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Office of Governor Mark Dayton

130 State Capitol 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Saint Paul, MN 55155
November 18, 2013

Ms. Julie Brunner Executive Director Minnesota Council of Health Plans Court International Building 2550 University Avenue West, Suite 255 South St. Paul, Minnesota 55114 Dear Ms. Brunner: Thank you for your letter regarding the President's announcement to permit health insurance plans to renew existing policies, which do not comply with the Affordable Care Act. While I support the President's intent and applaud him for creating this option, I also respect that your members' ability to implement these changes would be crucial to their success. Your letter raises serious concerns that these changes would create confusion in the marketplace, while leaving Minnesotans with fewer affordable health care options. Your letter states that, "the President's announcement comes too late to allow health plans and our regulator to complete filings, rate approvals and communications regarding re-enrollments in time to prevent major market disruptions for Minnesotans in the individual marketplace." You state further that implementing this new option "will destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for Minnesotans." Your letter also says that since premiums for 2014 plans have been approved and have already begun to be sold in Minnesota, it would be impossible for your members to reinstate products whose coverage must begin in less than two months. Thanks to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and your members' willing participation, there are alternatives now available through MNsure, which provide strong consumer protections, improved benefits, and affordable options. As I said before, your participation is critical to providing high-quality, affordable health coverage to Minnesotans. Your letter makes clear that making the program changes offered by the President last week would be unworkable for your members and would likely cause more expensive health coverage for Minnesotans. I share your view that Minnesotans seeking affordable coverage with strong consumer protections are best served by MNsure, our state-based health insurance marketplace. Therefore, I have directed Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman to proceed with the current implementation of MNsure and the Affordable Care Act and with the plans made before last week's announcement. Thank you for sharing your concerns with me. er

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