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Oracle Web ADI

1. Major Setup
1.2 Setup for Web ADI Internet Explorer and ExcelSheet setup
Internet: Tools Security

Select Internet and click on Custom level...

Local Intranet: Tools SecurityLocal Intranet Custom Level Settings

Trusted Sites level Tools SecurityTrusted Sites Custom Level Settings

Also add the URL to the Trusted Sites also. Tools SecurityTrusted Sites Sites

Setup in Ms Excel Click on the Office Button to go to the Excel Options

Go to Trust Centre Trust Centre Settings

Configuration: System administrator Profile Options : BNE

Profile Option Name BNE Allow No Security Rule BNE Allow Set Parameters BNE Disable BNE Document Lifetime BNE Enforce Parameter Values BNE Excel Worksheet Maximum BNE FND Jar PATH BNE JAR Path BNE Offline List of Values Limit BNE Redirect Home Enabled BNE Redirect Portal URL BNE Server Log Filename BNE Server Log Level BNE Server Log Path BNE Servlet Path BNE UIX Base Path BNE UIX Headless Mode Enabled BNE UIX Physical Directory BNE Upload Batch Size BNE Upload Import Directory BNE Upload Retry Count BNE Upload Sleep Seconds BNE Upload Staging Directory BNE Upload Text Directory BNE XML Response Compression BNE: Servlet Link /erp/drcprod/fre/apps/apps_st/appl/bne/12.0.0/upload /erp/drcprod/fre/apps/apps_st/appl/bne/12.0.0/upload /erp/drcprod/fre/apps/apps_st/appl/bne/12.0.0/upload/import /erp/drcprod/fre/apps/apps_st/comn/webapps/oacore/html/cabo/ Trace /erp/drcprod/fre/apps/apps_st/appl/bne/12.0.0/log /oa_servlets/ /OA_HTML/cabo Site No Yes Application Responsibility

Other Profile Option Setup:

Profile Option Name Viewer: Application for HTML Viewer: Application for PCL Viewer: Application for PDF Viewer: Application for PostScript Viewer: Application for Text Viewer: Application for XML Viewer: Default Font Size Viewer: Text

Site Browser Printer Control Language Browser Browser Browser Browser



Asset Upload through Web ADI Add Fixed Assets Integrator module to the User. And then navigate to Define Layout to build the layout of the Web ADI template.

Select the Integrator Fixed Assets Additions and Press Go.

Select Layout Add Assets Default and click on Update. And click on Next.

Select the Field names which should appear in Web ADI template. And for some fields the Display type can be Constant. In the below screen for the field names Corporate Asset Book(TZA CORP BOOK), Asset type(Capitalized), Depreciate(Yes) and Queue Name(POST) the Default Type has been given as constant.

As above select Depreciation Method and Life in Months also. Once everything is finished click on Next.

Enter the Data Entry rows(2000) , based on this we can enter the records in Web ADI sheet. Once the details has been given click on apply.

The following steps has to be followed to upload the Assets through WEB ADI. Click on Additions in Fixed Assets Integrator.

The Integrator, Viewer, Layout, Content attributes has to be given. The source spread sheet from which we take the assets to paste into Web ADI template, should have the same Excel version as selected in the Viewer(Excel 2003).

Then click on create document.

The following fileds are mandatory for uploading assets through Web ADI. Description, Major Category, Minor Category, Units, Cost, City, Area, Building,Future, Expense Account, DPIS( Date Placed In Service), Asset Number( As asset number is automatic Asset number is attached with Description), Depreciation Method, In Physical Inventory, Asset Key, Owner Ship, Depreciation Reserve, YTD Depreciation, Life In Months. Once the fields are filled then upload the assets. Then all the assets will appear in Mass Additions window that means all the assets sit in the interface tables. Then navigate to Post Mass Additions window and Post the Assets. Then all the assets will be pulled into the Base tables and appears in Assets workbench.