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Stories T hat Boost Vocabulary
by Dan Greenberg











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To my parents, Ruven and Julie, who appreciate my efforts more than anyone.

25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg, Scholastic Teaching Resources

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Bill Klepper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 The Cutting Edge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. . . . . . . . . . . 16 Part 3: Affixes (Both Prefixes and Suffixes) The Word Machine . . . . . . . 27 Nanette’s Word Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Police Squad: MAU (Missing Affix Unit) . . . . . . 8 Bill Klepper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fat-Cat Wheeler-Dealer Billionaire . . . . . . Fat-Head Wheeler-Dealer Billionaire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 . . . . . . . . . . . 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Planning Skills Chart . . . . . . . . .TAB L E OF CONTE N TS _______________________ Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Professor Sylvia’s Word Values . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Part 2: Just Suffixes Sufferin’ Suffixes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Ancient Latin Quizmo!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scholastic Teaching Resources Part 1: Just Prefixes Rowena and Squirmy in “Bicycle Power” . . . .

. . . 57 Journey to a World Without Words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . U. . . . . . . . . 38 Bingo Hackles. . . .TAB L E OF CONTE N TS Part 4: Build Your Vocabulary _______________________ Police Squad: SVU (Special Vocabulary Unit) . . . . . . Romance Novelist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Emily Taproot. . . . . . . . . . . . 49 The Wordies . . . . . . 51 Buck Bickley’s Big Braggin’ Book . . 53 Buck Bickley’s Dog’s Braggin’ Book . . . . . . . . Vocabulary Poet: The Language of Love . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dialect’s Dictionary of Deception . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Answers . 44 Marla Murgatroid. . . . . . . . . . . 40 The Four Vocabularians: Dr. . . . . . . . . Sports Reporter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Emily Taproot’s Poetry Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Julie Kablooie’s Hollywood Gossip Column . . . . . . . . . Senator . . . . . . . . 56 Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Freelance Know-It-All Reviewer? . . . Scholastic Teaching Resources Eddie Snively: World’s Biggest Liar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Laverne Weaselford. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .S. . . . 47 The Four Vocabularians: The National Word Day Speech . . . . 61 .

Teachers who are less concerned with strategy may pick and choose lessons from any part of the book. and chortles and supply you with a genuine chuckle that you are free to keep. giggles.Affixes (both prefixes and suffixes). Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse! Aunt Aggie’s Word Farm _________________________ __________________________________ _________________________ .__________________________________ I ntroduction hile most students have an innate fondness for learning and appreciating new words. W 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. and Buck Bickley.Teachers who are especially interested in exposing students to word break-down strategies should complete the first three sections of the book first. and so on. Answers to the exercises are also given on pages 61–64. Vocabulary Super-Heroes. friendly. your students will meet such characters as Bill Klepper. find the root. Scholastic Teaching Resources In this book. Guarantee If you and your students don’t get a chuckle out of these stories. Special attention in the book is placed on the construction of words from simpler components. at no additional cost. this affinity often suffers when they are confronted with long. compare it to other roots. Suffixes. 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary aims to remedy this unfortunate situation by putting vocabulary words into stories that are fun. the author. and hilariously humorous. Aunt Aggie. but also to give students a strategy of how to break down unfamiliar words that they come across: look at the prefixes and suffixes. Using The Book The book is organized into four sections: Prefixes.They will also learn to associate learning new words as an opportunity for fun rather than an exercise in drudgery. Prefixes and suffixes are attached to root words not only to show students how words are derived. the prefix-buying billionaire.The Four Vocabularians. A handy Planning Chart is provided on page 6 to help organize word skills. dry lists of isolated vocabulary words. a world-class braggart and inventor of the famous Word Machine. will dip into his own personal collection of laughs. and a Build Your Vocabulary section. who owns Aunt Aggie’s Word Farm.

mega-. sym- 10. -er. oct-. -ability. -ty. 28. per-. 37. -ory. 20. epi-. 22. multi- ________________________________________________________ a-. 35. contro-. -logue. re________________________________________________________ 16. -less. 21. -y 1 2. 22. Scholastic Teaching Resources 8. 39. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Topic Pages Topic _____________________________________________________________________ Pages Number prefixes: 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. em-. 49. 32 ________________________________________________________ Root words: neo. -ful. ible. Miscellaneous prefixes: Noun suffixes: -able. du-. -ment. 46. 21. -ize. 45. trans- 8. 60 ________________________________________________________ Antonyms 45. tri-. 28 Together prefixes: co-. con-. milli-. 25. 26. 21. 27. 59. syn-. 20. 30. 32 Not prefixes: a-. 28. hyper-. super-. 9. 9 Where prefixes: mono-. de-. 28. 46. poly-. en-. -ure 31. 24. 17. ab-. 27. 55. 29. -ator. -age. 29. 56. 25. 25. -ous. 36. -ation. pro-. di-. im-. di-. tetra-. enn 51. kilo-. im-. mis- 10. 30. 46 Synonyms . 17. 22. -ition. dia-. over-. 20. 30 ________________________________________________________ When prefixes: Adjective suffixes: -al. 24. un-. tele-. 26. ex-. quint-. 52 Context clues 34. 31. 32 27. 45. 27. ig-. 42. in-. 41. 59. 60 40. -ant. in-. centi-. 22. 28. 11. cent-. 22. 30 16. 29. 11. il-. 44. 29. ob-. para-. 20. sub-. 50. be-. extro-. ac. 27. -ion. 29. 43. dis-. ann. 13. con-. 23. post-. 54. 48. 58. 53. extra-. 38. 26. -ier. 57. deci-. 52.Planning Chart Use this chart to select reproducible pages that will fit the individual needs of each student in your class. 12. hex-. quad-. -ian. 13. 21. circum-. -ile. 47. 28. sept-. -ive . 21. -ate. non-. -ology. -or. dec-. nov. 31. intro-. 30 geopre-. 23. bi-. cor-. ir-. 20. 27. -ic. uni-. ial.

Scholastic Teaching Resources PART 1 __– ____________ __________ ____ l Just l Prefixes __________ ____ __________ _____ .25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.

more. tenth trithree cent-. over-. once a year c.means? How many centuries are in a bicentennial? Here are some other prefixes that define numbers. a number word that tells you how many wheels a bicycle has. unione nonnine bi-. twice a year _________________________ 8 __________________________________ _________________________ Rowena & Squirmy 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. a single circle 2.above. multimany septseven hyper-. Weirdo who? Weirdo you think you’re going on that shiny new bicycle? Beats me. once every two years b. deciten.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date ______________ Rowena and Squirmy in "Bicycle Power" Knock. extra-. dutwo dec-. and Ideas __________________________________________________________________________ Prefix Meaning of Prefix Prefix Meaning of Prefix ________________ ______ ________________ ______ mono-. millithousand. Rowena rode a unicycle to town to see the Woovis Comedy Show. super. a. As a biannual event. 1. Number Prefixes: Some prefixes stand for numbers • A bicycle has two wheels. a. How often would biweekly be? How many outs do you make in a triple play? The prefix bi. the Comedy Show was returning to the Bow-Wow Theater for the first time in two years. tetrafour kilo-. greater octeight Circle the definition for each boldfaced word. Who’s there? Weirdo. amounts. large hexsix poly-. centihundred. di-. thousandth quintfive megamillion. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Prefixes: Numbers. knock. • A tricycle has three wheels. one-wheeled bike c. bike without wheels b. or ideas. hundredth quad-.What do you think bi. Amounts.

Then use the prefixes on this page to make up the words below. a. a three-point basket in a basketball game _____________ 4. A polytechnic school offers studies in ____________________ technical fields. 5.” 9. A kilobyte has ____________________ units of computer memory called “bytes.” 10. one-person speech b. 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. A megabyte has a ____________________ units of computer memory called “bytes. Noah who? Noah good name for the 6wheeled bicycle I’m riding? Not really. three-legged camera c. If a biped is a two-legged organism. 6. Squirmy set up his camera on a tripod to take pictures of the show. Note that the words you make up may or may not actually exist. four-lens camera b.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ 3. a quadruped is a __________________________. a car that costs one-million dollars ___________ _________________________ 9 __________________________________ _________________________ Rowena & Squirmy . Woovis has been perfecting his comedy routine for an entire decade. If a decagon is a ten-sided figure. Scholastic Teaching Resources Complete each sentence. Who’s there? Knock. Noah. a bicycle that has five wheels __________________ 2. Going Beyond Can you think of a good name for a six-wheeled cycle? Make up a word. group speech 4. a thousand-pound hamster ________________ 3. 8. two-person show c. five-year period b. a hexagon is a ___________________________. ten-year period c. knock. ten dollars a. Woovis performed his comedy monologue alone on stage. 1. 7. three-legged camera stand a.

“And we’re going to buy them up until there’s a huge imbalance in the market. but it was clever.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date ________________ my name is sasha dash.” he said.” he said. Scholastic Teaching Resources .“Now let’s get to work. Fat-Cat 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.” I said. every time someone uses a prefix—they’ll need to pay ME a royalty.“I’ve decided to do away with good morning in this office. . Fat-Cat Wheeler-Dealer Billionaire At 9:00 sharp I walked into the office. so you think your boss is atypical? you seem to misinterpret everything he or she says? then try working for .“Aren’t those the little things that come at the front of words?” “That’s right. And keep in mind that Bill Klepper owns these prefixes. Every time you use one. . It wastes time and money.“Good morning!” “Dash. Bill Klepper. But would it work? To find out. Devilishly clever.” he said. It might be ignoble.” “Prefixes?” I asked.” I couldn’t disagree with the basic idea.“Good morning. Do you realize that in the space of a single ‘good morning’ I could’ve earned over 32 thousand dollars?!” “Amazing. “You’re absolutely right it’s amazing. I want you to buy PREFIXES today. complete the exercises. Bill Klepper didn’t answer.That way. In theory. you should be able to combine prefixes and root words to make new words. I tried again.” I said. he gets a big fat KICKBACK. “Not” Prefixes ______________ adisigiluniminirmis- ____________ Root Words noble balance popular typical exact agree interpret literate responsible ________________________ __ 10 __________________________________ _________________________ Bill Klepper. I made a list of NOT prefixes (prefixes that mean “no” or “not”).

