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Text Version A Veterans Guide: How to Win Federal Contracts Slide 1 A Veterans Guide: How to Win Federal Contracts This is about helping Americas veterans win Federal contracts. Welcome to SBAs online course: A Veterans Guide: How to Win Federal Contracts. Jim OConnor SBTN / October 15, 2009 Slide 2 Introduction This training program is designed to help veterans find and participate in Federal contract opportunities. It is a practical and easy to use guide indexed by subject matter so you can quickly and easily find or return to topics of particular inter You will also find throughout the program -- multiple and direct links to targeted contract and veteran related resources. Slide 3 Veteran-owned Businesses Veteran-owned businesses represent a unique force within the American economy.

They own approximately 3.2 million small businesses in Ameri This is a significant percentage. That is why ---- the SBA is working closely

Historically, about one in seven veterans choose self-employment as their vocation.

Veteran-entrepreneurs are an incredibly important dimension in America and within the economy. Slide 4 Office of Veterans Business Development SBA is committed to helping Americas veterans.

The agencys Office of Veterans Business Development promotes policies and programs that provide management and other assistance to small bu As an extension of this Washington-based office, SBA has established veterans business development officers in each of its 68 district offic Further, as a direct arm of assistance, SBA oversees multiple veterans business outreach centers. Slide 5 Veterans Business Outreach Centers Veterans Business Outreach Centers offer a full menu of business development services that include counseling, training, support application At your convenience and after you complete this course, come back to this page and use the hyperlink to locate a Veterans Business Outreach Slide 6 What You Need to Know Up Front There is no book you can read or course you can take that will give you all of the answers about how to be successful in the government cont Sure this training program provides a lot of helpful information. Keep these 2 simple rules in mind: One, you dont know what you dont know. And, two, there is no substitute for knowledge. Find a mentor. Talk with successful players in the contracting space and learn what questi But, its only a starting point. Your success will come from continuou

Slide 7 The Federal Buying Market The U.S. government is the world's largest buyer of products and services. Purchases by military and civilian installations amount to nearly In short, the government buys just about every category of commodity and service available. In 2008, veteran and service-disabled entrepreneurs benefited from $13.8 billion dollars in Federal contracts, of which service-disabled vet Slide 8 Small Business Incentives Federal law requires government agencies to establish small business contracting goals. The goals however, provide incentives and opportunities for small businesses. The current, government-wide procurement goal is that at leas

In addition, Federal contract goals are established for women-owned businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, firms located in HUBZones an These government-wide goals, again, which are not always achieved, are 5%, 5%, 3% and 3%, respectively. They are important because Federal a The three percent service-disabled veterans goal will open some doors but you must still be able to sell your business on performance, pr Lets take a closer look at this. Slide 9 Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program To help federal agencies achieve the three percent government-wide goal for service-disabled veteran-owned businesses, Congress amended the The contracting officer for a specific contracting activity determines if a contract opportunity for such service-disabled veteran owned bus Later in this program we will talk about marketing your business to the government. It is highly important that your status as a veteran or

At your convenience, use the hyperlink to learn more about the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Program. Slide 10 Unique Small Business Veteran Incentive Public Law 109-461, more commonly known as the Veterans First Law, provides unique authority and goals for the Department of Veterans Affair Certain conditions must be met. In addition, you must register your business in the vendor information database. At your conv

Slide 11 How the Government Buys (in simple terms) The government applies standardized procedures to buy products and services it needs from suppliers who meet certain qualifications.



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Contracting officials use procedures outlined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation, commonly known as the FAR (, The primary contracting methods used by the government are: Micro-purchases; Simplified Procedures; Sealed Bidding; Contract Negotiations; a Each of these contracting methods is discussed in the following. Slide 12 Micro-purchases Generally speaking, government purchases of individual items under $3,000.00 are considered micro-purchases. Such government buys do not require competitive bids or quotes and agencies can simply pay using a Government Purchase Card or credit card, An important point to remember is that micro-purchases, unlike other small government buys under $100,000, are not reserved for small busine Slide 13 Simplified Procedures The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 removed many competition restrictions on government purchases under $100,000. Instead of full and open competition, agencies can use simplified procedures for soliciting and evaluating bids up to $100,000. Government a Simplified procedures require fewer administrative details, fewer approval levels, and less documentation. The procedures require all federa This small business set-aside applies, unless the contracting official can not obtain offers from two or more small firms who are competitiv Slide 14 Sealed Bidding Sealed bidding is how the government buys competitively when its requirements are very specific, clear and complete. An IFB or Invitation For Bid is the method used for the sealed bid process. Typically, an IFB includes a description of the product or ser Each sealed bid is opened in a public setting by a government contracting officer, at the time designated in the invitation. All bids are re Government-wide IFBs are available daily for review in the governments online listing service, Federal Business Opportunities ( Slide 15 Contract Negotiations Contract negotiations are used in many federal procurement actions. This is how it works..

