Rosalie McCarthy The new china plate cracked under the pressure of my hands and I threw it onto the

floor where it then smashed into more pieces. Emmett looked up from his dinner at the new table just a room away. For once, there was silence. “Well what the hell is wrong with you?” he asked, angrily coming in with a broom to sweep up the mess as I stomped down the hall. “You Emmett, you! We’ve been married 5 years now and you would think you’d learn…but you don’t. You never do, and from the looks of it you never will. I’m sick of it Emmett I just cant take it!” I screamed at him, throwing down another glass bowl that landed near his legs. He jumped to not get hit and then glared intently at me. “Well excuse me miss Queen Bee but you wont always get your way. You think I’m not sick of living this way?!” “oh please, all you care about is sex” I shot back venomously at him “if you get it, you’re happy and don’t even pretend its anyway different” For one second his eyes softened before they turned harder than coal and he stomped back into the dining room to eat. I looked at the broken dishes on the floor and scoffed “Well, what do you think you’re doing Mr. McCarthy?! You better get your ass back into this room and clean up this mess…now!”

“you made it, you clean it” he said in between chews of beef. I growled, stomping into the room, smacking him clear across the face and snatching his food away from him before he could blink. “I also made this” I said holding the plate in my hand, then dumping the food into the garbage and destroying another plate. “Now I cleaned it” I swiped my hands “now clean up these damn dishes.” I was on my way for the door, Emmett made me so mad sometimes I couldn’t even go in a different room, I just needed to plain leave. So I did, I flung the door open and there stood the pixie I call my sister in law. My twin brother Jasper married his high school sweetheart, Alice Brandon, now Hale, as I married mine…things were going better for them so it seemed. They always were entwining hands and giving each other little kisses, laughing at each others jokes…things couples did. Emmett and I just weren’t like that, we were…but we aren’t anymore. “ehm” I coughed when they continued to kiss on my porch. Alice squealed, still holding onto Jasper and flung the door open. “Come on in Alice” I said sarcastically as she dug past me. “Where’s Emmett? EMMETT! EMMETT! Get in here! Oh

Rosalie I have the best news for you and Emmett.” “What?” Emmett said sharply as he approached the hallway. I shot him a look though he deliberately made no eye contact with me. “Alice I was on my way out the door, can we make this semi-quick?” She nodded before digging through her purse that was three times the size of her small form. She grabbed out a packet of stapled papers and flung them around in the air “this! This is the news!” “What?” Emmett said confused. She stopped and then began flipping through the pages “okay so don’t get mad until I’m done-” “I really hate when you start stories like that” I said disgustedly, but she ignored me and continued to prattle on. “I signed you and Emmett up to appear on this new show called ‘Wife Swap’” “What do you have to do?” Emmett asked cautiously. “…Swap Wives” Alice said with a hard look at Emmett “as I was saying, Rosalie would go to live with another family and a new woman is going to come and live here!” “no” I growled “there is no way in hell some prissy lady is going to move in here with my husband while I’m across the country.” “but-”

“Alice” I warned sharply “no. way. In. hell.” She sighed, huffing in air largely. “Now Rosalie stop complaining for ten seconds” Emmett butt in, annoyingly “Do you get paid for this?” My ears perked up. Alice nodded “Duh. A thousand a day per couple. The show last two weeks.” “You have my attention” I said grabbing Emmett’s large arm and zooming in on Alice. Bella Swan “you did what?” I blushed fiercely from all the eyes on my flesh “now I know this sounds crazy…to all of you” I stopped and looked around. Edward, his parents: Esme and Carlisle, my parents: Renee and Charlie and our best friends Angela and Ben were all looking at me like I had six heads. “but it offers a lot of money and as newly wed’s, this could be good for me and Edward” “But that’s the thing Bella” he said in a mumble “we’re newly weds. Our first year together should be spent with each other…not random people.” “Edward” I sighed walking over to him and sitting comfortably on his lap, then kissing his bronze hair before stroking it backwards “it’s only for two weeks, and I think

this will be good for us…a learning experience. We’ll learn how in love we really are.” “If you wanted to switch spouses so bad why didn’t you just trade spots with Angela for a few weeks?” Charlie asked in a snort, he of all people was not thrilled in the least to see me go. “Dad” I grumbled like a child “What would be the point of that? Angela and Ben are our next door neighbors. The point is to be out of contact with your spouse for two weeks” “I don’t want to be out of contact with you for two weeks.” I kissed Edward again “We are going to be fine. You are going to miss me, and I will miss you more than…my mind can phantom. I love you Edward Cullen and I will run into your arms happily…2 weeks from the day I’m sobbing from leaving them.” He smiled wearily “and you really want to do this?” I winced a little, making a face and then nodding slowly before moving my head into the crook of his neck rubbing it back and fourth. He laughed and kissed my brown locks “Fine Bella…I cant believe I’m saying this…but fine.” Emmett McCarthy Rosalie was already in bed waiting for me when I got out of the shower wearily looking at her. “So we’re really doing this?” I asked with a crooked smile.

She rolled her eyes and slapped my head “Don’t look too happy. You could get a real ugly creepy girl” “Didn’t you listen to Alice, Rose? The idea is to get the opposite of your spouse.” Her face showed no sign of joking before she flipped on her side away from me and turned off her nightstand lamp. “Aw come on babe it was just a joke” I said leaning over towards her but she shrugged me off. “Goodnight Emmett McCarthy.” “night Rosie Posie.” Rosalie McCarthy 10:25 am- Sunday Morning. I yawned when my alarm clock went off and slapped it before Emmett would wake. My hips swung around until my feet touched the bottom of the wooden floors and felt around for my pink slippers. I should have gotten into the shower and dressed, looking descent right then but I held it off walking down the long hall and down the steps into the kitchen. Emmett would be hungry when he woke up, he was always looking for some kind of food so I decided to not prolong the inevitable and get the over pre heated. I pulled the bacon and eggs out and got to working. Maybe we would get along this morning, my plane left at 6 tonight. All I could think about was something happening to us while the other was out, and us getting in a fight our last time thinking. Sure I hated the crazy idiot sometimes…

but I always loved him. I had since the day I met him. I hoped there was something in him that loved me no matter what. Unexpectedly, the doorbell rang. Figuring it was Alice, I didn’t bother grabbing my robe and went to the door in my white camisole that was too small for the upper torso of my body, and my extremely short shorts. Stupid Alice. doesn’t she know it’s Sunday. I don’t come over to her house all times of the morning any days, and she picks today…mine and Emmett’s last day together to barge in today! I opened the door with a fierce grimace on my face. “What!?” “oh, she has spunk in the morning” Alice giggled, but she wasn’t alone. Behind her was 3 camera men, 2 men with microphones and a director. “Zoom in on that face” he murmured and I snapped back into reality…Alice had brought people from national televison over to interview me and Emmett when I had no makeup on and barely any clothing on…and Emmett was upstairs sleeping. “no! do not zoom in on this face, and just…s-stop rolling!” I stuttered I was so angry, my hands shaking as I slammed the door, then opened it a crack “Be right back.” I could hear Alice on the other side- “she’s a little testy in the morning, give her a few” Oh I was going to give her a few. I stomped into our room

no longer in any mood to be kind or sweet, even to Emmett. “Emmett wake up!” I bellowed marching into the closet and grabbing the closest, cutest outfit in there. Emmett groaned and dug his head deeper into the pillow “5 more minutes Rosie” “Don’t five more minutes me Emmett you need to get up NOW. Alice brought the people from the show over and they’re here to interview us. Get up, get dressed and for the love of god spray yourself with something to make up for the lack of showers.” He stood up wearily, looking around with half lidded eyes and scratching his butt, what a sight we were turning out to be. I was already stripped down into my bra and a thong, a sight Emmett was thrilled to see at such early hours, but there was no time to act and he knew it so he didn’t try. Instead he stripped of his boxer pajama pants, and threw on a shirt and jeans. I was going to miss waking up to his physique every morning. “I’m telling you that new man is going to be pretty ugly” I said with a smirk “because I’m looking at the total opposite of ugly right now” He grinned and walked over “are you trying to suck up to me because you’re leaving” I purred in his ear and bit it softly “in your dreams crazy man. Now get down stairs.”

*** “Sorry about the wait its just that you had me off guard and well I wanted to look…nicer” I said, inviting the camera men in and sitting leisurely on the sofa, wrapping an arm around Emmett’s chest and twirling my finger in circles. “No problem Rosalie, our job here is to make sure you’re comfortable and if you arent then what kind of people are we?” I smiled and adjusted myself in the chair. “now we’re just going to ask you a few questions about your spouse, okay?” We looked at each other and nodded, last night, before he pissed me off, Emmett and I had decided it would be best to lie as much as we could without sounding weird about our relationship. “Great, okay so we’ll start with you Emmett, what is the best thing about Rosalie to you, physically?” “…Her ass.” I pinched his finger with a small glare, but smirked a little at the compliment. I did have an awesome butt. The producer laughed “Rosalie, same question regarding your husband” “The best thing physically about Emmett would have to be his chest…his thighs…his co-” Bella Swan

“The best thing physically about Edward? Oh wow, well I guess his arms would be my favorite.” “His arms?” I nodded. “Explain” the producer asked, slightly annoyed. “Well they’re so strong and protective…sensitive but powerful. I always feel amazing when I’m wrapped in them.” “okay, Edward?” “Her eyes” He rolled his eyes “Anything Else?” I blushed, well there were other things…just not something I would be comfortable saying on national TV.” “Okay and last question, Any last words to each other before we ship Bella off to her new location,” “…I love you” Edward whispered, and tears filled my eyes. “I love you too Edward.” “Okay, Bella your new location is Forks, Washington.” “Forks?” “it’s a small town, bring a rain coat” My face dropped “Rain? I…I hate the rain.” “we know, that’s why we said bring a rain coat.” Wow, from Phoenix to Forks. This would prove to be

interesting. Bella Swan/Cullen “…Bye Edward, I love you.” I mumbled in his ear as we drew closer to the terminal-my plane was boarding. He smiled wearily and kissed my lips softly, lingering until the absolute possible last second then he sighed in content and stroked my long hair. “I love you too Bella…try to have fun, maybe you can see some cool stuff during your visit. Have fun love, I’ll try to do the same here, though if she’s the opposite of you I’m sure that wont go well at all.” I grinned, then frowned when they called my plane once again “I’m sorry Edward but I really have to go, the producers wouldn’t like it if they needed to buy me another ticket for being stupid. I love you, and do have fun! Bye” I kissed him for the last time chastely and sprinted to the exit, waving once more and blowing a kiss before the large terminal doors slammed closed and all that was behind me were two flight attendants. “Are you okay miss?” one asked, her eye brows popped up. I nodded, wiping extra tears away “yes, yes I’m fine just… a hard goodbye is all.” “different state then your boyfriend?” the other one offered sympathetically but I shook my head no. “he’s my husband, I’m just…going away for a few weeks is all, its my first time with out him.”

They both looked at each other and jutted their bottom lip out, pouting “Aww! You poor dear! Well don’t worry, you’ll be home to him before you know it.” “I hope” I mumbled, then walked onto the plane, and took my seat back in steerage. The plane was extremely uncomfortable. One, because I’m claustrophobic, and I was wedged up against the window, and a big boned man sitting next to me. Two, because a mother who obviously was in no control of her children was sitting behind me, with her son using my chair as a punching bag for his feet. And third, the plane was over heated. I tried not to focus on it, tried to focus on the excitement I felt for being some place new, meeting a new person and his friends. I smiled softly to myself, it was forced…but a step. After all it wasn’t like I was forced to do this, I was the one who signed Edward and I up for this stupid adventure- good going me. I bent down into my book bag and searched around for my Ipod once the airplane was in the air and it was safe to use electronics. Too bad cell phones didn’t count in that list of electronics, because then I could sit on the phone listening to Edward’s voice the whole way to this dreadful rainy place I had heard of. I googled it, too afraid to pack the wrong thing to wait. It looked like a quant little town, small but nice. Rainy, small…friendly hopefully. The opposite of Phoenix, besides the friendly part. Everything about Phoenix was friendly: the people, the air, the heat its so…welcoming. I don’t know, maybe it was just me but coming in to rain just

wasn’t welcoming. And that’s exactly how I was welcomed. When the pilot prepared us for landing, the wheels of the plane hit on the wet squeaky pavement. The sky was a pasty gray and rain didn’t just drizzle, it poured. I snapped my phone open to call Edward, he was still awaiting the arrival of his new wife, and was told to leave the house until 7 pm. I was nervous about meeting my new spouse. When I got off the plane, the producers were there with one camera man. He held out his hand and I looked at him oddly before placing mine in his. He shook his head “No Bella…the phone.” “What!?” “The only people’s numbers you have on your phone are people you are no longer to talk to for two weeks, remember? You’re now Mrs. McCarthy, and you have no clue in hell who Mr. and Mrs. Cullen are.” I swallowed hard, choking back my tears as I slapped the phone in his hard hand. “Very good, now come along Bella we have to get you back to the McCarthy residence and have you check it out before your new husband arrives home at seven.” “Okay James” I muttered following him and his cast. “Bella, sweetheart one more favor” James asked once we were loading our things into the limo outside. “Go stand over there so we have the rain in view and talk about Forks”

I stood by the aisle and waited for my cue. “rolling…” “Um…Forks is indeed rainy, and I’m not a big rain person. I already miss my husband, Edward” I laughed a little at how desperate I sounded “and uh…even though things arent what I imagined I’m going to try to make the best of these next to weeks!” I saw James roll his eyes, I already knew he hated Edward and I for our deep love for each other and happy optimistic moods…that’s why I do it from now on. The McCarthy home wasn’t as large as Edward’s and mine, it was set up more as a cottage like theme rather than Edward’s and mine, which was set to resemble ‘paradise’. I liked this house a lot better. I had always been more of a simple person and hated it when Edward insisted on us getting a large home, because he wanted the best for me. I opened the door with the spare key I was given, and tried to act natural even though I was completely aware of the cameras following me from all different angles. “oh wow” I breathed looking around. It was a small, cute, wooden home with a long hall way in the entrance, to the left, right next to the door were some stairs and to the right was a small sitting room. Down the hall was a quaint little kitchen, and right off of it, to the right was a dining room. The other way was a living room. Upstairs I imagined would be their rooms, and down stairs a basement perhaps. On the kitchen table was a large white book, the edges bent

and a little scratched up. On top said “HOW I RUN MY LIFE AND THIS HOME BITCH.” My eyes widened, this was hopefully written by the wife, but in a way that scared me…what if he was just like her? My skin went pale white as I opened it and began reading. “First off my name is Rosalie McCarthy, and I am Emmett McCarthy’s Wife, not. You. So don’t get any smart ass ideas that just because you two are living alone for two weeks means you’re married for two weeks-nuh-uh. Secondly, just because I am the woman in mine and Emmett’s relationship doesn’t mean I don’t wear the pantsbecause I wear the pants. I am an independent woman who does what I want, when I want. Here’s the schedule: Monday- gym at 6:30-9 am with Emmett. Independent cardio from 9-10:30 am. Nail salon app. At noon, feet at 1:30 pm. Meet Emmett for a late lunch at 2:30 pm. Come home and straighten up/ cook dinner. Tuesday-work from 5:30 am-5:30 pm. Make dinner, then movie night with the sister-in-law/ brother. Wednesday- clean day…all day. Thursday- work from 5:30 am- 5:30 pm. Lunch with Emmett at noon. Make dinner. Friday- date night. Saturday-…find something else to do, because you sure as hell aren’t doing Emmett.

