Human Twilight Fan Fiction Preface “Emmett, stop it!” Bella laughed. “Make me.

” The boy named Emmett said. Edward smiled. “Come on, Emmett. You’re going to make her miss you more when we get adopted.” Emmett frowned but stopped tickling Bella. “Edward, you are such a party pooper! Isn’t there a chance we’ll all get adopted at the same time?” Edward sighed. “Yes.” Bella giggled one last time and wiped her eye. “Don’t do that, Emmett!” she scolded. “Edward’s right.” 5 years later “Happy 15th birthday, Bella!” Emmett and Edward cried. “Thanks, guys!” Bella replied happily, her face glowing. “I’m finally 15! Hurray! Oh, I’m so happy!” Bella began babbling as Emmett and Edward laughed. The three loved each other like brother and sisters. It seemed like they had spent their entire lives together. Emmett’s parents had died because of a flu going around. Emmett was taken to Sundown Foster Home. Edward also lost his parents to flu, though not the same one. He didn’t have any siblings. Bella’s parents were divorced while she was 1. Her mother kept her and married again. The person she married was a wanted murderer, but she didn’t know. When she did find out, she called Bella’s father to take her away from Bella’s stepfather. Her stepfather had found them while packing and killed them with no mercy. Edward shook his head and sighed. Emmett’s face became alert. Bella kept babbling bravely. “What’s wrong, Edward?” she asked. Edward shook his head again. “Nothing.” EPOV “Hello, Mr and Mrs Cullen! You are well, I understand? Ah, good! Come in, come in!” The usually hyper receptionist greeted two strangers. He was usually quite loud. Bella, Emmett and I exchanged an excited look. The receptionist led the two adults through the room. If they didn’t adopt us, we would just have to wait three more years... “We’re looking for just 2 children.” They said. What? Just two. If they chose us three, one of us would be left behind. Mr and Mrs Cullen scanned each room and when they peeked into ours – Emmett and I – their faces turned up into grins. We were leaving Bella behind. They were taking Emmett and I. Crap. We were leaving Bella behind. With us being together for about 13 years, I loved her – and sometimes I felt it as if I loved her more than just a sister.

And now I knew. Emmett and I exchanged a glance. “Hey, Emmett, Edward.” The receptionist greeted briefly. Then he rushed out. “Emmett and Edward.” Mr Cullen said. “Old names. I’m Carlisle and this is my wife Esme. Would you like to come home with us?” BPOV “Emmett and Edward.” I heard a man say. “Old names. I’m Carlisle and this is my wife Esme. Would you like to come home with us?” Someone was adopting Emmett and Edward? We were going to be separated. I looked at my roommate – Katrina. She detested me and we both would have happily traded roommates. I expected her to be chattering on her cell phone or be reading a book on her bed, but I saw her listening at the door too. Her face was sombre. “Uh... sure.” I heard Edward say reluctantly. I didn’t hear Emmett say anything. I heard 4 pairs of feet outside and then it was silent. I opened the door. I looked down the hall. All doors were now open. Everyone heard. We all looked at each other. Emmett and Edward were gone. I closed the door silently. I looked at Katrina. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor and looked like she was about to cry. “What’s wrong, Kate?” she didn’t like being called Katrina. “Ed...” she couldn’t force out ‘Edward.’ “We’ll all miss him and Emmett, Kate.” I soothed her. I heard more footsteps and opened the door again. “Bye, Emmett.” I said thickly when I saw who was behind the door, about to knock. “Bye, Bells.” Emmett hugged me one-handed. “Have fun with the Cullens.” I told them sincerely. I stuck my head out the doorway and looked down the hallway. “Where’s Edward?” Emmett smiled. “Thanks. Edward’s in the car.” Then he disappeared down the hall. Suddenly, I heard new footsteps. They didn’t belong to my ‘brothers.’ They didn’t belong to any of the other orphans. Who were they? I peeked out the door and Kate slipped out under my arm. She walked in the direction of the washroom. They smiled kindly at me and I knew they were about to adopt me. Kate came back in several seconds and smiled warmly at the strangers. “I’m Kate.” She said. “And this is Bella.” “Kate and Bella. What lovely names!” the lady said. “Sarah, we can.” The man said. “Of course. Would you like to come?” the lady named Sarah asked. Kate and I beamed up at Sarah and her husband simultaneously. We got into a strange car and I looked at Kate. “Seems like we’re sisters now, huh?” Kate smiled back at me. “Yup.” My thoughts wandered, then crept upon the memory of Edward. I remembered his green eyes. I’m not sure how I’ll manage.