+ root = _________________________ (not the same on both sides) 6. a. un. But keep in mind: if a word has a prefix.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Use the root words from page 10 and the definitions in parentheses to make each word.+ root = _________________________ (not well liked) “Together” Prefixes ____________ coconsyncorsym- We started simple. 10 co. then Bill Klepper will someday own it! More Root Words ____________ metric exist thesis descend respond Use the root words on this page and the definitions in parentheses to write each word. Then we kept buying more and more of them. Scholastic Teaching Resources .+ root = _________________________ (answer one another by writing) 13. with just a few prefixes. write a letter to Mr.+ root = __________________________ (not able to read) 5. 1. perhaps even billions.+ root = __________________________ (not dependable) 8.+ root = _________________________ (fail to understand) 9. Stay tuned.+ root = ______________________ ___ (not share the same opinion) 3. dis. cor.+ root = _________________________ (go down together to a lower level) 12. sym.+ root = ________________________ __ (not precise) 7. mis. ig. il.+ root = _________________________ (the combining of different things or ideas) According to my calculations.+ root = _______________________ ___ (not respectable) 4. don’t be surprised if in a few years BILL KLEPPER HAS ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD! It could happen.You can use these prefixes with the root words shown to make new words. im. syn. ir. con. Klepper telling what you think of his scheme. In fact. in. Going Beyond Using the new vocabulary words from this activity. Fat-Cat 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. we’ll make millions on this. _________________________ 11 __________________________________ _________________________ Bill Klepper.+ root = __________________________ (not average) 2.+ root = _________________________ (balanced on both sides by measurement) 14.+ root = _________________________ (be alive together) 11.

back Meaning of Prefix ________________ Meaning of Prefix ________________ prepost- re- _________________________ 12 __________________________________ _________________________ Bill Klepper. ac-. Fat Head . “Looks okay to me.” “No problem. . adabbecircumexWhen Prefixes _____________ on. Fat-Cat Wheeler-Dealer Billionaire One Tuesday morning Mr. we should be able to make all the words we need. you see.” he said. take a look at my head. beside.“Let’s get to work.” I sighed. 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. do financial transactions turn you on? if so.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ i’m sasha dash. because.” he explained. Look at how many WHERE and WHEN prefixes there are—too many! Notice that some of the same prefixes appear both here and on pages 10 and 11. transsub- dia-. beyond under through. Scholastic Teaching Resources Bill Klepper. diinterWhen Prefixes _____________ into.“Today I want you to get me all of the WHERE and WHEN prefixes. In my subconscious I know that this will be no simple task.“We just bought dozens of prefixes yesterday.” “More prefixes?” I asked. . i work for . Klepper called me into his office." he said. i don’t work for just anybody. toward. empara-. to off. away over. around around out before after im-.” As long as we use the prefix chart below. _________ ___________________ _________ ___________________ Where Prefixes _____________ Meaning of Prefix ________________ Where Prefixes _____________ Meaning of Prefix ________________ > Head a-.Why are you so preoccupied with prefixes?” “I just like to adjoin one word to another. But Klepper says “no problem. “Dash. en-. cause to be along.” I lied. across between again.“Does it look abnormal? It feels like I’m wearing a beach ball on top of my neck!” Bill Klepper’s been doing so much wheeling and dealing lately that his head’s starting to swell. I want you to buy more prefixes today. But the prefixes have DIFFERENT meanings! This could imperil our ability to tell one word from another. you’ve come to the right place. “Good.

caused to be loved c. caused to be a deer b. depend on each other c. not active c. (pre + view) 13. get rid of c. help b. run in circles a.+ terminate) 5.” Klepper explained. (sub. (a. become a member b. (im. poor c. (inter. I feel that I am imperiling my job.+ conscious) 12.+ dear) 6.+ calms) Now. _________________________ 13 __________________________________ _________________________ Bill Klepper. a look before a. (ab. very average a. a look after b. oncoming b. Klepper’s enemies think his ideas are abnormal. Klepper’s latest BIG idea is to adjoin prefixes to other words. separate a.+ peril) 10. (ad. underground b. events between people 2. Are you up to it? Go ahead and give it a try. not attach c.+ foot) a. not dependent b. (re. We have become interdependent — Klepper needs me. Klepper claims to have paranormal abilities when it comes to making money. just below thinking c. “Money also becalms me. big gains of my job. Klepper gave me a preview of his money philosophy.+ join) 3. asleep a. Scholastic Teaching Resources . attach to a. understanding b.+ scribe) a. Find the prefixes in the chart that we didn’t use in the exercises above. draw a line around b. Klepper depends on me to make his financial transactions. 1. surround by calm Going Beyond b.” said Klepper (be.+ action) 8. Even Klepper’s subconscious mind is filled with schemes to make money. off your foot a. putting in danger a. Then look up a word in the dictionary for each one. “Money regenerates the spirit. I do so many things for Klepper that it is almost impossible to circumscribe the duties b. (trans. surround c. make nervous 9. (ex. As for myself—I have endeared myself to Klepper. Trouble is afoot whenever Bill Klepper gets one of his BIG ideas. On the phone. made available a. and I need him. runs down c. beyond ordinary a. making fun of c. Fat Head 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. a long look c. (para. funny b. tease a.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Circle the meaning of the boldfaced word. expand c. (circum. away from typical b. But every time that I ask Klepper for a raise. (en. ordinary c. Klepper would just as soon exterminate his enemies.+ normal) 11. on your foot c.+ normal) 4. replaces a. Klepper has a new task. gives birth to again b.+ generates) 14.+ dependent) 7. Use the prefix meanings in the chart to help you.

Scholastic Teaching Resources .25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.

Scholastic Teaching Resources PART 2 __– ____________ __________ ____ l Just l Suffixes __________ ____ __________ _____ .25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.

they still end up comin’ AFTE R all the other words. and catchwords. on Aunt Aggie’s Farm we raise 100 percent grain-fed Government Inspected and Approved Words. no matter how carefully you plant ‘em. relating to. no matter what you do with these things. watchwords. Hard to tell ‘em apart sometimes. does -ian action. But stuff and nonsense ain’t what I’m here to tell ya about today. Nope. -al resembling _________ _____________________ _____________________________________________ -ant to make or become -ize something or this way someone that is _________ _____________________ _____________________________________________ -ate having the quality of the act of. Then. Scholastic Teaching Resources . -or someone that does -ation. Cute little sprouts. collection _____________________________________________ _________ _____________________ -ic. result of -less without result of action or process _________ _____________________ _____________________________________________ something or -er. -ory characterized by of. And down by the river we’ve got your passwords. -ability -age. _________________________ 16 __________________________________ _________________________ Sufferin’ Suffixes 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. _________ _____________________________ _________ _____________________ ________ Aunt Aggie’s Word Farm Suffix ______ Meaning of Suffix ________________ Suffix ______ Meaning of Suffix ________________ _________ _____________________ _____________________________________________ -able. -ier. state of. -ion -ment Each suffix always comes after other words (or parts of words). bordered by some nifty rows of stuff and nonsense. I raise WORDS . I’m here to tell ya about my Sufferin’ Suffixes. -ous full of _________ _____________________ _____________________________________________ person who is. -ty capable of -ful.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Sufferin’ Suffixes Greetings from America’s Heartland! This is Aunt Aggie. they are. That’s right. Why. reporting to you from Aunt Aggie’s Down Home Word Farm ! My Word Farm is just like any other farm. Turns out. over on the south forty. And there’s nothin’ you can do about it. water ‘em. on the north forty we’ve got your homonyms and synonyms. -ition. and tend ‘em. Here’s a whole list of ‘em. I’ve got a crop of adjectives and prepositions comin’ up right now. ‘Cept for one thing—instead of cows and chickens.

1. Capable of being received or accepted ______________________ 2. In court. Connected by the state of being married ______________________ 11. or without being mindful of ______________________ 4. Characterized by poetry ______________________ 12. or inhibits ______________________ Going Beyond Some words. To affirm the legality of. To use digital information to make ______________________ 14. Resembling false visions. Full of wonder ______________________ 7. Full of scorn. like he l ple s sn e ss or c hil di shn e ss . and must defend him or herself __________________ 6. Can you think of another word that has two suffixes? _________________________ 17 __________________________________ _________________________ Sufferin’ Suffixes 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Use a dictionary to check each word. someone who is accused. have two suffixes. Without heeding.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Add a suffix from the box to each boldfaced root to make a word that matches the definition. The act of adjusting or adapting to something ______________________ 3. A doctor who works in a clinic ______________________ 5. or validity ______________________ 13. Something that holds back. Result of having a right to something. or disdain ______________________ 8. Scholastic Teaching Resources . or entitled ______________________ 10. or delusions ______________________ 9.

Scholastic Teaching Resources .25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.

25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Scholastic Teaching Resources PART 3 __– ____________ __________ ____ l Affixes l (Both Prefixes and Suffixes) __________ ____ __________ _____ .

Scholastic Teaching Resources . the Smartest Guy on Earth. the Inventor of the Word Machine. Sparky: No.Today I’m interviewing Buck Bickley. How does it work? _________________________ 20 __________________________________ _________________________ The Word Machine 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. reporter for The Daily Blab. Sacramento. Buck.Tell us about yourself. that’s impressive. Buck: I’m Buck Bickley. wait—I’ve got it. Sparky: Okay. Buck: Absolutely! Go ahead and ask me something. Sparky: Let’s get back to the Word Machine. Inventor of The Word Machine by Laverne "Sparky" LaVeque Sparky: I’m Laverne “Sparky” LaVeque.. Sparky: Wow.Anything. I’m also the inventor of the Word Machine. Sacramento is the capital of Oklahoma. the Smartest Guy on Earth. . it’s Oklahoma City. Denver. Buck: Kansas City? No.. Buck: Dad-blast it! I’m so mad I could.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ An Interview With Buck Bickley. . Sparky: Actually.What’s the capital of Oklahoma? Buck: That would be .

_________ _____________________ ____________ _________ _____________________ ____________ _________ _____________________ ____________ Definition Prefix Root Suffix ______ ____ _________ ______ ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. suitable for writing. For example. 6. The Word Machine Use the prefixes or suffixes given below to form the defined words. a suffix like -able or –ful is added in the back. most likely ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ People give this when they “look again” at someone and show their appreciation Someone who does not “look again” or show appreciation is full of this _________________________________________________________ Prefixes _________ circum. speaking. 7.Then. through _________________________________________________________________________ ___ Suffixes _________ -ful = full of -ive = likely to be -ator.You put prefixes in here. To look inward closely ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. -or = one who does _________________________ 21 __________________________________ _________________________ The Word Machine 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.” Sparky: So what happens? Buck: A prefix like re-.= out in.= forward dis. ex-. out comes the word! Respectful. Something that one looks forward to SPECT SPECT SPECT RESPECT A thorough view. step back. Sparky: Wow. right now we have the root SPECT loaded in the Word Machine. SPECT means “to look. It means to be full of respect or appreciation for something or someone. Scholastic Teaching Resources .And voila! Out comes a brand-spanking-new word.= in per. Being careful by looking all around ____________________________________________________________________________ put on the front. Suffixes here.Then.= around pro. To look outward for the possibility that something will happen (S)PECT SPECT 1. Someone who looks at an event SPECT ____________________________________________________________________________ SPECT 4. or in.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Buck: This I know about. or even storing in the freezer like a frozen peanut-butter sandwich. that looks like fun! May I try it? Buck: Sure.= again ex.And roots here.= thorough. 8.= not re.

this is super fun! Can we use the Word Machine to make more words? Buck: Sure. The act of looking closely at something _______________________ Someone who looks closely and carefully at something ______________________ Going Beyond Use the Word Machine to make up your own word. 10. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Add both prefixes and suffixes from page 21 to the root spect to make words for these definitions. _________________________ 22 __________________________________ _________________________ The Word Machine 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. you can make oodles of different words.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Sparky: Wow. Write a dictionary entry for your new word. 9.

it’s a fabulous word. What word did I end up with? What does it mean and how much is it worth? Signed. What a find! I added a prefix that means “across” to jazz it up a little. While rummaging through the back alley behind my house. Professor Sylvia _________________________ 23 __________________________________ _________________________ Professor Sylvia 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. e. suffixes. The value of your word? Well. I w ft ic computer so new Word-O-Mat ANY market value of can now find the nd me h language. and definitions in the box to complete each letter.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Professor Sylvia’s Word Values d Collectors. ______________________ ______________________ " “Port” Words (to carry) __________________ Prefixes _______ Suffixes _______ deportment: manner in which one carries oneself importer: person who ships goods from other countries portage: to carry over land portable: able to be carried easily transport: to move from place to place de-: out of im-: into trans-: across -able: capable of -age: action -er: one who does -ment: process Letter #1 Dear Professor Sylvia. I stumbled across the root port. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Palabra Professor Sylvia Use the prefixes. th rn da e th h uc m bulous Thanks to my fa wonder no more! are. So se word in the Englis your words! Sincerely yours. don’t get me wrong. Dear Fellow Wor ur life. Better luck next time. and you’re Well. words are yo If you’re like m er your ov l scattered al You’ve got them how always wondering house. Back Alley Rummager Dear Rum: Nice find! The word you made is (1) ________. ings are worth. But even in top condition it’s not worth much more than 34 cents. It means ________________________.