My face crept a blush as I came to a realization of her words, then put the book down and decided to explore a little bit instead of read on. In every room it seemed there was some type of picture of Rosalie alone, or with friends or Emmett, I assumed. He was a very handsome young man that’s for sure. Strong looking, dimples and baby cheeks, a large bed of thick curls, and a loving smile. I sat down comfortably on their couch and watched the clock tick, ignoring the camera’s once again. When the clock hit 7:02 pm, the door opened, and in walked Emmett. Emmett McCarthy I continued waving bye to Rosie until she was out of my sight thoroughly, even though she pretended to not know who I was-sending my glares, rolling her eyes or just looking straight ahead. I knew in Rosalie terms that meant: I love you too. I waited until her plane was up high in the air, waving to it out the large terminal window, sighed and then walked away slowly. The cameras wouldn’t be with me until 7 pm and I was already bored trying to think of something that could possibly pass as entertaining. I could go to the bar and watch football…nah that doesn’t sound fun right now. Maybe the gym….no. Oh! Alice and Jasper’s house. They always had something fun to do there. I called Alice on my cell just to give them a heads up, and she laughed saying that it was fine. When I pulled up to their house I was already getting antsy to meet my new wife. What if she was ugly? Or meaner

than Rosalie! What is she doesn’t like me or my jokes, or she’s stuck up, stupid, annoying, too smart, picky…the possibilities were endless. Rosalie was a simple person, easily predictable. She wanted what she wanted, and she wanted it when she asked for it. It was a fact of life and I had come to realize and respect that. “Hey Emmett!” Alice greeted corkily. She bounced behind the door and held it wide so I could walk through the frame-though I still had to bend my head to get through it height wise. “Hi Alice, how are you?” I asked dully. She frowned “I was fine…till I heard you like this, what’s wrong?” “nothing I’m just bored” I sighed falling onto her couch and flicking my shoes off. She sat down in Jasper’s lap and played with his blonde hair. “Don’t worry, it wont be long Em. Just…3 more hours.” 3 minutes later.... “How long has it been?” I asked curiously. Alice rolled her eyes “Emmett its only been three minutes…asking every time the clock moves will get us no where.” I sighed breathing heavily “Well will someone tell me when its time to go!? I’m going to take a nap” I yawned, falling down on the ground of their living room and shutting my

eyes. “oh Rosalie! Yeah baby shake it like a Polaroid picture!” I bellowed as she continued swaying her hips in front of my face, barely clothed. Her black thong was slick with her sweet juices that were flowing just for me, and her round breast were barely contained by the black lace…that was see through. I was panting like a puppy. “Emmett….” she purred shaking my shoulders with the beat of the music, her hot breath right above mine. I puckered my lips, waiting for her sweet ones to join mine. “Emmett” she tried again. I groaned, annoyed that she was torturing me so and tried to push them out again. “Emmett, try to kiss me one more time and I’ll punch your balls so hard you’re grandkids wont have kids!” My eyes went wide open, Alice was standing over me. I grinned at her “did that make sense to you?” She growled “I was hoping you were too stupid to catch that that comment made no sense what so ever.” I laughed “guess you hoped wrong! What do you want small fry?” I asked sitting up. She rolled her eyes “Get out of my house. It’s 6:50, go home to your new wife. And for gods sake don’t scare the woman 30 minutes into it!” “yeah yeah, like I could really do that!” She laughed a little while pushing me towards the door “I’ll

stop by tomorrow to see her, maybe Jazzy will come too. Okay, bye Emmett…and have fun! Behave yourself!” I grinned toothily swaying towards my car door, opening it and then getting in driving as fast as I could. I couldn’t help but think this would be great fun. Rosalie could become so predictable sometimes that it was no longer fun, having someone new that I knew nothing about would be a challenge-and Emmett likes challenges. The camera people where there when I pulled into the driveway, I could tell because of the three huge trucks that were loaded with equipment. There was also a limo parked on the side of the road which I assumed my new wife showed up in. I hoped to god that it came with part of the deal, seeing as if my new wife arrived in a limo and Rosalie didn’t, she would be pissed beyond belief. I smiled at the thought as I made my way up the driveway, quickly since the rain was getting harder-thunder and lightening adding into the mix. When I pushed open the door, a petite brunette stood in the waiting room. Her large brown eyes bored into my own for a moment longer before I composed myself and coughed then answered “Hey there, I’m Emmett McCarthy…and you are?” “uh…Bella!” she answered quickly, turning red and hiding her face from the camera “Bella Swan.” “oh okay cool, well its nice to meet you” She extended a hand, looking down and I laughed taking this as a perfect opportunity. I grabbed her small form into

a large hug which made her eyes pop. “I don’t do hand shakes, I’m the fun McCarthy” I grinned toothily and she laughed a little before patting me on the back “I’ll keep that in mind.” “so, you’re from Phoenix right?” She nodded. Whoa she was just so…quiet. We walked into the kitchen as I attempted to carry on small talk. I poured myself a glass of ice water and one for her as she sat down at the island table. “You miss it there, I can tell” I said softly pushing the drink at her. She looked at it for a moment and then circled her pointer finger around the rim. “A little, but I look forward to these next couple weeks…oh and I got the code book thing” she mumbled. I looked over and on the table was the ‘set of rules’ which Rosalie had written-jeez she must have been expecting a slut or something, almost every rule had something to do with sex and not doing it. This girl, Bella, I could tell she wouldn’t be throwing the moves on me this entire experience. She was IN LOVE with her husband, deeply and this was only business, only an experiment. Around 10:30 pm, the camera’s left for the night, claiming they’d be back at 5:30 am sharp, and they had a key. That made me a little uneasy but I nodded anyways. Anything for them to leave. When the door shut, I waited two minutes until I spoke to Bella, making sure our

microphones were off and off of our bodies before anything went on. “So Mrs.….Cullen was it?” She nodded. “Mrs. Cullen. I don’t know about you but I am no where near tired.” She smiled and shook her head “too anxious to sleep… where am I sleeping by the way?” “well you’re my wife” I said slyly “so you’ll sleep in my bed, in Rosalie’s place…unless you say you don’t want to…then I’ll sleep on the couch and you can keep the bed” She smiled and shook her head “I don’t want your wife to be mad” “Rosalie? Oh she’ll get over it, what are we not allowed to even come into physical contact? I’ll tell you one thing, Rosalie may be an independent woman but I am most certainly an independent man. She doesn’t own me” “good I’m glad” she grinned. “you and me both” Bella Cullen Emmett and I stayed up all night getting to know each other-both of us claiming to be wide awake, though I saw the small yawns he let loose when he thought my attention was else where. I didn’t even try hiding mine anymore.

“…it’s 4:30 am, the camera men could be here within an hour” Emmett mumbled, handing me a cup of hot chocolate. “Yeah, they might get a little fishy if we’re still up, don’t you think?” He nodded. I took a small sip of the warm beverage and then inhaled it close to my nose. When I reopened my eyes I noticed Emmett still staring at me. “I had fun tonight” he admitted softly a moment later. I smiled sweetly “so did I…is that the cue that we should head off to bed?” He grinned “and she’s smart too!” I laughed lightly and stood up from my spot at the table, wiping it off and shutting the lights off. Emmett looked at me oddly as he stood near the stairs. “What?” I asked when I met him there, his body stayed motionless as his eyes followed me to a halt. “nothing” he muttered “its just that Rosalie doesn’t do that kind of stuff-shutting of the lights, picking up…you know.” “oh. So the lights stay on?” I asked, turning back and he grabbed my arm. “No no its just that…well I usually do that” “okay, from now on it’s all you” I said jokingly and he laughed nodding his head, then making room for me to pass

him on the stairs, leading the way to the upper part of the house. Upstairs wasn’t as spaced out as downstairs, it was just one hallway. A cream carpet following every room but the bathroom. There was one main bathroom, and two bedrooms. One was a computer room/ treadmill room and the other was their bedroom. A large wooden frame was their bed in the middle of the room. On the bed was one large pink flowered comforter. Emmett shifted uncomfortable under my gaze before I chuckled. “You’re your own man?” I said with a cocked eye brow and he narrowed his eyes at me “shut up” I laughed, feeling more comfortable with my new friend and then fell on the bed. I sighed, shutting my eyes and stretching out-when I reopened them, Emmett was kneeling on the bed looking at me. “Comfy?” “yes. I think I will sleep in here” “oh okay” he said, his smiling fading momentarily before returning…maybe he didn’t want to sleep in the same bed with me. I mean we did just move in together, maybe I was adjusting better. I sat up and he was walking towards the door, “goodnight Bella” he said before switching off the light. “Emmett-” I called and he walked back over.

“Yeah?” “…nothing. never mind. Night” He nodded and then walked away. I heard his feet as he jogged down the steps and I immediately felt guiltyEmmett was a big guy and for him to have to sleep on that little couch. I should go get him…my mind kept telling me, but then again…no I shouldn’t! that would look weird, like I was seducing him or something. Gosh, go to bed Mrs. Bright ideas. I decided what’s done is done and it was better to leave it alone for the night. I turned off the light near the bed around 5 am and laid there uncomfortably. Now that I was alone I had more time to think about Edward, and then it struck me…I wasn’t the only one on this little adventure…there was a woman, possibly sleeping with my husband at this very moment. A very pretty woman. Hopefully her mean attitude would be a turn off for Edward, but if they were getting along as good as Emmett and I were-they could be in the same bed right now. I sighed, placing a pillow over my head and screaming into it softly. I missed Edward, and it was only the first night. I needed to talk to him-too bad James would pretty much kill me. I shut my eyes, hoping to somehow get some sleep, though it didn’t seem likely. I counted sheep, sang myself my

lullaby, and then just began talking to myself before I finally drifted into a sleep, light though, it was still sleep. Emmett McCarthy “Emmett-” she called a moment later, and I smiled, walking back. “yeah?” I asked softly, so I didn’t startle her. She paused for a moment, and appeared to be collecting her thoughts before responding with “nothing. Never mind. Night.” My eye brows furrowed before I nodded and then walked away. That was a little odd, but then again this girl was a little weird-and oddly fascinating. She wasn’t as pretty as Rosalie, I didn’t mean that meanly it was just a simple fact. I couldn’t think of one woman on this universe that was prettier than my wife. …however… Bella had her own beauty. Not first glance, every American males dream girl beauty [you know tall, small, blonde, and big boobed] but she had that, delicate look. The way her large brown eyes bored into mine every time she looked at me, her slender form would curl up instinctively when she sat, and she had a sense of humor. I sat down on the couch and had to laugh at myself, why was I thinking so much about this girl? Probably because she was new. I nodded my head, that excuse was better than anything

else I was coming up with. I sighed and took the small comforter off the top of it and laid down shifting uncomfortably until I found a nice angle. I shut my eyes trying to get some sleep before I woke up to stupid camera people all up in my business…then I heard her. Lightly singing to herself. I sat up, sitting as still as any human possibly could, careful to make no noise, seeing as her voice was so faint. Softly I crept to the stairs, and walked up them as light as my large feet would allow, and listened at the steps. I was in awe-she was wonderful. I put my head in my hands, resting them on the stairs and shut my eyes, listening-when she stopped. I was afraid she had heard me and I had freaked her outthere was no easy way to explain this, so instead I bolted for the couch and laid there thinking of the angelic voice that had come from the small creature upstairs in my room. Rosalie-who was the best at everything, was considered mediocre to Bella’s voice and the thought of Rosalie’s face when I admitted this news made me bite my lip to keep the Booming laugh that was building up in. I decided sleep would be the best thing for me-seeing as it was five and the camera men would be here soon most likely to tape us in our sleep-creeper’s. On my way to sleep, I thought of Rosalie and how she might be holding up in Phoenix. Maybe she misses me my mind thought excitedly Maybe she’ll run into my arms and hug and kiss me hard when she sees me in two weeks and

tell me how much she loves me and how sorry she is. “and maybe I’ll be President of the United States one day” I mumbled sarcastically to myself, before blocking all thoughts of anything- Rosalie, Bella, Presidency, everything to get some shred of sleep. “Emmett?…Emmett, wake up…” I opened one eye and groaned, turning over towards the light. I looked up and saw Bella. She looked very different from last night-no makeup, her brunette hair wrapped up in a white towel and another around her body, a toothbrush in her mouth and slippers on her feet. “ugh what time is it?” I asked. “we over slept-it’s 10:30 am.” “ew” I mumbled and she laughed, walking towards the downstairs bathroom to spit and rinse. “Are the camera’s here?” I asked. “yep” she laughed looking into the kitchen, then handing me my microphone. “okay so today I’m supposed to explain what you can and cant do for the next week” I told her, authority clear in my voice. Her soft eyes lit up with excitement and she sat on the couch arm softly, crossing her leg so most of the flesh was visible. “….uh, right.” I said, gathering my bearings “So, now that

you are Rosalie McCarthy for a week, you are pretty much a princess for the week” “oh?” “yeah, that list she made you-most of it is bull. She doesn’t clean-at all. She shops, gets her nails and hair done, if she cooks-its usually something you can heat up in a microwave, I could go on if you’re not getting my point.” “I think I get it” she said nodding. “Okay. So Rosalie’s Sister-in-Law, Alice is coming over today. I don’t know if she’s bringing her husband or notJasper, that’s Rosalie’s twin brother. Alice might, though she could not. He might want to wait until movie night.” “Oh okay” “so go primp up, remember? You shop.” She made a face and I frowned. “Never in my life have I seen a girl frown at the wordsshopping. Are you sure you’re a girl?” She rolled her eyes “100%. I’m just not a big shopper, you know?” I nodded “Well have fun with Alice then.” “…why?-” she asked skeptically. “Because Alice is a shopaholic” “Oh god” I groaned. What the heck did I sign up for?! I went upstairs to shower- I mean bathe. My instructions

were strict- bath with the pink flower petals for 45 minutesthe pink timer was my cue to stop roasting in my extremely hot shower-set to 90 degrees or over. I lowered myself in slowly, gasping as each new piece of exposed skin was slapped by the scalding water. Once I was eased in, I took the shower head and wet my hair so I could shampoo and condition it-only with Juicy Couture…of course. When I had finished my shower-it was off to hair and makeup land, instructions taped on the mirror as to how she wears her makeup…to the T. When that was done and I was in an outfit Emmett claimed to be ‘Rosalie Acceptable’ I was greeted by a small woman who was happier and more hyper than a box of puppies. I smiled at her when she let me out of her air sucking hug. “I’m Alice Hale, Rosalie’s sister-in-law. It’s nice to meet you” she smiled at the camera’s just then and then pulled on my arm. “We’re going to the mall and then getting our nails and toe nails done and then maybe a tan!” “…a tan?” I said, making a face I was sure of It. She looked me up and down and then nodded “Yup. You need a tan alright” If it wasn’t so true, I might actually have been a little upset. Alice’s car was most defiantly a designer Porsche. Yellow, with the top up seeing as the rain was pouring heavily. “Bye Bella, make sure Alice has you back by 3 pm”

Emmett grabbed my hand to say, as Alice scampered off into the car. “…should I be scared?” I asked, the bottom of my stomach building butterflies with In it. Emmett laughed hardily “…yeah pretty much. I am anyways.” I smiled and pushed him a little before stepping out of the house and rushing to the car quickly-so as to not ruin ‘Rosalie’s doo’ Alice was practically bouncing in her seat as she watched me get in and buckle up. “So Bella, where do you shop?” I hesitated a moment before responding with the truth “… well I don’t shop really. I only go to Macy’s when I’m in desperate need” Her smile faded, and I swear I saw her hand twitch on the wheel “…you…don’t…shop?” I shook my head. Alice faced forward, mumbling to herself. “Well we’re going to fix that today- we’re not leaving until you are jumping up and down, in stilettos with happiness written all over your face” “I have to be home by 3 pm” She looked at me skeptically. “Husband’s orders” I shrugged, leaning back into the chair of the sleek car.

“Does it look like I give a rats behind about what Emmett says? Rosalie is the rule maker in that home, and Rosalie comes home when Rosalie’s good and ready” I looked at her wide eyed “oh okay” She smiled suddenly and then turned towards me “so, I was thinking Charlotte Russe first?” ….I was in hell. Day 2: Tuesday “Bella?” I heard someone murmur softly, their sweet breath on the back of my head. With my eyes half lidded, I turned in the bed, stretching my arms over my head and yawning loudly. He wrinkled his nose and then laughed “Morning breath” I blushed and clamped a hand over my mouth shyly whispering “good morning Emmett.” “I think the real thing is good morning James” he joked, moving his head a fraction of an inch to the right motioning to James and his camera crew. I blushed again, and instinctively pulled the covers up until they reached my neck. “What time is it? It’s still dark.” I muttered, hoping the cameras wouldn’t pick up on our conversation-but of course they most likely did. “It’s 4 am” he said sheepishly “sorry I didn’t mean to wake you so early.”

