An Introduction to Raspberry Pi January 10, 2013

Brought to you by: Splat Space http: splatspace!org Presented by: Pete Soper Alan "ipert #linton "reisbach Peter Reint$es


&hat is a Raspberry Pi'
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(istory and charter "escription

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Resources )he Raspberry Pi &or*station %pen #o+puter ,ision and Stepper -otors ./A

)onight 0s Saturday


Presentations de+os

Saturday 1Splat Space2:
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Install3est Sho4 and )ells 5ducator discussion led by 5lliot (auser eah136+ac!co+ )roubleshooting, custo+i7ation

&hat is Raspberry Pi'

A single board, 0ery 3le8ible, 3our 4att co+puter in 93: 1+odel B2 and 92: 1+odel A2 3la0ors designed and +ade in the ;< A +ostly=open educational plat3or+! 1So+e chip 3ir+4are not open2 A standalone >inu8, BS", RIS# %S, or Plan ? syste+ 4ith a lot o3 I % A po4er3ul progra++ing en0iron+ent

)he Short (istory

Around 200: 5ben ;pton 4as "irector o3 Studies in #o+puter Science at #a+bridge! Inco+ing students had relati0ely 3e4 progra++ing and or hard4are s*ills 0s @the old daysA, creating 0ision o3 @so+ething li*e the BB# #o+puter, but running a +odern language li*e Python!A )he na+e @Raspberry PiA is a co+bination o3 @a 3ruit na+eA and a play on @PythonA! Bet4een 200B=2011 the 0ision turned into a highly capable single board co+puter design!

Raspberry Pi Proto

Cetting past the idea that @Python is enoughA

(istory 122

Interest in RPi e8ploded as production plans beca+e +ore and +ore enthusiastic, reaching the initial run o3 10* boards by a partnership 4ith 5le+ent1D and RS #o+ponents in the ;<! )he day sales began 100* orders 4ere chasing the 3irst 10* boards! Support hard4are and so3t4are de0elop+ent ha0e been proportionate to the esti+ated 1boards shipped! But this is all really $ust S)5P %E5!

&hy 4as Raspberry Pi -ade'
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5ducationF %riginal +easure o3 success: +ore #S students But education= related e33orts are rapidly spreading do4n4ard, ai+ing to4ard young children!

)4o -odels, )4o (& ,ersions

-odel B, 0ersion 1
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%riginal 93: board 1al+ost e0erybodyGs is this one2 1 Dgb RA-, all peripheral support 1 2gb RA-, other t4ea*s +entioned later 92: Eo ethernet $ac*: net4or*ing 0ia ;SB add=on 1 Dgb RA-

-odel B, 0ersion 2 1starting late last year2

-odel A 1started shipping late last year2
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Processor and -e+ory

Broadco+ 2H3: Syste+ %n #hip
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32 bit AR- RIS# #P; core 1not 8HB co+patible2 ,ideocore I, CP; Cad7oo*s o3 additional I %

Ar+11 hard4are, Ar+B architecture 1=1 3ro+ current @hotA cellphone chips2 "e3ault cloc* speed is I00+h7 Second and third chips 3or J 1+odel B2 or K 1+odel A2 gb RA- and ethernet ;SB

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)he RPi -ass Storage: S" #ard

Any S" card, but i3 you donGt ha0e a 0ery recent RPi , chec* class 10 list at elinu8!org RPi L(ub <ernel boots 3ro+ S" card, period! 5asy to ha0e root MS on other de0ice


("-I or 1digital2 ",I 0ia cheap adaptor cable #o+posite E)S# PA> 0ia R#A &ide range o3 resolutions E% ,CA 4ithout an add=on, nontri0ial con0erter 1Ada3ruit2


,ia ("-I or 3ro+ stereo $ac* %utput only Support +aturity appears to be lagging

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10 100+bps 0ia RJD: on +odel B &ireless 0ia ;SB add=on supported


"ual ;SB soc*ets on RPi +odel B, single on +odel A 58pandable 0ia regular or po4ered hubs

Spea*ing o3 Po4er

Pri+ary po4er 0ia +icro;SB plug: a one a+p cell charger 4or*s 4ell, but youGll need t4o a+ps 4ith a ;SB hard dri0e -odel A about a Nuarter a+p less P# ;SB port does not 4or*