Use a dictionary to define the three words and then use them in sentences. Professor Sylvia Dear Professor your new word to form a second word. Sue? Professor Sylvia Going Beyond Make a new word by adding a prefix pro. Someone told me that it’s valuable and it means something like you can carry me around. I was at a mall. Finally. It uses the root port but I lost both the prefix and the suffix. Can you help me? Signed. In Japan. since you got it in Iowa.000 before it got popular. In perfect condition.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Letter #2 Date _______________ 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Hey. It means __________ _________________________________. However. My Aunt Charlene gave me the root word port for my twelfth birthday. This word fetched prices of over $50. I found the root word port on my pillow in Room 306 of a Yesterday Inn in Sioux City. Looks like you’ll be walking. add the suffix –able to the second word to form a third word. U its current value is no more than 34 cents. buying French words. when the seller threw this word in as a freebie.S." It is the word (4) ___________________. Now add the prefix dis. Signed. It describes someone who sends things from France to the U . this word might be worth over 12 thousand dollars! However. _________________________ 24 __________________________________ _________________________ Professor Sylvia . It means __________ ________________________________. Iowa. Scooterless Letter #4 Dear Scoot: The word you received is (3)_____________. How much can I get for it? I need to sell it for enough money to buy a scooter. as is. It’s got a prefix and a suffix and it describes how you carry yourself. what can you do. everywhere and its value dropped. Sioux City Sue Dear Sue: The word you received does have a meaning that is similar to "carry around easily. What is this word and how much is it worth? Signed.and a suffix -ion to port. the word is valued only at about 34 cents. with the original prefix. this word goes for the astronomical price of 60 billion yen. its value drops down to a little less than 34 cents. Curious and Greedy Dear Curious: The word you received is (2) ____________.A. Too bad! Professor Sylvia Letter #3 Dear Sylvia. Scholastic Teaching Resources Dear Professor Sylvia. It means ________________________________. Then it started popping up nfortunately. I wanted a scooter.

” What is it? Buck: Uh. .__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ hey. In fact. Murray? [DING DING DING!] Murray: Correctimundo. Select again. Emily [applause]. First.” It uses the root ject and a prefix that means “out. Okay.Thank you. Ancient Latin Quizmo!!! Ject (to throw) Script. put on your togas and get ready. Buck. is it the singer Michael Jection. say “hello” to Emily Taproot! This little powerhouse of a classical poet has had three smash hit poems and two hot-selling dirges over the last six centuries alone. Go ahead. Now. In fact. here are more of the clues from today’s game. [applause] Murray: Sparky: Thank you. From what ancient culture do we get the Latin roots for the words in today’s game? Murray: Buck: That would be Baltimore. Emily: I’ll take a chance here. Sparky: Let’s give our home audience a chance to play the game. you could sort of say. because it’s time to play . Mr. Murray: This word means “to throw out. gang. we get our Latin roots from the ancient culture of Rome. Murray: That’s a great idea. Murray Titus Andronicus. also known as “Murray the T.”And now it’s time to meet our fabulous contestants. from the good old USA. Murray. Scholastic Teaching Resources $C ($ 100) $CC ($ 200) $CCC ($ 300) $LD ($ 400) $D ($ 500) $C ($ 100) I’m your host.That would be wrong. _________________________ 25 __________________________________ _________________________ Ancient Latin Quizmo . Murray: No. what category would you like? Buck: I’ll take JECT for 100 dollars. it’s classic. Murray: And finally. Buck Bickley. And now let me introduce. Murray. Rome and Baltimore are over 8. Anything. Rome.000 miles apart. Is it eject. Baltimore. none other than the inventor of the Word Machine himself. Murray. Buck. let’s play Quizmo! Buck. It’s always great to be here. Maryland. Scribe (to write) Murray: 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. . Emily: JECT for $200. Murray. [applause] Emily: $CC ($ 200) $CCC ($ 300) $LD ($ 400) It’s great to be here. [applause] Buck: $D ($ 500) Go ahead and ask me something. Sparky. Murray. Italy. ace reporter Laverne “Sparky” La Veque. he’s known as the World’s Smartest Guy. Murray? Murray: No.

4. Scholastic Teaching Resources concircum- out. SCRIB FOR $300: Attach two prefixes—the first “in.” It has a “with” prefix and a “condition of” suffix. and to see without a slant. JECT FOR $200: Attach an “in” prefix and a suffix that means “the state of” to ject and get something that the doctor sticks in your arm.”The word means to be “fair.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Use the prefixes and suffixes in the box to answer each question.What is it? ___________________ 2. take out of against.Wow! What is it? ___________________________________ 5. relating to. toward in. capable of able to condition of likely to be state or quality of 1. Exchange papers with a partner and answer the questions. Prefixes and Suffixes ______________________________________________________________ Prefix Meaning Suffix Meaning _______ _______ ________ _____ ___ deobinsub- 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.” and a suffix that means “likely to be. SCRIB FOR $100: Attach an “in” prefix to scribe to get a word that means “to write or carve in an official way. JECT FOR $500: Stick a “forward” prefix and a “relating to” suffix onto the root ject to get a 6. Can you “guess” what it is and what it means? ___________________________ Going Beyond Choose two words that you wrote above and use them to write two Quizmo questions on any subject.” the second “out”—to scrib.”What is the word? __________________________________ word that describes something that zooms through the air like a missile.” 7.”What is it? ______________________________ Who is it? __________________________________ a “capable of” suffix and get a word that is impossible to tell about.Attach a prefix that means “against. into under with around -ile -able -ure -ive -ion of. _________________________ 26 __________________________________ _________________________ Ancient Latin Quizmo . unbiased. SCRIPT FOR $200: Attach a “with” prefix to script and get “someone who is forced to serve. then attach FINAL QUIZMO: JECT FOR $1000: This word is just a “guess. JECT FOR $300: Start with the root ject. JECT FOR $400: Attach a prefix that means “under” to ject and the same suffix as in word number 2 to get a word that means “not affected by the outer world.What is it? ______________________________________ 8.” What is it? _____________________________ 3.

I might as well say it.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ The Cutting Edge 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. I’m not that kind of doctor. and (2) [insightful] ____________________. Cutting Edge Words _____________________________________________________________ " cis: to cut or kill sect: to cut _________ _______________ ____________ ________ concise: clear and short in words decisive: draws strong conclusions incisive: clear. Hey. thoughtful. Instead. I’m also tough. you could call me a “doctor of words. Each day. _________________________ 27 __________________________________ _________________________ The Cutting Edge X . I (3) [cut apart] __________________ every (4) [region] ______________________of the news with great care and (5) [exactness] ______________________________.You probably know me by my pen name. Scholastic Teaching Resources Prefixes and Suffixes __________________________________________________________________________ Prefix or Suffix Meaning Prefix or Suffix Meaning ________ ______________ ____________ ___ _____ ___ _________ _____ _____ _________ ________ __ ____________ __ precondedisin- before together reduce remove into exinter-ion -or -ive away from to each other result of something that does inclined to The prefixes and suffixes above were added to the roots cis and sect to make the Cutting Edge Words below. My name is Laverne “Sparky” LaVeque. sharp. Sparky. full of insight precision: accuracy incision: a cut made by a doctor dissect: to cut up a body for studying intersect: to cross. No. I don’t make (1) [surgical cuts] ___________________ or do medical operations.” I write a column for the Daily Blab. when two things (roads) cross each other cross-section: a sample of a population sector: part or division Fill in each blank with the Cutting Edge words below. Dr. I’m good.

Her interests do not (10) [cross each other] ___________________________ with those of the typical reader. X from the paper. (We call him “Gasbags. Hey. The word bisect means “to cut in two. Scholastic Teaching Resources . please help me correct my Cutting Edge problems by answering the following questions. An incisor is a kind of tooth. She doesn’t reach a (8) [variety of people] ________________________of our audience. the publisher of this paper. _________________________ 28 __________________________________ _________________________ The Cutting Edge 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. the only person around here who didn’t seem to be on my side was George Barrett wrote to my editor: “I want to (7) [cut] _________________________ Dr.’ Gaspar III. She’s just not enough on the ‘cutting edge.Sparky Going Beyond Choose any of the words on this page. Readers seemed to love me.”What does the word trisect mean? ________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 13. even my cat loved me.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ To make a long story more (6) [to the point] _________________________. She’s not (9) [conclusive] ___________________________. So did my editor. What are the prefixes for the words excise and incisive? What does each word have to do with cutting? ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 12. and he doesn’t even know how to read! In fact.What kind of tooth do you suppose an incisor is— sharp? Dull? What animals have incisor teeth? ________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Thanks! Look for my column in tomorrow’s issue of the Daily Blab. 11. until yesterday everything was going great.”) Here’s the memo that Gasbags In order to save my job. Write a story that explains how the word came to have its meaning. Signed — Dr.

I love it. It’s called convert. your host. It gives me a headache sometimes.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Nanette’s Word Salon Nanette: Hello. Customer: A convertible car can change its roof. _________________________ 29 __________________________________ _________________________ Nanette’s Word Salon 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Can you really do that? Nanette: Why not? Go ahead and try it out. Scholastic Teaching Resources . How can I help you today? Customer: Do you carry words that use the vert or vers root? Nanette: We certainly do.” Nanette: Did you have any special prefix or suffix in mind? Customer: A prefix. In fact. How can I ever thank you? Nanette: You can help me assemble some of these other vert and vers words. No suffixes.There’s no extra charge. perhaps. Customer: Do you think it will fit me? Nanette: Go ahead and try it out. yes! Oh. get one free.They make the word too long. Let me explain what I need. Nanette: I think I’ve got the perfect word for you. and welcome to Nanette’s Word Salon. why don’t you just try one out? I know you don’t like suffixes.” Customer: Excellent. What do you think? Customer: [gushing] Oh my goodness! That’s so clever. Something simple. we’re running a special sale on vert and vers words today: buy one. I’m Nanette. It means “to change” and it has a simple prefix and no suffix. So I was thinking of a vert word that means “to change. How much will that be? Nanette: Aren’t you forgetting something—the two-for-one sale? Customer: But I really don’t need any other words. Customer: The bank will convert Italian money into American dollars. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a word with a suffix so much. I’m going to make some changes in my life. Incidentally. Nanette: Look.Why. the roots vert and vers mean “to turn. I can’t believe it was that easy. but— Customer: What do you have in mind? Nanette: Perhaps attaching a simple “-ible” to convert to give you the word convertible.