I shrugged, flicking my wrist: a signal to let him no it was no big deal and I could care a less. “I am a little curious as to why though” I asked after a moment. He smiled largely now “Well, I was going to work out, and usually Rosalie does with me…so I woke you up” I’m sure my eyes went wide with this news, though I tried to cover it. “Oh okay.” “You don’t have to-” “No, no its fine. I signed up for this, and that entitles doing what the other does for a week. Consider me up.” “Shower. Makeup. And gym outfit” he laughed a little before walking out. I rolled my eyes-I couldn’t wait to meet this Rosalie Hale girl, she seemed utterly ridiculous. When I stood up I let out a groan of agony. My entire body was on fire, starting in my feet, up to my calves, shooting to my thighs and then into my arms-shopping with Alice. One word: hell. God that girl could shop…and shop. And shop some more. Just when I thought we had circled the mall three times and we were done-we’d circle it again. We made five trips to the car, each time only to put some bags away until we finally left. “Well that was successful!” she chirped. “huh?” I asked tiredly, falling asleep on the window. She pursed her lips “Bella, what did I say about that attitude?

Its not very Rosalie.” I’m not very Rosalie. Rosalie was a tall, slender, large breasted woman with blonde curly hair and a perfect face. Rosalie had an attitude problem and could do nothing for herself, and Rosalie most definitely could shop and ‘spa’ for hours on end wearing peep toed stilettos…which might I add left a red mark on all of my toes-still. I turned on the hottest water possible without getting third degree burns and stuck my toe in before allowing my whole body to wither in. I sighed softly, shutting my eyes and running my hands over my arms and up to my shoulders, arching my back. I yawned and lazily reached around for the shampoo. This stuff sure smells for spending forty bucks on it. My five dollar stuff smells better than this. I thought to myself as I wrinkled my nose squirting a large clump of it into my hand and then rubbing it into my hair. My feet wrinkled against the bottom of the porcelain tub feeling its soft white pearl brushing against them sweetly. When I stepped out, and dried my hair, along with trying to put on mascara as an attempt to multitask, there was a knock on the door, followed by a booming voice. “Are you dressed?” “yeah” I called over the blow dryer “you can come in.” The door swung open and Emmett perched himself on the

counter top, watching me intently. “You smell good” he sniffed. “Thanks” I laughed, though my vocal cords were begging to belt that I smelled like a baby prostitute who should be on a street corner-seeing as this was his wife’s hair and body stuff, I thought better of it. “Can I put my hair in a ponytail or does princess have a ‘going to the gym hairstyle’” I blushed as I finished the sentence-it wasn’t like me to be so openly sarcastic, usually I was sarcastic in undertones so it wasn’t so bad. When he laughed I relaxed a little. “No, you can wear a pony tail…are you ready now?” “Lip glossing” I said holding it in front of his face as If I was saying ‘duh’. he laughed and jumped down onto his feet. “Well, when you’re done ‘glossing’ meet me in the car… you know how to drive stick shift, right?” I nodded. I hadn’t known how until Edward insisted on buying me a fancy Italian car- my lamb. He proclaimed that I deserved the biggest, and the best. Hence the house, hence the car. I told him a million times all I needed was a roof over my head, food and him and I was fine. I could even live without the first two-as long as I had him but he said I could have him and live a comfortable, luxurious life. I rolled my eyes thinking of the multiple conversations I

had had with Edward, when I looked up to see Emmett looking at me oddly. “I was just asking” he said defensively. “oh no! I wasn’t rolling my eyes at you its just-I…well me and-never mind. It’s a long story.” He laughed, and put his hands up like you would when facing a cop “Whatever you say Bells.” Bells. Hmm I think I like that more than I should. I giggled girlishly, and followed him out into the gloomy Forks rain. I heard Emmett groan when we stepped out and the first bead touched my face. “You okay?” I asked and he turned to look at me, and then smiled “…yeah I’m fine. I just really don’t like the rain.” Emmett McCarthy We walked out of the house to yet some more rain. that’s all it did around here it seemed and everyday it made me that much more gloomy. I groaned when I began to get stung with the fresh beads of wetness, and then shivered involuntarily at its cool temperatures. “You okay?” I heard Bella’s soft voice murmur behind me. The sun was barely peaking up at 5:30 am, and I could tell she was about to kneel over and die from lack of sleep-and she was worried about me? I turned around in sheer surprise. Rosalie was a bitch and a

half in the mornings and here is a girl who has known me for three days, barely yet she’s more concerned for me then the woman whose supposed to love and cherish me till death due us part. “…Yeah, I’m fine” I mumbled, smiling into her eyes lightly “I just really don’t like the rain” She giggled “me either” “figured as much” I muttered, grabbing her hand so she didn’t fall. she had been tripping over things a lot lately and I didn’t want her injured. I noticed her hand jump when my large one entered hers and I laughed out loud. “Don’t worry” I spoke casually “I’m going to protect you from the all the dangers of Forks Washington.” “Dangers?” she whispered. “Yep. Danger one-Mike Newton” Mike Newton was the owner of the gym Rosalie and I were members of. We also went to school with this Newton guy, way long enough to realize he was a pervert in every sense of the term. Any woman who showed any sign of having an ass, he would walk over to ‘assist them as needed’ and stare, or even try to steal a touch of her butt. He knew better than to touch Rosalie, even with me not around…but I still caught him stealing glances. Bella would be no exception to this rule. The second we walked into the gym, Newton spotted her, and the cameras from a mile away.

“Emmett!” he yelled loudly, dragging it out as far as it took him to walk over to me. “Who are your friends? Oh wait, let me guess. This must be…Isabella, Cullen was it?” “Nope, I’m a McCarthy this week” she said with a smirk and Mike frowned. “and I prefer Bella” she added. “Why of course, and you brought publicity!” he said motioning to the cameras “Well if you need any help Miss Cu-McCarthy…you know where to go.” “Yes…my husband is very well acquainted with the gym and offered to help me with anything I needed.” His smile faded for a brief second before he chuckled “Yes Mr. McCarthy is one of the best! Would you excuse me? Lauren! Darling! You’re doing that machine all wrong, let Mikey show you!” he yelled rushing across the gym to little Lauren Mallory with a too tight shirt, no bra and too short shorts” “wow” was all Bella spoke before tugging on my arm “Come along husband, show me the ropes” …it was odd…the feelings I got when she said husband. it rolled off of her tongue so natural, so loving that for a split second I forgot this was make believe. I forgot that in two weeks she would leave and I’d never see her again. It’d be Rosalie and Emmett McCarthy…as always. I frowned but then smiled down at Bella “Lets go little lady”

I went over to begin lifting weights, turning my Ipod on high. Every once and a while I’d steal a look at Bella on the exercise bike to make sure she was okay. She’d smile and wave at me and I’d wink back at her, making her blush and turn back to facing forward. Then I’d laugh to myself, shutting my eyes and just feeling out the weights. When I reopened my eyes, Bella was hovering over me. “Whoa.” I said, surprised and she laughed. “I did an hour of cardio, twenty minutes of weight lifting, a half hour of fat burning, and a 45 minute yoga class…am I done?” “it’s been that long already?” She nodded, then smirked a little “and you haven’t moved from this spot at all” “I work only on muscle on Tuesday” I spoke softly to her. I didn’t know why I spoke so soft, she just seemed so much more, smaller and quieter than Rosalie did, like she needed it quieter. “Muscle Man?” she joked. I laughed “Yeah, that’s what I think” I flexed out my muscles for her and she laughed “Yep. That you are. Me on the other hand, I am hungry” I laughed and jokingly poked her hard stomach “Well then lets get Mrs. McCarthy some food.” When I showed Bella the section of the menu Rosalie

ordered off of at our favorite breakfast restaurant, Bella frowned. “You okay?” I smiled and she made her eye brows more furrowed, almost confused. “Yeah…I just don’t know which one sounds least appetizing is all.” I laughed loudly. “Does she drink coffee or anything?” I shook my head “hot tea, unsweetened with one lemon on the side.” “…oh.” “Why hello Mr. Emmett McCarthy!” called Tanya, from the other side of the otherwise serene restaurant. Tanya was a long time friend of Rosalie, and come to be one of my good acquaintances. “Hey Tanya, how are you this morning?” I asked, while keeping my eyes glued to the menu. “I’m fine” she answered before taking out her notepad and pen, scratching her bun with the end of the pen. Her hair was always arranged in the same messy blonde bun, her bangs hanging down in front of her eyes and the rest a messy disarray of curl-why I noticed this I have no clue. “And you must be the new Mrs. Rosalie McCarthy” “Bella” she said, introducing herself. “Well hello sweetheart, we’ll have to get together sometime

real soon. Before you leave” My heart twitched. leave. I shook it off. I didn’t know Bella well enough to be sad about her leaving. She had barely just gotten here, she was still in polite mode. Just wait until the rules change next week Emmett buddy, that’s when the feathers will fly. I spoke to myself silently. “Can I get you anything sweet pea?” “uh…can I have the dry toast with the low calorie tang sauce and unsweetened hot tea with a lemon on the side” each word fell off her lips in sheer disgust. I almost felt bad for her, poor girl was probably starving. “You sure may” she said, scribbling it down fast “and for you big boy?” “I’ll have the double decor pancakes with bacon, eggsscrambled, and toast with strawberry jam…oh and coffeeblack.” She smirked and patted my large shoulder “Yes sir, you always have had the appetite of a bear” I laughed loudly and nodded in agreement before handing both mine and Bella’s menus to her. Bella was still staring me a minute after Tanya had left to put in our order. “What?” I finally asked. “You can eat all of that?”

I laughed a little, the table moving with my harsh movements “and you’re surprised?” “…well I guess not really” she said softly. I grinned, largely I assumed, and she laughed, reaching over and poking one of my embarrassingly large dimples. “I love man dimples” “I don’t” I said sourly. “why not?” I didn’t answer for a moment, attempting to drop the subject but then added in “Rosalie likes them too-she says they remind her of a cute little baby” Bella giggled, but it wasn’t as free caring as her other laughs seemed to be. It was the first time I had mentioned Rosalie without giving instructions-or belittling her. I guess it was odd. The truth of the matter was I did love Rosalie, but we just weren’t meant to be husband and wife. This experience was supposed to change the way I viewed her-appreciate her more, but the more I forced Bella to be like her, the more the hatred built. “Well I think she has a point, they’re adorable. I wish Edward had dimples-” she said and then abruptly cut off. I looked up at her oddly and she looked down at her hands in her lap, twiddling her thumbs. It was the first time she had mentioned her husband. Edward, I knew that was his name but she had spoken

nothing about him. I was curious, almost envious of that man. Edward Cullen. “Tell me about your husband” I asked while stirring the sugar into my coffee Tanya had just placed in front of me. “Well” she began, taking her hot drink from Tanya and smiling…waiting for her to leave I assumed. “He’s very handsome…strong, but not as strong as you” -that was a little bit of an ego boost. “messy bronze hair, musical voice. He’s very loving and understanding” I nodded, waiting for more but she nodded back and took a long sip of her tea before swishing it awkwardly in her mouth and swallowing hard. “And you’ve been married…?” “a very short time” was the only answer I got on that question. Bella was 20-the same age I was when I was married to Rosalie. I was 25 now, Rosalie 23. Bella had told me Edward was 24. The rest of breakfast was slow and quiet the only noise being the food in my mouth, seeing as Bella had already finished her dry toast and sauce. I looked at her through my side vision and noticed her eyeing a piece of my bacon momentarily. I smiled and quickly edged it onto her plate. She looked confused but then gladly accepted my offering and stuffed the small stick in her mouth.

“Thanks” she said moments later when she was done chewing. “Bye bye now! I’ll see you all around later” Tanya yelled, waving as we walked out of the restaurant. “Do you want a tour of the town? I don’t have work until later this afternoon” I lied. I did have work this morning-I had called in when I claimed to be taking a piss and explained to them that I’d be coming in late. “Sure” Bella agreed, instinctively leaning in closer to me as the hard winds chilled her face. I wrapped a protective arm around her and smiled down when I saw her lean in even more. “Thanks” she mumbled before taking a small step into the sleek designer car. “There’s not much to see, I’m warning you now. There’s the sheriff office, the movie theatre, the small mall-nothing to brag about like Port Angeles where Alice took you, the bakery, the super market, fast food.” I watched her as I called out all these things, she smiled sweetly, enjoying them all-all the while keeping her hands folded in her lap neatly. “it’s odd how I thought I was going to hate this town…but it’s really actually…sweet” I laughed “Thanks Bella, Forks loves when people change their minds about it.” She laughed and then squirmed in her seat lightly.

“Well…I’m going to have to be getting to work soon.” “oh” she mumbled, almost sadly. “What time will you be home?” “6:30 ish. I have a break at 2 pm if you’re interested in seeing me” I said with a grin. She rolled her eyes playfully “Yeah, like I’m going to drive Rosalie’s BMW while you’re not around” I laughed “I’ll call you then” “okay, bye Emmett” “See ya Bells” Bells. I really liked that. It reminded me of….her voice. Bells. Bella Cullen When I shut the door of the McCarthy residence behind me that odd feeling of being in someone else’s home without them washed over me again. I appeared to be alone-though I wasn’t. I hadn’t been for the past two days because lurking in every room, every corner…there was camera men. James was no longer with Emmett and I for the time being, he was down in Phoenix with the camera crew and Edward/Rosalie. …I couldn’t help but giggle thinking of Edward living with such a snot as Rosalie. She was asking for trouble and one day she would be handed it-maybe in Phoenix. People were tougher out there.

I kicked off the designer tennis shoes I was instructed to wear and immediately my feet were relieved from the arch support stuck at the bottom of the shoes. I flipped the TV on momentarily as I searched the house for something-anything to eat, even if it was the cats food… cat? “Bella?” the voices was distant, much less like the time I had heard it earlier “Bella!? Are you okay, oh my gosh!” I sat up, the room spinning wildly. “…what…what’s going on?” my eyes felt larger, swollen and I could feel tears streaming down though there was no reason to cry. My nose was blocked and my chest heaved for air, this feeling was all too familiar to me. “Bella?” Emmett spoke again, worry in his tone “The ambulance is on its way, just stay laying down” “am-ambulance?” I stuttered as on of the producers lowered me back down, my pounding head on a soft pillow. “Shh Bella, its okay. We’ll take care of you” Emmett whispered before I shut my eyes, listening to the thrum of my heart. “Isabella Swan” I heard the doctor speak almost silently, though I kept my eyes closed. “She was tested for an allergic reaction to something in the home, and it turns out it was due to an overextended period of time with a cat” I cat I didn’t even know existed. I thought to myself sourly. “Fluffy” Emmett growled, which almost made me crack a

smile but I kept it in. he coughed, and then continued “That’s Rosalie’s cat. I’m so sorry, I didn’t even think to ask if she was allergic. How bad?” “oh she’ll be fine-just gave her the shot and I can already see the puffy swelling going down” he said brushing over my eye lids tenderly. “She’ll need a good long nights sleep, and the house completely disinfected and…fluffy, out of the house for the rest of her stay here in Forks.” I decided it was a good time to wake up, and softly fluttered my eyelids open with a soft murmur “where… where am I?” I sat up too quick for my liking and felt my body gravitate for the bed of the hospital more. Emmett walked over and stroked my head softly while smiling down at me “You had your first encounter with fluffy.” “Fluffy?” I asked him casually, cocking one of my eye brows up in amusement. He rolled his eyes “The cat is not mine, it’s Rosalie’s.” “oh” I said, still smirking. He growled this time, annoyed that I didn’t appear to believe him “I hate that damn cat. Its always staring at me…ew” I laughed and held my arms out for him to help me up. Softly, he grabbed my arms and lifted me up till my face

was pressed up close to his chest. I looked up to him, a small gasp involuntarily leaving my throat. This was by far the closest I had been to Emmett since he had first given me the hug back on the first day here. He stood perfectly still until I felt his chest quaking with a small laugh “You ready?” he asked, picking me up bridal style and pinning me close to his body. I couldn’t help but grin like a little girl being picked up and carried away by her protector, he really was a knight in shining armor. His arm stroked my back as he carried me into his large jeep. I looked at it oddly, I didn’t remember him ever using this car, it was always the cutesy BMW or something around that type. “What’s this car?” I asked as he lifted me up into it and began harnessing me into it tightly. “Its my jeep” he mumbled before shutting the door tight and walking around to the other side, hoisting himself up into it and starting the engine. “Well I figured that much. This thing is awesome! You should drive it more often” He chuckled “Yeah I wish….but Rosalie hates it, and threatens me practically anytime I drive it…which is hardly ever.” I frowned as he continued “The only reason I drove it tonight is because we were in a hurry and It was the first set of keys I grabbed.”

