! for anot er 1D years* "e retire! to t e #lac+ "ills an! !ie! at 7t3rgis, 7o3t :a+ota on 12 :ece&ber 1949*

$o&,ile! by 5awrence #ar+well $oor!inator of Metis "eritage an! "istory .esearc 5o3is .iel 8nstit3te