He didn’t even want to say goodbye to me! What kind of friend, brother was he? EPOV I looked around and found myself in an unknown car when I finally refocused. I couldn’t go and talk to Bella. She probably heard the conversation between Carlisle and Esme with Emmett and I. I didn’t want to explain. Carlisle and Esme were nice. They didn’t notice my sullen expression. Maybe it was because I was hiding my face. Maybe it was because they didn’t peer into the back seat. Maybe it was because they were extremely happy. “Shouldn’t we have gotten a girl and a boy?” Esme asked. “We’ll come back another time, Esme. Two is enough for now.” A wave of terror washed over me. What if Bella was gone by then, already adopted. Then what? I hated myself for hurting Bella this way, but adoption had to be done at an adoption centre. Maybe I would run into her someday. I’ll apologize. I hope. Chapter 1 EPOV – 2 years later Beep. Beep. Beep. Why, oh why, did Carlisle get me an alarm clock to help me wake up in the morning I can wake up easily by myself. I opened my eyes and while my eyes adjusted to the light, my hand blindly made its way to the `off` button on the alarm clock. What was I doing in this house? This roof wasn’t familiar, not the orange ceilings of Sundown. I froze, then relaxed. I saw a giant snake writhing above my head. I didn`t do anything. The snake wasn`t real. “Emmett, you pain of a brother!” I moaned. I heard Emmett snicker, then a huge hand reached out and snatched the plastic snake out of my face. “You’re a pain too, Edward.” Alice’s voice tinkled. “Stupid, little pixie.” I mumbled pulling the blankets over my head. “You appear to not enjoy birthdays.” Alice sounded like she was about to burst into a fit of laughter. “Normal people would.” “I’m not normal.” I complained, my voice muffled by the covers. Alice sighed and stalked out of the room, a laughing Emmett following. Carlisle did go back to Sundown, and I went with him. Bella had been adopted, as I feared. Instead, Carlisle adopted the ‘stupid, little, pixie,’ Alice Brandon. Her last name became Cullen and she became the shopaholic of the Cullen family of five. I couldn’t get over what I did to Bella last year. I was just turning 16. I was beginning high school in 3 months. I have no idea what to do this summer... other than having Alice drag me to the mall or Emmett dragging everyone to the gym. I would probably just wait. Wait. And wait for high school to start. I can’t exactly say I was excited.

We lived in the gloomy town of Forks in Washington State – we just moved. You could say I hated the clouds, rain, snow, everything about Forks – because it was true. It seemed as if life without Bella was either impossible or pain-filled. Emmett missed Bell too, but he didn’t love her as much. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive my first year of high school. I can’t understand... “Get up, Edward, or I’ll drag you out of bed!” Alice screeched. I smirked. Like she could do it. I felt something grasp my leg and I fell off my bed. “You are amazingly strong and extremely annoying for a pixie.” I complained. “Don’t blame me. Blame Emmett.” “I’ll blame both of you.” Alice sighed. “Come on! Oh, what’s this? A letter you never sent?” I looked at her. She was unfolding a piece of paper, her eyebrows raised. I recognized the paper. “Alice.” I hissed. “What’s this?” she demanded, waving the paper in the air. “A letter. What else?” “Who’s Bella?” “She was in the orphanage when Emmett and I were there.” I admitted. “And?” she pressed. I didn’t open my mouth. “I’ll go ask Emmett.” She said, bounding out of the room. “No!” I said. “He’ll make it worse than it is.” She smiled at me. “I know.” “I loved her...” I muttered. “Then... why is this here?” “Because I still do.” “Aw, come on! Tanya’s here.” I sighed and got out of bed. “Get out, Alice. I’ll be there in 5 minutes.” I went to the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth. I took a quick shower and changed into a simple white shirt and jeans. I ruffled my hair quickly and walked down the stairs sulkily. “Give it back, Alice.” I demanded. Alice snickered and gave me the folded piece of paper. I gave her a devil’s glare. “You didn’t.” Alice smiled angelically back at me, but didn’t respond. “Edward! Be happy! It’s your birthday!” Tanya said. “Tanya...” I mumbled sadly. BPOV – 4 months later “Aw, Dad!” I complained to my adopted father. He looked at me innocently. “What?” “I wish you would let me clean up my own stuff, even on my birthday! I am almost an adult, Dad! I’m 17!” “No, no. It’s your day, Bella. Kate! Come clean up your make-up, please!” he called up the stairs. “Aw, Dad!” she echoed my complaint.