“oh” I muttered, and silently made a note to myself: rule number one of next week: Emmett gets his jeep. I blushed as he carried me, like I was twenty pounds instead of a hundred and twenty that in reality I weighed. “Emmett, I can walk. I’ll be fine as soon as that cats gone.” He laughed “it is, Alice came over and kidnapped her while we were in the emergency room.” “What time is it?” “2:30 am” he whispered, softly placing me on the bed. “Good night Bella, get some sleep” he turned off the light and made his way out the room, when I unexpectedly yelled out “Emmett!” He turned to face me “…yes?” “…uh, well…if you don’t mind, could you sleep in here tonight?” I saw his lips curl up into a smile as he walked closer to the bed, pulled open the covers and climbed in beside me, wrapping a large muscular arm around my small form. I breathed in, and his intoxicating scent hit me, then out and I was content. Day 3: Wednesday When I emerged from sleep…it all seemed to be some kind of sick twisted dream. The arms I had fell asleep to were not resting on me, but not even in the large bed with me. Even worse, my red puffy eyes felt as though they were

pasted together. Blindly, I hoisted myself into a sitting position and felt around the bed softly whispering “Emmett?” …no answer. The muscles working my eyelids jerked and spasmed in a desperate attempt to open, but it was no use, they were sealed shut. Damn cat. It wasn’t even cute, if my memory serves me correctly. It was one of those white fluff balled ones, with the squished in faces that looked like they had a bad experience with a iron or something. I stood on my feet, reflexively brushing them over the plushy carpet and slowly began walking in the vicinity of the bathroom. I could see a small bit through the microscopic slits, and walked in, turning the water on cold and leaning down to it, cupping my hands and splashing the substance on my dry face, massaging my eyes. They opened more fully now, though not all the way and I popped one of my pills that had been placed in here for my allergies. Emmett had to be around here somewhere, now that my eyes were opened I could see that the camera men were wide awake, filming me in all my allergenic, sleepy glory. “Bella?” Victoria talked to me, raising her hand softly towards the camera-motioning for them to stop rolling. She had a cell phone resting on her shoulder, her head cocked over dramatically to the left, holding it in place. In her hands was a large black box, with cords coming out of it in multiple directions. She walked up behind me and attached it to the back of my tank top-the microphone. “uh huh…yes. Okay I have to go now, bye.” she stopped

talking and hung up with a large sigh then rolled her eyes, smiling at me. “Good morning, are you feeling better?” “no” “don’t worry, you will be feeling it soon” she continued, ignoring my scornful tone “Now we need you to do a small little interview before we can continue, is that okay hon?” Instead of responding and risking the chance that we both might not like what was to come out of my mouth, I walked acidly over to the bed and sat on the corner with a slight ‘thump’. “Get ready to roll” she motioned to the cameras, timing it I suppose. Victoria was James right had woman, CoProducer, Assistant Manager, everything. “Bella, how are you feeling this morning” And I saw the red light flash. I didn’t attempt to smile, or fix the stray strans of hair that dared to move off course. I didn’t adjust my puffy eyes and some water was still rushing down my oily skin. “I feel how I look…like crap” I answered blandly, when Victoria began moving her hands fiercely-motioning for me to add on more. I sighed, and ran one hand through my hair, shutting my eyes to think more clearly. “Obviously I had an allergic reaction to the cat. and even though its gone, its hair is still found wandering around the house…so its not helping the swelling in my eyes. My body is achy and I really just feel like sleeping more”

I stood up, annoyed with the constant questions, the constant butting into my life. They needed to leave-but of course that wasn’t going to happen. I knew all the footage wasn’t going to be used, obviously since they only took nightly breaks, sometimes not even that-and that would be two weeks worth of footage. The fact was I knew they would want us at our worst moments, which meant that little beauty shot would be sure to make the cuts. I walked past the producer and her camera men and out of the room, sneezing three times fiercely. “Bella? Is that you?” I walked down the hall and looked down the staircase, Emmett was standing there with a large grin plastured onto his face. I smiled tightly, my face scrunching into an awkward look, almost like I was smelling something bad before I sneezed yet again. Emmett frowned “You not feeling well?” “alergies, remember your demon cat?” “fluffy” he growled, again. It seemed like he couldn’t say her name normally, not that I wanted him to. I rejoiced in knowing that Emmett despised of the cat just as much as I did. No hard feelings and best of all no fluffy. It was then that I had just noticed Emmett was wearing an old raggedy gray t-shirt, with some holes at the bottom and bright yellow cleaning gloves that went all the way up his forearm. His face glistened with a fresh bead of sweat and the bags

under his eyes told me he hadn’t gotten much sleep. “What are you doing?” “cleaning” he responded subtly. I chuckled and his eye brows knitted together. “What’s so funny?” “you clean? I’m sorry but everyday Rosalie McCarthy amazes me more and more. Does she do anything?” He chuckled “she always looks beautiful” I don’t know why I felt a twinge of jealousy at his statement, or even anger. I had no right, she was his wife. I would be elated if Edward spoke of me that way in front of Rosalie…though I didn’t have to wish, I knew he had. I smiled, trying to even out my features as to not give away the twinge of annoyance I felt at that moment. He had to have noticed, he fished for a new topic very quick after the weird silence that followed his statement. “R-Rosalie can uh clean too” he said, though I’m sure he pulled that one right out of his ass. “She usually does clean, I’m just doing it because you don’t know how to and I’m trying to clear the house from cat hair and stuff” “Emmett” I sighed “I’m Rosalie for the week! I have to do what she does. If she cleans then for god sakes let me clean! If she cooks, let me in the kitchen. that’s the entire point of this experiment, to see someone elses life not be treated like a princess.” Emmett’s teddy bear eyes glazed over as my words sunk in “oh. Well…I’m really sorry Bella” he mumbled “its just

that…” “what?” “I do treat Rosalie like a princess. Its, well its part of her personality. She needs it” I bit my cheeks to keep from laughing “oh” I forced out returned my cheeks to its toothy prision. He caught on and shot me a dimple included breath taking smile. I walked down the stairs, completely forgetting the cameras, pinched his cheeks and brought my face very close to his before whispering “I love man dimples!” He laughed and stroked my most likely greasy hair once before I brought myself up, helping him up too. He rubbed his hands together before hooking them together like he was shooting a gun and pointed to the kitchen “Are you hungry?” I nodded, no longer afraid to ask for anything or embarrassed to eat in front of the large man. “I’ll make you the princesses breakfast” he winked. “does that include butter on my one piece of toast?” I joked. He laughed, picking me up bridal style-keeping his face very close to mine. “Why Bella have you forgotten…this is Rosalie we’re talking about” he whispered. I chuckled, barying my head in his chest “what was I thinking?” I grumbled.

He shrugged “I do not know!” he ran into the kitchen and placed me into the patted seat near the isalnd of the kitchen. He popped the toast down several times, each time it bounced right back up at him. I chuckled at his annoyed expression. “I think its broken” he murmured scratching his curly head. “Oh Emmett!” I said, astonished “Its not plugged in!” He took a double glance at it and his face turned a shade of light pink. I giggled. I made Emmett McCarthy blush. “I knew that” he whispered, pushing it down-it stayed this time. “Sure you did” I said, getting my teasing out “So what are we doing today?” His mood instantly changed from embarrassed to excited and he leaned in further, getting more animated by the second “We’re hanging out with Alice and Jasper today!” My face dropped. “I don’t know if Alice likes me” I said softly, and his large smile dropped to a frown of confusion to…anger? “Why?” he asked, keeping his tone in control. “Well when we were shopping…well it was kinda my fault…and the shoes….I’m…I’m not a shopper…” I ended lamely. His intense gaze made me shiver, like he was looking right through me. I couldn’t organize my thoughts

and it all came out in a jumbled mess. He grinned, his head falling down and his large curls hiding his face “Bella, Alice doesn’t hate you. She wants you to see her side about shopping yes, but she doesn’t hate you… not at all” he said shaking his head. “Even after last night? I mean she has to take Rosalie’s cat and everything…” He chuckled tunefully “She loves that cat almost as much as Rosalie, its Jasper you’ll have to watch for.” My eyes widened. “He hates fluffy, as do I. so to me, you’re my enternal savor, but he may not like you” he winked. I laughed and rolled my eyes, dipping my toast in low fat organic honey. It tasted disgusting, but the truth of the matter was I was so hungry a UPS box would taste delicious. This was freaking heaven. “So, what time are we hanging out with them?” I asked inbetween chews, I had to allow myself enough time to Rosalie myself. “Yu have 2 and a half hours to get ready” “oh! Extra half an hour!” I teased, wiggling my eyebrows and sticking the toast in my open mouth walking towards the stairs to the bathroom. He boomed out a laugh that I could hear clear across the hallway. I finished my last bite of toast while I turned the water on “hot hot hot” Rosalie’s Morning temperatures.

She suggests I listen to ‘hot hot hot’ while showering on these mornings It helps her feel sexy. How that song, of all the songs in the world would be the one to do the sexy thing was beyond me…but then again so was Rosalie. The girl was ridiculous. I scrunched my body up into a ball as the warm water made contact with my skin. I rubbed the goose bumped skin and deepened into the water. Her schedule became a part of my life, something I felt as though I had been doing for years rather than just a few short days. 1) Let your body sit in the hot water for 2 minutes to get the knots out of your body. 2) Shampoo the hair-twice through using Juicy Couture ONLY. 3) Condition your hair once- JC. 4) Lather with juicy body splash. 5) Repeat conditioner 6) Shave 7) rinse It wasn’t so hard to do, the hardest part was the length. I was used to 2 minute showers not 40 minute showers. The water went off soon enough and I stepped into the chilled room, quickling grasping around for the towel to warm my now frozen body. The hair on my arms rose and my legs turned splotchy with Goosebumps.

Rosalie’s outfit was already picked out and planned. Long straight dark blue jeans, pin straight, a white blouse and a gray and silver vest over it, with of course the dreaded heals. My eyes were know fully open and no longer puffy. Once I had makeup on I looked as good as new. I walked out of the still steaming bathroom and shivered under the new temperatures it created outside the warm bathroom. Emmett appeared outside of the room and looked me over with a smile on his face, finishing buttoning his button down striped blue shirt. “You look cute…miss Rosalie” I couldn’t help the blush that crept over my cheeks as I turned out of his gaze “Thanks Emmett, you look nice too” To my surprise his fingers touched my face, my skin boiling under the spots that were touched by him. They stroked under my eye “You’re eyes look good” “Thanks, it’s the Rosalie McCarthy treatment” I joked and he laughed, boomingly. The doorbell rang not long after. Alice and Jasper were here. “We’re going out to eat, and then ice skating. Now, Rosalie hates ice skating but Alice loves it, its almost like dancing to her, and she danced all throughout school” he explained walking to the door “and every other week its her turn to pick what we do, next week it’ll be your turn…and since you wont be Rosalie I’ll get to see what the real Isabella Swan likes to do”

“Bella” I teased and he rolled his eyes “Bella” “Hello!? I’m ringing the doorbell!” I could hear the small pixie screaming from the other side of the door. Through the blinds I saw her ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door, a tall blonde man with her, Jasper I had been told. Emmett flung the door open and stuck his pink tongue out at his sister in law, she repeated the action and pushed him aside walking into the house looking around until her eyes found me. She smiled widely and skipped over to me “Bella!” Before I could speak she had me wrapped into one of her lung bruising hugs. I patted her small head and helped her back up. “Oh this is Jasper!” she said excitedly rushing over to the blonde and pulling him forward. He followed. I suppose what they say is true-opposites attract. Looking at Alice and Jasper I would have never paired them together. He was so calm, quiet and serene, Alice…was not. “Jasper, Bella, Bella, Jasper!” she said pivoting every time a new name was said. I blushed, as I tended to do with new people and shyly waved “Hi” “Yep, she’s nothing like Rosalie…this one has some manners” he said, smiling largely at me, his entire personality seemed to shift. “Hi I’m Jasper, Rosalie’s brother its nice to meet you. Boy you and Emmett must be getting along well, I haven’t seen him stop smiling since we got here”

Emmett punched his brother and lazily smiled at me before frowning at him “Dude you’ve only been here like a minute” “Hey less talking more walking we need to eat and get to the rink ASAP, we wouldn’t want it to close” that’s debatable. I can barely walk on a flat surface let alone on a blade on top of slippery ice. Needless to say I wasn’t looking forward to this little escapade one bit. Alice’s small hand grabbed hold of mine and yanked me out into the car “Jasper sweetie, would you be a dear and ride with Emmett?” Jasper groaned “Emmett?” “Oh please?” He sighed and opened the passenger seat to Emmett’s car. The fact that Alice didn’t want to take two cars and wanted the boys away from us made me a little weary. Alice had a reason for all she did-if I went home and knew only one thing about this family it was that. Her narrow eyes looked over my body while I ducked into her slick Porsche. It was silent when she stepped in as well. The sky was a light shade of gray today, mostly white. And oddly no rain filled the sky. I breathed a relaxed sigh for knowing that fact. Alice glanced at me and smiled lightly “So, how are you holding up?”

I could tell she was desperate for conversation which made me wonder why she would want it to be just the two of us, ever. I’m quiet and awkward, I don’t do good one on one. “I’m holding up” I answered with a chuckle “Everything’s great. Their house is beautiful and I love the area…besides the rain. Emmett’s such a sweetheart too so he makes it easier on me” I grinned. She nodded slowly, cautiously “Well that’s nice of him. You guys seemed cozy enough, I’m glad my brothers taking care of you” “Treating me just like Rosalie” I added, feeling a little awkward from her wording. She nodded “Mmm Lucky you…you think your husbands going to be as friendly towards Rosalie?” I laughed a little “Oh well I cant see Edward being mean to a single soul. He’s very nice….sometimes too nice, like the overly helpful type.” She seemed to ease and even cracked a real smile “Oh so he’s one of those is he?” I laughed, mostly to myself and nodded “Yeah he’s the ‘treat you like a princess’ ‘anything you need’ ‘you deserve the best!’ type of guy.” She giggled, her entire form shaking “Oh man, you must be in heaven! Jasper likes to see me happy-so he buys me stuff or lets me buy stuff” she laughed again “But he’s not very…mushy. Ha! He’s the dangerous quiet type”

