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St. Augustine Academy

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November 15, 2013

Board of Governors President Thomas Q. Ellis Secretary Robert R. Orellana, Esq. Treasurer Michael C. Collins Members Abel Montiel Jeff Schuberg Michael F. McLean, Ph.D. Louise Warnert

St. Albert the Great

GALA Only ONE Week!!!

If out and about this weekend, and you run into any generous business owners, we can still make use of gift certificates and wine just drop them off on Monday.

Pray for a great evening and come ready for fun!

Here are some summary bullet points on Common Core from our conference. The upshot is that our Coalition for Excellence in Catholic Education recommended to the USCCB on Wednesday morning that the Catholic Schools administrators PAUSE. Unlike some of the foundational element of CC, our conclusions are research based especially the research of their research which showed that their research-based standards are based on test descriptions, not research. Crazy, huh!

Headmaster Michael J. Van Hecke, M.Ed. Vice President of Development J. Peter Slaga Board of Advisors Hon. Jeremiah Denton Former U.S. Senator Mr. Nicholas J. Healy, Jr. President Ave Maria University Dr. Ronald P. McArthur Co-founder Thomas Aquinas College Mr. Roy S. Rohter, S.F.O. Co-founder St. Augustine Academy Fr. Michael Scanlan, T.O.R. Chancellor Franciscan University Mr. James Stenson Educator and Author

Common Core seeks radical change in education.

Common Core embraces theories of exploration learning and constructivism, conflicting with the proven method of direct instruction in younger grades. Common Core is largely a privately funded initiative of the morally reprehensible Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,1 which pays the NCEA to promote Common Core.2 Common Core advocates reassure parents that the standards are not a curriculum.3 Thats a red herring. The standards are intended to drive changes in curriculum, teaching and assessment.

Common Core is untested and experimental.

Before any intervention, there should be 1) a need and 2) empirical evidence that the need will be satisfied. Common Core offers neither; its standards have never been tested. They
2 1/EXCLUSIVE-National-Catholic-Education-Association-Gets-Gates-Foundation-Grant-to-Promote%e2%80%98Common-Core%e2%80%99-in-Catholic-Schools.aspx 3

were developed by little-known experts with no solid research basis, despite misleading claims.

The Common Core standards are flawed.

Common Core demands greater emphasis on reading informational texts, with a corresponding decrease in great literature.4 Some recommended (not required) texts are morally problematic. Common Cores emphasis on informational texts depends upon distortions of NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) data and lacks solid evidence. The 2006 Federal Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) found that higher literacy scores correlate to more reading of novels and less frequent reading of information.

Incidentally, Catholic Schools, nationally, rank above even the top-scoring state in the country, surprise. In an article in the Ventura County Star last Friday, columnist Jean Moore writes about the national letter to the Bishops signed by over 100 leading Catholic scholars. One important quote from the letter reads, Perhaps a truck driver needs no acquaintance with Paradise Lost to do his or her days workBut everyone is better off knowing Shakespeare and Euclidean geometry, and everyone is capable of it. Everyone bears the responsibility of growing in wisdom and grace and in deliberating with fellow citizens about how we should all live together. A sound education helps each of us to do so. Late, less important quote from yours truly, [CC] sets the finish line way to short. It should be set [not just at coll ege, but] to create real men, real citizens. If you are being prepared [simply] for a career, youre not being prepared for your noble destiny as a free man. CALENDAR EVENTS Nov. 15th Progress Reports please SIGN and RETURN as soon as possible. rd Nov. 23 GALA!!! 6:00PM at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Nov. 27th Dec. 1st Thanksgiving Recess Dec. 6th Noon Dismissal, First Friday Mass: Saint Nicholas Feast Day Dec. 12th Advent Concert Poinsettia Pavilion, Ventura 7:15 PM. th Dec 17-19 EXAMS Dec 20th NO SCHOOL Christmas Recess Begins Jan 6, 2014 School Resumes Three Kings Exchange begins. DADs FIX-IT CREW Needed, volunteers to perform some fix-it projects:.
Install new lights in Ladies Restroom - Fix the bolt lock on Ladies Restroom door Install new hand towel dispensers in Boys and Girls Restrooms Book shelves in Girls Restroom - change out or get shelf posts Install coat hooks in St. Catherine's Hall for costumes - Storage Closet - Assemble Book Shelves

FOOTBALL AND VOLLEYBALL Thanks so much to all the student athletes and to Coach Rossi and Coach Schuberg for an entertaining season.
PRAYERS We continue to keep all our friends and family in our prayers. For Eddie Dallal who had surgery this week. We pray for the souls of Ed Collins, Portia Loughman, Henry Teichert, Mrs. Zinkewich, Dr. Ron MacArthur, Eric Stoutz, and Rosie Grimm, as well as all those friends and family who have passed away. Please continue to pray for Phillip Vargas and for a relative of the Grimms, Adrienne. For two special intentions. We pray for all our school families, their needs and those of their friends and relatives. We pray for our Pope, our Archbishop, all of our priests and religious, and, for each other.