This is typically a more complicated process for companies wanting to s

In certain cases, when the value of a government contract exceeds $100,000 and when it necessitates a highly techni

When the government is merely checking into the possibility of acquiring a product or service, it may issue a Request for Quotation (RFQ). A Government-wide RFPs and RFQs are also available daily for review in the FBO. Slide 16 Consolidated Purchasing Programs Most government agencies have common purchasing needs. Sometimes the government can realize economies of scale by centralizing the purchasing of certain types of products or services. The most common multiple award schedules are GSA Schedules or Government Wide Acquisition Contracts, called G-WACs. Slide 17 The Rules If you want to participate in the Federal procurement arena, you have to know the rules. Understanding the governments procurement rules is critical to your success as a government contractor. It is a Subpart Part 13 Part 15 Part 19 comprehensive guide indexed by topic. 8.4 Federal Supply Schedules Simplified Acquisitions Contracting by Negotiation Small Business Programs Do not be intimidated by its size or apparent complexity. The FAR is the roadmap for doing b It is an excellent resource tool. This is ca

These centralized buyin

Check out the FAR after you complete this course.

You can access it by clicking on the hyperlink.

Remember, its a tool use it when you

Slide 18 Size Does Matter As a small business, certain government programs may apply to you.

The question then becomes, what is a small business, or more specificall

Over the years SBA has established and revised numerical definitions for all for-profit industries, and this numerical definition is called In addition to establishing eligibility for SBA programs, all federal agencies must apply SBA's size standards for contracts to be awarded t When you complete this course, come back to this section and click on the referenced hyperlinks to determine your small business size eligib Slide 19 How to Sell to the Federal Government Selling to the government is not as big of a mystery as you might think. Define your business and products using a DUNS number and NAICS code. Register your firm in the CCR. Market directly to agencies. And, use established procurement vehicles.

There are several fundamental steps you should follow.

They inclu

Each of these steps is described in the following. Slide 20 Define Your Products & Services You need to make it easy for the government to identify the products and services you sell, as well as to uniquely identify your business. Government agencies use the North American Industry Classification System, more commonly referred to as a NAICS code, to identify products a To participate in contract opportunities within the Department of Defense (DOD), you will also need to know your Federal Supply Group or Cla



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A NAICS code, or codes, identifies the products and services your company supplies.

It does not uniquely identify your business.

The Feder

Slide 21 Register in the CCR The Central Contractor Registration, more commonly known as the CCR, is the primary source for agencies to learn about prospective vendors. The CCR is a government-maintained database of companies wanting to do business with the government. This database is a marketing tool for b We have all heard the expression, Youve got to play to win. Well, to succeed in government contracting, you have to register to particip

At a convenient time, after you complete this training program, click on the hyperlink or icon to learn more about the CCR and, if you are r Slide 22 Tips for Developing an Effective CCR Profile Your CCR registration is an important marketing tool for your veteran-owned business. Follow these important steps: 1. Download the free CCR users guidebook. This is important - be prepared! Know the 2. Do your homework. Access the CCR site and perform a search -- or several searches, 3. Treat your CCR profile as your business resume. As you would with your own resume, 4. 4. Get feedback. This is very important. When you talk with contracting officers, Slide 23 Market Directly to Agencies Aside from some of the differences we have already talked about, selling to the government is not that much different than selling in the pr It all comes down to marketing. In addition, be active. Learn what agencies or prime contractors have a need for and clearly demonstrate how you can add value and Use these activities to become answers to the questions that will be asked before yo as if you were looking to hire a firm like yours. Ca regularly review, update and strengthen your CCR prof mentors and other procurement professionals ask them

Participate in procurement related conferences, activities and match-making events.

Slide 24 Procurement Vehicles There is merit to hitching your wagon to an existing wagon-train. OK, so maybe thats not the best analogy. But, there is merit to participating in a consolidated agreement where multiple vendors are preUnder such programs, the Federal government tries to benefit from e As suc

Earlier in the course we talked about consolidated purchasing programs. These schedules are often referred to as procurement vehicles.

A prominent example of this type of contracting is the GSA Schedule.