“Nah not really” I said, answering her first question “Sometimes it can be so annoying! More like purgatory than heaven” She laughed, making eye contact for a slight second before turning back to the road. “Jasper seems nice” I said, responding to the statements made about her husband. She smiled “He’s a exact definition of ‘It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for’” I laughed, covering my mouth as we pulled up into the restaurant. When we walked in, Emmett and Jasper were already standing, waiting for a table. “Ten minute wait” Jasper mumbled, and Alice shot me a glance making me erupt in a giggle fit, she shortly joined. Next time I looked up at Jasper he was looking down intensely at Alice with confusion in his eyes. Emmett didn’t ask anything he just moved to be closer to me and offered me a seat before sitting down next to me. “Does this place have Rosalie’s diet on it?” He grinned sheepishly. I sighed. I hated Rosalie’s diet, it was just stupid. The woman had to be anorexic! She didn’t eat more than a leaf for lunch if that, sometimes she needed to get a doggy bag to finish it later-but before 8 pm because its not healthy to

eat past eight. Ugh. I wonder what Emmett will think of me once he sees how much I can eat. Hello double cheeseburger with a large fry and chocolate shake…mmm. My stomach growled loudly, which of course didn’t go unnoticed by Emmett who looked down with a frown. Maybe he already knew how much I was starving, or that I’ve dropped 3 ½ pounds since I’ve been here. Maybe he’ll think I’m a disgusting pig once he sees how much I can pour down my throat. Rosalie must be 80 pounds or something. “The Hale Party?” someone asked, and all four of us stood up more alert, walking with the waitress to our booth. I was about to slide in next to Emmett when Alice took me by the hand and led me over to another booth. I looked at her skeptically and she giggled. “You always look so scared! don’t worry I don’t bite or anything. Its just that we need more time without the men, dontcha think? I mean we’re with them all the time!” I frowned, as much as I was beginning to like the little pixie of a woman…I couldn’t help but not like her at this very moment. Sure her and Rosalie have a life time with Emmett and Jasper but I only have a week and a half with him, and for some weird reason that time was precious to me. I had no clue why it would mean so much, every last moment I could spend with him but it didn’t matter-it did. The cameras were rolling, as they always were which

meant I played happy little Rosalie who needed her time without her “annoying” hubby tagging along. “You like to ice skate right?” “Cant say I don’t” I mumbled “Cant say I do” She waited for the answer of my oddly phrased response “…I’ve never been.” “what? You’ve never ice skated? How…why?” “well since you havent noticed yet, I can barely walk on my own two feet let alone glide on top of ice on them. I hate winter for that exact reason-ice” She giggled uncontrollably, slapping the table with her small fist “oh that is rich! Well at least you have Emmett to help you, he’s a big guy he’ll keep you up” her eyes went wide “Not that you need a big man to keep you up, you’re very petite I just meant-” “Alice its fine” I said, raising my hands in a ‘stop’ motion “I didn’t even take it like that, I know what you mean.” “Good” she sighed, then changed the subject back to ice skating “But yeah, Emmett’s pretty good out there. Him and Rosalie make a perfect picture” I smiled tightly, though I couldn’t help the blush that traveled over my features. There was no denying that Rosalie was better than me at everything. Self control with food. Discipline

Beauty and grooming Home décor Ice skating Shopping I just sucked at everything it seemed. I sighed flipping through the menu “I’ll have the regular salad with light Italian dressing on the side-hold the bread.” *** “You are going to love ice skating Bella! Trust me on this one” Emmett said, grinning cheekily. I rolled my eyes, gripping his firm arm and digging my nails into his flesh to keep from falling-and we weren’t even on the ice yet. He didn’t even flinch, but laughed once more “Don’t worry Bella, you’ll be fine. Er…here let me give you a hand” he said noticing my fatal attempts to walk on my own. His arms swooped under me so that he was carrying me bridal style, I screamed. “Emmett! What the hell, put me down!” “Hey!” he said, grinning still “You’re getting really good at being Rosalie” I chuckled, holding onto his thick neck to ensure I didn’t die, I felt like I was in a sky scraper. The man was too tall. I heard a bell like giggle and looked over, through the Plexiglas I could see Alice skid over, landing perfect…of course, Jasper tagging along at her side.

“Really Bella? Did you fall already?” she teased. I rolled my eyes “No I didn’t fall already, I’m just uh… having trouble getting to the ice” I felt my cheeks flame up at the embarrassing truth as I heard them all chime together in laughter. “Don’t worry” Emmett said for what seemed like the fifth time today “It’s easier once your on the ice than it is on this foamy floor” “I bet” I grumbled, narrowing my eyes until they were just slits, glaring at the ice hell in front of me. Emmett placed me on the ice and immediately grabbed hold of my arm while he gathered himself on the ice. “Okay now hold onto this ledge while I show you” “Kay” I answered in a small voice while he glided out to the middle and back “See how I just went with the flow? didn’t try to force it or walk or anything? Just glide” he said, moving from left to right with each word. I sighed and let go, stiffing my whole body and shutting my eyes until I realized I hadn’t fell. I opened them and smiled at Emmett. He laughed shortly “Now lets try moving” He skated until he was behind me and placed his large hands on my hips. My breath hitched as I placed my hands on top of his. “Now” he whispered, bringing his face very close to my ear, I could feel his warm breath on my cool cheeks “Just go with the flow….glide”

I shuttered and nodded, my eyes slowly closing. He moved his foot forward softly, and waited for me to move mine. I pushed it forward lightly and it went father than I thought, he was right just the slightest pressure would get you going. I slid my left foot forward and felt him do the same motion. I could feel his warm body up against mine, his hands gripping my hips tightly, a silent promise that he wouldn’t dare let go. We began going faster, not fast…just faster. I opened my eyes-and panicked. People were everywhere, skating fast, falling, tripping others, doing tricks, spinning it was crazy. When my eyes were closed it was only me and Emmettsimple but now…now I knew the craziness and I couldn’t take it much longer. Emmett must have noticed me tense because he whispered softly “Just relax” But I was far past ‘relaxed’ I couldn’t shut my eyes again, even to blink. I was freaking out I was going to fall someone was going to hit me. I winced and tried to make my legs go faster, Emmett allowed me to and followed my movements. “There you go! You got it” he commended as we moved the fastest we had yet-still not fast. Just make it to the edge that’s all you got to do. Half way there. “Keep it up Bella and you wont even need me anymore” Emmett continued.

No don’t let him let go, you need him. You’ll fall. don’t fall in front of Emmett! don’t fall! I moved faster, but with the flick of my left foot I lost balance and began wobbling and tilting from left to right turning around in the process to grab Emmett or the ledge, but it was over. I fell to the ground. But I’m not the only one who fell, I took Emmett down with me, landing on top of him. I heard him gasp and opened my eyes. His were wide, two wide pools of topaz, he was staring straight into mine, his mouth slung with confusion and…entertainment? It curled up on the sides and he laughed breathlessly. “That was quite an exit Mrs. McCarthy” I could feel my cheeks turn red but I couldn’t even bother with that, my eyes were still locked with his when my mouth curled up into a small smile “….yeah” was all I could manage. Day 3 Part 2: Wednesday Night Alice skated over to us directly after she saw us, smothering us in ice shavings with her “fancy” landing. “What happened?!” she asked, a mix of terror and entertainment. My cheeks blushed darker red as I looked down. I realized Emmett was still under me…I was still on top of Emmett. His ragged breath and intense gaze rested on me.

I jumped up panicked and crawled over to Alice for help to get up. She pulled me up in the same it took for Emmett to get himself up. “Sorry Emmett, I didn’t mean to drag you down with me” He laughed so loud it drew some eyes on to us “No problem Bella, you did really good for your first time on the ice.” “Thanks but I think I want to get off” I mumbled. Alice’s eyes went wide “What?! You cant leave yet you haven’t even been around an entire time. Oh please stay Bella! We ice skate for hours with Rosalie usually.” Hours? I shook my head “sorry Alice but I’m just bound to bruise…or kill Emmett if we continue these…shenanigans. She blew air hard, so that her tiny bangs flew up, angry. “Why don’t I take Bella home, she looks tired. It’s been a pretty long day” Emmett said quickly. Alice’s eyes narrowed as she looked at him then back to me. “Are you seriously going to leave Emmett?” He laughed and patted her head “We could meet up later if you want Alice, all four of us could catch a movie or something” Her eyes glowed a little “Okay! I’ll call you guys later” I nodded as Emmett gripped my shoulder blade. Alice skated over and pushed Emmett off, looking up at him with

a smirk “I’ll skate her over, I need to talk with Bella alone.” My heart throbbed with anticipation. Emmett didn’t look as if he liked this idea too much but he went along with it, and with one nod of the head he skated off in the other direction. It was silent for a moment, as we slowly inched our way to safety. “What did you want to talk about Alice?” I finally brought up, too nervous to wait any longer. She waited a moment, thinking of how to phrase it, she huffed in a breath and then finally said “…You and Emmett seem to be getting along good” I nodded “Yeah he’s nice. couldn’t have asked for a better stranger to live with for a few weeks” I joked, laughing a little. Alice didn’t join in. A moment later, she began on her second question “So you like Emmett then?” I pursed my lips, where was she getting at? I might as well play dumb. I nodded again “Yeah he’s really funny and nice” “But you don’t like….like him do you?” My eyes widened “What?” I asked, my voice breathless. “Like you guys aren’t in love or anything?” I shook my head violently “Oh no Alice we’re not…I mean it isn’t like that or anything…we’re just…” I couldn’t finish a complete thought but she under stood me.

“Okay good” Love Emmett. I had never thought of it that way before. Was that was I had been feeling? Love? For a man I met not even a full week ago? No. that couldn’t be it. I was married, I didn’t think it was even possible to fall in love so quickly. There had to be another name for what I was feeling. “…I mean it’d be weird if you were to like him because well he so obviously isn’t in love with you, I mean he loves his wife- Rosalie. Emmett and Rosalie. I always knew they were going to fall in love, did you know that? Well I guess you didn’t because you haven’t really known him that long. No you couldn’t be in love with Emmett, sorry I even asked that was stupid.” Apparently Alice had been talking to me for a long time. I nodded “Yeah I mean I love Edward” My voice tightened at his name, making It almost come off as shaky…but not quite. “Of course you do!” Alice said, rambling again. “Okay well you rest. I’ll call you guys tonight okay? Bye!” “Bye” I muttered stepping onto the foamy floor. Emmett was waiting for me, grinning. “Lots of talking it seemed” “yeah…” I muttered He bent down to untie my impossible skates, while looking up at me with his large grin. My breath was still ragged and

my heart racing. I wasn’t in love with this man. I mean sure he was a great guy, so nice and caring… ….and charming and sweet and cute and loving and romantic and a gentleman…. Stop. I had to stop. “Thanks” I murmured once my feet were free, steaming from the heat and ice mixed. He smiled again, helping me stand. My legs quivered but I gathered my bearings much easier than on ice. We both waved to Jasper and Alice as they glided past us, Jasper smiling and waving, Alice watching mine and Emmett’s entwined hands carefully, then back up at me. I blushed and looked away from her gaze- Emmett noticed. “Eh don’t worry about Alice, yeah she’s good but she’s also been skating since she was a little girl.” I let him think it was about the ice skating and nodded. The car ride was silent, except for the soft music and the rhythm Emmett was creating with his fingers on the steering wheel. He glanced at me and poked the side of my arm “You still upset about ice skating?” he asked, jokingly. I laughed forcefully and shook my head no. “Just thinking” “About?” “Edward” I answered truthfully. He frowned “Oh…you miss him?”

That wasn’t exactly what I was thinking, more along the lines of what would he think or do if Alice was right and I was in love with Emmett? Would he be mad? Sad upset or hurt? Happy that I was happy or jealous? Would he be so mad he attempted to kill me or Emmett? Or so sad he’d kill himself? What if he was falling in love with Rosalie? Would he be relieved to know I was in love with Emmett? Stop saying that! You are not! The idea wasn’t even in your head until Alice said something. Yeah but the feeling was in my stomach. “…a little” I lied. I mean it wasn’t a full lie, I did miss Edward, but was I ready to leave Emmett? Hell no. Rosalie’s BMW did run very smoothly, reminding me a little of Edward’s Volvo. So quiet it barely felt like you where in a car…I never liked it much. I was more for the noisy cars. “Oh” Emmett responded with a low frown “I’m sorry, is there anything I can do?” I shook my head “Emmett you’re doing perfect…thank you” He laughed a little, “You’re welcome Bella. Hey! I got an idea, do you want to cook s’mores tonight!?” My stomach grumbled at the idea of good sugary fat food “…Rosalie would allow it?” “she pigs out every once and a while” he smirked “How

about it? We got an awesome fire pit outside that’s perfect for that kind of stuff, and its supposed to be nice tonight” I laughed, excited “Sure, that sounds fun!” “Oh oh oh and know what else!?” “…what?” I asked, smiling widely. “We should get hot dogs too!” I giggled “Rosalie? Little Rosalie would eat Hot Dogs and S’mores all in the same night!?” He stopped laughing “…Well maybe not the same night but eh? Why not!” “You rebel” I joked and his hand tightened around mine. I smiled and adjusted in my seat as he made a left to the grocery store. “…Wanna do something fun?” he asked, his eyes bright with excitement. “…depends on what it is I guess, sometimes your fun is a little too fun for me” He laughed “here get on the cart” I stepped up on bar and held on to the handle, placing my purse in the compartment for small children. He put his arms on the handle next to mine, his back protecting me from falling or anything. “…Emmett I know where this is going” I mumbled as my hands tightened on the bars and my feet gripped tighter. He chuckled “you trust me don’t you?”

My breathed shakily and shut my eyes, nodding frigidly “…okay then, just relax Mrs. McCarthy and have some fun!” I chuckled “you sure about this?” “You act as if I’m taking you sky diving or something” he said with a mocking frown “you’re just on a cart Bella, no biggy.” I laughed half heartily and nodded “okay I trust you, but wont we get in trouble?” He laughed “nah I know the manager” He began walking up and down the aisles, waving casually at people who looked at us with confusion or smiles. He grabbed some hot dogs when we got to the refrigerated food section and then smiled up at me “Ready for the real fun?” I didn’t have time to answer before he was running, well jogging but it sure felt like running, all around the store, faster then I cared for. My first reaction was to scream out, but once I realized we were in a store still my scream was cut short and turned into a chortle. “I hear you laughing” Emmett murmured in my ear “I told you this would be fun” I laughed some more, feeling childish when I yelled out involuntarily “Faster!” He chuckled and picked up his pace, halting quickly to a

stop at the cash register. “Mr. McCarthy” the woman said, smirking as she began to ring up his items. “Hello Lauren” he said cheekily “This is Bella” “oh right, your new wife” she said wagging her finger before sticking a fresh hand in my face “Nice to meet you” I smiled and gave her my shaking hand. “Hi” I muttered, embarrassed for the actions that had just took place. Emmett handed her a twenty dollar bill for all the food and she flicked her hand, making a foolish face “Emmett don’t be stupid, you know its no charge” He smiled and stuck it away “Bye Lauren” “See ya around” I hopped off the cart and Emmett looked down at me with a grin “Wasn’t that fun?” I laughed “you told me so” He smiled larger, his dimples more present. It took me a minute to realize I was staring at him intently. He frowned and wiped his face “…is there something on my face?” he asked I shook my head no quickly, dropping my head away from his gaze. He pushed the cart in with the others and took my small hand in his large one “Ready to go make some s’mores?” I smiled “Race you to the car!”

“you’re on!” Alice Hale “Don’t you find it a little odd Emmett didn’t want to stay to ice skate?” I asked Jasper as I handed the man my ice skates. Jasper shrugged, pulling money out of his wallet “not really Alice, I mean did you see Bella? Not exactly Olympics material. Maybe he just felt bad, I mean I wouldn’t want to put my new fake wife through that…especially on national television.” I popped my gum loudly as we walked out the doors “But that’s just it Jazzy, she’s only his fake wife. They aren’t really married and well…I don’t know sometimes I think she thinks there’s more to it” Jasper shot me a look of disbelief “Alice you’ve gone mad. She’s married and she knows Emmett’s married, this entire show is to make you appreciate your partner more not fall in love with someone else’s spouse. I think you’re misinterpreting wrong.” “am I?” I asked, holding my phone up to his ear as Emmett’s voicemail came on “That’s the fifth time I’ve tried him.” “Well stop trying him” Jasper said shutting my phone and placing it in his pocket “Who are you to bug them for something that isn’t even true?” “I’m just looking out for Rosalie, remember, your sister? My best friend”

“Yeah I remember, my sister, your best friend, the girl whose probably flirting senseless with Bella’s husband back in Phoenix. You know I’m right” I stopped talking. I knew he was right, but I wasn’t going to admit it. I loved Rosalie, and I wasn’t about to let anything get in the way of her and Emmett. Emmett McCarthy Later that night, while Bella and I were sitting outside on the deck, waiting for the fire to get burning larger I called Alice, feeling bad for ditching her than ignoring her earlier. She answered on the first ring, not surprising. Alice was always on top of things. “Hi Emmett! Still up for company” No! say no Emmett! “uh yeah that’s why I was calling, you see Bella isn’t feeling well at all” I glanced over at her to see her shooting a look of confusion at me. “…oh” “Yeah, I think it’d be better if you didn’t tonight, she’s already gone off to bed and I’m just going to be watching the game. I’m pretty bushed too I might just hit the sack now.” “Okay well…Tell Bella I hope she feels better and um…get some rest. Bye” she hung up the phone and I sighed, ashamed of myself.