-ore on Po4er

-ost e8isting Rpi boards ha0e a current li+iting 3use in the ;SB soc*et path )his +eans high= po4er peripherals li*e hard dri0es MUST use a po4ered ;SB hub Mi8ed in re0 2 boards

Ceneral Purpose I %

3!3 0olt logic 0ia 2B pin header 1NOT : 0olt or short tolerant2 Parallel I % pins ;AR) 1>inu8 console support2 I2#, SPI 3or peripherals

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50en +ore I %

"SI >#" panel support #SI ca+era support J)AC Additional CPI% 0ia other headers

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-ore ,ersion 2 (ard4are "etails
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"oubled RARe+o0ed current li+iting 3use 3ro+ ;SB soc*et path Rearranged, added CPI%, including reset Added t4o +ounting holes

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-any %S ports in progress "ebian >inu8 best supported 4ith t4o 3la0ors o3 &hee7y 1re0 I2:
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#urrent 1+id="ece+ber2, hard4are MP 5arlier, so3t4are MP re0 reNuired by %racle Ja0a

Initial install by pre=installed S" card or copied dis* i+age BeginnerGs starting point: http: raspberrypi!org do4nloads

Resources: &eb sites

http: raspberrypi!org
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Moundation 4eb site -ost 3ol*s should start here, but plan on going to: Pri+ary re3erence repository! Oour 3irst ?? Nuestions are ans4ered here! &here to buy list is http: elinu8!org BuyingLRPi

http: elinu8!org RPiL(ub

Resources: Pubs and #o++unities

-agpi +aga7ine http: 444!the+agpi!co+ Raspberry Pi 5ducational -anual
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http: tinyurl!co+ RPi =edu )his +anual is being updated: re0isit periodically ,ia http: elinu8!org RPiL(ubP#o++unity ,ia http: raspberrypi!org

#o++unities and Moru+s
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Resources: Boo*s

Raspberry Pi: A Quick Start Guide by Sch+idt Raspberry Pi User Guide, ;pton and (al3acre Search A+a7on, Barnes and Eoble: bags o3 bunches o3 RPi boo*s

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Alan "ipert, Splat Space Board President #linton "reisbach, &eb "e0eloper

)he Raspberry Pi &or*station
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Scratch http: scratch!+it!edu #lo$ure http: clo$ure!org Berryca+ https: github!co+ alandipert berryca+ #lintonGs so3t4are stac* http: pro+pt!sh articles raspberry=pi=3un

%pen #o+puter ,ision 1#,2 and Stepper -otors
Peter Reint$es, -useu+ o3 >i3e and Science

#an Raspberry Pi per3or+ signi3icant i+age processing and do so+ething use3ul 4ith so+e +otors'

)he other chip you need

)ransistor A+pli3ier

S*ynet Pro$ect P100010010010
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People ha0e the right to de3end the+sel0es #orporations are People Autono+ous Syste+s can run #orporations Autono+ous Syste+s ha0e the right !!! ! ! !

I3 it has a 3ace, shoot it!

Additional So3t4are

%pen#, = #a+era capture processing

Includes Mace "etection e8a+ple progra+

RPi !CPI% Python inter3ace to CPI% pins


-any scra+bled 3ile syste+s later!!! Bohdi >inu8, Arch=>inu8, e0entually returning to Raspbian! Minding the co++ands to Sync and po4er do4n 4ithout re+o0ing po4er!

)hroughput proble+s doing i+age processing and 3inding enough cycles to update the trac*ing syste+ 1the stepper +otors2!

Read %nly Milesyste+

So+e people suggest R 0 3ilesyste+ to a0oid proble+s 4ith abrupt po4er=re+o0al! But you canGt +a*e MS R % be3ore starting Q So!!!
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Start Q and your application M: to get a ter+inal 4indo4 Alt=#ntl=SysRN=; to re+ount 3ilesyste+ R % MI to return to your Q=session


Slides 6 http: trilug!org Saturday the 12th 4or*shop:
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?A- R :P331 &! -ain St "urha+ 1?1?2 I0D=D2:0

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