Procurement vehicles can be valuable tools. As you continue your journey into the government contracting space, learn as much as you can ab Slide 25 Find Contract Opportunities (FBO) It is impossible to sell your products or services to the government, if you dont know which agencies are buying, what their needs are and To market or outreach contract opportunities to the public, the federal government operates a robust, online service called Federal Business At your convenience, take a few minutes to visit the FBO Website and familiarize yourself with how it operates, what it displays and why it Hyperlinks to the FBO site are available at multiple locations throughout this course. Slide 26 Find Recovery Contract Opportunities The FBO is an excellent tool to find contract opportunities. But, it gets better and more refined. To make it easier for potential contractors to find recovery-based contract opportunities, FBO has cr You can also use the hyperlinks on this slide to dir

Click on the icon within the slide to access the recovery opportunities section of the FBO. Slide 27 Find Subcontracting Opportunities An alternative to seeking prime contracts is to explore subcontracting opportunities. Subcontracting with a prime contractor can be a profitable experience as well as a growth opportunity for a business. If, after assessing th To help small businesses find opportunities, SBA maintains, SUB-Net, a searchable database of available subcontract opportunities. SBA makes the database available as a small business resource. However, it is up to prime contractors to update SUB-Net with contract oppor A hyperlink to SUB-Net is provided for your convenience and future use. Slide 28 Find Recovery Grant Opportunities This tutorial is about contract opportunities.

However, because significant recovery-based funds will be made available in the form of gove

A federal grant is an award of financial assistance from a federal agency to a recipient to carry out a public purpose of support or stimula Use the hyperlink here to [ ] to learn more about federal grants and click on the icon to find specific grant opportu;jsessionid=?mode=CATSEARCH&fundActivity=RA Slide 29 Prepare for the Future Things never stay the same.

Successful companies plan for the future.

Five years from now the Department of the Navy will still be buying ships and the VA will still be buying laundry, food and other services f However, the government will continue to buy new and innovative products and services to protect and improve the lives of American citizens.



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Consider future needs as you evolve your company vision. Slide 30 Explore Industry Clusters Many economic development organizations now realize that significant economic success can come from key industry clusters in specific region This multiplier effect is due to inter-regional networks, robust collaboration, regional government and academic support and expanded market SBA is a strong supporter of industry clusters because they are an important ingredient in economic development. Check with your local SB

Slide 31 SBA Certification Programs SBA administers two certification programs, designed to assist specific market groups in the government contracting space. Learn more about each of these programs by clicking on the hyperlinks. Slide 32 Tipping Point There is a reason why some people are more successful than others.

These programs i

The same can be said about small businesses in the government contracting space. Some firms are clearly more successful. There are many re Such actions include: * Prepare a clear business vision and strategy that describes how you will engage your business in the government contracting space. * Develop a crisp and informative profile describing your business and products for the CCR. Dont be shy about getting experienced help to * Become an expert in understanding how to use and find contract opportunities in the FBO. This is important. * Research and Identify agencies that buy what you sell. * Work with procurement experts to understand how to respond appropriately to government acquisition requests. * Market aggressively to targeted agencies. * Network attend procurement conferences and matchmaking events and talk with government buyers and experts in the contracting field. * And finally, learn from others. This is critical. Actively seek the guidance, experience and wisdom of experts in the contracting field. Slide 33 Have a Question? This course has covered a great deal of material.

And, there is much to learn and understand about government contracting.

If you have que

If we do not have the answer to your specific question, we will direct you to a resource that does. Use the 1-800 number (1-800-827-5722) or referenced hyperlinks to contact us directly. (e-mail) Slide 34 Additional Assistance Many resources are available to assist you.

The following resources can help you build a foundation in government contracting.

* Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, located at various locations around the country, help businesses understand and succeed in gover * Womens Business Centers assist women in achieving their dreams by helping them to start and run successful businesses. * SBA has over 60 district offices located throughout the country to help you start and grow your business. * There are more than 1,000 Small Business Development Center locations around the country.

SBDCs provide management assistance to current More than 10,000 SCORE volunteers

* SCORE is a powerful source of free and confidential small business advice to help build your business.

* And finally, the Small Business Training Network is a powerful virtual campus. Click on these resources to learn more and access their assistance. Slide 35 Other Resources Central Contractor Registration Federal Business Opportunities Acquisition Central (excellent general resource) Federal Agency Procurement Forecasts Procurement Technical Assistance Centers Federal Acquisition Regulation Slide 36 Other Resources SBA Office of Government Contracting & Business Development Reserve and Guard Tools

Veterans Business Development Officers Patriot Express Loan Programs Veterans Business Outreach Centers Slide 37 Conclusion Veteran and service-disabled small business owners are a powerful force and credit to America. Use this material and highlighted resources to help you benefit from federal contract opportunities. Thank you for your participation in this course. Remember, this is not the type of prog

And, thank you again for the service you provided to our country.



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