“So, how was your first day of school?” “Fine.” Kate said, appearing at the foot of the stairs. “People are saying some people called Cullen are coming to town.” “Where does that sound familiar?” I asked. “I don’t know.” Kate responded. We both looked at Dad. He shrugged. I sighed, my shoulders drooping. “It’s late. Good night.” I mumbled, beginning to climb the stairs. My eyes flew open and I yawned almost immediately. It was a Friday. Tomorrow was a day I could sleep in. I used to be brave and outgoing 2 years ago. Now, I was a shy, quiet, polite girl. I was also a klutz. I was really, very clumsy – I couldn’t walk over a stable, flat surface without tripping over something. I quickly got ready for school and quickly pulled some cereal out for breakfast. I finished swiftly and dumped the dishes in the sink. I picked up my knapsack and shoved my homework into it. I yanked on a sweater and walked out the door. We had lived in Seattle but Mom – Sarah – didn’t like the big city. She wanted to move to a small town, so we moved to Forks. I jumped into my truck and Kate came out the door and climbed into the passenger seat. I set down my knapsack and shifted the gear and backed out the driveway. I hit the acceleration and we began driving towards school. “Wow.” Kate mumbled once we entered the school parking lot. I followed her gaze and a silver Volvo was parked in the deepest corner. I parked and picked up my knapsack. We passed the crowd of students crowded around the Volvo. Kate went off to find her friends and I went off alone. I found myself at lunch when I stopped thinking about the new kids. I sat with the usual friends. “Bella?” Jessica asked. “What?” I responded. “Does anyone know who they are?” “Maybe...” I knew who she was talking about. I looked over at them. There were 3 boys and 3 girls. None of them looked related but two of them seemed familiar. “But some of them I feel like I recognize from somewhere. Right, Kate?” I looked at my adopted sister. She followed my gaze and her eyes landed on the table with the strangers. “Yeah...” she muttered. The bell rang. “Oh!” Angela gasped. “Come on, Bella, or we’ll be late for Biology.” I walked into the room with Angela and I slipped into my chair. I had the entire black desk to myself. An unoccupied chair stood by my side. “My name is Edward Cullen, Mr. Banner.” Someone said. Edward. Edward Cullen. I looked up. Where did I see him before? EPOV “My name is Edward Cullen, Mr. Banner.” I told the Biology teacher.

“Mr. Cullen. I’ll sign your slip... and there’s a seat beside Ms. Swan over there in the back.” Mr. Banner rambled off. He handed me a textbook and I went to sit by the single empty seat. The girl seemed familiar. I shook my head and a picture fell out of my pocket. I picked it up. It was a childhood picture of Emmett, Bella and I playing in the field behind the orphanage. I smiled sadly at the laughing faces of us and set it down on the desk. “Where did you get that?” the girl next to me asked, suddenly. “What do you mean?” “That’s me.” She pointed at Bella. This is Bella? “I have the same picture in my room. And that’s Emmett...” she trailed off. We met each other’s gaze. “Bella.” I mumbled. “I must be seeing things.” She shook her head. “Edward and Emmett were adopted by Cullens... Carlisle and Esme, I think.” I chuckled. “Bella, have you been listening? My last name is Cullen.” “I thought your last name was Masen.” “I changed it after I got adopted.” “But...” she muttered. “Bella?” I waved my hand in front of her face. She didn’t speak. Her brow furrowed and she turned away. I picked up the picture and shoved it back into my pocket. I kept quiet as well. I don’t know how I lasted, but I didn’t stop thinking about Bella until I was sitting in my Volvo. “Dude, what’s wrong?” Jasper asked. “Emmett.” I said. “Aw, Edward, don’t be a party pooper!” Alice complained. “What is it?” “Bella.” Bella, Bella, Bella. “Uh, Eddie. Are you sure it’s Bella?” Emmett asked. I didn’t annoy him about the ‘Eddie’ part – even though I hated that name. “Yes. I’m sure. And doesn’t that look like Kate?” I looked over at two girls walking across the parking lot. One was Bella, the other looked like Katrina. “Aw, man. This is crazy.” I was gripping the steering wheel so hard, my knuckles were white, when Emmett said this. “Who’s Bella?” Rose demanded. “Emmett.” I mumbled. Emmett explained to the others while I drove home. I never got out of the car. Instead, I drove around Forks. I didn’t want to go home, but I didn’t know where I would go. I pulled over onto an empty road. I saw another truck in the distance and a figure stumbled out, seeming to feel his or her way around. I felt plain terrible, but I also felt as if I should get up and go help the person. I yanked my keys out of the ignition and nearly kicked my door open. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I saw the figure still stumbling. Then he – or she – tripped over something and fell to the ground. Lots of thin, long snakes followed the head down so it must be a girl.