1. Just write what it is. This word is liable to cause an argument. Perhaps you’re tired of being upside down. Knock off the “t” at the end of the word you wrote for question 4 and replace it with an “s. Get it by attaching an “under” prefix to vert.”Attach a “result of” suffix to describe a treacherous act. What is the word? _____________________________ 7. _______________________ 9.What is it? _________________________ 8. back with under inward extrocontro-ial -y -ible -ion. Now you have a word that describes issues that start arguments.What is it? _________________________ 5. result of Write the word to answer each question. Don’t argue. This is a nasty word that digs underneath something and causes damage.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Prefixes and Suffixes _______________________________________________________________________ Prefix or Suffix Meaning Prefix or Suffix Meaning ________ ______________ ____________ ___ _____ ___ 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. What word do you get? ___________________________ 2. Replace the suffix at the end of the word you wrote for question 8 with a “relating to” suffix.What is the word? _______________________________________ Going Beyond Write a definition for each word you made on this page. Attach a “result of” suffix to the words you wrote for questions 1–2 and get two words that mean “the result of” those words. Like to be upside down? Attach an “into” prefix to verse and get an upside-down word.) _________________________________________ 4.You need to coax it to come forward by attaching a prefix that means “inward” to vert. Go back to what you were by attaching an “again” prefix to verse.What is it? _________________ 6.What word do you get? _________________________ 3. It’s friendly and outgoing. -ation outward capable of relating to against condition of act of. How do your definitions compare? _________________________ 30 __________________________________ _________________________ Nanette’s Word Salon .You get it by attaching a prefix that means “outward” to vert. Then look up the words in the dictionary. Scholastic Teaching Resources inreconsubintro- into again.You get it by attaching an “against” prefix and a “condition of” suffix to vers. Use the prefixes and suffixes in the box to help you. Here’s a shy word.What are they? (Note: take off the “e” at the end of each word before adding the suffix. This word is the opposite of shy.

n ot e : i f o n e of y ou r pr e f i x e s or s u f f i x e s i s m i s s i n g c a l l 55 5. Match one of the affixes below to each caller. big-shot tv producer transcript of the call: This is Steve Ranger. Nothing was working. These are real cases. tuesday caller’s name: steve ranger.m is s Possible Missing Prefixes & Suffixes _____________________________________________________________ geo- tele- trans- -ation -logue -ology Help Ralph Edge find Steve Ranger’s missing prefix for the numbered blanks. the entire (7) _______________cast will be ruined! Can you help me? _________________________ 31 __________________________________ _________________________ Police Squad: MAU 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Scholastic Teaching Resources . i’m a member of . . all I noticed was that the (1) __________phones weren’t ringing.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ my name is ralph edge.m.About an hour ago something strange happened. Then use the prefix to complete all of the numbered words. I was supposed to (3) ___________vise If I don’t find this prefix. I was in the middle of filming a TV show when suddenly we lost our prefix. Police Squad: MAU (Missing Affix Unit) In the Missing Affix Unit we hunt down missing prefixes and suffixes. . Everything was set up. on the (2) ___________vision. including the (5) _______________communications equipment and the (6) _____________photo cameras.Then I turned a (4) _____________________play that I wrote. but not just any cop. Here are some actual calls we got just today. call 1: 8:54 a. i’m a police officer.. big-shot TV producer.At first.

I’ve been looking for (12)___________logical clues about Earth’s past.m.. Going Beyond Check out the definition of each of your words in a dictionary.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Help Ralph Edge find Suzie Chuckles’ missing suffix for the numbered blanks. comedian transcript of the call: My name is Suzie Chuckles and I need your help. Let me explain. call 2: 12:45 p. I was hot on the trail of sparkling (13)________________odes inside a steamy (14)__________________thermic volcano when I made a few mistakes in (15)____________graphy and suddenly realized that I was lost and I had lost a prefix. I say suffixes do matter. I am a (11)___________physicist and I study the physical processes of Earth. I have this continuing (10) dia__________________ with my agent about suffixes. Now look what’s happened! Without this suffix my act is ruined. Hey. I can’t just look in a (9) cata_______________ and order jokes. 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. He says suffixes don’t matter. call 3: 4:06 p. tuesday caller’s name: louie blozzáy. Then use the prefix to complete all of the numbered words. scientist transcript of the call: This is Professor Louie Blozzáy.m. I’m a comedian. Can you help me (a) figure out where I am. Then use the suffix to complete all of the numbered words. _________________________ 32 __________________________________ _________________________ Police Squad: MAU . tuesday caller’s name: suzie chuckles. Scholastic Teaching Resources but this isn’t funny. I was working on my (8) mono_________________when I lost my suffix. write a definition for each prefix and suffix you used. Or perhaps I’m inside Outer Mongomia. calling from somewhere out- side Inner Mongomia.. and (b) find the missing prefix? Thank you very much. Can you help me? Help Ralph Edge find Louie Blozzáy’s missing prefix for the numbered blanks. Then.

Scholastic Teaching Resources PART 4 __– ____________ __________ ____ l Build l Your Vocabulary __________ ____ __________ _____ .25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.

you’ll see me. (1)___________________________ Suspect Word #2: All right. disorderly brawl skirmish: a small. or rape fracas: a noisy.They all said. Because if you start trouble. but not just any cop.. Police Squad: SVU (Special Vocabulary Unit) In the SVU. just the beginning battle in a larger war.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ my name is betty stokes. Do I look like a fight? I’m not a fight. I am a kind of a fight. I’ll admit. So I’m not your word. i’m a member of. If you’re a word. "It wasn’t me.There was a big fight. early battle trespass: to go into forbidden territory Suspect Word #1: Look at me.M.. suspects. Saturday We got a call over on 13th Street. So I’m not the one you’re looking for. Scholastic Teaching Resources . One of them wasn’t telling the truth. So we put them in a lineup. we solve cases that involve words. you’d better know who I am. Write the word that fits into each blank space." But that’s what they always say. I’m more of a small fight.. But I’m not the fight itself. i’m a police officer. But not the big fight you’re looking for. I may be the attitude that starts fights. Word List _____________________________________________________________ ________ _ _______ affront: to insult intentionally altercation: a bitter argument animosity: open hatred confrontation: a face-off felony: a serious crime such as murder. I’ll be your worst nightmare. I’ll be in your face faster than a freshly laundered pillowcase at bedtime. (2) ____________________________________ _________________________ 34 __________________________________ _________________________ Police Squad: SVU 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. assault. Here are their stories: 8:46 P. We hauled in five Each suspect is a word from the Word List.

(3) _____________________________________ Suspect Word #4: When you boil it all down. although I may feel like one to some people. But I wasn’t anywhere near 13th Street. Suspect Word #1: I’m nothing more than walking in the wrong place at the wrong time. (7) _______________________________ Suspect Word #3: I’m not a crime. (5) ____________________ Which one did Betty think was the big fight? Explain why you chose that suspect.We rounded up the usual assortment of suspects and took down their stories. if I’m a crime. Make a story out of your sentences. Scholastic Teaching Resources . (4) ___________________ Suspect Word #5: I could be sort of a fight. I’m nothing more than an argument. It appeared that a serious crime had been committed. then which one am I? I could be a number of very serious offenses. I’m noisy and disorderly. So it couldn’t have been me. (8) _________________________________ Which one did Betty think was the serious crime? Explain why you chose that suspect. So it isn’t me. _________________________ 35 __________________________________ _________________________ Police Squad: SVU 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. I’m simply an insult. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 11:54 P. So it isn’t me. Saturday: No sooner did we get that cleaned up. a slap in the face. So you must want somebody else. __________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Going Beyond Use each of the words on the list in a sentence. I’m more of a face-to-face meeting that could lead to a fight. Some people call me a brawl. than we got a call from Avenue G.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Suspect Word #3: This is all I’ll say: I’m big. An argument is not really a fight.M. It’s not me. But really.. (6) ________________________________ Suspect Word #2:You think you’re so smart? Okay. Only one of them is really a serious crime.

uninterested (c) noble (d) capable of moving _________________________ 36 __________________________________ _________________________ Emily Taproot 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. a board-certified. microscopic: so small that it can only be seen under magnification mobile: able to move rumor: unpleasant and often untrue story that is passed on stout: bold. Complete each verse of the poem below using words from the Word List. licensed poet with a Master’s Degree in Rhythm. and Clever Wordplay. —Joyce Kilmer Emily Taproot’s Poetry Workshop Welcome to Poetry Workshop. By changing different words. 2. and thick surmise: to make a guess taciturn: not talkative ultimately: in the end virtues: good and notable traits (a) a thing that exists (b) unconcerned. we can change the meaning of the poem. ________ _ _____________________ __ Word List _____________________________________________________________ chum: friend composed: made of conviction: strongly held belief devoid: totally lacking dignified: worthy of respect discern: to see or recognize engage: to become involved with entity: a thing eschew: to avoid indifferent: not caring what happens 1. Scholastic Teaching Resources . we will work with Joyce Kilmer’s well-known verse. strong. Rhyme.T oday. Use the definitions in the box to help you. I think that I shall never see An (a)___________________ as (b) ___________________ as a tree.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ hink tha t I It shall never see oem lo A p vely as a tree. I’m Emily T aproot. Though stately and quite (c) ________________ Trees often lack a (d)_____________________ side.

strong. 5. without words (g) story that is spread (h) without (i) to become involved with (j) very small (k) to guess (l) good qualities (m) strongly held belief (n) thick and strong (o) lastly (p) made of (q) small amount (r) keep away from Going Beyond Write three rhyming couplets about your favorite plant. they’re (p) _______________________ of wood! 9. So if you seek a loyal (q) __________________________ (r) ____________________ the tree—they’re just no fun! Date _______________ (e) recognize (f) quiet. _________________________ 37 __________________________________ _________________________ Emily Taproot 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Include words from the Word List in your poem. (n) ___________________. 7. (i) _____________________ a tree on any topic Their level of interest is (j) ______________________! 6. Trees are tall. Here’s one thing that I cannot (e) _________________: Just why are trees so (f) _______________________? 4. and good But (o) ________________________. I (k) ________________ that trees are incapable of seeing The (l) ____________________ of a human being. It is my (m) _______________________ that in the end A tree just cannot be your friend. 8.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ 3. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Trees are painfully shy—that’s the (g) _______________ And totally (h) __________________ of a sense of humor.

