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Vocabulary ~ Word Families Nouns and Adjectives 1

1. Fill in the charts with the missing words.

Noun Adjective
Noun Adjective

2. Complete the gaps in the sentences with words from the boxes above. One word may need a suffix.

a. Thank you for the information, its most .
b. Tom never does a thing. Hes the man I know.
c. Dont you dare hit that dog! I cant stand to animals.
d. Jo is so . She wants to be a millionaire by the time shes thirty.
e. That girls so . When shes not dropping things shes breaking them!
f. Every New Years Day we all go for a long walk in the country. Its a family .
g. The room fell silent when I told a dirty joke. I dont think it was .
h. The secret to success in business is . Youve got to be able to change and adapt.
i. She was furious when I dropped her favourite vase. Ive never seen anyone so .
j. I hate shopping in the sales with so many people pushing and shoving. Its just .
k. My speaking fluency is good but I keep making lots of mistakes. I need to work on my .
l. He rescued three people from the burning car and was given an award for his .

the English
Build Your Word Families Nouns & Adjectives 1

the English
Build Your Word Families Nouns & Adjectives 1
Speaking ~ Word Families Nouns and Adjectives 1
Discuss your answers to the following questions with your partner.

Whats the kindest thing anyones ever done for you?
Whos the kindest person you know?
When was the last time you were really angry?
Do you often get angry? What usually makes you angry?
Are you a clumsy person? Whos the clumsiest person you know?
Have you ever had a serious accident?
Are you a flexible person? Whos the most inflexible person you know?
Is flexibility an important quality in business? Is flexibility important in a relationship?
Whats the bravest thing youve ever done?
Are you more concerned to speak accurate English or fluent English?
Are you an ambitious person? Whos the most ambitious person you know?
Do you think its important to have ambitions? Whats your greatest ambition?
Whos the most helpful person you know? Whats the most helpful website you use?
Do you ever help strangers you meet on the street - carry their bags, open shop doors, etc?
Does your family have any customs at New Year? How about at other times of the year?
Are the customs of a country important? Are the customs in your country disappearing?
Do you like chaos? Whats the most chaotic thing in your life?
What do you think is the secret to happiness?
At what time in your life were you most happy?
Are you a lazy person? Whos the laziest person you know?
Whats the best way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon?
Nouns and Adjectives 1 Answers


Noun Adjective
accident accidental
cruelty cruel
kindness kind
anger angry
clumsiness clumsy
flexibility flexible
bravery brave
accuracy accurate
Noun Adjective
ambition ambitious
face facial
appropriateness appropriate
help helpful / helpless
custom customary
chaos chaotic
happiness happy
laziness lazy

a. helpful d. ambitious g. appropriate j. chaos
b. laziest e. clumsy h. flexibility k. accuracy
c. cruelty f. custom i. angry l. bravery

the English
Build Your Word Families Nouns & Adjectives 1