I ran over to the girl lying on the ground, struggling to get up. I took a firm hold of both her arms and helped her up. “Thank you.” She said breathlessly. She looked at my face. “Edward.” I smiled at her. “Who adopted you, Bella?” “Sarah and Carlos Kurtan.” “Oh.” I looked down and kicked some gravel across the narrow street. “I’m sorry, Bell. I should have said goodbye but...” “Edward, that was 2 years ago. To be honest, I am perfectly happy with Sarah and Carlos. I nearly forgot completely about you, but I never did. I always remembered because of that picture on my bedside table. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up and I remember I missed you. At first, I was pissed off you didn’t say bye and Em did but still...” she looked down the street. “Edward!” a female voice called. Tanya. “Your girlfriend?” Bella asked. I hung my head and kicked some more gravel. “Yeah.” TPOV Why didn’t Edward come home with everyone else? Alice said he was upset. I got into my car and drove aimlessly along the streets of Forks, Washington. I saw several silver cars, none of them Volvos. I was completing my 3rd round when I pulled over and hit the brakes. A silver Volvo was parked in a back alley, and two figures in that alley with a truck in the distance. I got out of my car and stalked over to that alley. “Edward!” I called. I heard some mumbling. “Edward!” I called again. “I know you’re in here!” “I’m here, Tanya!” He came into sight, follow several feet behind by another girl. I tried to keep from raising my eyebrows but it slipped. “Oh, who’s this?” I asked suspiciously. “This is Bella. When Emmett and I were in the orphanage, Bella was like our sister.” Oh good. No competition. I tried to keep the smile on my face becoming smug. “Though Emmett kept talking her into different things.” He elbowed Bella playfully. This Bella flinched theatrically and took a step away from the two of us. “I guess I should leave now. Dad will be worrying about me, along with Mom and Kate. See you guys at Monday then.” She backed away into the distance, holding her hands up. “What was that?” I asked Edward as he got into his Volvo. “She was back here and I didn’t know. I came in here too and saw her fall... She’s so much more different now. Before she was brave and outgoing and now...” he shook his head and started the engine. “I’ll see you at home.” Then he sped forwards and out the alley. I smiled after him and got into my own car. I hit the acceleration and turned around, heading for home. I entered the house to the sound of, “Aw, Alice! Come on, please, no!” I smiled again. Alice was planning a shopping trip again, as it sounded and was trying to get Edward to go with her.

“No way, Edward. You are coming. You are a disappointment for a brother, you know...” “Unless you must know, Alice, you are the shopaholic?” “And you are the lonely one. Edward, come on!” I walked in the door to see Alice tugging on Edward’s arm. Edward’s feet slipped out from underneath him and he fell to the ground, to the embarrassment of everyone laughing at him. “Okay, that does not have to happen again. I’m just cooperating this once, Alice.” He aimed a kick in her direction and she dodged it neatly. “Nice try, Eddie.” Edward scowled at Alice. He let Alice drag him out the door. APOV “Nice try, Eddie.” I snickered, dragging him out the door. “Alice, why do you have to be so annoying?” Edward complained. I beamed at his face. “It’s a talent.” Edward snorted but got into my car. “You like her right?” he must know who I am talking about. “Well, yeah, but, have you seen that I have a girlfriend?” he asked as I backed out. “Yes.” “Then why -“ “Edward!” I interrupted as we drove down the driveway. “Tanya doesn’t really like you anymore.” I looked at his wounded expression. “What in the world do you mean?” he asked, enraged. “I saw her.” I told him. “Early this morning, out in the yard before anyone woke up. Well, I was awake.” “If you want proof, I’ve a picture.” Edward looked at me. “You. Are. Crazy.” He said. “No.” I said grimly. BPOV “Just leave me alone, Kate!” I screamed, tears flowing relentlessly down my face. “Bella!” she screamed. “Kate, just for awhile, please.” “Boy trouble?” I didn’t respond. Instead I picked up the picture frame standing on my bedside table, unmoved for 2 years. I wiped the dust off and stroked the glass. My fingers lingered on Edward’s face. I didn’t mean to do that. I was just thinking about the old days, with Edward and Emmett. The days I missed terribly. I wished things were as easy before as it is now, but no. Everything was now so complicated. Why couldn’t there be a time machine to take me back to the time we had everything? My body couldn’t go back, but my mind could. “Found you, Edward!” I called, pulling back several branches full of leaves. Edward had a pout plastered on his face as he climbed down from the treetops.

