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Common Law Trust Legal Fictions Defined Public Notice/Public Record Legal fictions - such as that of corporations - being artificial persons, are lawfull restricted from !entering into contracts! with !li"e flesh-and-blood human beings,! and are lawfull restricted to using onl !#$$%&-CA'%! letters with regards to their title identification upon all contracts and legal papers( This is to legall )lawfull distinguish them from li"e flesh-and-blood !people! so to pre"ent them from e"er imprisoning human beings as sla"es( This has remained well-grounded, well-established mandate for hundreds of ears( An earl landmar* 'upreme Court case from the ear +,-. further defined this grounded fact "er well/ $enhallow "( Doane0s Administrators 12 #('( .34 + L(%d .,4 Dall( .35, defines go"ernments succinctl : !6o"ernments are Corporations(! 7nasmuch as e"er go"ernment is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind onl , a go"ernment can interface onl with other artificial persons( The imaginar ha"ing neither actualit nor substance - is foreclosed from creating and attaining parit with the tangible( The legal manifestation of this is that no go"ernment, as well as an law, agenc , aspect, court, etc( therefore, can concern itself with an thing other than corporate, artificial persons and contracts between them! Fictitious Name defined4 8A counterfeit, alias, feigned, or pretended name ta*en b a person differing in some essential particular from his true name 1consisting of Christian name and patron mic 9surname:5, with the implication that it is meant to decei"e or mislead(; <lac*=s Law Dictionar , 'i>th %dition 1page ?@35( The use of, b implication, mista*e, or otherwise, of fictitious names within an lawful and e"en 8legal; document renders said document)instrument fatall flawed for simple fraud( And, since no man or woman in the $ri"ate Domain can be held accountable for the same crime twice, b guarantee, then if initiall one is charged in the wrong name, and that mista*en identit at an stage of the proceedings renders the present proceeding null, "oid and dismissed( This renders the abo"e 8statute; also null, "oid, and ne"er written, for this fatal error cannot be corrected and one must, secondl , face the same charges( Mista*en 7dentit cannot be used as a correctable error merel because one cannot be charged twice for the same cause, e"en if the first charge was mista*en( Fictitious $laintiff defined: 8A person appearing in a writ, complaint, or record as the plaintiff in a suit, but who in realit does not e>ist, or who is ignorant of the suit and of the use of his name in it(; A7t is a contempt of court to sue in the name of a fictitious part (; <lac*=s Law Dictionar , 'i>th %dition 1page ?@35( Fictitious Action defined: 8An action brought for the sole purpose of obtaining the opinion of the court on a point of law, not for the settlement of an actual contro"ers between the parties(; <lac*=s Law Dictionar , 'i>th %dition 1page ?@35, Fictitious defined: Founded on a fiction4 ha"ing the character of a fiction4 pretended4 counterfeit,= 8Feigned, imaginar , not real, false, not genuine, none>istent,= 8Arbitraril in"ented and set up, to accomplish an ulterior obBect,; <lac*=s Law Dictionar 'i>th %dition 1page ?@35( American Curisprudence 7n general, it is essential to identif parties to court actions properl ( 7f the alleged parties to an action are not precisel identified, then who is in"ol"ed with whom or what, and howD 7f not properl identified, all corresponding Budgments are "oid, as outlined in Eolume 3?, American Curisprudence @d, at 8Cudgments(; 'ec( +FF $arties G A Budgment should identif the parties for and against whom it is rendered, with such certaint that it ma be readil enforced, and a Budgment, which does not do so, ma be regarded as "oid for uncertaint ( 'uch identification ma be achie"ed b naming the persons for and against whom the Budgment is rendered( Technical deficiencies in the naming of the persons for and against whom Budgment

Certified Mail Article Number: is rendered can be corrected if the parties are not preBudiced( A reference in a Budgment to a part plainl liable, followed b an omission of that part =s name from the language of the decree, at least gi"es rise to an ambiguit and calling for an inHuir into court=s real intention as reflected in the entire record and surrounding circumstances(; Notice to Age t i! otice to Pri ci"#l$ Notice to Pri ci"#l i! otice to Age t 'ui Curis, 7n m $ri"ate Capacit as: 6eneral Administrator, freeborn spiritual being on the land state the facts contained herein are true, correct, complete, and not misleading, to the best of m personal first hand *nowledge and belief( <eing of sound mind, competent, o"er the age of +I( This m free will, "oluntar act and deed to ma*e, e>ecute, seal, ac*nowledge and deli"er under m hand and seal with e>plicit reser"ation of all m unalienable rights and m specific common law right not to be bound b an contract or obligation which 7 ha"e not entered into *nowingl , willingl , "oluntaril , and without misrepresentation, duress, or coercion, whereb 7 did not sign nor consent( 7 am not now nor ha"e e"er been a #('( CitiJen or a Fourteenth Amendment Federal CitiJen or %mplo ee 1non-person5, 7 am not bound b sworn oath or oath of office( Khereas 7 hereb disclaim Clauses Lne and Two of 'ection Lne to the Fourteenth Amendment, together with Article Four 'ection Three Clause Two( 8Kithout the #('(; 8&ights; includes remedies( Nemo, aliens: rei, sine satisdatione, de fensor idonens intelligitur defined: No man is considered a competent defender of another=s propert , without securit ( A rule of the &oman law, applied 7n part 7n admiralt cases( + Curt( @F@( This m free will, "oluntar act and deed true and lawful attorne -in-fact to ma*e, e>ecute, seal, ac*nowledge and deli"er under m hand and seal, e>plicitl reser"ing all rights without preBudice4 < :MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 'ui Curis *nown as4 Cohn of the genealog of Doe <ailor for CLNN DL% <ailee MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Cames, &oe Third $art Kitness !'ealed and deli"ered in the presence of us(! 'TAT% LF 7LL7NL7' 5 5 '': CL#NTO LF CLLP 5 C%&T7F7CAT% LF ACPNLKL%D6M%NT Ln this date the indi"idual named abo"e, in his)her stated capacit , personall appeared before me to e>ecute this ac*nowledgement that this instrument was signed, sealed, and deli"ered as their free will, "oluntar act and deed to ma*e, e>ecute, seal, ac*nowledge and deli"er under their hand and seal "erified and authenticated for the uses and purposes therein mentioned( _____________________ DAT% AFF7Q NLTA&O '%AL 7F &%R#7&%D _________________________________ 'ignature of NLTA&O $#<L7C Date Commission %>pires MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

NLT7C%: $ublic acts defined: are those which ha"e a public authorit , and which ha"e been made before public officers, are authoriJed b a public seal, ha"e been made public b the authorit of a magistrate, or which ha"e been e>tracted and been properl authenticated from public records( <lac*=s Law Dictionar 'i>th %dition 1page @?5 !6ood faith! means honest in fact and the obser"ance of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing( http:))nesaranews(blogspot(com)@F+2)F,)legal-fictions(html