Bella arched one of her small eye brows and wagged her finger at me playfully “Shame shame liar” “I know, I know” I sighed, sinking down into my chair. “so uh…why did you lie…” she trailed off, softly. I looked up at her, shocked to see her blushing. She looked so pretty when she blushed, especially in the dark with the moon and fire glistening off her skin. “Well” I said, jabbing a hot dog onto the stick I had found “if they came over, Jasper would eat all of my hot dogs, and that’s just not acceptable” I handed her the stick with a hot dog at the end and she smirked, placing it in the fire “that’s true Mr. McCarthy. Very true.” “see, so really you should thank me, because of me, you are getting as many hot dogs as you would like!” She stood up and walked over to me, kissing me gently on the cheek and smiling angelic like “Thank you…” “uh…you’re um…you’re welcome” I stuttered. ..okay I couldn’t be feeling what I think I’m feeling…no I wasn’t in love with this woman…right? Day 4: Thursday Thursday morning came and went. The time here had been going so fast, yet sweetly slow. I felt like I had known Emmett, Alice and Jasper for years which still got to me.

My heart swelled with guilt every time I remembered to think of Edward. remembered. just less than a week ago I vowed to him and myself that he would by my only thoughts, 24/7. He was my husband after all, he deserved that…didn’t he? “Alice” I sighed, placing my head into my weak small hands. She sighed deeply and pulled my head back up “Bella, stop fidgeting and let me finish!” she squealed “I’m almost done.” Ever since Alice realized I was a perfect candidate for playing ‘Bella Barbie’ with, it had been her new hobby. She came over fairly early in the morning-7 am, waking me up and stealing me away to get my nails done and a new outfit, while we were shopping she informed me that we were going out dancing tonight. I stopped in mid step “What?” “You know, dancing, in clubs…there’s music, and smoke, and drunk people, its great.” “I know what clubbing is” I sighed, beginning to walk again. “But…I can’t, and refuse to dance.” “You can” she said matter-of-factly. “Rosalie loves going out on the town, especially to go clubbing, so put on your big girl panties and follow me…” So, here I was, in her bathroom as her personal prisoner. My hair had been curled and sprayed numerous times, and she was currently working on my makeup. She handed me a green M & M.

I took it, looked at it and placed it on my tongue “Why do you keep feeding me the green ones? Are you racist against the other ones?” I asked, teasingly. “What!? No. Green M & M’s have been proven to make you horny. Dancing in clubs is so much more fun when you’re horny.” I glanced at the camera’s red faced, slightly embarrassed to be having this conversation on national TV. “Oh” was all I could say before I heard her giggling. “….Almost done” she mumbled to me in a reassuring tone, pulling at my hair agonizingly. I groaned slightly and she shifted her weight “Groan all you want, I know you’ll take it back once you see how you look!” “Why does it matter how I look? Who am I trying to impress?” She sighed and I could just feel her roll her small beady eyes. “Its not a matter of who Bella, its everyone. You need to dress to impress no matter where you are. Its like… a rule in the girl code book.” “guess I didn’t read that chapter” I mumbled sarcastically and she let out a small snort. “Okay…..look!” she said, spinning my chair around. I gripped the sides of the swivel chair and took a deep breath, looking up. I gasped when I saw my reflection. My hair was down, my normally out of control curls perfectly placed all over my head, some of them piling on top. Alice smirked in the backround, blowing into her blow dryer

jokingly. “all in a days work” “..Thank you” I mumbled, not able to tear my eyes away from my reflection. I never felt like this, never longed to look at myself. I guess I always considered myself to be… ugly. Alice hugged me from behind, glancing at me in the mirror “Piece of cake.” There was a knock on the door and as if she was anticipating it Alice hoped up and skipped ballerina like to the door “Hello?” she said, sticking her small head out. I tried peaking over my seat to see who it was, but the door was shut too much. I sighed, leaning back, straining my ears to hear the small pixie. “No Emmett I’m working on her!….Well if we were done do you think we’d still be in here?!…no Emmett…just…go eat a sandwich or something!” she shut the door and growled walking over to me “Emmett wanted to know if you were okay, and told me if I was torturing you he’d personally kill me.” “Sounds like he’s a force not to be reckoned with.” “Who Emmett? Hell no. he’s all talk and no play. Emmett couldn’t hurt a fly if he was asked.” I smiled at this. Emmett could easily hurt someone, even if it was on accident, but knowing he didn’t use his size for violence…made something in my heart react, made my face warm and my hands tighten. He was very kind for a

male, he reminded me of Edward so much. a lot of men I know aren’t kind and aren’t gentle, but I have been so lucky as to know and…like two of the kindest men…three if you were counting Jasper. “I was thinking you could wear these” Alice said holding up a pair of sandal flats. For that I was thankful. Alice was all about latest fashion, but she knew her limitations and she knew very well that there was no way in hell, pretending to be Rosalie or not, that my feet were getting into some small little death trap heals. I nodded once and let them fall in my lap as she brushed my bangs out of my face once more then smiled. “No wonder he does the things he does” she mumbled, turning around. I knew she was talking to herself but my voice answered before I could stop it “Huh?” She turned quickly, her eyes wide and she shook her head “no, nothing, never mind.” Now I wanted to know. “Who?” She shook her head again “Bella I was just thinking out loud, sorry. Really its nothing” I cocked my head to the side, my face showing that I was obviously not buying her poor lie. She sighed and bit her lip. “…Alice…”

Emmett McCarthy Ugh. Why did girls have to take so damn long?! Me, I could take five minutes and be walking out the door perfectly happy with what I look like. But Alice and Rosalie, jeez they just found things to do just to drive me and Jasper crazy, especially when it came to going out on the town. I knew Bella wasn’t like that, I also knew Bella didn’t like playing dress up, which is why I was on my way up the stairs to save her. She had been dealing with Alice’s stuff for long enough. When I reached the top of the steps, already it stunk of hairspray, curling and straitening irons, perfume and nail polish. I wrinkled my nose and shook my head, shaking the thoughts from me. I straightened up and knocked on the door twice before Alice opened it, just wide enough for me to see her small head. “Hello?!” she hissed, glaring up at me. I shivered looking into her deep black looking eyes, she looked…crazy almost. “Alice, are you almost done? You’ve been up here for hours and Jasper and I are ready to go, not to mention I doubt Bella is happy sitting in there being your doll.” She scoffed “she’s fine” she hissed “now leave” “no. I want to come in, or have her come out. Its not fair Alice.” “No Emmett, I’m working on her!” she belted. I tried

looking in but Alice shut the door tighter up against her. “Alice! You cant be serious, aren’t you done?“ I said sharply, it almost came off as whiney however. “Well if we were done do you think we’d still be in here?!” “Alice-” “No Emmett” she said shaking her head “just…go eat a sandwich or something!” she began closing the door but I caught it and looked her in the eyes. “If you’re in there torturing her I will personally find a way to kill you” I said sharply and she threw the door closed, muttering to herself. I sighed shutting my eyes and leaning up against the door, rubbing my hands over my face. Alice was a piece of work and sometimes that wasn’t a good thing. “Emmett?” I heard Jasper moving up the stairs. I sighed and pushed myself off of the wall, walking towards him. He glanced at me wearily when he didn’t see Alice or Bella following me and turned around to head back down stairs. “You know, back before we had girlfriends and wife’s and everything we didn’t have to worry about this. Throw on a new pair of jeans and go.” I nodded in agreement and sighed sitting on the couch and turning on the PS3. Before it was fully loaded I heard to sets of footsteps walking carefully down the steps. Both Jasper’s and my eyes rushed to meet theirs, and they were stunning. Bella was dressed in a small white strapless dress

that hung right above her cleavage and right below her mid thigh. I swallowed audibly. She was gorgeous. I had never seen a woman look so beautiful, dangerous and innocent all at the same time, not even Rose. The way her brown hair was pushed back and curled, the way her eye lashes were long and luscious, her lips full and her cheeks slightly red. The way her dress showed off just enough cleavage to make anyone go crazy, but not enough to make her look trashy. Lastly, the way she stood so obviously uncomfortable and out of her element, yet so confident. This woman was amazing, and I hated it. I did not love Bella Swan, I would never admit it. One…because I was married to…Rosalie and I…loved her. why is that so hard to say, let alone think? And two, because even I were to completely forget about Rosalie, what makes me think Bella is even remotely close to liking me? She had a husband too, someone she loved. This was just to make her love him more. I’m sure the way I stared at her and a certain part of my body was straining for her did nothing to change the fact that she loved her husband. I was just some creepy perverted man who let this wonderful woman live with him. I placed my hands over the now noticeable bulge in my pants, praying to god Bella, or the cameras were picking this up. “Well, what do we think boys?” Alice asked spinning

around in her more tuxideo dress like….contraption. It was completely Alice, and completely weird. I thought Bella’s was a much better choice. A nervous sweat broke over me when she walked closer and pulled me into a hug. On one hand it would be rude not to hug her back, on the other it’d also be rude to let her feel how I was…feeling at this particular moment. It was quite frankly embarrassing and unacceptable that I had let this happen. I pushed my hips back carefully and wrapped my arms around her awkwardly. “So, what do you think?” she asked, smiling sweetly “worth the wait?” I felt the urge to kiss her again, but I kept still and smiled with my dimples “Defiantly.” She giggled and pulled my arm towards the car. Tonight was going to be a long night, and it hadn’t even begun. Bella Swan When we arrived at the club, I grabbed Emmett’s hand. I had this weird territorial issue over him, I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t help it. I wanted people to know we came in together and we were leaving together. That he was by no means free, or single and that there was no chance in hell. My reactions surprised me, but pleasantly. I liked that I wanted to be the only one for him. I liked that I acted the way I did…oddly. The club was called Twilight At Dawn. Wasn’t quite sure

what it meant, and it sounded to elegant to be a club, but sure enough as soon as the security let you in…it was a club. Three large DJ booths were set up all around, some off the ground, some on the ground. There was a large dance floor with a huge silver disco ball over it, and a bar on both the left and right side of the club. I began rocking from side to side watching the people begin dancing. The night was young, it was only about nine-ish. More would arrive soon, but as for now I was determined to get at least one dance in without making myself look like a complete tool. “uh…do you, um want to dance, Bella?” Emmett asked, shifting from side to side with a large smile on his lips. My heart skipped and I nodded fast “Yeah Emmett, um that sounds fun” He smiled largely and took my small hand in his “Rosalie loves dancing” he said so low it seemed like it was almost to himself. For a while I had forgotten Emmett had someone, he had Rosalie. He must be missing her, thinking about her always. Again that familiar pang in my heart increased, and guilt filled my blood. Edward. Before I could continue to feel guilty, Emmett took my hands, “We’ll just start out slow okay? Tell me if your feet hurt, you can stand on mine” I smiled softly at him and nodded once. “Left. Right. Left. Right” he whispered softly in my ear,

smirking at me “Left and right. Left, Right. Left right, there you go, you have it Bella, now I’m going to turn you” he opened up his arm and slowly I walked around myself as was brought closer to Emmett’s body. My braless chest was pushed against his, and my hips in contact with his. My breath hitched as he tightened his grip along the small of my back and let out a breathily moan “perfect.” We were quiet for a moment, just dancing, molded together as one until Emmett offered me a drink, and that’s when it began. Not even an hour later, and I could tell I was on my way to being wasted. Emmett and I both laughed at everything whether it was funny or not and we kept the beers coming as long as they would allow. Before we could say another word, the song changed and we were suddenly exposed to something more upbeat, and new. I smiled and giggled, pulling on Emmett’s arm “Come on Tiger, let’s have a little fun!” His eyes glazed over as he followed like a lost puppy. Nice Legs, Daisy Dukes Makes a man go ‘Woo Hoo’! That’s the way they all come through like Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo! I turned around so my butt was pushed up against his pants and giggled when his eyes went large. I placed his hands on

my hips and bit my lip, before I began gyrating. Low Cut, see through shirts that make you Woo hoo! that’s the way shes coming through like woo hoo! Woo hoo! I moved my hips in a circular motion, making sure to slow down when they came into contact with Emmett’s. his hands would clench and unclench around my hips, bucking forward slightly. I looked up at him and he smiled down largely at me, always smiling, that was Emmett. ‘Cause I just set them up Just set them up Just set them up, to knock them down. Just set them up, Just set them up, Just set them up, to knock them down. I dipped low, and pushed myself against him on the way up and he groaned, lowering his lips to my ear. “Bella, you’re killing me, you know that?” I smirked “I figured” I whispered as I trailed my finger down his torso to rest on the hem of his pants. His eyes rolled back softly and his grin reappeared on his face. “You’ve been driving me mad since the day I met you” I think I should know, how

To make love to something innocent Without leaving my fingerprints out, now. L.O.V.E.’s just another word I never learned to pronounce. How? Do I say I’m sorry well I guess its never gonna come out Now. L.O.V.E.’s just another word I never learned to pronounce. “Really?” I breathed, my speech becoming slurred as I took another sip of the beer in my hand. He giggled like a small child and nodded “yes really” “I guess I could say the same for you” I said, grinding up against him again “I mean, you’re super hot, not to mention extremely nice. You’re a good guy Emmett” His face clouded with something other than drunken lust, though I could say what it was. His face was just…different as he began to dance to the beat again, pulling me closer. Tight Jeans, double D’s making me go Woo Hoo! All the people on the streets know Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo! Iced out, lit up makes the kids go woo hoo! All the people on the streets know woo hoo woo hooo! “I think Alice was right about those green M & M’s” I mumbled to him. He smiled at me for a moment and then laughed, though I’m sure he didn’t know what he was laughing at.

“They’re making me very horny” I felt the bulge in his pants twitch as he heard my words. “You would call me a very dirty girl if you knew what I was thinking” I said biting his ear. I didn’t know how he would know what I was thinking seeing as I didn’t even know what I was thinking, but I just smiled and played along with it, the alcohol loosening me up and doing wonderful things for me. “I think we should leave” Emmett groaned softly as I pushed up against his hips again, grinding into them roughly. I smiled “Does Tiger want to play?” He smiled lightly, sweat running down his face as he nodded, squeezing my butt and dragging me out of the club. “Jasper and Alice?” I snorted, giggling. He kept walking “They’ll survive” Day 4/5: Thursday Night/ Friday Morning Emmett sped down the streets fiercely, ignoring the calls that continued to pour in from Alice who had obviously noticed our leaving. I hiccupped, giggling as Emmett glanced at me. “You’re so beautiful Bella” he whispered huskily I ran my finger over his thigh and noticed him sit up

straighter. I squeezed it tight and then moved up to his head running my fingers over his soft curly hair. He sighed, and pushed the petal down faster “We need to get home….now” “I agree” I mumbled, embarrassed when it came out as a whine. The ride was silent from that moment on, until he pulled into the driveway, not even waiting for the car to roll to a stop before pushing his door open. He took the keys out quickly and rushed to the other side to open my door. I got out and squealed when his butt was suddenly in front of my face and my legs flinging through the air wildly. We walked up to the house, the steady rain over us not even bothering me, but making me even more excited to go in and get…cozier with Emmett. I heard the door click open and then all fell silent. He placed me down and we stood in the dark hallway. A moment later he flicked on the light, and shut the door tight, taking of his squeaky shoes. I sat down on the floor, unbuckling my heels when I heard Emmett groan. I looked up and we was staring down at my exposed crotch…I had forgotten I was wearing an impossibly short dress. I began blushing but continued to spread my legs further apart, gaining satisfaction when his eyes went wide. “Dear god Bella get your feet out of those shoes!” he said impatiently, shifting from one side to another.

I chuckled again and stood up, barefoot. My vision was slightly clouded, most likely from the alcohol but I could make out where things were, which was good. Emmett took my small hand in his large one and led me up the stairs, whispering my name lightly when I didn’t immediately follow. I glanced up at him and kissed his hand entwined with mine. He sighed, shutting his eyes and breathed into my ear. “You’re so gentle” he stopped, and rubbed my hip with his large thumb “it feels so nice, to have…someone…being gentle” I grinned and rubbed his cheek as soft as I could. His hands tightened on my hips and he pulled me into his arms, walking up the stairs briskly. He kicked the door open to the large room in which I had been sleeping in and I heard the door pound into the wall behind It, probably denting it. He dropped me on the bed with a soft thud and pealed off his shirt as I began unzipping my dress. His eyes bored into my body as I began slipping the dress down, revealing a white laced strapless bra and a matching…rather uncomfortable thong. When Alice had first proposed I wear a thong, the words that flashed in my head were: hell no. but at this moment, I could have kissed her for saying no to my granny panties. His gaze continued to look up and down my body until it landed on my lips “kiss me?” he asked, though I’m sure he hadn’t meant it as a question.