I heard a snicker behind me. “Edward!” I groaned. I looked up at the trees again. “Get down, Emmett. Mr. Yu will have a fit if you get caught.” I ran after Edward laughing. “Edward!” Edward turned and ran backwards to stick his tongue out at me. As he was turning back, I caught up and pounced. He fell to the ground and I pinned him. “Hey!” he complained. Then he laughed and struggled to get up. Emmett came up behind me. “Nice one, Bella!” he complimented. My face flushed. I smiled at that memory. Then I remembered my parents. I put a fist against my mouth to keep from screaming. My stepfather was still somewhere in the world, looking for me, so I couldn’t spread more news. He wanted to be forgotten, so he could proceed with his plans. “No.” I mumbled. I was afraid to fall asleep. I looked at my cell phone and picked it up. I set it to relaxation. My muscles were beginning to loosen when the music was interrupted by an annoying ringing tone. I flipped the cover open and answered hastily. “Hello?” “Hey, is this Bella?” Who was this? “Yeah.” “Oh! I’m Alice, Edward’s adopted sister. He told me about you.” “He did, did he?” “Yeah, Emmett said a bit too.” I chuckled softly, but unable to hide my fear. “Why did you call?” I asked, trying to disguise my fear. “What are you scared of?” “I’ll tell you tomorrow. Why did you call?” “I called because I wanted to check up on you. And you must be psychic because I was also calling to ask if you would come with us to a group dinner.” I laughed. “Alright. Sure.” “Please answer your door.” Alice said before hanging up. I hit ‘end call.’ What did she mean? The doorbell rang and I bounded down the stairs. “Who is it?” Dad asked. “Friend from school.” I replied quickly. I yanked the door open. Alice stood there. “Hey, Alice.” I said breathlessly. “Hi, Bella!” she said, her voice literally sparkling with excitement. “Come on! We’re going shopping!” “What do you -” was all I could get out before Alice dragged me out the door. “Just hang on, Alice. Am I allowed to get my purse?” “Yes, of course!” Alice said impatiently. I ran back into the house. “Dad! I’m going shopping with Alice!” “Alright! Be back by 10!” Dad called. I picked up my purse and I was out the door. I locked it behind me and got into the back seat of Alice’s car. To my surprise, there wasn’t only Alice and I. “Hi, Bella!” Edward said surprised. “Alice!” he scolded.

I was about to sit but there was a piece of paper sitting on the seat. I picked it up and sat down. I unfolded the gentle creases and read it. Dear Bella, I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to leave, so I let Emmett go and say goodbye for me. I know it was stupid of me and I should have gone myself. I really miss you and none of this difficultly would have happened. Love Edward I quickly re-folded the letter and shoved it in my pocket. Edward had said Love Edward not From Edward. What did that mean? He loved me? “Ok, guys. We’re at the mall!” Alice announced. We were at Port Angeles. “Mall?” Edward scoffed, still the Edward I remembered. “The party tomorrow?!” Alice said as if it were obvious. Edward rolled his eyes. “Ugh, Edward! You are the only one in the family who doesn’t have a relationship! You have to find someone!” “I already have!” he retorted. What did he mean? Oh, of course. Tanya. Alice quickly found us outfits for the party. I have a strapless blue dress that Alice said ‘complimented my figure. Edward went with the traditional tux. “Oh!” Alice exclaimed. “It seems there isn’t enough room for you two!” “Alice!” Edward and I complained simultaneously. “Sorry. You’ll have to walk home!” Alice got in and drove away. I took my phone out of my purse and dialled Alice’s number. “You are in big trouble, Alice!” I nearly yelled. All I heard was a snicker in response, then the dial tone. “I don’t think I’ll be able to be back by 10 when walking.” I moaned. Edward chuckled. “We’ll never get home if we don’t start going.” We walked for a while, but then the sidewalk became a trail and led off into the forest. Edward took it immediately and I looked doubtfully at the trail. “What?” he asked. “You have never seen me doing athletic things.” I shook my head, amazed. Edward sighed. “Come on, Bella.” He walked back and tugged my arm. I gave in, but the letter fell out of my pocket. “Oh!” I gasped, tripping on a rock, looking back at it. Edward looked at me and laughed. He looked up and his face shifted. “What’s that?” he asked rhetorically. He let go of my arm and went to pick it up. “Alice.” He said under his breath. He unfolded it and sighed. He put it in his own pocket and came to help me get off the ground. “Thanks,” I said breathlessly, brushing off my jeans. I checked the time. I was really going to be late. I called home. “Hello?” “Hey, Kate.” “Oh, Bella. What’s up?”

