Resolotion Ior un Ind to the New Ivuloution System

WHEREAS, LIe new evuIuuLIon sysLem bused on NYS EducuLIon ¡uw ¸o1zc disproportionutely
weights the ose oI high stukes test scores over qoulitutive ussessments us ¨Meusures oI
SLudenL ¡eurnIng (MOS¡)¨ In deLermInIng LeucIer perIormunce, IeudIng Lo u proIIIeruLIon oI Common
Core-uIIgned LesLs wILI devusLuLIng consequences Ior LeucIIng und IeurnIng condILIons In our scIooIs, und
WHEREAS LIe new sysLem wus Imposed by SLuLe EducuLIon CommIssIoner JoIn KIng withoot uny vote
or upprovul by the onion's Ðelegute Assembly or runk und Iile, und,
WHEREAS, LIe DunIeIson rubrIc munduLed by LIe KIng pIun sobjects teuchers to u cookie-cotter
observution system LIuL IImILs proIessIonuI uuLonomy und reduces LeucIIng Lo u serIes oI numbered
WHEREAS, hondreds oI New York city teuchers und commonity members, und dozens oI
LIT chupters, gIven LIe cIoIce, Iuve sIgned u peLILIon rejecLIng LIe New York CILy evuIuuLIon sysLem
und cuIIIng Ior u moruLorIum on IL, und
WHEREAS, LIe zoo; U¡T Tusk ¡orce on TesLIng concIuded by IssuIng LIe IoIIowIng recommenduLIon:
¨Ðo not ose stodent test scores to evuloute teuchers . TIe use oI duLu Irom sLudenL LesL scores on
sLundurdIzed LesLs Lo evuIuuLe LeucIers muy uppeur sImpIe, be InLuILIveIy uppeuIIng, buL IL Is wrong,¨ und
WHEREAS, LIe over-empIusIs on sLundurdIzed LesLIng Ius cuused consIderubIe coIIuLeruI dumuge In Loo
muny scIooIs, IncIudIng nurrowIng LIe currIcuIum, LeucIIng Lo LIe LesL, reducIng Iove oI IeurnIng, pusIIng
sLudenLs ouL oI scIooI, drIvIng exceIIenL LeucIers ouL oI LIe proIessIon, cIosIng communILy scIooIs,
excessIng oI experIenced educuLors, wusLIng LIme on LesL udmInIsLruLIon und grudIng, und undermInIng
scIooI cIImuLe; und
WHEREAS LIe evuIuuLIon sysLem Is u weukenIng oI Lenure LIuL undermInes LIe job securILy oI LeucIers
und udmInIsLruLors servIng communILIes mosL In need, LIereIore
BE 1T RESOLVED thot the U1T should mohilize teochers, porents ond students
touords o repeol of the Educotion Lou jo1zc ond the neu eooluotion scheme.
President Mulgreu & 1ellou U1T Memhers:
Let's 1ight the neu Teocher Eool Sgstem.
Why? Here ure u Iew reusons.
The New Ivuloution System:
» ¡egILImIzes LIe use oI IIgI sLukes LesL scores und junk scIence Lo
meusure LeucIer perIormunce und sLudenL IeurnIng uguInsL LIe
recommenduLIons oI LIe zoo; U¡T Tusk ¡orce on TesLIng.
» EvuIuuLes some LeucIers usIng LesL resuILs Irom sLudenLs und subjecLs LIey dId noL LeucI.
» ReIIes on u mussIve Increuse In IIgI sLukes sLundurdIzed LesLs. TIIs Iorces us Lo LeucI Lo LesLs,
desLroys LIe Iove oI IeurnIng, drIves LeucIers und sLudenLs ouL oI educuLIon, und sucks up precIous
LIme und resources. HIgI sLukes LesLs IurL uII sLudenLs, buL especIuIIy Iurm Iow-Income sLudenLs,
cIIIdren oI coIor, emergIng bIIInguuI sLudenLs und LIose wILI dIsubIIILIes.
» DIscounLs LIe ImpucL oI poverLy und rucIsm on sLudenLs und LIeIr IumIIIes und brunds LeucIers und
sLudenLs In poor, workIng cIuss, und BIuck und ¡uLIno communILIes us IuIIures.
» Mukes IL possIbIe Lo IIre LeucIers pureIy bused on LIeIr sLudenLs` LesL scores.
» BeneIILs PeursonEd und Ior-proIIL LesLIng compunIes und IurLs everyone eIse.
» VIu LIe DunIeIson rubrIc, reduces LeucIIng Lo u serIes oI numbered scores.
We, the memhers, neoer got to oote on the eool sgstem-the lorgest chonge in our uorking
conditions since the lost controct uos opprooed.
Hundreds of NYC teochers ond communitg memhers, ond dozens of U1T chopters, signed
o petition colling for o morotorium on the eooluotion sgstem
We, us u onion, shoold:
» CuII Ior un end Lo LIe new evuI sysLem & LIe new sLundurdIzed LesLs Ior uII grudes, noL jusL K-z
» Demund LIe rIgIL Ior scIooIs Lo Iuve opLIons LIuL do noL reIy on sLundurdIzed LesLs und wIose
uIm Is Lo IeIp LeucIers Improve, noL Lo IIre LeucIers.
A onited cumpuign oI purents, stodents, teuchers woold inclode
» PopuIurIzuLIon und educuLIon pIckeLs, demonsLruLIons und murcIes
» Tuke ucLIons Lo expose Peurson und oLIer LesL proIILeers
» EducuLIng IumIIIes ubouL LIeIr rIgIL Lo opL ouL oI LIe LesLIng
» Town IuII meeLIngs In LIe IIve borougIs
» NoL jusL buck door conLrucL negoLIuLIons wILI LIe Muyor und LrudILIonuI IobbyIng.
JOIN MORI {Movement OI Runk-und-Iile Idocutors), u cuocos oI LIT Members who ure
coming together to muke this kind oI cumpuign u reulity. » ¿q,-,66-,¿1q »

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