I walked over, slowly, hoping that I was shaking my hips instead of looking like I had a nervous twitch. “of course” I whispered into his chest, placing my hands on his large shoulders and pulling him down to my height, crashing my lips on his. His hands snaked around my small body and pushed me up against his body. Through his pants I could feel his eagerness, which in turn made me more excited, I knew he wanted this too. I pushed my hips out and then back in to create friction. Emmett apparently was grateful for the efforts because he groaned and placed me against the wall softly, grinding into me with his large hips. My eyes rolled back as I continued to stroke his soft curls and kiss his delicious lips. “Emmett” I moaned out, moving my mouth slightly to the side so I could breathe. Emmett continued kissing along my jaw and upper neck. “Emmett” I tried again and he looked up at me, his eyes glazed over with desire. “Yes Bella?” “you’re…wearing, way…too much…clothing” I panted out, brushing my hands down his sculpted abs and to his pant line. He smiled down at his jeans and then looked back up at me through his eye lashes, irresistible. “you’re right” he placed me down and began unbuttoning

his jeans “plus, everything’s funner without pants” I giggled, ignoring the fact that he just said ‘funner’ and brought my full attention to his pants as he unzipped them “no” I stopped him before he could pull them off “I want to” He grinned, leaning back against the wall and placed his hands in my hair “go ahead baby” I cleared my voice so it wouldn’t come out as a croak and bent down, caressing his soft skin below his naval, the light trail of hairs there fascinated me. I began to twist and pull at them lightly, earning light gasps from Emmett. My hands pressed gently on his exposed skin, right before his boxers became present and his hips twitched lightly. I bit my lip, looking up at him. His eyes were gazing at me, darkened, but bright with need. I pulled his jeans and boxers down with one swift movement, looking up at him and then slowly went lower. He was…well endowed, that was for sure. I guess I expected it though, I mean it was Emmett. He was a big guy, and it would just be a cruel joke for a guy as big as Emmett to have a small dick. I touched it attentively on the head and he moaned lightly. My finger began tracing the very tip very smoothly and he bucked forward again. “someone is very impatient” I noted making him glare at me, with a small smile playing on his lips.

“whose fault is that, hmm?” he said almost inaudibly. I chuckled, without warning slipping my entire hand around the base of his large member. He groaned loudly and his hands went to my hair “oh shit Bella” I continued to stroke him lightly, before he pulled me up to my normal height, my eyes tracing the contours of his chest. “…if you keep doing that…I might make a mess” he grumbled softly, his eyes still closed. I leaned in close and breathed on his neck “its okay, I’d be willing to help you pick it up” I said, shocking even myself. His eyes shot open and he groaned loudly, as I felt his member grow impossibly harder. I smiled and brought his hands to my underwear, they traced around it softly before pulling them down to my ankles as I stepped out, flicking them across the room. “I think I want to go…to bed” I said, winking at him, moving towards the bed. Moments later he followed like a lost puppy and laid down next to me “…you don’t really want to…sleep, right?” “I never said I wanted to sleep” I said softly running my finger over his chest “I said I want to go to bed. and I’m glad you joined me” He groaned “me too” “I’m ready Emmett, if you are, I’m ready” I felt him grow stiffer and move closer to me, pushing me

ontop of him. I grinded into him and he moaned out “oh Bella, I’m ready. I’m so ready” I moved to place myself over him and rubbed his closed eyes lightly before falling down suddenly on top of him. His eyes went wide as I encased his large length. “oh shit…oh god” he said softly to himself “mmm oh Emmett” I moaned “you feel so good” “Bella…you’re so, tight…and ohh oh god you’re so warm.” He pushed me over so I was on the bottom and he began setting a pace. Our breaths were both labored and my nails were scraping into his shoulders. He began sucking on my collar bone, his hands groping my breasts, his hands the perfect size for mine. “ugh…uh Bella” he grunted out, pushing harder “I’m…I’m close baby, so close” his hands grew tighter on my breast and he bit my skin lightly. I screamed out, pushing myself higher into him “Emmett!” “I’m…coming…Bella!” I screamed once more as he came and followed shortly after. He rolled us over again so I was on top of him, our chests rising and falling together. He was still positioned inside of me as we calmed down before I rolled off him and laid beside me. I could hear him rolling off the condom and sticking it into the trash, his breath still heavy, before he curled up beside me, his length still ridgid against my back.

“you…are…amazing Bella Swan” I smiled, kissing his hand as sleep began taking over. Today had been so impossibly long, and the nights activities had left me unable to fight it off any longer, as I floated asleep. *** Ugh. Morning came too soon. No alarm, nor Alice woke me up this morning but it still felt like it should have been only 5 am. don’t open your eyes, don’t do it…go back to sleep. Ugh, I cant. My eyes squinted as the sunlight squeezed its way through the slightly cracked blinds. I had a light head ache, but nothing unbearable which was good, I wasn’t completely wasted. I moved slightly and my eyes went wide, the sheets were way too free on my body. I opened them up cautiously and looked down…oh dear lord. …I was naked. My eyes went wide as I turned hastily to my left, Emmett laid next to me, his chest uncovered. “oh shit oh shit oh shit” I muttered to myself, closing my eyes and lifting the sheets a little higher, opening one eye to see that I wasn’t the only one naked. Emmett was in bed with me, we were both naked and his arm was around me. This could not be good.

Day 5: Friday My eyes went wide as I turned hastily to my left, Emmett laid next to me, his chest uncovered. “oh shit oh shit oh shit” I muttered to myself, closing my eyes and lifting the sheets a little higher, opening one eye to see that I wasn’t the only one naked. Emmett was in bed with me, we were both naked and his arm was around me. This could not be good. I shook Emmett furiously until his form jumped to a sitting position. He smiled until he gazed into my face and then he quickly frowned “Whats wrong Bella?” “What’s wrong? What’s wrong!? Emmett we’re naked! We’re in bed together!” He smiled childishly “I know” “Well, what are we going to do?” I asked, throwing my head into my hands. He sat up more fully and wrapped an arm around me, but I shrugged it off quickly. I looked over to see his eyes full of hurt. “Emmett, I’m sorry but I just cant look at you the same way! I’m…I’m embarrassed” He scooted closer “there’s nothing to be embarrassed about Bella. It takes two people to do the deed…remember?” he said, smiling cheekily. “How can you joke at a time like this Emmett?! We’re in serious trouble! We got drunk, had drunk sex and we’re on

national television! And you’re joking around?!” “I don’t know Bella” he said shrugging “normally I would be freaked too, but with you…” he paused. “….with me?” I asked, my voice getting caught in my throat and coming out shaky. “it wasn’t just drunk sex.” My heart stopped beating as realization dawned “…what?” “I think I made myself pretty clear” he said, his voice slightly sour “Rosalie just…” “no. no if you’re going to talk to me about this do not bring Rosalie into it. Now listen, I…I need a woman moment okay? I need to freshen up, and um get some things done before the cameras find us…hopefully they haven’t already.” He nodded, running a hand through his hair “okay well if you need to talk…you know where I am” “that I do” I said softly before jumping out of bed and walking slowly to the bathroom, the feeling that if I went any faster, I’d most likely faint setting in. “Bella-” he stopped. I turned around and his breath hitched. I saw the sheets covering the lower half of his body rise lightly and rolled my eyes playfully, smiling “Yes Emmett?” “…you look even more amazing now that I’m sober” I bit my lip and chuckled “so do you Em.” I turned around

and shut the bathroom door, leaning against it and breathing heavily. A small smile appeared on my lips and I felt like I hadn’t in a long time. Like a teenager, like I was young and in love…like Edward. I sighed. This wasn’t good. I didn’t want Edward to know about this, though it was possibly the hardest thing to keep from someone, especially when you’re on national television. I just…I didn’t feel the same way for Edward as I did back in the tenth grade, or even eleventh. …I rushed into a marriage with Edward. And I know he deserves better than someone who married him to run away from her problems. A girl whose family taunted and teased her about never finding “Mr. Right” but then perfect, charismatic, charming, gorgeous Edward Cullen came along and chose me? Gawky Bella Swan who no one liked. It was incredible. “I fell in love with love” I whispered to myself, turning on the water, the hottest it could possibly go. It’s true, I did. Edward was the definition of perfect husband. just not the perfect husband for me. I needed someone more laid back and funny than charming and…well godly. Emmett was just…the guy I had always envisioned. Emmett McCarthy Best. Night. Ever.

By far, the best night I have ever had in my entire life. I couldn’t stop smiling! Bella was just…amazing. Words couldn’t describe what I was feeling. Well one could, but as ever I was afraid to use it. Look where it got me the last time? With Rosalie Hale and…her cat fluffy. I scowled thinking of the ugly fur ball. I hated cats, and Bella was allergic. It was a match made In heaven. Truth was I did love Bella but I kept trying to convince myself I just found her hot because she had a husband, a husband who loves her more than anything it sounds like. I mean she must love him! If she loves him, then why was she sleeping with you last night? my mind asked me. I smiled, it had a point. Um because she was drunk….dur dur dur! the more pessimistic, annoying, yet responsible side of my mind fought. I walked into the bathroom in the hallway and looked in the mirror. My hair was messed up and my neck and spots on my chest were red. I put on a old t-shirt and jeans, running the sink water on cold then splashing my face with it. My arms were straining as they pulled me up from the sink. I panted and looked in the mirror. “I just hope I’m doing the right thing” I murmured to myself. I decided Bella was probably hungry and walked down

stairs to get things started. It was almost Sunday, and then she could start eating the way she wanted, but for now it was Rosalie’s omelet day, so that’s what I would prepare. And then we would head off to the gym and work out for a bit before meeting up with, Alice once again who would end up bitching about me and Bella leaving the club early. Tough break for her. Some hot wonderful amazing woman grinding on me, and hell no I am not staying at some club! Little Em started to get a little excited at the thought of what happened last night. It really was amazing. I didn’t know Bella had all that In her. …okay calm down Little Em. It probably wouldn’t help the situation at all if Bella came down stairs and I was hard. I ran my hand over my unclothed erection once and gave it one hard long stroke then turned my attention to stuff that was…less appealing, sexually. “Hi Emmett” Bella mumbled, shaking her slightly damp hair. I could smell it from here. It smelled like Rosalie, of course she was still using that shit Rosalie’s making her use. “this stuff is so strong” Bella said off handedly, probably because of the face I was making at her “it gives me head aches, like I’m going to vomit or something” I chuckled “you know I thought I’d be used to it by now… guess not” She laughed lightly and poked the omlet on the burner “what the hell is this?” she asked

I walked over, hoping she wouldn’t notice my semi hard state and moved it around in the pan “its breakfast.” She groaned. “only one more day of this shitty food, and shitty hair care products” I smiled largely. “I cant wait to see what you smell like” She smiled seductively and leaned her head on mine “oh I smell very good Mr. McCarthy.” There was a large knock on the door and through the lace on the window of the door we could see the anxious camera crew. We smiled at each other in relief “good, they didn’t get anything” Bella mumbled “That could have been bad” I nodded in agreement as I watched her walk towards the door to answer it. “Hi” she said as soon as the door was opened. “Did we miss anything?” they asked, rushing in anxiously. She shot them a confused glance “no. we just woke up. I took a shower and now Emmett is making us breakfast. We’re headed to the gym later.” she said walking into the kitchen. The camera crew followed right on her tail. “I cant wait until I don’t have to eat like this anymore!” she groaned leaning on the chair. I chuckled placing it on her plate and sliding her a glass of orange juice.

“you’re a good cook though Emmett.” she said off handedly which made me smile largely. “Really?” She laughed and nodded. The door then slammed open, so loudly everyone turned their heads and Bella jumped. It all made sense once I saw a cloud of black hair. “Emmett! Bella! Where did you go last night!?” she said tapping her small heeled shoe at both of us. Bella, who was sipping her orange juice nearly choked as half of her sip landed back inside the cup and she began coughing wildly. I patted her back and glared at Alice. “What do you mean?” “I mean I watched you two drunk jerks leave! And I know you ignored my calls!” she belted. “oh Alice you called?” I said, faking sincerity “I must have not noticed.” “don’t play with me McCarthy I called like 10 times!” “thirteen actually” I said with a grin “but hey whose counting?” “you’re a bitch and a half you know that?” she shot back at him. “Eh maybe but at least I know to take a hint that if someone doesn’t answer the first eh I don’t know three times, they probably arent going to answer”

“What was so important that you couldn’t pick up a phone?!” “nothing Alice but maybe I just didn’t want to fucking talk to you!” “Guys! Guys! Emmett. That’s enough” Bella said looking at me with wide eyes. “I’m sorry Alice that we left, especially because I looked so good, thank you by the way. But I really wasn’t feeling good, so Emmett thought it’d be a good idea if we went home. Good thing too because I was barfing the entire way home” her eyes were looking all over the place, only meeting Alice’s when she finished her lie. Alice’s face went from completely pissed to concerned in a matter of seconds “oh god I’m such an ass. Bella, are you okay?” “I’m fine” she said, running a finger loosely through her hair “just…not very…sober” she said blushing. Alice laughed “Do you have a killer hangover headache?” Bella nodded, sipping her orange juice “something like that” “Well you poor thing. I’m sorry.” “its okay Alice” she continued, smooth as ever. I was impressed at how calm she was “I feel really bad about ditching, did you want to hang out today?” “oh well we don’t have to…” she said, though her eyes went against her words.

“Eh I feel bad” Bella said, finishing her omelet. “okay! Well I have to go pick up a few things at the mall. Maybe Emmett and Jasper could tag along? We could do a late lunch or something like that afterwards.” I watched Bella’s face and she fake smiled, but nodded “Sounds good. Let me just go change out of this.” Alice smiled at her until she left the room, along with the camera crew. Her smile quickly faded into a scowl and she walked towards me menacingly. “Listen you! I know something happened last night and it sure as hell wasn’t her puking. I don’t care if you don’t want to tell me, or if you’re going to tell her to lie about it but I will find out, okay?” I smirked “Okay Alice, give it your best shot. But you’re not going to find something that didn’t happen” Her eyes narrowed as she walked towards the stairs “I’m coming to help you Bella!” she called up the stairs. I knew she thought I was lying, but now there was that little bit of doubt in her mind, and that’s all that I needed. Bella Swan Alice followed me up the stairs quickly, looking In Rosalie’s closet. She glanced for about ten seconds before pulling out something and handing it to me with a smile. “Here you go, it’ll look great.” “…thanks” I muttered, sick and tired of wearing Rosalie’s

clothing. Alice kicked the cameras out of the room as I began undressing and turned down our microphones. “So what did you guys do when you got back home?” she asked In a whisper. I looked around for a moment, hoping to god the room didn’t reek sex and swallowed hard. I had a feeling she didn’t buy any of this. I was a terrible liar, always had been and always will be. “um just sleep” I said lower than she did “I was pretty tired.” “yeah” she agreed lightly “well me and Jasper didn’t get to sleep until like after four am!” she giggled. “oh wow you were out that late?” She shook her head “no, we were well horny when we got home. We spent the entire night fucking!” she giggled. My eyes widened at her confession and I laughed confused. I didn’t know why she was telling me this, or why the hell she would think I would want to know but I just smiled, listening to her stories. “Yeah and it was so good too! I mean Jaspers a big strong man and mm! he was all rough and stuff, oh it was nice” she smiled. “I bet” I muttered. “yeah too bad you just went to bed” she said, her eyes searching mine.