I sighed. “Alice. We went to Port Angeles and she’s making Edward and I walk home.” “Alice. Isn’t that Edward’s sister?” “Yup. So tell Mom and Dad I’m going to be late, ‘kay?” She sighed now. “Fine. See you later.” “You too. Love ya.” I hit ‘end call.’ I shoved my cell phone into my pocket and began trudging along the trail. “Where did you get this?” Edward asked fiddling with the letter with two fingers. “In Alice’s car. It was on the seat. Why did you say love Edward instead of just plain, simple from Edward? You don’t have to answer. I’m just curious.” “Because I do.” I looked at him curiously. “What?” he mouthed. I shook my head. “Nothing. “ “You’re so different now, Bella.” I looked at him waiting for an explanation. He continued. “You used to be brave, outgoing... talkative.” He joked. “But now, you’re a shy, quiet, polite and clumsy girl. What happened these last 2 years?” “These last 2 years, I was being Bella.” Edward sighed. “Fine.” My legs became wobbly and I nearly fell down again but Edward caught me. “See what I mean by clumsy?” he smirked. I stuck my tongue out at him like a child. Then he swung me onto his back. “Hey!” I complained as he continued walking. “Alice is going to pay for this.” I muttered. Edward laughed. I closed my eyes, trying to relax and fall in rhythm with the soft thumps below me. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump. The footsteps continued steadily. I reopened my eyes. “But you have a girlfriend.” I pointed out to Edward. Edward didn’t respond but I felt the rhythm of the beat change to a faster tempo. “Tell me.” “Later.” EPOV “Tell me.” “Later.” I looked back at Bella and her face was in a soft pout. I chuckled softly. “Later.” I repeated. I looked back ahead. “Ah. Alice!” Though it was a black car driving towards us, I saw Jasper behind the wheel. The car pulled over and Jasper climbed out of the driver’s seat, Alice jumped out of the passenger’s seat. I let Bella off my back and she stumbled but regained her balance quickly. “Alice.” I mumbled threateningly. Alice snickered. “That was fun.” Jasper cracked a smile. Alice looked around. “Where’s Bella?” “Right here.” Bella giggled, gently pushing Alice’s petite figure from behind. Alice gasped and shock crossed her face but she disguised it.

“Alice, didn’t you hear my dad say I had to be home by 10?” “Oops.” Alice laughed. “But I suppose you talked to him?” she asked innocently eyeing Bella’s pocket. Bella sighed. “Come on, Alice.” I sighed. Jasper took her shoulders and wheeled her to the car. Bella began walking after the couple and I followed. “What the hell was that for?” I demanded. “I thought you needed to talk to Bella.” She said innocently. “Alice!” I exploded. Alice rolled her eyes and kept silent. Jasper shot me a warning glance. I didn’t return anything. We pulled up to Bella’s house and Bella hopped out bringing her purse. I felt into my pocket. The letter was gone. Damn. Bella must have swiped it – or it fell out. A small flicker of white caught my eye from Bella’s hand. She took it. “Thanks, guys.” Bella thanked. “I’ll see you at school on Monday.” Jasper nodded. “No problem, Bells.” I said. “Actually,” Alice added. “We’re going out again tomorrow. Remember, the party?” Jasper and I groaned. I felt sorry for Bella. Alice would be with her for hours, being that much of a shopaholic... but she didn’t know just how much torture she was in for. “Should I be scared?” Bella asked, fear creeping into her voice as she responded to our groans. “Very.” Jasper confirmed, eyeing Alice. “Very funny, Jazz. Put your foot down.” Alice said annoyed. “See you tomorrow, Bella!” she called as Bella closed the door. “How bad are you going to torture the poor girl?” I asked. “Torture!” Alice scoffed. “It’s called a makeover, Edward, in case you didn’t know.” She added sarcastically. “You boys need a lesson learned!” “Exactly.” Jasper interrupted. Was he crazy? “We’re boys, Alice. Not girls.” Alice huffed and crossed her arms. Jasper chuckled. Something vibrated in my pocket. I picked out the violently moving object and found my cell phone ringing silently. “Hello?” “Hey, is this Edward?” How did she get my number? I knew the answer to that. Alice. “Yup.” “Hi, Edward. It’s Bella. Alice gave me your number.” Of course. “Is it later now?” she asked as Jasper turned onto our driveway. “Yes. I suppose so.” I said after a minute. Jasper pulled into the garage and he and Alice got out. I opened the door. “Tell me.” She demanded. I quickly went up to my room. I swiftly told her what Alice had told me. “I’m not entirely sure if it’s correct, but I’ll tell you tomorrow. You should get some sleep. With Alice there, you’ll be sitting in a chair half the day and be at the party most of the night.”

Bella laughed under her breath. “If what you are saying about Alice is true, I’d better go. But with Tanya... Anyway. Good night.” “’Night.” Bella hung up and I followed suit. I lay back in my bed and drifted off to sleep. I woke. It was 5 in the morning and the sun was rising slowly. I peered out the window to watch the sun rise. I saw two figures on the lawn. One was Tanya. So Alice was right. I fell into my bed and let sleep overtake me, making me forget Tanya momentarily. APOV “Okay, people! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” I called I had already woken Jasper and I shook Edward’s shoulder. “Go away! Go away, Alice! I’m trying to sleep here.” Edward complained hiding his face with a pillow. “Just leave me alone. I know you ‘re going to make me go get Bella. Why don’t you do it?” he demanded. “No deal, sleepyhead. You are going to get her. No one else.” Then a little softer, I added, “I’ll deal with Tanya. I was awake this morning too, you know.” “You saw me.” It wasn’t a question. “Yes.” I replied. “Now get up. Before I put you in your car before you can change.” “Aw, damn.” Edward moaned, getting up. “Come on! I still have to go get Emmett and Rose.” I sung. “Bye!” I bounded out of the room. BPOV Man, now I was scared. Alice was going to be with me half the day, today? That was just crazy! Ding dong! The doorbell rang. “Hello, Edward.” I heard Dad say. “Come on in.” “I don’t mean to be rude but actually I’m in a rush. Alice said to be back A.S.A.P.” “Of course. Bella!” he called up the stairs. I quickly yanked a brush through my hair and walked down the stairs. “Hey, Edward!” I greeted warmly. Dad raised an eyebrow. “How long have you known each other?” Edward and I looked at each other. “Since we were one.” We answered simultaneously. “Oh, so were you in the orphanage together?” We both nodded. “Come on, Bella. Alice is waiting.” He grabbed my hand and I let him drag me out the door. “Bye, Dad!” I waved back at Carlos. “Have fun, Bella!” he called back. “So. Excited or scared?” Edward inquired. “Both.” I replied, much to his frustration. I laughed. “Tell me.” I ordered softly. “Why?” he retorted.