Write a word from the Word List below to complete each sentence in the interview. i’m penny knuckles. Right here in Las Vegas.a.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Eddie Snively: World’s Biggest Liar hello.000 people? I (6) ____________________ reject the idea.) in las vegas.Yeah.I. In bed.i.There is no way I attended the L. untruth embossed: carved or stamped galaxy: a large group of stars incidentally: by the way outrage: a disgraceful act prevaricating: lying refute: to deny relentless: unstopping triumph: victory unaware: not knowing about Penny: Eddie: Penny: Eddie: Penny: Eddie: First of all. who was recently crowned “liar of the year” at the liars’ international association rally (l. Hey. today i’ll be interviewing eddie snively.You did a wonderful job! How does it feel to be Liar of the Year? I cannot (2) ________________ of what you’re talking about. the Liar of the Year award.r. that’s where I was. Scholastic Teaching Resources . what (4) __________________ are you from? Did your spaceship just land? I didn’t get any award today. I’d like to (1) ________________ you on winning your award. Word List _____________________________________________________________ ________ _ _____________________ __ allege: claim to be true appellation: name assert: to state clearly categorically: absolutely characterize: to describe commend: to praise conceive: to understand convocation: a meeting coronation: crowning decorative: for purposes of decoration duplicity: trickery.Your (3) ___________________ was just this afternoon.R.What award? Why. I was home. in bed.A. convention! _________________________ 38 __________________________________ _________________________ Eddie Snively 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Do you mean to (5) ___________________ the idea that you won the Liar of the Year Award right here in front of 50.

Use as many words as you can from the Word List. me? Are you calling me a liar? This is an (20) ___________________________! I’ve never been so insulted in my entire life. Eddie Snively. you (15) ____________________ that this is not you. do you? Who. It was a liars’ (8) _______________. This trophy right here! And this photograph! How else would you (13) __________________ these two things? I’d call this so-called trophy a paperweight.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Penny: Eddie: Penny: Eddie: Penny: But there were witnesses to your (7) ________________________. doesn’t it? Well. _________________________ 39 __________________________________ _________________________ Eddie Snively 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. In this photo. Could they all be wrong? Sure. wasn’t it? So it’s obvious: they were all liars. I have never worn my hair like that.This interview is over! Going Beyond Write an interview between Penny and the winner of the WORLD’S MOST HONEST PERSON award. Fifty thousand people saw you hold the trophy over your head. You never tell the truth. receiving the trophy. I’ve never laid eyes on either one of these things before in my life.And (14) __________________. Eddie: Penny: Eddie: What trophy? What photo? I’m (12) _________________ of what you are talking about. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Do you (10) )___________________________ that I am? Well. Penny: Eddie: Penny: Eddie: Penny: Eddie: Now let me get this straight.You’re completely (19) ________________________. who says this is my award? How do we know that someone isn’t engaging in a bit of (18) ___________________________ by planting this here? I can see how you won this award. Who’s Eddie Snively? Who said my (16) ________________________ was Eddie Snively? Then who are you? This (17) ______________________ award says EDDIE SNIVELY in beautiful script on it. let me put it this way: why do I see a trophy (11) ____________________ with the words EDDIE SNIVELY: LIAR OF THE YEAR on it? And here is a photograph of you accepting the trophy. And this thing over here is not a photograph of me. How can I be sure that you’re not (9) _____________________ right now yourself? Because I’m not a liar.

i need help! please help me edit this poem about a basketball game between the mudville mudhens and the bay city red birds. recently. Sports Reporter my name is bingo hackles. Word List _____________________________________________________________ ________ _ _____________________ ____ ascended: went up braced: readied oneself for an event carom: a bounce off at an angle wavered: hesitated descended: went down eliminated: got rid of fleet: fast on his or her feet fortunately: with luck initiated: started locale: a place or location plucked: pulled off abruptly proficiency: competence propelled: pushed forward radiates: sends out rays reckoning: act of counting resumed: to start over thunderstruck: astonished transferred: sent from one person to another undoubtedly: without any dispute unquestionably: beyond questioning _________________________ 40 __________________________________ _________________________ Bingo Hackles 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. well.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Bingo Hackles. my boss at the fiend told me that my articles needed more impor ta nt-soundi ng words in them. i’m a sports reporter for the daily sports fiend. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Replace each boldfaced word with a word from the Word List below.

If Tracy missed the shot. ____________________________ 16. good guys win. And as the ball arose the gym got deadly quiet. But out there on the court. ________________________ 8.Tracy seemed completely lost. _________________________ 12. ________________________ 2. _________________________ 41 __________________________________ _________________________ Bingo Hackles 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. _____________________________ 5. Luckily for Tracy came the tweet of the referee’s whistle. did NOT . But that somewhere isn’t Mudville. And shot the final free throw as the stands began to rock. because Tracy’s shot _________________________ .. somewhere the sun shines. Fouls knocked out Parker so Coach put Tracy in to play. she had little.. Now Tracy tried to shoot but she launched a feeble missile. playing skill at all. Oh. ___________________________ 13.. In fact. Scholastic Teaching Resources . _________________________ 19. we had our fingers crossed. A quiet Tracy paused with two seconds on the clock. __________________________ 7. She grabbed it off the rim as the Mudville fans went wild. _____________________ 14. Barkney flipped the ball to Austin. _____________________________ 18. You may use a thesaurus or dictionary to help you. _______________________ 20. Suddenly the Red Birds missed. _______________________ 10. go in! Going Beyond Choose five words from the Word List and list their synonyms.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ 1. if any. _____________________ 11. Then passed it up to Barkney who was running toward the stands. there would surely be a riot. Now Tracy wasn’t swift and she also wasn’t tall. So when the game started again. _____________________________ 4. _________________________ 9. ____________________ 15. ________________________ 17. _______________________ 6. life is good. And Tracy. The score stood 44 to 43 against the Mudville Five that day. but it dropped in Tracy’s hands. looking surprised. _________________________ 3. “Two foul shots!” barked the ref. went and promptly missed the first. and the rebound came to Miles.. as the fans waited for the worst.

Scholastic Teaching Resources . Pinky read her thesaurus while Bongo composed original songs on the Vocab-O-Computer. Bongo covered his eyes in horror.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ The Four Vocabularians Today’s Episode: Dr. Dr.“This may be your best idea yet. Suddenly.” Bongo said. take a look at t-t-thisss-s-s!” And with that.” “What an ingenious plan.“These are great words. “Do away with a ten words?” Murph cried. Dialect’s Dictionary of Deception. He peeked through his fingers and read: greetings 4 vocabularians! i hope you are having a fine day. Dialect.“How can he do that?” “Easy. Dialect said. raising her arm.” “Dictionary of Deception?” Pinky asked.” Dr. Dr.Too bad you’ll never get away with it. “The idea is—if people use words sloppily and incorrectly the words eventually lose their meaning. He cackled with a laugh that made Nina cover her ears. Dialect said.The Four Vocabularians gathered around the Vocab-OComputer screen.” “What do we do?” asked Pinky.“Well. home of the Four Vocabularians. Dr.” “You don’t think so?” Dr. Dialect’s Dictionary of Deception The sun shone brightly over Rochelle Park.“I’ll just list the words in my Dr. “VOCABULARIANS—to ACTION!” cried Nina.At the clubhouse. Murph burnished his Quizmo game board with lemon oil and a rag while Nina solved crossword puzzles.“How can a dictionary trick people?” “It’s a confounding dictionary in which all of the definitions are wrong. because if you don’t give me $1 billion i will obliterate ten words in the english language forever! “Look at this!” called Bongo. Dialect’s face faded from the screen.” Dr. Dialect’s repulsive face materialized on the Vocab-O-Computer screen. _________________________ 42 __________________________________ _________________________ Four Vocabularians 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Dialect’s voice on the screen said. Murph said. leaving the list of the 16 endangered words with their incorrect definitions.We can’t afford to let them lose their meaning.

destroyed completely J. as his face slowly faded away on the screen.“as soon as we finish singing this song I just wrote. smartly done H. made smooth by polishing One Hour Later Dr." Then he gaped at the words on the screen in horror. ingenious _______ 7." “You can say that again.“I guess there’s only one thing we all agree on: when you play fast and loose with words—they start to lose their meaning. _________________________ 43 __________________________________ _________________________ Four Vocabularians .“How about a game of Quizmo. wrote or created something.“We CHANGED all of your wrong definitions. “Well.“Right after we finish this crossword puzzle together. Dialect! Instead of the wrong definitions. deception _______ 5. N-N-N-N-N-NO-O-O-O-O-OOOOO!" cried Dr. materialized _______ 8. fellow Vocabularians?" “Good idea." said Bongo.Vocabularians.“It can’t be!" “It is!" said Pinky. Scholastic Teaching Resources A. clever. “Right." said Bongo." said Murph. endangered _______ 6. laughed shrilly C. your words now have the correct definitions." “What about playing a thesaurus game?" asked Pinky. Dialect’s next deed is to remove endings from words." said Nina." “No no. brilliant." he said. “Gee.“Well. put at risk B. Going Beyond Dr. ugliness that drives one away I. Dialect appeared on the screen. misleading. false trickery G. use the context clues given in the story ________ _ _____________________ ____ _______ 1. appeared suddenly E. I guess that takes care of that.“No!" he cried. especially music or poetry F. burnished _______ 2." They all laughed. Help Dr. repulsive 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg." said Murph. D by choosing four words from the Word List and writing them without their word endings. Dialect. obliterate _______ 9. To find your answers.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Take time out from the story to write the letter of the correct definition next to each word. composed _______ 4. confounding _______ 10. cackled _______ 3. confusing D.“looks like I’ve outsmarted you this time.

I expect your full support on these issues. I would also like to (8) __________________the Weaselford Election Reform Bill to have a new focus. The first bill is the Weaselford Family Protection Bill. I am the U.This bill would clean up the election process by (9) _________________ citizens from voting for (10) __________________ who are born with last names other than Weaselford.” (6) ____________________who break this law would be subject to (7) _______________________ in prison for 50 years. crucial. decisive defame: to damage someone’s name federal: relating to the national government incarceration: a stay in jail nominate: to name a person to run for office prohibiting: forbidding or preventing reform: to improve or correct social or economic conditions righteous: fair and just statute: law made by an elected body submit: to offer for consideration violators: those who break a law My fellow Americans.”“Goofball.S.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Laverne Weaselford. or my name isn’t Queen Weaselford—I mean. I stand before you tonight to present bills that I plan to (2) __________________________ on your behalf to the Senate.S.” or “Smeaselford. my name is Laverne Weaselford. For it would be a national issue to even tease a Weaselford or (5) __________________ a Weaselford by calling any one of us “Weasel. _________________________ 44 __________________________________ _________________________ Laverne Weaselford .These bills address the most (3) ____________________________ issues that face our country today: family and election reform. Fill in the missing vocabulary of her speech using the words in the Word List. If the people running for office are named “Jones” or “Waistband. U. Senator Weaselford! Going Beyond Make up a political speech about the laws you are introducing to Congress. It would make it a (4) ____________ crime for anyone in any way to harm a Weaselford. Scholastic Teaching Resources amend: to make a formal. Senator from this (1)_________________________ state that has always treated a Weaselford fairly. Use at least five of the words from the Vocabulary List above. legal change candidate: person running for elected office critical: very important. But the senator’s vocabulary is weak. Senator Senator Weaselford likes to write her own speeches rather than employ a speechwriter.” you can’t vote for them. Word List ___________________________________________________________________ __ ________ _ ______________ 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.

