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To: International Organization From: Date: Subject: Weather changes Introduction The aim of this report is to describe the

changes into the weather conditions over the last ! "ears and to give possible solutions according to the changes# Weather in $omania $omania has a climate of the continental t"pe% with cold% snow" winters and warm summers# &recipitation is normall" rather low e'cept in the higher parts of the (arpathians# The weather can be changeable at all times of the "ear and there are considerable variations from one "ear to another# In dr" summers the plains in the north and east can suffer from drought as hot% dr" winds blow from the east# On the other hand% in winter the most severe weather occurs when cold winds from the same region sweep the countr"# Winter is the time of heaviest rainfall# Summers in $omania are generall" warm and sunn"% while winter sunshine is low# (hanges in weather and their conse)uences (hanging weather patters are nothing new% and the" have been happening ever since the earth has had weather# *oo+ing bac+ over just the last few decades% we can see that the weather and weather change is trul" global# ,s one location e'periences droughts% another has torrential downpours# (limate changes characterized as global warming are leading to large-scale irreversible effects at continental and global scales# The li+elihood and magnitude of the effects are predicted to be increasing and accelerating# The most direct effect of climate change on humans might be the impacts of hotter temperatures themselves# .'treme high temperatures increase the number of people who die on a given da" for man" reasons: people with heart problems are vulnerable because one/s cardiovascular s"stem must wor+ harder to +eep the bod" cool during hot weather% heat e'haustion% and some respirator" problems increase# 0nchec+ed global warming could affect most terrestrial ecoregions# Increasing global temperature means that ecos"stems will change1 some species are being forced out of their habitats 2possibl" to e'tinction3 because of changing conditions% while others are flourishing# Secondar" effects of global warming% such as lessened snow cover% rising sea levels% and weather changes% ma" influence not onl" human activities but also the ecos"stem# (onclusion In conclusion% the changes in weather are something usual% but the" ma" have serious effects on both human life and environment# The e'tra carbon dio'ide is being put into the environment that is responsible for global warming% and the subse)uent change in weather patterns#

To: From: Date: Subject: Sports Introduction The aim of this report is to describe the level of participation in sporting activities in our communit" and to recommend wa"s of encouraging more people to ta+e up a sport# &articipation in sports In all sports, the majority of people who take up any given sport follow a cycle in which they progressively become more enthusiastic and improve their technical skills, and then, at some point, their interest tapers off and they give up the sport. In fact, there are not that many people who continue to practice a particular sport throughout their lives. 50% of the women interviewed practice gymnastics. Gym is a sport involving performance of e'ercises re)uiring ph"sical strength% fle'ibilit"% agilit"% coordination% balance and grace# 4!5 of the children interviewed said that the" practice swimming1 this sport involves competition amongst participants to be the fastest over a given distances# , rate of 65 of the people interviewed said that the" have ta+en up snow sports% such as s+iing and snowboarding and 785 of them said that the" are trained b" their friends% but the" are not ver" s+illed and tend to give up# Factors preventing fuller participation !!5 of the people interviewed e'plained that the" do not have enough time to practice a sport throughout their lives% and the" are practicing it as a hobb"# 685 e'plained that the" don9t have mone" for the e)uipment% and% for e'ample% for swimming% competitive swimwear see+s to improve upon bare human s+in for a speed advantage# , percentage of ! 5 people suffer from health problems and the" had to given up the sport the" have been practiced# $ecommendation ,dolescents should ta+e up a sport because it can reduce an'iet"% stress% depression and suicide attempts% and also it increases self-esteem# :ore and more people should ta+e up a sport for social integration% self-esteem% health or leisure satisfaction#