“Tell me.” “What Alice said was true.” He whispered. Something crashed into the back window. I screamed and looked back. So he knew I was with Edward. Well, in this car. So he must know about my adoptive parents. So he was here. I never thought he would try it when I was with someone else. Edward’s foot pressed down on the pedal. “What?” he demanded, urgently. I didn’t respond but stared at the knife in the window with fear. “No.” I whispered. I turned back to the front. “No.” A dark figure disappeared into the darkness. Then a black car appeared. “Go, Edward!” I screamed. He drove onto an off road. “It’s a short cut to our house. I’ll loop back around.” Edward followed the trail and it broke out into the same road. He turned right and went onto the off road again before the black car appeared. He went back onto the trail and went back to the road, but this time turning left. I closed my eyes. Please let him not be following us. When I opened my eyes again, the Volvo was at a halt. I looked around. We were the Cullens’ garage. He came back. Alice practically kicked open the door. “What took you so long?” she demanded, stomping her foot. She looked at my face. “Oh my god. What happened?” Edward looked at me. “I don’t know. She just kept saying ‘No.’” “Oh, really?” Alice asked. I quietly explained, my voice breaking at certain parts – like my parents’ death. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” Alice gasped. Edward already knew. He just didn’t know about the attacks. “Well! Come in, and we’ll get your mind off him.” “Oh, no!” Edward moaned. “Should I be scared?” I repeated from last night. “Yes.” Alice growled impatiently and grabbed my arm, leading me to an oversized bathroom. “Uh. Wow, Alice.” The counter was lined with lots of make-up. “I already found you a dress. What do you think?” she held up a royal blue dress. It was strapless and the skirt was slightly layered. “Um.” “Great!” Alice said, pleased. There was a knock on the door. “Oh, no way! You can’t come in!” She yelled at the door. Then she whispered. “Put it on.” She had me out of my normal clothes quickly and into the dress quickly for a pixie. “Now... The makeup.” The door vibrated with another knock. “It’s Rose. Can I come in?” “Of course!” Alice beamed and opened the door. She closed it after Rosalie was in. “I can help. I’ll do her hair.” “Great!” Alice repeated. She went through the instructions with Rose as she twisted my hair around. As Rosalie’s hands replaced hers, Alice began with the makeup.

Then she tweaked a bit with my dress, stepped back to take a look and smiled. Rosalie’s hand left my hair and she went to look as well. Then they hugged. “Yay!” “Rose, go get ready, and could you bring my dress too?” Alice asked. Rosalie nodded and slipped out of the bathroom. She added a little more makeup and stepped back. Rose reappeared wearing a maroon dress and gave Alice a lilac one. “Go see the others.” She urged us. Rose and went downstairs to find the three boys – Edward, Emmett and Jasper – playing Wii. Alice came up behind us, went in front of us and poked Jasper’s head. Jasper whirled around and we all broke into laughter. Edward and Emmett, startled by the noise also turned – though Emmett paused the game. There was a knock at the door and all eyes followed the noise, eager to find its source. Alice flitted over and opened the door. Tanya looked in and saw everyone dressed up. “What’s this?” she asked suspiciously. “Something that no one, whatsoever, told me about, it seems.” She eyed Edward, her eyes narrowing. “Get out!” Alice ordered and slammed the door into Tanya’s shocked face. “Nice one, Ali.” Jasper commented. Everyone looked pleased, even Edward. Emmett and Rose got into a Jeep and Jasper and Alice got into the same black car. Edward and I climbed into Edward’s silver Volvo. I checked the time on Edward’s radio. It was 7:00. Alice was with me all day. The night was very young. I looked at the cracked glass behind us. Edward caught my gaze and placed his hand on mine. I turned my gaze to him. His eyes were on the road but his expression was unreadable. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I’ll have to replace the window.” He cracked a smile, but it was wrong. His eyes didn’t sparkle as usual. I left the subject alone. We arrived at the party. “Hey... isn’t this the dance that starts off the school year?” I asked Alice. “Yup!” Alice beamed, taking Jasper’s hand. “Come on, I’m hungry. Did we have dinner?” Edward rolled his eyes beside me. “No. And it’s all your fault.” “How is it my fault?” Alice screeched. “You were in such a rush to get here. We’re practically the only ones here!” Alice smiled and stuck her tongue at Edward like a child. “Oh well! The snack bar is over there, Alice.” Rosalie playfully patted Alice’s short, black spikes. “Oh! Thanks, Rose! Come on, Jasper!” Alice tugged Jasper’s arm and he let the pixie drag his 6 foot 2 inches towards the bar in the corner of the gym. I heard ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’ by Iron & Wine begin playing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw – and heard – Emmett ask for a dance with Rosalie. Rose smiled and took his hand. Together, they walked towards the middle of the gym and began circling. “Can I have this dance?” Edward asked.