“Well it isn’t like me and Emmett are married like you and Jasper are…or even dating.” I said Her smile dropped, I knew she was trying to get information out of me and she was a little disappointed I wasn’t giving it to her. “yeah I guess that’s true” she said pulling my shirt over my head and turning my microphone back up. “The sales are always really good on Fridays, I bet we could find some really awesome shirts to bring back to Phoenix with you.” My heart panged at the thought of going back. The first week had gone by so quickly and was now almost over. I knew I still had another week, but still. When the time came to leave, I think I will be…more sad than I was to come In the first place. Im going to miss forks. Scratch that.. I’m going to miss Emmett. *** We had been walking around the mall for a good two hours, and my arms were killing me from all the bags of things that I didn’t really need but Alice insisted I bought In my hands. Emmett was carrying the heaver half of the bags and even he seemed to be slowing down.

“just one more store and then we can go for a lunch break. The other half of the mall is more fun anyways.” We all groaned and she chuckled “Aw come on the next store will be fun for all of us!” she insisted, walking towards the large pink store…Victoria’s Secret. Fuck my life. “Bella, we can get you something to bring home to Edward. Emmett, if you want you can pick out something for Rosie-” “gross” Jasper muttered, making us all giggle. “and Jazzy” she smiled “you can pick a little something out for me, okay?” He nodded happily and began his tour around the familiar heaven. “uh Alice…” I said looking around for her but she was already gone. “What’s the matter?” Emmett asked huskily. I smiled up at him “nothing I just don’t know…how to pick this stuff out” He smiled and laughed lightly “Well first find something that would look incredible against your skin tone.” I nodded and walked up to the large wall of lingerie. “Like…this?” I asked pulling the royal blue against my arm. He turned around to face me and his eyes went wide.

I threw it back on the rack, turning red “that bad?” “Bad?!” he said startled “no Bella that’s…wow that color looks good on you.” I looked down “you sure?” He walked closer and placed my hand over his bulging crotch. I squeezed it tightly and he groaned lowly, shutting his eyes momentarily before pulling my hand away. “Positive” he said, his voice cracking. I chuckled and grabbed the blue baby doll walking towards the dressing room. I heard Emmett huff as he sat on the chair outside the dressing room and hurried to put on the contraption. When I opened the door I heard him groan lightly. “Beautiful. Buy it…please.” I laughed freely and nodded “I think I might.” “if you don’t, I will. Try this one on” I laughed and grabbed it walking back into the dressing room. Emmett’s large hand grabbed mine “Damn Alice and Jasper being here” he whispered in my ear. I bit my lip and breathed out a small whimper “Damn them!” Day 6: Saturday I sat on the couch patiently as Bella paced in front of me, back and fourth, worry in her eyes.

I wanted to ask what was wrong, I wanted to go over and hug her and tell her whatever it was it was going to be okay. But I didn’t, in fear that maybe I just didn’t want to hear it, so I waited it out until she finally popped like a bubble. “Tomorrow the rules change Emmett” she said so softly it was almost a whisper “A lot of things are going to change…what if you don’t like me after you get to see the real me?” My heart started to beat again, phew it was only that? I knew I would love Bella even if she was a circus clown… well maybe not a clown, clowns are freaky but you get the point. Nothing could stop me from loving Bella. “Bella” I murmured, standing up and grabbing her wrists, to face her in my direction. Her breath hitched as her chest banged against mine, but slowed as her head fell onto my chest with small pants. “Don’t cry Bella, I’m right here.” “but will you be? Next week? Next month!? Emmett!” she bellowed before her eyes flashed sadness, and…regret? “… will I ever see you again?” I pulled her back in and hugged her close “Of course you will Bella, who do you think I am?” Her small arms snaked behind me to the edge of my pants, I looked at her confused but couldn’t help smiling as her fingers began digging around back there. I soon realized all she wanted was to turn down the volume on my

microphone patch. She quickly turned down hers to before whispering in my ear. “What about her Emmett? What’s going to happen when you see her again, in person, talk to her and….will you love her again?” I sighed leaning back “Bella, the thing with Rosalie is… she’s abnormally beautiful, I know, believe me I know. But she’s also abnormally cold, on the inside. She doesn’t care for me, only how I look. When I get older, and she’s still in denial about it, still dying her hair platinum blonde to get rid of the graying, and getting a boob job to keep them looking all cute and a tummy tuck…and I’m just a gray old man…she wont love me.” Bella’s eyes were glistening with tears. I bet it was because she didn’t know I could be so deep. “But the thing is, I don’t think I’d love her either, even if she did get all that surgery and work done…no.” I said, shaking my head, and then smiled down at Bella “I’d rather have a gray old Bella, whose boobs drop to the floor and drag for all I care, who may or may not be a little pudgy in her older days.” She laughed breathily “That’s one of the most romantic… and weird, things I have ever heard anyone say to me” “and that’s one of the corniest” I joked brushing her cheek. “I’d kiss you, but…” I trailed off looking around for the camera men. She rolled her eyes “always getting in the way.”

“Well after tomorrow they’re leaving for two days.” I said, wiggling my eye brows. She laughed lightly and bit her lip before turning up her volume. Moments later the camera men led by James filed in, their cameras off. “Okay, no we have to go down to Phoenix, to see your husband and your wife. We’ll be back Monday evening. Will you two be able to manage Bella’s new rules without killing each other.” I stifled a laugh and nodded “I’m sure I’ll be fine.” “Okay, for lack of time, Bella’s going to tell you her rules today on the camera. Now don’t start thinking that you’re off the hook for the next few days with following Bella’s rules Mr. McCarthy, Bella will have a small ‘BS Cam’ she can use it whenever she wishes, for personal interviews about how you’re handling her rules, she can film you, or errands/ activities. Got it pal?” I nodded “it wont be a problem. She’s followed our rules well enough” I looked over at Bella who rolled her eyes at me, smirking lightly “damn right. I’ve eaten the equivalent to a meal this week” she mumbled. I glanced at her, trying my hardest to keep character, and frowning slightly until I turned to the camera men and James.

“Right…okay Emmett go ahead and sit down on that couch right there and let Bella do her thing” I grunted softly, falling back into the couch with a thud and glanced up at Bella’s excited eyes. “and…rolling.” “Okay so my rules are simple: they are pretty much the opposite of yours and Rosalie’s rules” My heart fluttered with excitement…did I just say fluttered? “I like to eat, and Edward and I go out to dinner twice a week, as a date night sort of. I order what I want, and I am not on any “special diets” I laughed lightly as she air quoted the words. “the most expensive shampoo and conditioner I use it Herbal Essence and I don’t dress up to go out unless its somewhere fancy. I don’t dance, so no more “out on the town moments” …that was a bummer. Bella was a fantastic dancer. I still remembered the way her round ass backed up into my cock, oh she was great at that. I snapped back into reality casually bringing a pillow over my lap to hide ‘Little Em’s’ special appearance. “I hate working out, however Edward doesn’t…so you can still work out, but I will no longer be joining you. “I like to help out with the house work, so I do the dishes and I make dinner every night, unless we’re out. And that’s

about it…oh, but one more thing…” she trailed off, grinning towards me. “…yes?” “this week, you get to drive your jeep wherever you want.” I’m sure my eyes bugged out and my grin was as wide as my ears. She giggled and nodded, shrugging like it was no big deal. “Wherever?” I asked, making it clear. “yup. I don’t care if its around the corner or to some… famous premiere…its your call” I almost got up and grabbed her into my arms, spinning her around and kissing her small little nose. “thank you” I muttered, keeping myself in check. James eyes flashed to me then Bella and clapped his hands heavily “Well, are we done here?” Bella nodded “Yes…those are all my rules.” “Okay, well if that’s it, Bella you have the BS Cam, and the rules begin at 8 am tomorrow morning. We need to get going…see you Tuesday Morning.” I waved once and glanced down as my hand thudded on the couch. My foot tapped impatiently as Bella shifted from left to right, waiting for these stupid camera people to. Get. Out. They finally said their last goodbyes, and then shut the door behind them.

It was silent in the house for a long moment. “Are they-” “shh!” Bella said urgently cutting me off “wait a minute” I was silent, my lips pressed together until Bella moved across the room “its been ten minutes…they aren’t coming back” she said softly. “..then why are we whispering?” I asked, whispering with her. She smiled, biting her lip “sorry, it’s a habit.” I was silent before I stood “…you know, tonight’s the last night that I get to call the shots” I mumbled softly. “Yes…?” she said, getting an excited gleam in her eyes, moving closer. “and there is one more thing I have been meaning to do…” I said softly and she came closer. “Name it” Bella Swan “I cant believe we’re….here. Of all places, of all things… this is what we’re doing?” I said, looking at small swatches of paint in the Home Depot. “Well have you seen the disgusting color of our waiting room?” he asked me, scrunching his cute face “I mean Yellow?….gross.” “Its not that bad Emmett”

“its yellow Bella…yellow! Not much more you can say about besides the fact that its yellow.” I laughed, looking through the dark green swatches “and you’re sure Rosalie isn’t going to…well freak?” His laughter boomed from across the aisle “well no, I’m not sure…but I’m a man dammit! And I want some say in my home” I patted his back “good for you Emmett, you need to take some charge in your life…Rosalie steps all over you.” He frowned and nodded once “Yeah…I know.” “Sorry…” “no its true. And she’s like that because I let her. And in a way, I owe it all to you.” “what?” “you helped me realize that not all wife’s are like this. That some, are actually normal.” I smiled. “I mean I’m living around Rosalie and Alice, of course I thought that’s how all woman acted.” “I’m glad I helped you figure out your ways Emmett. How about this?” I asked, waving a swatch in his face. He grabbed it and held it further away, admiring it before turning back to me to grin toothily “Perfect” ***

It was 1 am when Emmett and I stepped back to admire our work. I looked over at him and grinned, his entire face covered in splatters of paint, the tips of his curls inked with green and his entire shirt, arms, pants and legs covered in the mess. I couldn’t laugh too hard because I’m not sure I looked any better. I’m not sure how it became such a messy task, yet here we stood. I leaned my head on his painted shoulder an sighed “We did good Mr. McCarthy.” He nodded, and I felt his head move, to look down at me I assumed “Yes we did ma’am…yes we did.” “I need a shower…” I said in a hushed tone, like it was forbidden or something. He straightened up and I knew I had his attention. He pulled himself away from me and grinned “you know me and Rosalie play a game every Saturday night…I don’t know if you’d want to play it…seeing as technically its Sunday, the start of your week.” I laughed “You heard James, my rules don’t start till 8 am…what’s the game Emmett?” “its called ‘Bang Me’…I think its pretty self explanatory. Heart coursed through my loins and cheeks as I looked down with a heavy blush “oh…and you want to play with me?” Yes yes yes yes yes yeeeesssss!

“uh…yah.” he said, glancing around. At first, my heart swelled, I had forgotten about Rosalie, forgotten about all the amazing sex they had had in their marriage. Forgotten about all the passion, all the… everything. It made me almost…miserable to know it wasn’t just me and Emmett…it was me, Emmett and then in a week Rosalie and I was really beginning to hate this Rosalie more and more each day I spent here in Forks. “So you wanna play? We could play the shower edition” he winked “that’s always been something I’ve uh wanted to… do” I looked up at him with a smirk “what? In the past week?” “huh?” “you act like you’ve never had sex in the shower before” I accused. He laughed “well, I haven’t. I told Rosalie about my… fantasy and she laughed and told me if I wanted to get some in the shower then I better use my good old right hand.” I felt the cool wave of eagerness set in my groin at his last words, seeing Emmett pleasure himself would be… orgasmic? Yeah, that fits well. Orgasmic. He must have noticed my breath increase because he smiled “So you in?” “umm…yeah I’d say I-I’m in” I stuttered, walking up towards the stairs. He was right on my tail, his hands snaking up to my hips as we walked up the stairs as fast as I

could without causing physical harm to myself. When we made it to his and Rosalie’s room he shut the door tight and clicked the lock, then we walked briskly over to the bathroom, turning the light on, that being the only light reflecting in the room. Inside Emmett’s short sweatpants I could see his eagerness excited to join the party, straining hard in his pants. I reached out and ran my fingers over his defined abs, and pulled off his muscle shirt. “We wont be needing this for a shower, now will we?” I asked, slipping my hands under my shirt and pulling it off “or this.” I threw it on the ground and pulled down his sweats in a swift movement, licking my lips. He smiled, his boxers twitching slightly with anticipation. “Excited?” He nodded “you should be. I’m going to fulfill your fantasy Emmett McCarthy” He grinned and pulled down my work shorts and underwear so we were both nude. I turned the water on so it was just warm enough to not be scalding, something I thought would help to continue fueling his hard member and my aching core. Emmett stepped in, reaching his hand out for me to take and helped me into the shower.

When we were in I pulled him into a large hug, our bodies pressed heavily together and he breathed a soft moan. “I love how your body feels against mine” he mumbled, his eyes closed in concentration. “Tell me” I said, my chest heaving with excitement my wet face pressed against his soaking chest and my eyes shut likewise. He took three breaths before he began “your skin is so soft. Your face…against my chest, it feels so…comforting. Your smell radiates off of you, right up to my nose. Your chest pressed up against mine just makes me…that much harder” he paused to moan again as I felt my nipples grow erect with his words. His hands tightened on my hips and I felt his arousal grow higher. I smiled at the thought. “…yes?” “You make me so hard Bella” he continued breathily “your soft Belly, and your heated dripping core, your smooth creamy legs and your soft cute little toes” I smiled as he kissed the top of my head “you’re…so beautiful inside and out, it’s a turn on Bella” I groaned loud, my head pushing back and my hips digging into his thigh. He moaned too, his erection digging harder into my stomach, him grinding into me. “Emmett…god!” I said, for lack of words and then pushed his lips to mine, sucking on his bottom lip and rubbing his

abs with my hands “you’re…amazing” I said softly “will you do something for me before you take me in the shower, up against the wall or however you please” His eyes rolled to the back of his head “anything” he said after a few seconds. “touch yourself, please, I want to see you do it” I said softly, almost embarrassed it had slipped my lips. His eyes opened and his eyes looked lost, confused. “…you what?” “Sorry” I mumbled, feeling like the moment was completely ruined “it was stupid” “No Bella, you make me so Horney…I need relief and fast. And I want to take my time with you when I bang you hard” he said in deep breaths “I’ll do it” he agreed “if you finish” “okay” my mouth responded before I even realized it. He laughed lightly and let his fingers run over his chest down to rest over his hard length. His fingers hesitated a moment and then wrapped around his throbbing length. He groaned loudly with a soft hiss. His thumb rubbed over his sensitive head, creating friction as his grip increased and he began moving slowly over the length of himself. “Oh god Bella” he mumbled softly, his hands moving slightly faster. I watched his movements carefully, wanting to repeat them

perfectly. His left hand moved downwards to cup his balls lightly before rolling them around with just his forefinger and thumb, his eyes shut so tight I could see the vein throbbing in his eye lids. His hips were bucking as he gritted his teeth. He dug his thumb into the slit of his head and groaned out loudly “oh yes! Oh Bella! Ugh…you don’t know!…what you’re…. uhh…doing to me!” he yelled out in between moans. He had set a pace for himself, his entire hand was covering his balls now, squeezing the sac every ten seconds for five seconds at a time while his other hand was running over his length heavily. “ugh…oh god Bella…you…you need to take…ugh over.” he said his eyes boring into mine “I’m not going to last long” he said quickly through gritted teeth “I want…you to finish…please” …didn’t need to ask me twice! I dropped to my knees and replaced his large hand on his balls with my small hand, squeezing him tightly twice before continuing the pace he liked and pumping him before kissing his red head. He moaned out “god Bella! You’re…ugh so good at this!” I continued pumping him until his eyes bugged largely “Bella I’m going to cum…” I sucked harder.

“Bella…I cant stop, please…I gotta cum!” he yelled I moaned on his large length and his eyes rolled back to his head as he released his load. “get up here” he said, panting “I need to take you…now!” “god yes!” I moaned, jumping up into his arms, wrapping my legs around his torso and letting him pound into me, placing me against the wall. “uhh Emmett!” I yelled, my toes curling, I wasn’t going to last long. His hands gripped tighter and he sucked on my throat “god Bella god you’re so hot!” “Emmett…I’m going to cum!” I yelled as he pumped into me faster. “BELLA!” “oh Emmett!” I yelled as I came, he followed closely after me he kissed my forehead both of us panting as he continued kissing me “….I will never meet someone as amazing as you, ever again.”

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