Dominique was okay-looking beyond all compare. Scholastic Teaching Resources . ____________________________ Ed: Not “slumped. the world’s greatest romance novelist. 2. edwina “ed” tedson.” Something more relaxed. sometimes makes mistakes. ________________________________ Ed: Change “gooey” into something hot and lush. Romance Novelist it’s hard to believe. my editor. sweltering. Use the editor’s clues provided by Edwina “Ed” Tedson. but even i. perhaps you can help me. Word List __________________________________________________________________ __ ________ _ _________________ cherish: hold dear dearest: someone who is greatly loved gorgeous: very beautiful lithe: strong. Her raven-colored hair gave off a foggy sheen in the bright sunlight. _____________________________ Ed: She’s more than just “okay -looking. flexible. It was a hot and gooey day at the beach club.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Marla Murgatroid. marla murgatroid. Make her hair healthy and beautiful. __________________ _________________________ 45 __________________________________ _________________________ Marla Murgatroid 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. utterly totally absolutely. sent me a list of corrections for the manuscript of my latest book.” Come on! 3. 4. Dominique D’Amour slumped by the water’s edge. lush throb: to beat rapidly unmistakable: obvious 1. Replace each boldfaced word with a word from the Word List below. Ed:“Foggy” hair is crummy. graceful lounged: lay comfortably lustrous: shiny and beautful marvelous: remarkable pounding: striking repeatedly with great force prevailing: winning radiant: giving off light sonorous: deep and pleasant in sound stammered: stuttered sultry: humid.

8. the image of Dominique flashed through LeDue’s mind.” have LeDue ahead in the match. _____________________________________ Ed: Give LeDue a deep rather than a “whiny” voice.” Make it come in hard and fast. 10. Taking long.” LeDue uttered in his whiny voice. ________________________ Ed: Dominique’s face should seem to give off light. Had she vanished in the snoring surf? _______________________________ Ed: Surf doesn’t “snore. __________________________ Ed:Why would his heart “yodel”? A heart beats. LeDue!” shouted Skippy Barksdale. “I’ll always ignore you. “Lucky shot. ______________________________ Ed: Instead of “grunting.” Dominique cooed. LeDue’s heart suddenly began to yodel in his chest. Hoover LeDue was grunting in a match against Skippy Barksdale. 9. He wants to love her! Remember. ____________________________ Ed: It’s a voice that he would never fail to recognize. _____________________ Ed: He doesn’t want to ignore her. Use as many of the words from the Word List as you can. Dominique’s crooked face was nowhere to be seen.” flexible and graceful. 7. 12. as long as I live.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ 5. 13. He’s having trouble getting his words out.“She needs me. you are writing a romance novel! Going Beyond What will happen next? Will Dominique and Hoover’s romance survive? Write a paragraph telling what will happen next in the story. Suddenly.” 14. _________________________ 46 __________________________________ _________________________ Marla Murgatroid 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. bumbling strides. LeDue raced over to the beach.“Y-you’re still here!” ______________________________ Ed: He’s not a dog. “D-Dominique!” he barked.” Hoover LeDue said. __________________________ Ed: Have Skippy compliment LeDue on a great shot. LeDue heard Dominique’s tedious voice. ______________________ Ed: Not “bumbling. __________________________________ Ed: Call him something more loving than “buster. On a nearby tennis court. 11. walking towards the beach with two lemonades. buster. 15. “Over here. 6. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Suddenly.

no matter what its ________________________________. My love is like the moon above. streaked with gray hurtling: moving with great speed inconspicuous: not obvious.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Emily Taproot. Word List ____________________________________________________________ _______ ________ _ ___________________________ aloft: high in the air contorting: twisting. 2. wrenching. Scholastic Teaching Resources . hidden interface: surface at which contact takes place ludicrous: ridiculous phase: a distinct stage in a series persistently: not stopping relinquish: to give up tenacious: the quality of holding on tightly pungent: sharp. _________________________ 47 __________________________________ _________________________ Emily Taproot 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. ________________________ with style and grace. "how do i love thee. My love is like a ballerina. poet of the heart." it is actually based on an old poem. responsible efface: to erase embrace: to hold or hug expeditiously: with speed and efficiency flawless: perfect. How Do I Love Thee How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1. today i am going to share my new poem with you. Vocabulary Poet: The Language of Love this is emily taproot. or bending out of place debase: to lower in quality discretion: carefulness. without defects flitting: darting nimbly and rapidly fragrance: pleasant aroma grizzled: old. Hint: Every line rhymes. but i have changed the words. biting smell or taste Complete the poem with words from the Word List.

impossible to displace. impossible to ______________________. ______________________ your neck out of place. with a ______________________ peppermint taste. hiding in another place. My love is like a computer. My love is a delightful ______________________. How Does My Hair Flow? How does my hair flow? Let me count the ways: My hair is . 19. with a high-tech ______________________.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ 3. My love’s a professional wrestler. My love is a teacher’s pet. My love is a piece of chewing gum. _________________________ 48 __________________________________ _________________________ Emily Taproot 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. but it never ceases to amaze. smothered in it’s mother’s ______________________. in search of the ______________________ phrase. My love is a high-flying astronaut. My love is ever the hunter. 11. ______________________ from place to place. My love is the highest quality. 6. . ______________________ winning every race. 13. My love is a newborn pup. whose odor lingers for days. impossible to ______________________. My love can seem quite ______________________. ______________________ through outer space. 12. Going Beyond Use words from the Word List to help Emily complete the following poem. 14. 17. 8. My love uses the utmost ______________________. 15. 10. My love is a monarch butterfly. My love is ever the poet. 5. 7. 18. 4. 20. ______________________ seeking praise. My love is as old as a ______________________ fisherman. 9. My love is a ______________________ barnacle. Scholastic Teaching Resources . My love is a speedy racehorse. My love is written in indelible ink. fishing for manta rays. never proceeding in haste. 16. My love can be ______________________. . it will never ______________________ the chase.


Name ____________________________________

Date _______________

The Four Vocabularians

25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg, Scholastic Teaching Resources

Today’s Episode: The National Word Day Speech

It wasn’t just any day in Rochelle Park. It was National Word Day, and the Four Vocabularians were gathered around the TV in their clubhouse, awaiting the annual speech from the President of the United States. “My fellow . . .“ the president began.“Wha—uh—uh. Um.” “What’s going on?” asked Murph, as the president continued to stutter and mumble. Suddenly an evil face appeared on the screen. Dr. Dialect! “Hello,America,” the evil genius crowed.“I, Dr. Dialect, have STOLEN the President’s speech! I replaced key words in the speech with slang expressions.” “The president sounds like a fool!” Pinky cried. “We’ve got to do something,” said Nina.“Bongo, get on the Vocab-O-Computer and see if you can get a transcript of the president’s speech.” “I think I’ve got it,” said Bongo, fiddling with computer keys.

Take time out from the story to replace each slang expression from the president’s speech with one of the words from the Word List.
Word List ____________________________________________________________ _______ ________ _ _____________________

budget: an organized plan for money citizens: people who live in a place conclude: to come to an end or close entreat: to make a strong request; beg festivities: joyous celebration generate: to bring into being grave: extremely serious illegitimate: not legal inessential: not necessary

jeopardy: state of danger, risk, or peril penalize: to punish for breaking a rule pledge: a promise predicament: a troublesome situation redundant: a repetition of what you already have regret: to feel sorry that something occurs revenue: incoming money salvage: to save sufficient: enough

_________________________ 49


_________________________ Four Vocabularians


Name ____________________________________

Date _______________

Transcript of the President’s Speech on National Word Day

1. My fellow American dudes and dudettes, I stand before you today to speak about our 2. The green stuff we collected for National Word Day is not A-okay for our needs. ____________________ ____________________ 3. This puts our nation into a like, totally serious bad scene. ___________________ _____________________ 4. I feel completely bummed out to announce that National Word Day is now in like 5. Each year,Americans use millions of unneeded type words in a variety of totally bogus ways. ____________________ ____________________ 6. I hereby make a double-pinkie promise to like totally save our celebration using what I 7. The NUWT tax will turn the screws on words that are unnecessary or like, reruns of themselves. ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ NUWT.Thank you and good night. ____________________ ____________________
1 5 Minutes Later . . .

nation’s like, you know, money and stuff. ____________________ ____________________

trouble-city, if you know what I mean. ___________________ _______________________

call the National Unnecessary Word Tax, or NUWT. __________________ __________________

8. This tax should be able to whip up billions of dollars for our National Word Day wing-ding. 9. Before I bug out, ladies and gentlemen, I am on my hands and knees for you to support

“The president’s speech is ruined!” bragged Dr. Dialect.“He sounds like a fool.Your precious National Word Day is ruined,Vocabularians!” “Not so fast, Dialect,” said Bongo.“Take a look at this!”With several swift keystrokes Bongo emailed Dr. Dialect the CORRECTED copy of the president’s speech. “What’s this?” Dr. Dialect cried.“Oh no! It can’t be! I’m ruined. Ruined! RUINED!”With that Dr. Dialect faded from the screen. “Well, what now?” Bongo asked “Let’s have an old-fashioned National Word Day celebration!” Pinky cried. So that’s what they did.And everyone had a great time!
Going Beyond

You have been selected to be the fifth Vocabularian. Find synonyms for five words in the Word List. Record them for the Vocabularians to use in the future.

_________________________ 50


_________________________ Four Vocabularians

25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg, Scholastic Teaching Resources


Name ____________________________________

Date _______________

Welcome to the 58th Annual National Word Awards . . .

Weeza: I’m your host,Weeza Dangles. Dirk: And I’m your cohost, Dirk Zero. Hey, it’s been a great year
for words,Weeza. Did you know that something like eight hundred million ka-jillion words were spoken, written, whispered, or uttered last year?

The Wordies

Weeza: Wow, that’s a lot of blabbing, Dirk. Is that really true? Dirk: How would I know? I just read what’s on the cards. Let’s begin tonight’s show with the
nominations for Best New Word.You’ll notice that all of the nominated words use the roots nov or neo—both of which mean “new.”

Weeza: Dirk:

Hey, that’s “news” to me, Dirk! [audience explodes with laughter].Why don’t you go ahead and sing us your nomination song? Use the clues in my song to define each boldface nominated word. [launches into a musical song]:
i’m a neophyte singer. i’m a neophyte dancer. if you think i am experienced, you do not have the answer. my act is not a novelty, but it’s full of innovation. i think it can be fixed with just a touch of renovation.