“Of course, Edward.” I smiled at my childhood friend. We walked towards Emmett and Rose and began dancing. As we whirled around, I saw Alice looking at us, while she was eating, beaming, her eyes sparkling with joy. She said something to Jasper and he smiled as well. I have a pretty good guess about what she said. Why, oh why, did I let Alice drag me into this? Being her own personal Barbie doll was torture. I can only imagine what she is going to do to me next. “You really do look beautiful tonight, Bella.” Edward whispered, interrupting my thoughts about Alice. I giggled. “I wouldn’t know.” Edward’s eyebrows raised. “Oh really? Or did Alice keep you away from the mirror?” “Maybe.” Edward laughed softly and stopped our circling. “Look in the mirror, Bells.” I turned to the left and saw Rose and Emmett whirling around. I saw Edward in the black tux he was in. At his side was someone I didn’t recognize. I looked at her figure, marvelling. The royal blue dress she was wearing was strapless and slightly layered. A light layer of make-up on her face made her features stand out, such as chocolate brown eyes that were wide. H er hair was gently curled and small braids were in several spots. I blinked and realized this beauty was me. It was me standing at Edward’s side, staring at the mirror, at my reflection. In the school gym at a dance Alice Cullen had dragged the entire family to. I was speechless. Alice was amazing. “See what I mean?” Edward’s voice rang in my ear and I looked back at him. “Yes.” I breathed. I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing in and out normally. When my eyelids moved to reveal the scenery before me, I found Edward’s face rather close to mine. “Edward, what’s wrong?” I asked. “Nothing.” He smiled. “Bella, I have loved you my entire life and I will ask you something now.” I was nervous now. “What is it, Edward?” I whispered, distrusting my voice. My breathing accelerated. Edward began the dancing again. “Bella...” Edward hesitated testing himself – probably for courage. “Will you be my girlfriend?” (A/N: I’m using my own stories for this one. ) I stared at him, my mouth slightly opened. What? “What?” he mouthed. I shook her head. “Edward... I... I don’t think I’m... ready for that.” I stammered. Not ready. “I understand.” he mumbled. I shook my head again. “No... you don’t. I’m not against... having you as a boyfriend but I just don’t... I...” I couldn’t find the right words.

People started piling into the gym, laughter and talk filling the room with noise. The song changed abruptly and the entire dance changed. “I understand.” Edward repeated as our movements accelerated. I see your face in my mind as I drive away ‘Cause none of us thought it was gonna end that way People are people and sometimes we change our minds But it’s killing me to see you go after all this time Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Music starts playing like the end of a sad movie It’s the kinda ending you don’t really wanna see Cause it’s tragedy and it will only bring you down Now I don’t know what to be without you around And we know it’s never simple, never easy Never a clean break, no one here to save me ‘Cause you’re the only thing I know like the back of my hand And I can’t breathe without you And I can’t, Breathe, Without you, But I have to, Breathe, Without you, But I have to. Never wanted this, never wanna see you hurt. Every little bump in the road I tried to swerve. But people are people, And sometimes it doesn’t work out, Nothing we say is gonna save us from the fall out. And we know it’s never simple, never easy. Never a clean break, no one here to save me. You’re the only thing I know like the back of my hand, And I can’t, Breathe,

Without you, But I have to, Breathe, Without you, But I have to. Its two a.m. Feelin' like I just lost a friend. Hope you know it’s not easy, Easy for me. Its two a.m. Feelin’ like I just lost a friend. Hope you know this ain’t easy, Easy for me. And we know it’s never simple, Never easy. Never a clean break, no one here to save me. Oh I can’t, Breathe, Without you, But I have to, Breathe, Without you, But I have to. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry

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