Match each word to its definition.
Best “New” Word ___________________________________________________

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

neophyte neologism novelty innovation renovation

A. B. C. D. E.

new and unusual thing new way of doing something beginner make new by fixing new word

Dirk: Dirk:

[opens the envelope]: . . .And the Wordie goes to neologism. Accepting on behalf of neologism is myself, Mr. Dirk Zero. [thunderous applause] Thank you very much.Thank you.Thank you. I just can’t describe how great I feel right now. I wish there were a word for it . . . And now, to present the awards for Best Comedy Word, superstar comedienne Suzy Chuckles. [Suzy walks across the stage.] Hi, I’m superstar comedienne Suzy Chuckles. I’m so goofy and funny that I crack myself up.That’s why I’m here to present the nominees for Best Comedy Word.

Weeza: Suzy:

_________________________ 51


_________________________ The Wordies

25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg, Scholastic Teaching Resources

Facetious means ______________________________ 7. Scholastic Teaching Resources .__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Write a definition for each Comedy Word. old in years yearly celebration yearly every year forever Use the three "award-winning" words in a short paragraph. Ms. Sometimes I use sarcasm to make fun of people in a mean way. the moment we’ve all been waiting for—The Word of the Year. I really will.Applause. Best Comedy Word ____________________________________________________________ __________ 6. _________________________ 52 __________________________________ _________________________ The Wordies 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Asinine means _________________________ 10.Thank you Suzy. Suzy Chuckles. Or mean the opposite of what I say. 14. which means “year. Use context clues to help you. Word of The “Year” ____________________________ _______________ Dirk: [Applause. Oh. I feel bad about this.Applause. everyone! Match each word to its definition. B.You know. In any event. i’m so desperate i could faint before i become superannuated. Irony means ___________________________ 8. And I’m not being facetious when I say this. but it still cracks people up. 13. I’ll sing this happy anniversary (once again) — it’s my annual complaint.You’ll notice that each boldfaced word has the root ann or enn. another year without an award. It may be silly or asinine but I do it anyway. i’d like to win one wordie i’ve face perennial disappointment.] Going Beyond 11. Sarcasm means ______________________________ 9. anniversary perennial superannuated annual A. this tends to crack people up. I really try to crack people up with my facetious remarks. Weeza: And now. every year since i was thirty! nomination song myself. I’m so darn funny that I can even crack people up making faces and burping noises.Thank you very much. thank you very much. I’m known for whimsical jokes that are light-hearted and gentle. C.” Weeza: And the Wordie goes to perennial. Goodnight. D. 12. [titanic applause] Accepting on behalf of asinine is me. I use irony to say the opposite of what I mean. I’m so happy! How can I ever thank you? I’ll be perennially grateful. I’d like to say that this is really an asinine award. Do these jokes crack people up? What do you think? Whimsical means ______________________________ Suzy [opens the envelope]:And the Wordie goes to asinine.

My dog is so smart he’s got a diploma from Harvard. this is the place to come.Yale. the _______________________ would go up to twenty-one dollars! 2. and other _________________ universities even though he never graduated from high school. I’m so smart they’re thinkin’ of puttin’ my face on the twenty-dollar bill. (Get it: canine?) _________________________ 53 __________________________________ _________________________ Buck Bickley 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. easily recalled droll: amusing in a strange way elite: members of the finest group expansive: grand in size and scale keen: sharp and quick with the five senses modest: humble. honest denomination: name of a group of things with a particular value disperse: scatter distinct: clear. if you like braggin’. Word List ____________________________________________________________ ________ ________ _ ___________________ affluent: wealthy candid: frank. brightly shining way violation: a breaking of a law or rule Buck left some words out of his book. not boastful penetrating: passing through by piercing perilous: dangerous polyglot: speaking many languages resplendently: in a dazzling.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Buck Bickley’s Big Braggin’ Book howdy. 1. He only finished grades K-9. i’m buck bickley. in this book you’ll hear me braggin’ about z how doggone smart i am z what a doggone great guy i am z how much doggone stuff i have z how doggone smart my doggone dog is so pull up a chair and settle down to some good old fashioned braggin’. welcome to my big braggin’ book. the buck bickley way. Except with me on it. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Complete the sentences with words from the Word List above.

4. My _____________________ dog is so smart that he barks in three different languages.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ 3.That’s why on the street outside my house there’s a sign that says DANGER: HANDSOME MAN ZONE. My house is so __________________ that I need to hail a cab to get from the kitchen to the bedroom. My jokes are so ____________________ that people laugh at them even when they’re not funny. 15. 7. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Going Beyond Can you outbrag Buck Bickley? Write three brags using as many words from the Word Box as you can. 14. 13. My memory is so ________________________ that I often remember things that haven’t even occurred yet. the horn toots itself! 5. I’m so _________________________ that I never toot my own horn. 9. when I drive my car. 12. 8. I’m so ________________________ brilliant that light bulbs often look dull next to me. In fact. 10. I’m so good-looking that it’s sometimes ________________________ for me to go out in public. Some of my thoughts are so ______________________ that I often get holes in my hat. 11. I’m such a talented gardener that I can ______________________ toothpicks in the soil in the spring that will come up as fence posts in the fall. My eyesight is so ________________________ that I can often see things that aren’t even there. My car is so fast that I once received a speeding _____________________ when it was still parked. I’m so _______________________ that even when I try to fib it comes out truthful. 6. I’m so _______________________ that when I play Monopoly I use real money. _________________________ 54 __________________________________ _________________________ Buck Bickley 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.

_________________________ 55 __________________________________ _________________________ Buck Bickley’s Dog 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. I’m a fast runner. I hire someone else to do it. Just ask Buck Bickley. Use at least five words from the Word List. For a dog. what can I say? I’m a special dog. My luxurious 40-room doghouse is so private that it doesn’t have pests like ants—they can’t find out where it is! ______________________ ______________________ 5.And I’m much wiser and caring than your average owl. In the dictionary under the word “extraordinary” it shows a picture of me! You know I’m the perfect pet. How well-off am I? When it’s time to fetch the newspaper. 1. in this book i’ll be braggin’ about: z how doggone clever i am z what a doggone great dog i am z how much doggone great s t u f f i have so let the braggin’ begin! Word List __________________________________________________________ ________ _ ________ amiable: friendly compassionate: deep feelings for others frequently: happening very often ideal: a model of excellence peerless: without equal.______________________ ____________________________________ 3. In fact. Despite their reputations. I often even pass it by. I find.This. is a good way of making ends meet. I find that most owls really don’t give a hoot. I’m so popular that cats even like me. and his hamster. I’m so smart. when I chase my tail I often catch up with it. _________________________ _________________________ 2.” if you like books where dogs do a lot of braggin’. _________________________ _____________________ 4. ______________________ Going Beyond ______________________ Have you heard Buck Bickley’s hamster? She can outbrag both Buck and the dog! Write a dialogue between Buck. I’ve been known to outfox a fox. I’m rich.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Buck Bickley's Dog's Big Braggin’ Book i’m buck bickley's dog “flash. For a dog. Hey. hidden place shrewd: sly Write a word from the list to replace each underlined word. Scholastic Teaching Resources . braggin’ book for you. his dog. then this is the big. because he never stretches the truth. the best prosperous: successful pursue: to follow retrieve: to get back secluded: in a remote.

fazed 4.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Julie Kablooie’s Hollywood Gossip Column it’s julie kablooie— your number one hollywood snoop with the inside scoop. I’m Peaches. the duchess of dish.” Peaches harangued the cast in a 45-minute speech about being “serious” on the set. I’m Peaches II. reprove (a) ranted (a) alive (a) late (a) hug (b) exercised (b) not alive (b) troubled (b) scold (c) snoozed (c) very angry (c) heavy (c) smell (d) sang (d) happy (d) alone (d) improve item 2: will boz and betti tie the knot? __________________________ Betti Fetching is a Hollywood legend. She told Director Boz Boggly that if he tried to reprove her in any way she would walk off the movie. luminary 7. livid 3. (a) average (a) beginner (a) flowing (a) jeans (b) too much (b) failure (b) long (b) shoes (c) remarkable (c) bright light (c) messy (c) words (d) typical (d) square (d) shaved (d) noodles 5. would you.” The cast. Boz? Then you can come back and talk marriage with our beloved Betti. dungarees Going Beyond Select four vocabulary words. item 1: peaches loses it on the set! ______________________ Peaches Mung. a luminary among the lesser lights. Circle the correct synonym for each boldfaced word. after which she vanished for two hours for an “important ice cream break.”“Hi. But Peaches wasn’t fazed. which includes heartthrob Dirk Delbart. I’m Peaches II. a star among stars.” and “Peaches Is Back!”. Betti is an actor’s actor. the regent of rumor. and the superintendent of the skinny.“and then what would they title it?” 1. Scholastic Teaching Resources . scraggly 8. Betti’s extraordinary career has had more blockbuster hits than most stars have toes on their feet.“Hi. the czarina of chatter.” with Peaches Mung). extraordinary 6. reportedly blew her cool on the set of the new movie. really! Boz is a good director and everything (currently filming “Hi. Boz. was livid. either shave it or grow it! Those rumpled dungarees? No one has worn that look since the 20th Century! Get a new stylist. _________________________ 56 __________________________________ _________________________ Julie Kablooie 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. popular child star of “Peaches. But that scraggly beard? Come on. Write an antonym (a word with the opposite meaning) for each. harangued 2. So what is she doing with Director Boz Boggly? I mean.

beyond normal fiasco: complete failure insipid: dull inspired: stimulated and aroused lucid: totally clear profound: deep and meaningful relished: keenly enjoyed shoddy: sloppy trite: unoriginal.To summarize. then write another review of the same book. try writing reviews of the book the big hiccup by victor kneeport. flat. only this time make it a negative review. weak triumph: a victory unqualified: absolute witticisms: clever remarks The Big Hiccup. Word List for The Big Hiccup ________________________________________________________ ________ _ ____________________ abject: low and miserable banal: commonplace and predictable clichés: overused expressions detested: disliked intensely edified: instructed in a positive way extraordinary: excellent.It-All Reviewer? have you ever seen a movie or book review and thought to yourself. first write a positive review of the book. I found myself to be truly (7) ____________________ by the book. Scholastic Teaching Resources . a book by Victor Kneepot A Negative Review by ____________________ (your name here) This book was an (10) ____________________ (11) ____________________. How (4) ________________! The writing style was (5) ________________ and full of (6) ____________________. “i could write a better review than that ”? well. Then use different words to complete a negative review. The Big Hiccup. I (8) ________________________________ every word of this (9) _________________ book.The premise _________________________ 57 __________________________________ _________________________ Freelance Know-It All 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. a book by Victor Kneepot A Positive Review by _____________________________ (your name here) This book was an (1) ____________________ (2) ____________________.The premise was (3) _________________—a young boy gets himself in trouble when he gets the hiccups at the wrong time. Use words from the word list to complete a positive review.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Freelance Know. here’s your chance.

the Train: a film starring Bonnie Bilge and Cindy Snarkus A Positive Review by ____________________ ter were transformed into a 200-ton locomotive? The (19) __________________ begins as The movie begins with a (18) __________________ premise: what if your seven-year-old sis- Cindy the Train tries to do ordinary things. The Train ___________________________________________________________ ________ _ _________ _____ 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Cindy Snarkus (21) __________________ as the (22) __________________ seven-year -old who is turned into a train. Word List for My Little Sister.To summarize. How (13) _________________________! The writing style was (14) _______________________________ and full of (15) ________________________. like go to school and eat an ice cream cone. _________________________ 58 __________________________________ _________________________ Freelance Know-It All . Bonnie Bilge is (20) _________________ as the older sister. Bonnie Bilge is (27) _________________ as the older sister. using either the positive or the negative vocabulary words. Going Beyond Think about the last movie you saw. My Little Sister. I couldn’t help but cry during the many (23) ________________ moments in this (24) _______________ film.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ was (12) ____________________—a young boy gets himself in trouble when he gets the hiccups at the wrong time. I couldn’t help but cry during the many (30) _________________ moments in this (31) ________________ film. meaningful pointless: without purpose tedium: something that is boring vacuous: empty winsome: charming My Little Sister. I (16) __________________ every word of this (17) __________________ book. touching. like go to school and eat an ice cream cone. the Train: a film starring Bonnie Bilge and Cindy Snarkus A Negative Review by __________________ ter were transformed into a 200-ton locomotive? The (26) __________________ begins as The movie begins with a (25) __________________ premise: what if your seven-year-old sis- Cindy the Train tries to do ordinary things. Scholastic Teaching Resources bungling: clumsy convincing: able to persuade excels: does something with great skill exceptional: better than all others falters: is unsteady farfetched: not believable fascinating: very interesting intrigue: to fascinate mediocre: ordinary or worse poignant: moving. Cindy Snarkus (28) __________________ as the (29) __________________ seven-year-old who is turned into a train. Would you give it a positive or a negative review? Write a short review of the movie.

OUR ONLY GOAL _________________ IS TO SATISFY YOUR EVERY SUDDEN DESIRE ______________________________. accomplishments: successful completion akin: similar aspiration: goal or aim contemplate: think carefully about creed: system of beliefs that guide people intellectual clear-thinking irrational: doesn’t make sense oppose: be in disagreement philosophy: view of the meaning of life principles: truths upon which rules are based technology: the industrial arts whim: sudden wish 1. the linguloids are a lot like earthlings— except they have poor vocabularies. 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.04 captain’s log: arrived on planet lingulon-5 this morning. read the entries below. AND GREAT SHOPPING. Scholastic Teaching Resources Replace each underlined phrase with a single word from the list below. SCENIC GOLF COURSES.14. LINGULON-5 IS A NO-SMOKING PLANET THAT FEATURES BALMY BREEZES.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ Journey to a World Without Words stardate 74. it’s inhabited by a strange group of horse-like beings called linguloids. to see how poor they are. _________________________ 59 __________________________________ _________________________ World Without Words . A sign on the landing pad read: LINGULON-5 WELCOMES YOU.

Beings from as far as Romula come to play golf on Lingulon-5. Include a word that the Linguloids might not have. If something is good for golf or shopping. invented the wheel.“We invite you to visit our planet’s scenic golf courses. (2) we eat peanut butter and hay sandwiches. our science and industrial knowledge ______________________ are underdeveloped. Scholastic Teaching Resources . Lingo-12 said.“We cannot answer that question because we are not thoughtful beings. Then trade logs with a classmate. Earthlings.” 4. It is based on basic.We do not possess great thinking ______________________ skills. “Why do you wear diaper-like garments on top of your heads?” we asked.” Going Beyond Write a final entry into the Captain’s Log.We have. “Because we only think deeply about ______________________ golf and shopping. true ideas ______________________. we don’t believe in it. But we put it to use only on golf carts. However. we do agree about one thing: Never use a 3-iron in a sand trap. _________________________ 60 __________________________________ _________________________ World Without Words 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg.Though we may argue with __________________________ the Romulans in our view of life and wisdom ______________________. for example. “Greetings. and (3) our thoughtprocesses are not based on reason or logic ______________________ And oh yes.“You’ll find that we Linguloids are similar ______________________ to you Earthlings—except for three things: (1) we have horse-like faces. we believe in it. a fourth thing—we wear diaper-like garments on top of our heads.” 3. 6. 5.__________________________________ Name ____________________________________ Date _______________ 2. Define each other’s new word.” said Lingo-12.” Lingo-12 explained. Lingo-12 continued. Lingo-12 replied.“Our system of beliefs ______________________ is simple. If it isn’t good for golf or shopping. we do boast of many successful efforts _____________________ in the fields of golf and shopping.

a 6. inexact 7. perspective 7. a 10. million 10. disagree 3. atypical 2. dissect 4. injection 2. b 14. c 8. ignoble 4. six-sided figure 7. c 5. 9. a 3. how you carry yourself 4. 11. many Bill Klepper. circumspect 5. objective 3. inspector Professor Sylvia’s Word Values (page 23) 1. expect 3. misinterpret 9. it means “a guess” The Cutting Edge (page 27) 1. disrespectful 9. illiterate 5. Fat-Cat Wheeler-Dealer Billionaire (page 10) 1. thousand 9. c 2. c 12. c 7. a 3. a 13. incisions 2. 10. synthesis Bill Klepper. heedless 4. coexist 11. Scholastic Teaching Resources . portable. imbalance 6. conscript 7. inscribe 6.__________________________________ Answer Key Rowena and Squirmy in “Bicycle Power” (page 8) 1. transport. 8. irresponsible 8. adaptation 3. excise 8. b 4. symmetric 14. b 9. deportment. defendant wondrous disdainful delusional entitlement marriage poetic validate digitize inhibitor The Word Machine (page 20) 1. c 5. prospect 6. 14. decisive 10. acceptable 2. unpopular 10. concise 7. to carry from one place to another 2. a 11. condescend 12. inspect 2. Fat-Head Wheeler-Dealer Billionaire (page 12) 1. cross-section 9. subjective 4. 7. indescribable 8. precision 6. intersect _________________________ 61 __________________________________ _________________________ 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. four-legged organism 8. correspond 13. respect 8. importer. conjecture. spectator 4. sector 5. clinician 5. able to carry easily Ancient Latin Quizmo!!! (page 25) 1. inspection 10. c 6. a Sufferin’ Suffixes (page 16) 1. someone who sends items from one country to another 3. b 2. projectile 5. 6. a 4. 12. 13. incisive 3.

p. outrage Bingo Hackles. stout. The prefixes are ex and in. allege 11. altercation 5. propelled 17. geography Police Squad: SVU (Special Vocabulary Unit) (page 34) 1. plucked 9. commend 2. ultimately. appellation 17. Engage. affront Emily Taproot’s Poetry Workshop (page 36) 1. b. descended 11. controversial Police Squad: MAU (Missing Affix Unit) (page 31) 1. teleplay 5. surmise. taciturn 4. embossed 12. resumed 6. locale _________________________ 62 __________________________________ _________________________ 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. j. unaware 13. mobile 3. incidentally 15. fracas 4. reckoning 2. e. composed 9. Carnivores. carom 8. thunderstruck 15. coronation 4. shark. dignified. chum. geophysicist 12. relentless 20.” 12. g. extrovert 8. assert 16. fleet 4. radiates 20. m. skirmish 3. a. Trisect means to “cut into three pieces. entity. televise 4. telecast 8. ascended 18. undoubtedly 19. r. conviction 8. dialogue 11. geodes 14. Eschew Eddie Snively: World’s Biggest Liar (page 38) 1. k. Fortunately 13. geothermic 15. characterize 14. d. initiated 12. conceive 3. c. reverse 3. reversion 4. refute 6. n. i. triumph 8. microscopic 6. q. monologue 9. subvert 5. l. duplicity 19. Nanette’s Word Salon (page 29) 1. felony 8. discern. Sports Reporter (page 40) 1. categorically 7. Scholastic Teaching Resources . controversy 9. decorative 18. telephones 2.” Incisive means “cut clearly and sharply. galaxy 5. tiger.” Possible animals: lion. convocation 9. inverse 2.” 13. proficiency 5. transferred 10. o. An incisor would be sharp because it means “to cut into. trespass 7. eliminated 3. prevaricating 10. unquestionably 7. telecommunications 6. devoid 5. wavered 16. animosity 2. dog. virtues 7. subversion 6.__________________________________ 11. h. Excise means to “cut away from. geological 13. introvert 7. confrontation 6. television 3. braced 14. catalogue 10. inversion. rumor. f. indifferent 2. telephoto 7.

Violators 7. grizzled 8. stupid. J 2. affluent _________________________ 63 __________________________________ _________________________ 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. Romance Novelist (page 45) 1. B 5. sonorous 8. U. regret. lounged 3. D 8. D 6. jeopardy 5. citizens. 11. lithe 9. prohibiting 10. 10. modest 5. federal 5. C 10. 16. sufficient 3. salvage 7. A 4. C Buck Bickley’s Big Braggin’ Book (page 53) 1. D 13. A 6. Scholastic Teaching Resources . grave. Dialect’s Dictionary of Deception (page 42) 1. denomination 2. entreat The Wordies (page 51) 1. light-hearted and gentle humor 11. aloft 3. 18. marvelous 7. E 3. pounding 11. generate. B 12. 12. fragrance 6. being funny by saying the opposite of what one means 8. persistently 5. or foolish 10. conclude. critical 4. 13. resplendently 6. silly. E 4. 19. illegitimate 6. flitting 4. phase 2. prevailing 6. I 9. gorgeous 5. Senator (page 44) 1. perilous 4.S. dearest 14. festivities 9. redundant 8. distinct 7. 20. keen 8. H Laverne Weaselford. defame 6. F 5. elite 3. 17. polygot 9. G 7. A 14. making fun of others in a mean way 9. Vocabulary Poet: The Language of Love (page 47) 1. efface 7. penetrating 10. expeditiously 9. righteous 2. trying to be funny. stammered 15. C 2. incarceration 8. cherish Emily Taproot. sultry 2. budget 2. B 3.__________________________________ The Four Vocabularians: Dr. 14. throb 12. penalize. candidates Marla Murgatroid. embrace discretion tenacious inconspicuous pungent interface hurtling relinquish debase ludicrous contorting flawless The Four Vocabularians: The National Word Day Speech (page 49) 1. predicament 4. lustrous 4. revenue. inessential. radiant 10. pledge. submit 3. amend 9. unmistakable 13. 15. often at the wrong time 7.

12. expansive disperse candid droll violation 25 Wacky & Wonderful Stories That Boost Vocabulary © Dan Greenberg. c 3.__________________________________ 11. philosophy 5. whim 2. intellectual. b 4. b 5. frequently 3. technology 6. oppose. a Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Freelance Know-It-All Reviewer? (page 57) Answers will vary Journey to a World Without Words (page 59) 1. accomplishments 4. prosperous. c 8. 14. contemplate. Scholastic Teaching Resources Buck Bickley’s Dog’s Big Braggin’ Book (page 55) 1. c 7. 15. aspiration. 13. c 6. retrieve 2. akin. shrewd. peerless. a 2. creed. irrational 3. principles _________________________ 64 __________________________________ _________________________ . secluded 5. amiable. pursue. compassionate 4. ideal Julie Kablooie’s Hollywood Gossip Column (page 56) 1.